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South Australia

Thursday, 4th July, 2019

Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019

Tuesday, 14th May, 2019

  • 02:35 AM - Blue mentioned Olaf the Stout in post We've lost the DM Experience by Chris Perkins
    Hello. I saw in an old AMA that you had found most of Chris Perkins' The DM Experience, excluding Ice Capades. Could you help me get closer to my own complete collection? I have all of them except Ice Capades, The Circus is in Town, and Real Complicated. Any of these you can help me find will be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Everyone else posting was doing it in 2014. At the very least, mention Undertaker Sheep, jodyjohnson and Olaf the Stout so that they know to read this five year old post about your request. (The others haven't logged in in 2019.)

Thursday, 10th November, 2016

Monday, 24th February, 2014

  • 03:22 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Olaf the Stout in post GM's, what info do you want to know about the PCs? Players, what info do you like to determine about your PCs?
    Olaf the Stout I always want more information than they give me ;) I think there must be a whole generation of gamers out there with some form of DM-PTSD or something. Currently I'm trying the "figure out your background in play" approach. So character details are an emergent play thing with my current group of very sparsely described PCs. When it comes up, or during a bit of downtime I might ask a question of one or two players. When they sit down at the next interlude I might have them do some lifepath rolling to account for their past five years, reflecting conversations around the feast table. (They began the campaign with new level 11 PCs, so there's obviously lots of unfolded story gaps) When we start a new adventure I will ask them to choose from a list of character hooks (or come at me with their own). Would have liked to have a PC relationships thing, but there was a big change in the players (4 dropped, 3 joined), so we are still adjusting to that.

Wednesday, 11th December, 2013

  • 02:51 PM - Grogg of the North mentioned Olaf the Stout in post How to deal with GM burn-out?
    Olaf the Stout I suffer from burn out too. It's actually been one of the biggest obstacles for me when I DM. I've found that if I'm not DMing every week, the little breaks between sessions are enough to let my batteries recharge. The last campaign I ran went every other week. It also helped that when I wasn't DMing that one of my players was running a game too. So if one of us wasn't able to run the other would. Great for those times when the creative juices weren't flowing. Something that worked for me is having a "Standard list of Spells". When I'm prepping spell casters, there's a standard list that I use for most of the NPCs. Some spots are open for minor customization but it greatly cuts down on prep time with most of the work already done. Plus I don't have to worry about what all the spells do if I have a bunch of them recycled. Lastly, get a confidant from the other side of the DM screen. Someone you know that won't meta-game. Talk with them about your thoughts for upcoming ...

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Friday, 15th November, 2013

  • 02:47 PM - Celebrim quoted Olaf the Stout in post What's the best bad RPG book?
    I thought HOL was never meant to be played and was written in a toungue-in-cheek manner? I've never read it myself, but that is what I'd always heard about it. It's really hard to tell what White Wolf was thinking in that period. One of my friends back when WW was dominating the market was a book store owner, and he use to say that (back then) when you called customer service at WW you could smell the smoke hanging in the air.

Wednesday, 13th November, 2013

  • 01:20 AM - gamerprinter quoted Olaf the Stout in post What's the best and worst D&D book you own from any edition?
    Why Tome of Battle: Book of 9 Swords? Power creep? Personally I like it. When it came out it made melee guys "cool" again. In hindsight it was obviously a test case for 4E mechanics. So far in my games I've had a PC take levels in Warblade and Crusader. They are definitely stronger than a fighter, but I think that is a good thing as the generic 3E fighter was the poor cousin to most other classes. Just not the direction I want to go in my games. I prefer the existing melee guys when I play - I almost never play casters, so I never 'needed' improved melee-ers, I was always happy with the way the were (I never thought they lost their 'cool'). I bought the book only to see what the stink was about, to be better informed, not for any need to bring it in my game. Of course I prefer ranger or paladin only, and never play fighter nor rogue. I've never got the ToB fan's argument that this improved fighters. Fighters still exist, they didn't get improved, rather a bunch of bizzaro martial adepts showed u...

Tuesday, 12th November, 2013

  • 10:20 PM - Scorpio616 quoted Olaf the Stout in post What's the best and worst D&D book you own from any edition?
    Why do you say the MIC wasn't compatible with the base game? Because many of the items seem better than the DMG magic items?Uh, yeah. Either they changed the standard, or it's blatant power creep. I don't remember a chapter updating the DMG guidlines, though I certainly remember the huckster's spiel of with interesting items at every price point, and with exciting, aggressively priced options for every class and character level. Combining hundreds of revised and repriced items from previous sources with a wagonload of brand-new, never-before-seen-or-even-imagined magic items, this book is your D&D character's key to the candy store. DMG items had pricing issues, and sadly the very book that should of fixed that didn't.
  • 10:03 PM - Keldin quoted Olaf the Stout in post What's the best and worst D&D book you own from any edition?
    Personally the MIC is one of my best books. Likewise here. But, then again, one of my characters is an artificer, which makes this book particularly relevant.
  • 09:59 PM - Manabarbs quoted Olaf the Stout in post What's the best and worst D&D book you own from any edition?
    I'm surprised that the Epic Level Handbook is the worst book for so many people. I thought I would be alone in that being people's worst books, especially given how many horrible 3rd party books were released during the 3.0E era (looking at you Fast Forward Entertainment!). Thankfully I was wise enough at the time to not actually buy any of those books.I singled out ELH over random terrible 3PP because I've actually put time into trying to bash ELH into something that even kind of works, while most bad 3PP products barely register with me enough for me to remember their names. In undergrad, one or two of the campus houses and maybe the TTRPG club had these boxes of supplements that had been donated mostly by graduating students over time that were sort of community property, and while some of it was okay, a lot of it was some of the most confusing nonsense that I'd ever seen. I'm not even talking so-bad-it's-good; I'm talking just, like, mishmashes of AD&D and 3e/3.5 stats and presentation in the...

Thursday, 31st October, 2013

  • 07:02 AM - Greg K quoted Olaf the Stout in post Are you going to buy the 5e Core Books?
    Out of interest Greg, why was having too many examples of skill DCs an issue for you? Olaf, it has been a long day and I just came in , had dinner and still need to work on my lesson plan for tomorrow. I'll try to answer tomorrow when I get home.

Monday, 28th October, 2013

  • 07:04 AM - Dimitri Mazieres quoted Olaf the Stout in post Reaper Bones II kickstarter --It's Over! $3mil reveal inside
    Hmm, I didn't realise the difference in model count between the Bones I Vampire and Bones II Core Set was so large. I could be wrong again, but did the Bones II Core Set have a greater number of large figures? Nothing significant that I can see with a cursory glance, no.
  • 12:45 AM - frankthedm quoted Olaf the Stout in post Not likely mutants, no evidence of treason....
    I don't think Reaper ran this Kickstarter as well as the first one, They did seem a bit less willing to put up with crap this time, but since a lot of them have ownership stakes in their company, that is their call. The meager employee is shacked to The Customer is Always Right. An owner gets to decide "You're not worth the money, Go Away." Do some people not understand basic business?I think our friend the Computer is more suspicions of things other than their competence.

Tuesday, 14th May, 2013

  • 09:22 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Olaf the Stout in post How many RPGs do you own?
    You need to have a true OCD collection where every system is kept in alphabetical order and then in chronological order! (No my games are stored like that, but my CD collection is! :D) Olaf the Stout Another view of my man-cave, this time showing (a portion of) a CD collection organized just so!
  • 06:45 AM - Piratecat quoted Olaf the Stout in post How many RPGs do you own?
    That's a seriously scary list Piratecat. However, I'm disgusted that you don't have Feng Shui on the list. :( Whoops! It's there, two different editions. I just missed it. My count was kind of half-assed; I have no doubt I missed a bunch more. Phew.

Thursday, 9th May, 2013

  • 04:08 AM - Ingression Point quoted Olaf the Stout in post Tact-Tiles (or equivalents)
    As the original poster to this thread, I'm sorely tempted by the Kickstarter for this similar product. I've used Paizo flip-mats for the past 5 or so years and while I've liked them, they definitely have some limitations (such as not being quite big enough sometimes. So you've definitely grabbed my interest. I must say that I would prefer gridded lines to corner holes. I understand what you mean about making the acrylic tiles weaker with lines, but I would have thought some very shallow scoring wouldn't comprimise tile strength all that much. Do you know how many tiles/sets would equate to a Paizo flip mat? Just trying to get a rough idea of how many sets I would need to cover what I think is a sufficient space. Olaf the Stout I think I answered your question before Olaf, but to make sure it's on the forum you will need 2 complete sets to fully cover a flip map.

Saturday, 4th May, 2013

  • 11:54 AM - Lwaxy quoted Olaf the Stout in post We are being laughed at. A ranty article purely for debating purposes.
    Sorry Leviatham, I disagree with you as well. I don't think TBBT is disrespecting geeks. I also find it hard to believe that the average person believes that Sheldon Cooper is anything more than an extreme caricature and not anything close to what your average science geek is like. Did you just call Aspies caricatures? ;) A lot of people in my family are just like Sheldon and Amy (exchange interests and field of work, of course). I actually have a cousin who is JUST like that, down to toilet time calculations and what beverage has to be offered when (though his ideas about it are quite different). He's an engineer for BMW. They now call him Sheldon 2, which irritates him as he doesn't watch TV other than news and science/SF shows, because it's "way below his level." On my autism forums, a lot of families who have to put up with the Sheldons and Amys in their lives watch TBBT much like reality TV. It always hits home.

Monday, 4th March, 2013

Wednesday, 12th December, 2012

  • 03:27 PM - Echohawk quoted Olaf the Stout in post How many game sessions have you run?
    Of course, none of that includes the hours of prep work as a DM, or the many hours reading D&D books, or discussing it on forums like EN World. It's probably best if I don't think too hard about how much additional time I've spent on D&D-related activities outside of running games. I actually took some leave from work to finish one of my Collector's Guide (the Greyhawk one).

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