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Tuesday, 21st April, 2015

  • 02:16 AM - pemerton mentioned DongMaster in post WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?
    ...r content from a product.Unless you are a DDI subscriber, there is no element of "service" involved in the sale of D&D. It is a series of books - you got what you paid for when you took it home from the shop! As to the "certain level of content", unless there was a printing error in your copy, the words on the pages are the content that you paid for. WotC has no duty to anyone to publish further material. It's not a charity. No one has contracted with it to do so. It has not engaged in conduct giving rise to an estoppel. If you like the stuff they write, then of course you want them to keep writing new stuff for you to buy. If they choose not to, that might be a disappointment. But they are not wronging you. Entertainment product lines - books, comics, TV shows, movies, etc - change direction, suffer cancellation, change their release schedules, etc, all the time. That's the nature of commercial enterprise. Paizo released more stuff after 10 months. PF was being supported.As DongMaster posted, Paizo is not a charity either. They published books that they believed would make them a profit - they didn't "support" their game out of a sense of duty! If WotC take a different view about what is the best commercial strategy for D&D, that's their prerogative. Even if the focus is on the hobby rather than commerce, I don't know of any evidence that Paizo's rate of publication makes PF the better game, or the more popular game, or the more played game, than D&D 5e. Liking 5e now doesn't mean you won't get tired of it after a year or two because it became repetitive because of lack of new content.WotC has already released new content (UA, PotA PDF). Maybe over the next year or two they will release even more new content. Do we have any evidence that purchase and/or play of 5e is slowing because of the pace of release of new content?

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Sunday, 19th April, 2015

  • 07:08 PM - Mercurius quoted DongMaster in post D&D classic settings or new worlds to explore?
    Wizards spent several years going "new". Late 3e and early 4e was entirely divorced from the past. It was all new-new-new and no thought was given to the lengthy history of the game. Even the retellings/reimaginings of classics (the 4e Revenge of the Giants and Tomb of Horrors) were very different than their precursor. A lot of long time gamers had been slowly disenfranchised by Wizards. The current nostalgic bent is part of lengthy attempt to win back lapsed players and celebrate the history of the game. It arguably started with Revenge of the Giants in 2009 but really came into vogue during the 2010 Encounters season when most of the storylines tied into a classic adventure or tale. In much the same way Batman and Bond went back to basics at the start of their more recent movie franchises. Whenever longstanding franchises try to reignite, the always go somewhat nostalgic and strip away some of what has been added over the years. At least, unlike the 3e versions (Return to the Tomb of H...

Saturday, 18th April, 2015

  • 08:46 PM - pukunui quoted DongMaster in post Princes vs Tyranny
    How many players do you have in your group seeing how their characters ended up at 4th level (something I hope mine will be instead of 5th)?Only three players, but I had been running the dwarf cleric pregen as an NPC ally to round out the party. They didn't fight the dragon, nor did they encounter everything in the mines, which is probably why they didn't make it to 5th level.

Thursday, 16th April, 2015

  • 09:16 PM - billd91 quoted DongMaster in post WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?
    Irrelevant to me when the end product is so fantastic. Not irrelevant to me. When I get a good RPG, I want more good materials and play experiences for that RPG and that means decent management of the line and the community buying into it. If they do well with other media, like movies, but end up totally effing up the game, that will be a big disappointment since the game is what brought me (and still brings me) to the brand.
  • 08:19 PM - billd91 quoted DongMaster in post WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?
    This megacorp has (READ THIS CAREFULLY = IMO!) created six books and a starter Set, all top notch, which got our gaming society intrested in rpgs again. Oh, I'm enjoying 5e as well, but this megacorp has also made some major missteps in licensing in the wake of the OGL, seems to have cut the D&D team to the point it can't keep certain projects moving forward because of a jury duty call, lays off experienced talent with disturbing regularity, turned a closely allied company into a significant competitor, and, though the D&D brand was derived from the game, now seems to have the tail wag the dog. And that's without thinking about the diverse catalog of games Avalon Hill used to have compared to the Baskin-Robbins of Axis and Allies catalog it currently sports. Did 5e turn out as good as it is because of Hasbro, or in spite of Hasbro? Will it thrive (or fail) because of Hasbro, or in spite of Hasbro? I'd like to think Hasbro did the hobby a good turn by allowing the D&D R&D team the time to...
  • 06:54 PM - billd91 quoted DongMaster in post WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?
    Pure speculation! You have no idea if WotC care more or less for their product, fans or brand than Paizo. Paizo publish books to make money, and do it while enjoying it as well. They aren't a social service catering to every whim of their fan base. WotC is beginning to sound more like a made up Evil Empire by the vocalists on the internet, whom by no means, are those that represent the fan base. I think it's less a question of beating up on WotC than it is beating up on Hasbro. After all, it was WotC that saved D&D from bankruptcy limbo with its revenues from Magic. It was WotC that lightened up TSR's online policies and offered some good content for free on the web. It's the people at WotC who pushed the OGL that fostered a lot of 3rd party entries into the industry. But as time has marched on and Hasbro has impressed its culture upon WotC, the company seems to be pretty different. I think they've lost a lot of their agility and vision - would WotC be able to stick its neck out for TSR n...

Wednesday, 15th April, 2015

  • 07:32 PM - Kiraya_TiDrekan quoted DongMaster in post Manufacturing Error - Princes of the Apocalypse
    First rule on internet: Always show your displeasure in public. Especially if you are dealing with an Evil Empire like WotC. This is jackpot for the Paizo fans... Huh? I got a misprinted copy of Shattered Star #1 and contacted Paizo; they sent a replacement. Misprints and production problems happen to every company. Also, I'm pretty sure contacting WotC will result in a replaced book as well.

Sunday, 12th April, 2015

  • 06:28 PM - MonsterEnvy quoted DongMaster in post Finished! Tyranny of Dragons is over!
    As do I! :) What happened to Severin? Want to know this as well. Also don't think you should of taken away Severin's Legendary Actions and Resistances.
  • 05:10 PM - houser2112 quoted DongMaster in post Why I love 5E - the renewal of Theater of Mind
    TotM is just not for some group combat, it is the whole gaming experience.You use TotM for everything? I suppose our group should try that. It would cut down on the time wasted drawing all those blacksmith shops and taverns.
  • 01:35 PM - Cadriel quoted DongMaster in post [Spoilers] Princes of the Apocalypse session report
    I was surprised you liked the first adventures (lvl 1-3) in this book because to me that is the only weakness I have found. They seems random and just crammed in there somehow. For you and your group that is not the case and I enjoyed reading your post Thanks! I found that the initial adventures remind me of the old module T1 The Village of Hommlet, where they are only loosely connected to the bigger plot. The Necromancer's Cave was a solid little dungeon, and the symbol of the Eye at the end was a really cool bit of foreshadowing to later. I was also really enjoying the sandbox style of the adventures, where the PCs choose what plot threads to pursue.

Monday, 6th April, 2015

  • 03:20 PM - Umbran quoted DongMaster in post Chris Perkins: Reintroducing Settings in Ways that Surprise People
    True, they might not be to everyone's cup of tea, but the same could be said about single adventures. Or maybe you mean something else? I mean that there are very few choices. If you aren't a fan of APs, or don't like the two that are out there, you've got close to nothing. I can see some reasons behind not putting a full open license for 5e, but they really, really ought to open up for 3pp adventures, imho. I, personally, don't use published adventures much for D&D. But I know of many, here and off the boards, who do. I think having them available would make the core game much more attractive.
  • 11:05 AM - transtemporal quoted DongMaster in post Chris Perkins: Reintroducing Settings in Ways that Surprise People
    There are a lot of repeat buttons in this thread... Bit like an MMO. Set up some macros, hit your rotations and go get a coffee. ;)

Sunday, 1st February, 2015

  • 07:07 AM - GameOgre quoted DongMaster in post Give Me Three Reasons To Play Greyhawk
    1) You will be a part of a great online society with the other four playing the game 2) You finally have a solid reason to hate Forgotten Realms repeatedly 3) You will be able to brag about being hardcore, playing in the orginal RPG world and all Nah, I like Greyhawk and would love to see something new placed there. :) Love some Greyhawk, but it is the second rpg world. Blackmoor being the actual first rpg game world. Not trying to be a arse or anything. Greyhawk rocks, it's just the third time today someone has casually mentioned Greyhawk as the first and my inner game geek (who loves Blackmoor as well) made me post a reply. Now back to our regularly scheduled Greyhawk love feast!

Wednesday, 21st January, 2015

Tuesday, 20th January, 2015

  • 11:38 PM - turkeygiant quoted DongMaster in post Is Chris Perkins Working On A New D&D Setting?
    Sigh... Lots of FR material but no sourcebook (or so it seems). Hopefully there is one in the pipeline as well as a Greyhawk one. Though for a DM with limited time I would be disappointed to see sourcebook materials for Greyhawk and no adventures, and the other way around for FR. But here's hoping! :) I actually don't want a single FR source book, the world is just too big to be done justice in a single book. I would prefer to see a source book for smaller regions like the Sword Coast or Thay, that would be cool.

Tuesday, 6th January, 2015

  • 12:51 AM - MerricB quoted DongMaster in post Forgotten Realms version?
    Hi! Old returning gamer who has been lured back by some of my fellow wargamers to play roleplaying games again (some 12 years have passed since I DMed last time, almost 25 years since I sist DMed in Faerun). I were never a big fan of the more modern games like Pathfinder, D&D 3.5-4.0, and so forth but when I was able to get a copy of the new D&D 5 starter set when it was released I knew I was hooked. I preferred to create my own adventures back then, still do, but will buy anything that is released (and read it) including adventures. My semi-noob question for you, seeing there is no Forgotten Realms setting book for 5th (yet), which book version should I get so I have some knowledge of the current version? There are some info in the Hoard and Rise adventures but since they almost feel you should have some knowledge of the realms, I am almost dumb struck where to begin. Should I get some D&D Forgotten Realms books (the parchment ones) or 4th ed. versions? The latter scares me as the Gods I k...

Saturday, 3rd January, 2015

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