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Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016

  • 01:16 AM - pemerton mentioned wedgeski in post What is the "role" in roleplaying
    Can't vote -- no answer for "both".Like wedgeski did upthread, pretend you have a gun to your head! (And the poll does ask how you primarily think of roleplaying. So you vote doesn't have to be the only way you think of roleplaying.)

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned wedgeski in post Warlord Name Poll
    ...procproc ; @Psikerlord ; @Psikerlord# ; @(Psi)SeveredHead; @Quickleaf ; @Raith5 ; @raleel ; @Ralif Redhammer ; @Raloc ; @Ranes ; @RangerWickett; @Ratskinner ; @redrick ; @Rejuvenator ; @Remathilis ; @Ristamar ; @RolenArcher; @Roland55 ; @RPG_Tweaker ; @Rune ; @Rygar ; @Sacrosanct ; @Saelorn ; @Saeviomagy; @sailor-Moon ; @SailorNash ; @Saplatt ; @Satyrn ; @Shades of Eternity ; @shadowmane; @sheadunne ; @Shasarak ; @shidaku ; @shintashi ; @Shiroiken ; @SigmaOne ; @sleypy; @sleypy01 ; @SpiderMonkey ; @Staccat0 ; @Staffan ; @steeldragons ; @steenan @STeveC ; @strider13x ; @Strider1973 ; @Sword of Spirit ; @Talmek ; @TerraDave; @TheCosmicKid ; @The_Gneech ; @TheHobgoblin ; @The Human Target ; @the Jester; @The Mirrorball Man ; @The Myopic Sniper ; @ThirdWizard ; @Tia Nadiezja ; @Tinker-TDC; @Tonguez ; @Tony Vargas ; @Tormyr ; @TrippyHippy ; @tsadkiel ; @tuxgeo ; @twigglythe Gnome ; @TwoSix ; @Uchawi ; @Ulorian ; @UnadvisedGoose445 ; @UngeheuerLich; @Us ; @Valmarius ; @Warbringer ; @was ; @wedgeski ; @Wednesday Boy ; @Wik ; @WillDoyle ; @Winterthorn ; @Wuzzard ; @Xeviat ; @Yaarel ; @Yunru ; @Zalabim ; @Zansy; @Zardnaar ; @Zeuel ; @ZickZak ; @ZombieRoboNinja ; @ZzarkLinux

Thursday, 16th July, 2015

Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015

  • 11:55 AM - Nemio mentioned wedgeski in post Lost Mines of Phandelver: Straight to Cragmaw Castle?
    Someone made a handy Encounter adjustment tool for LMoP It also shows the intended difficulty for a party of 4 If you check out Part 3 and put in 6 players at lvl 2 you will see that it proposes you to make it slightly more difficult even (more HP for enemies) As @wedgeski said a lot of enemies can be drawn to a fight once it starts so that will make it more difficult. If they take the main entrance and a fight breaks out then you will have have to face: - 4 archer goblins from the archer posts - 3 goblins from ruined barracks (join after 1 round) - 4 hobgoblins from their barracks (join after 1 round) - 8 goblins from banquet hall (join after 2 rounds?) - More enemies from the rest of the castle? (Goblin Shrine, extra Hobgoblins, King Groll, doppelganger, etc.) There's also a trap that the PC's might be lured into. And this is if you don't add extra enemies to compensate for your large group of players. According to this encounter builder that goes well above "deadly" though they will be able to fight the enemy in waves and use chokepoints.

Thursday, 9th April, 2015

  • 05:07 PM - pemerton mentioned wedgeski in post Jeremy Crawford On The Dark Side of Developing 5E
    Which is all a nice way of saying "D&D is about video games and movie rights now, with token support given to the TTRPG". In some ways I agree, but I think your use of the word "token" is an unfair overlay. First, there is wedgeski's point - a two year playtest is not "token". (I also think that the playtest is strong evidence that 4e made credible returns . If the last project from that division had been the financial flop some posters characterise 4e as, what rational management would have backed 5e? Presumably the revenue from DDI -all 4e-driven - also played an important role in financing the playtest.) Second, I don't regard two hardback adventures a year, plus UA, plus the tweet, plus a huge back catalogue being available via PDF, as "token support". That's a well-supported RPG that is easy to get into and start playing. I think the notion of a well-supported RPG being one with lots of new supplements for sale was invented by RPG companies, as part of their marketing of books when books were the only way they could make money. From the point of view of the player base, new books aren't all that essential when there are so many already-published books available. This is why it is so important to 5e ...

Tuesday, 31st March, 2015

  • 01:28 AM - redrick mentioned wedgeski in post Roll20
    ...ple around you). Some aspects of them can be pretty quick and automated, but Roll20, even though it's more user-friendly than Maptool, can still require a substantial learning curve to get the most out of it when DMing. If saving time is your issue (vs. something like scheduling or getting a group in different locations together), Roll20 won't be a solution, it's still running a game, and it still needs prep, and it IMXP needs more prep than most in-person games to truly get the most out of it. What it DOES offer you is the most user-friendly digital tabletop, so if you're in the market for a digital tabletop to begin with, Roll20 is probably a solid choice. This kind of hits the nail on the head for my experience. I run a Roll20 game weekly and I'm a big fan of the service. I even signed up for the $10/month subscription, which I'm happy to pay for. That being said, I became much happier with the VTT when I stopped trying to "recreate" the in-person experience. I think what wedgeski is describing, with players rolling real dice at their table and basically just using Roll20 for a zoomed-out map (no tokens, right?) is probably the only way to "keep doing it the same way." And that's because wedgeski isn't really using Roll20 with an in-person style. He's using Skype. Roll20 is just there as a convenient way to share a map. At least if I understood his post right. Sessions where I tried to set things up in a way where I could do them "the way I always do them at the table," usually felt very awkward and unengaging. On the other hand, sessions where I embraced the strengths of Roll20 could work really well. The ultimate lesson that I've learned with Roll20 is: drawing battlemats at a table sucks. Being able to quickly throw up a map that everybody can see is awesome. And they can be any kind of maps. You can take snapshots of your hand-drawn graph paper maps with your phone and upload them, especially if you turn the built-in-grid off so you don't have to agonize ...

Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

  • 08:25 PM - Li Shenron mentioned wedgeski in post Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den
    The party of adventurers walk down the dark corridor with extreme care... after all the area seems secure. There is plenty of dust here on the ground, with several footprints clearly visible, which Swift quickly identifies as his own, as well as his former comrades', as apparently they have been here just before entering the room where the they were cursed. It's been years since then, and memories are slowly returning to his mind. At the very end of the corridor you can now clearly see the iron handles attached to the wall, going up into the ceiling, where you can see the lining of a trapdoor. The handles are only slightly rusty and seems very solid. Before the end of the corridor, on the right side is the last door for the party to try open. It's just the same type of door as the previous ones, and it seems locked. [Headsup to Shayuri, Jimmy Disco T, Kobold Stew, Leif, wedgeski, tuxgeo]

Tuesday, 27th January, 2015

  • 08:52 PM - pukunui mentioned wedgeski in post Lost Mine - Wyvern Tor
    wedgeski: That's one of the reasons I particularly like the idea of having the PCs meet a lone orc who isn't interested in fighting. If they can get him talking, they can find out what to expect. So did both you and Barantor just make up the terrain as you went along?

Saturday, 26th April, 2014

  • 07:43 PM - Li Shenron mentioned wedgeski in post Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den
    CON save 1d20+2 = 16 ... As he reaches for his weapon, his limbs begin to feel stiff and heavy - but Tock manages to shake off the Ghoul's paralysing attack, and his hands close around the haft of his halberd. "Take this, foul beast!" Attack roll 1d20+4, damage 1d10+3 = attack 10, damage 4[/URL] [OOC: buffering an attack and damage roll vs the Ghoul attacking me; also using Protection style to defend myself against the same Ghoul] Indeed Tock feels his body get stiff for a couple of seconds, but then the effect seems to wear off... but perhaps the moment of stiffness is enough to make it hard for him to swing his blow properly, and the ghoul easily manage to dodge the halberd. [OoC: just to speed up things a little bit, let's resolve your turn without buffering] [OOC: Damage for previous round before I decide what to do next: 1d8+2=9 (1H/B)] [OoC: Noted. It's now your turn again wedgeski] [OOC: Does Aeiyan know that the ghouls can paralyze? I'm guessing that would be an INT check, but I doubt Nature proficiency would help. Adding INT bonus of 0: 1d20 -> [15] = (15) Aeiyan recalls that Ghouls are often known in common folklore as humans who died unrepentant of truly cowardly and depraved acts, and because of this they are said to have been denied entrance to the afterlife, as not even hell wants to have their souls. This is but one legend about these undead, while other tales mention a curse or possibly even an infectious disease. What is well known to Aeiyan, is that ghouls eats the bodies of the dead (fresh or seasoned), and as such they are almost invariably found near a graveyard or a necropolis. They move and fight with unnatural speed and strength, and their bites and scratches (but not the mere touch) are so filthy that they easily deliver some sort of short-term paralyzing toxin. Round 2 continuation: Initiative: 20 - Rejik 10/10hp << we are her...

Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

  • 11:02 PM - Li Shenron mentioned wedgeski in post Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den
    ... awhiiiiiile...) Next time he can move, he'll try again (Strength check, not dex, right?): 1d20+1=21. Rejik hammers the left ghoul with all his strength, hitting it barely. [OoC: it is a hit, roll for damage!] Tock easily grabs the ghoul on the right side by the neck, and pulls it away from Aeiyan, who simultaneously wiggles free from the left ghoul's grab as well. Sulannus struggles to climb without much success this round, while Bartleby has now reached the others at the top of the cliff. Now the two ghouls ravenously attack Rejik and Tock respectively. The cleric manages to fend the attacks off, but Tock get biten viciously in a weak spot (six points of damage), and suddenly feels his joints getting stiff... (make a Constitution saving throw). [OoC: apparently Warforged are not immune to paralysis] Round 2: Initiative: 20 - Rejik 10/10hp << we are here 18 - Tock 6/12hp 12 - Aeiyan 7/11hp 12 - Sulannus 5/7hp 7 - Bartleby 9/10hp 6 - Ghouls (2) NOTES: wedgeski remember to make a damage roll for the previous round's attack also, and Jimmy Disco T make the Con ST

Tuesday, 8th April, 2014

Monday, 4th November, 2013

  • 05:29 PM - Li Shenron mentioned wedgeski in post Old-school dungeon crawl using 5e playtest rules that I don't forget :) You have six players expressing interest now. How big a party would you like to try to handle? (By my count, a Cleric, a Druid, a Fighter, and a Mage have been posted; and both Annandul and Eximius Nero have yet to post PCs.) I assumed they aren't interested anymore. If you want to make a PC and join the party, go ahead! For the DM: Shall I just pick a D&D deity and not worry too much about which campaign it's from? I doubt it'll have much impact unless the game starts to push beyond its dungeon-crawling mandate. I have noticed that you left it blank, but I don't mind. There is no specific setting behind this game, so you can make up your deity or choose any from a published setting. --- Now some task for all of you: Shayuri: make an Intelligence(History) check with proficiency + a Wisdom(Survival) check Kobold Stew: make an Intelligence(History) check with advantage + another Intelligence check + a Wisdom(Survival) check with proficiency wedgeski: make a Wisdom(Survival) check with proficiency Jimmy Disco T: make an Intelligence(Nature) check with proficiency + a Wisdom(Survival) check with proficiency Also, all of you can make a Wisdom(Perception) check. These are preliminary checks for setting some starting conditions of the party. You'll then get to make one decision together, and then I'll forward you towards the dungeon's entrance.

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Monday, 12th March, 2018

  • 01:32 PM - Aldarc quoted wedgeski in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    Sorry, I wasn't entirely clear. PF's reputation is exactly as you say. 5E, in contrast, is running with very few releases, 14 books since mid 2015. I'm wondering whether PF2 will see a change in release cadence as well, or whether their existing model can continue to be (I presume) successful.Thank you for the clarification, and it will be interesting to see how the mechanical structure of PF2 engenders a different release structure, particularly around "player crunch." PF1 releases involved a lot of experimentation, such as its use of archetypes (an influence on 5e subclasses), alternate racial features, new base and hybrid classes, etc. But if PF2 adjusts to more fluid archetypes available to multiple classes, racial/class feats (talents), etc. that increases a lot of flexibility within classes, then there may be less need for pumping out the same degree of new classes. This was clearly part of the design philosophy within 5E, though I would argue that WotC succeeded better with some classes ...
  • 11:58 AM - Aldarc quoted wedgeski in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    Much more interesting than the rules changes, for me, is the question of whether Paizo will continue Pathfinder's product model, or move to a more 5E-like approach. WotC has proved that D&D can thrive with a focus on story over player options. Will the Pathfinder audience be open to that kind of change?I'll admit that I am somewhat puzzled by this comment. One of the greatest strengths of Pathfinder has always been Paizo's solid support of stories and adventure paths. And I'm not sure if I would say that WotC proved anything about "story," since many have criticized WotC as being light on story options, at least in terms of solid adventures. Though perhaps I misunderstand your meaning here.

Monday, 5th June, 2017

  • 03:25 PM - Uller quoted wedgeski in post Making Wilderness adventures more interesting
    There is no such thing as trivial wilderness adventuring in my game. Why would you want to waste such a golden opportunity for world-building, plot-building, or creating memorable NPC's? The journey should be *at least as* exciting as the destination! Because table time is a resource too. I run a table game that averages one or two 4 hour sessions per month and a very slow PbP game. Sometimes the players (and I) just want to get there. Of course there is such a thing as trivial wilderness travel. 10th level PCs travelling on well maintained roads through temperate climate with no prospect of anything remotely challenging happening..."you travel from A to B along road Y. You meet a few traders and farmers along the way. The bandits that occasionally menace travellers in this area are no where to be seen (perhaps your fame has preceded you). You arrive after five days to so-n-so inn, a little weary but otherwise no worse for wear." It's ok to make some things mundane. If everything is w...

Tuesday, 30th May, 2017

Monday, 22nd May, 2017

  • 02:42 PM - lowkey13 quoted wedgeski in post Sudden changes to the party dynamic
    OT: They do?! OT: Yep! It's one of those weird things, which just goes to show that you cannot account for the infinite varieties of human experience and/or the pet peeves of people. In Venn Diagram terms, these tend to be the same people that spend a large amount of time discussing orders ahead of time.

Wednesday, 17th May, 2017

  • 09:31 AM - S'mon quoted wedgeski in post Adventures for young teens
    You're in the minority I'm afraid. LMoP was brilliant fun at our table, and I strongly recommend it to the OP. Yeah, most people like it.

Monday, 15th May, 2017

  • 11:54 AM - CapnZapp quoted wedgeski in post OotA: Society of Brilliance
    The Society is one of my favourite little corners of OotA. They will feature heavily later-on in the campaign. I agree. One of the campaign's high points is its ability to evoke memorable NPCs. I did not like how some of the members were so weak, when they were apparently supposed to be able to hold their own alone in the Underdark. Even with the ability to teleport away to an ally once per day, members like Skriss ran the constant risk of being ganked by one failed Perception check against a chuul or giant rocktopus. I believe the whole campaign was written with an usually strong fairy-tale approach (for D&D). In blunter terms, they didn't bother with stats and instead simply assumed "plot immunity". Of course, that works especially bad in a game like D&D, which most groups run very mechanistically, just as your objections indicate. But still, they're neutral NPCs, so it really doesn't matter very much if you simply assume they make every roll and have all the good luck they need. Wo...

Tuesday, 25th April, 2017

  • 05:39 PM - happyhermit quoted wedgeski in post 'Magic' down and 'D&D' up. Hasbro notes D&D
    I'm afraid that Critical Role demonstrates none of these advantages. They're playing at very high level, fights last for hours, and they do use mini's! Would it be worse with Pathfinder? Debatable, but certainly more impenetrable for inexperienced viewers. My point re; Critical Role was that they decided to switch to 5e for the show. The rest was regarding Live play in general, but many of the things I mention apply to Critical Role as well. There is less jargon and talking about mechanics in general, the lack of reliance on minis compared to a game like 4e means there is often less focus on details like precise positioning on a grid, if anything it is a dialogue with others versus what sounds like someone narrating a chess move. Another thing I didn't mention that 5e has going for it IMO for viewing is the lack of system bloat. Even a casual player will know the character options being played with most of the time and a new player can buy the PHB and see the vast majority of what the player...

Friday, 14th April, 2017

  • 11:25 AM - Morrus quoted wedgeski in post Mike Mearls interview - states that they may be getting off of the 2 AP/year train.
    This has no relation to the question Mistwell asked. You should try and actually read people's posts instead of reading one or two lines and then saying what you want to say. Is the function you'll be activating "Cancel Account"? I think that would be rather pleasant. "Close Account"..? Huh. Two people already beat me to the "cancel account" joke. Wonder what that could mean? This, also, is not appropriate. As above, please report posts rather than responding in kind.

Thursday, 6th April, 2017

  • 05:35 PM - Nebulous quoted wedgeski in post Princes of the Apocalypse campaign recaps
    Fantastic documents! Would you mind, and I hope I haven't asked this before, describing your process for getting the battlemats printed? WEll, first I bought the map pack from the artist's website, I think it was around $25 for every map in the adventure. I opened them all up in Photoshop and made sure that each square one was inch to a side, although this is still 10 foot squares, so not ideal for lots of enemies on the board. I also bumped up the saturation on all the maps so the colors were more vivid. Then I saved them as a PDF, and when I print, I print them as tiles so they come out in overlapping sheets. Then I have to trim the white edges and tape them together. The whole process is rather time intensive and I'm glad I'm at the end of the campaign. If I could print them out in one sheet that would be great (which is doable but expensive) or use one of those projectors. Still, these awesome maps were one of the highlights of the whole campaign and they brought a lot of life to i...

Wednesday, 5th April, 2017

  • 05:09 PM - Reynard quoted wedgeski in post Tumbling through the Planes: Locations Needed
    OMG that picture in the OP... What a beauty! Yeah. It's awesome. I saw it on the "geekscapes" google+ group. I'm going with "apex predator in the skies of the Elemental Plane of Earth." Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using EN World mobile app

Tuesday, 28th March, 2017

Thursday, 23rd March, 2017

  • 12:58 PM - Morrus quoted wedgeski in post UltraMax5 -- Grittier Ultramodern 5th Edition
    Haven't read the rules, but the name is awesome. :) Hah! "UltraMax5" was really difficult to distinguish from today's wave of spambots with their health supplements. I was *that* close to hitting the spam cleanup button. That'll teach me to do that in a hurry!

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

  • 10:10 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted wedgeski in post D&D Beyond Beta: Your First Thoughts Thread!
    You have one free *channel* subscription. I doubt you'll be able to use it for this, but I would love it if I was wrong! I like it! It is, as one poster said, little more than a (very) pretty SRD right now. What it does is demonstrate good design and usability, which bodes well for the more sophosticated features to come. Agreed! And that is exactly what I wanted these features to be. Obviously I hope that free stuff like the EE players companion will be added before launch, as well as UA support, but the searchable SRD is exactly what I want from the reference tools.

Friday, 10th March, 2017

  • 10:42 PM - arjomanes quoted wedgeski in post Out of the Abyss Advice Requested
    I didn't find the initial encounter too challenging. There are drow politics to be exploited, many potentially allies to be made... I agree. I thought the intro was great. In my game, I didn't even have PCs buy equipment. They started in the cells with only the possible trinkets, and I let them find gear as they adventured. They ended up not even going to the "armory" and made-do with just the gear of the drow they killed. Of course, I didn't have a wizard in the party, so the spellbook would be an issue that would need to be worked around. If you have a wizard, they need to be able to access their spellbook or steal one from a drow wizard. I would strongly advise, if you have the time, that you should design multiple encounters to entertain the party as it travels from place to place. I do not subscribe to the "travel time is dead time" school of thought. Travel time, especially through the outlandish nightmare that is the Underdark, should be fascinating, terrifying, and occasionally hila...

Thursday, 9th March, 2017

  • 02:10 PM - CydKnight quoted wedgeski in post SCAG -- Worth it?
    It's a good book, packed with stuff, and solid VFM. It is *not* a Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, which seems to be most people's beef with it. I've used it heavily to flesh out PC back-stories and build the second half of my Out of the Abyss campaign arc. I have no regrets!Thanks for that input, I had planned to order this before beginning my own Out of the Abyss campaign.

Wednesday, 8th March, 2017

  • 04:59 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted wedgeski in post Out of the Abyss Advice Requested
    Agreed. I’ve used travel to showcase both the whimsical nature and nastiness of the Underdark. One probably shouldn’t set out with a bunch of “roll for random encounter, okay nothing happens today, tomorrow, or the day after” experiences, but a proper set piece will do the trick. Drow slavers looking for stock, duergar prospectors gone mad and obsessed with finding a mythical vein of copper, a vegetarian mind flayer, you name it…travel should be exciting and weird. I would strongly advise, if you have the time, that you should design multiple encounters to entertain the party as it travels from place to place. I do not subscribe to the "travel time is dead time" school of thought. Travel time, especially through the outlandish nightmare that is the Underdark, should be fascinating, terrifying, and occasionally hilarious.

Wednesday, 22nd February, 2017

  • 06:06 PM - tk32 quoted wedgeski in post Alternate Travel Encounter System
    I don't rely on random encounter tables for much more than inspiration or flavour, and I don't see travel as just the thing that happens between adventures. It's prime real-estate for encounter design. You can expose so much of the campaign and its themes to the players by building encounters that illuminate their own goals and the goals of their enemies. Later, they're going to be teleporting and plane-shifting around like crazy, IMO you *need* to use those early levels effectively if you want to build a memorable campaign! I agree, I believe in setting the setting. Heh. The atmosphere, culture, the current state of affairs. I ran a home campaign a couple years ago where the characters didn't know it, but they encountered giants early on sending a gift to the Lords Alliance a massive Crystal statue. The statue was actually a magical artifact crafted by fire giants that required strategic placement in Neverwinter. The PCs not wanting to piss a giant off at early levels decided to help prot...

Wednesday, 15th February, 2017

Tuesday, 14th February, 2017

  • 11:52 PM - Gardens & Goblins quoted wedgeski in post How to deal with Metagaming as a player?
    That's a 20-page doozy right there. Oh aye. Around here, DM's are few, players are many. Everyone seemingly wants to rock up and be entertained. Very few want to deal with entertaining. Personally I believe it's a group effort by all involved but hey.. ..point being, a DM makes or breaks a game, and their word is law. How that law is presented and applied will depend on the DM. And of course, players are free to not play. DM'ing is akin to any leadership position: ''I need you and you need me - but I don't need you to need me. So go away or follow. It's your call.'' Done poorly, well.. these things take care of themselves. Nobody follows. Poor DM ends up on their lonesome. Done well... .good, tiring, fun times!

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