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The "Open Gaming /" link at the bottom of every page goes to a dead site Saturday, 4th May, 2019 04:55 AM


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Thursday, 30th May, 2019

Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019

Tuesday, 5th May, 2015

  • 03:20 PM - steeldragons mentioned Rabulias in post How do I Get Rid of the Facebook Twitter Etc Thing?
    Thanks Rabulias . How do I do that in Google Chrome? I've gone into the content management. Tried blocking it there. Tried blocking it under Javascript. Tried blocking it as a pop-up. I've tried it as "[*.]" and "*" without the braces... Nothing's making it go away! Where should I be restricting it?

Sunday, 3rd May, 2015

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Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

  • 07:32 AM - Erekose quoted Rabulias in post Avengers: Endgame SPOILER THREAD
    Yes, but the actual Space Stone is inside the Tesseract. Remember Thanos crushing the Tesseract and extracting the stone after getting it from Loki in Avengers: Infinity War? Good point! Although that didn’t help Red Skull too much at the end of the First Avenger! Mind you, he did hold it earlier in the film with no problem.

Tuesday, 30th April, 2019

  • 01:13 PM - Erekose quoted Rabulias in post Avengers: Endgame SPOILER THREAD
    Note that most of the stones are in containers (The Tessaract, The Orb, The Scepter, Rocket's syringe) that are safe to touch, and all the raw stones are manipulated by machines when put into Tony's Infinity Gauntlet 2.0 back at Avengers HQ. The naked Time Stone seems to be surrounded by a force field of some kind, both here and in Avengers Infinity War; people who grab it don't really touch it. The Soul Stone places itself in your hand when you claim it. After what you pay for it, maybe it "knows" its owner? Maybe the sacrificed soul is inside the stone, and protects that person? Doesn't Tony pick-up The Tessaract with his hand and put it in the briefcase?

Tuesday, 16th April, 2019

  • 01:01 AM - Zardnaar quoted Rabulias in post Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi argument
    Palpatine's name was in the prologue in the novelization of Star Wars in 1977. I own that but haven't read it for so long and only read it once. IIRC it had more detail along with the RotJ novel.

Tuesday, 19th March, 2019

  • 04:06 AM - TarionzCousin quoted Rabulias in post OOTS 1159: Worm's Eye View
    The worm does have good lines in this, and is fairly dim, but Blackwing steals the show for me in both departments. :-DApparently Blackwing is not a crow. :hmm:

Friday, 8th March, 2019

  • 05:06 PM - wingsandsword quoted Rabulias in post OOTS 1158
    Well, it's purple.... and it's a worm, so maybe we call it... Here's hoping you were kidding. We saw a Purple Worm during the "Blood Runs in the Family" book, when they were in the desert. It doesn't look like that in OotS. Comics 689 and 690. It's probably a Nightcrawler or a Neothelid. Given that Hel considers it one of her creations and something worse than a vampire, it's more likely a nightcrawler.

Monday, 14th January, 2019

  • 11:04 AM - Ryujin quoted Rabulias in post The Orville Season Two - Thoughts?
    I had heard another Xalayan like Alara was coming on board, maybe as the new security officer? Actress Jessica Szohr is listed as being in 11 episodes and hasn't been seen yet.

Friday, 4th January, 2019

  • 09:50 PM - Umbran quoted Rabulias in post The Orville Season Two - Thoughts?
    I heard this episode was actually filmed with season 1, to be the season 1 ender, but they held it back to kickoff season 2. If that's right, Alara's presence in this episode is not strong evidence. :-/ IMDB still thinks she's part of upcoming episodes well into the season. Not that IMDB is a system of record, though, so we shall see.

Friday, 14th September, 2018

Saturday, 19th May, 2018

  • 06:57 PM - Joker quoted Rabulias in post Avenger's Infinity War *Spoiler* Discussion
    So any speculation on the Avengers 4 title? Word is that it has been kept under wraps as it is too spoilery. I guess that means it was a spoiler for the end of Avengers: Infinity War. I wonder if it will be something along the lines of Avengers Reassembled or Avengers: Heroes Return? I was also thinking about Avengers Forever, as that limited series involved time travel, but it's not too spoilery. Avengers: The Dustbin Chronicles

Thursday, 19th April, 2018

  • 01:58 AM - Morrus quoted Rabulias in post New Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer
    Just about everywhere from the day Star Wars came out in 1977. I remember all the articles, books, trading cards, comics, games, etc., all describing Chewbacca as a "200 year old Wookiee," though it looks like that is no longer official Disney-era canon. While his Wikipedia entry still includes this, Chewie's entry at does not mention his age. All that’s non-canon though. Not that it matters, but AFAIK the only canon reference to Chewie’s age is in that trailer.

Wednesday, 18th April, 2018

Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

Tuesday, 12th December, 2017

  • 05:57 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Rabulias in post The Orville - Season 1
    I was expecting them to say they had figured out a way to stop their planet shifting back and forth between dimensions, but they wanted to return Isaac. Now that they are a space-faring planet, they would have incentive to do this. I forget how long they stayed in the Orville's dimension, but every hour there is more than 2 and a half years back in their home dimension. Interstellar trade, defense, and diplomatic relations would all suffer if a world disappeared for a few years, not to mention family/friends being off-world when the shift occurs. A space station in the same orbit solves a lot of that.

Saturday, 9th September, 2017

  • 03:28 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Rabulias in post In REMEMBRANCE---2017 AD
    Blake Heron has died. Science fiction author Jerry Pournelle has died. Also, damn. :(

Wednesday, 5th July, 2017

  • 12:38 AM - Tonguez quoted Rabulias in post Inhumans (TV trailer)
    Crystal was also part of the FF for a time. yeah she was Johnny Storms girlfriend, that doesn't mean she isn't a C-List character. You ask 10 random people to name the members of F4 and how many are really going to say Medusa or Crystal?

Saturday, 10th June, 2017

Wednesday, 26th April, 2017

  • 02:16 PM - DM Howard quoted Rabulias in post Unable to Upload Profile Image
    Yes, profile picture, avatar, whatever you want to call it, the picture that shows to the left on your forum posts is what I assume you meant. See here for details about what you get for subscribing: Understood! Thanks for the clarification, Rabulias, I wonder when that changed because Avatars used to be open to everyone not too long ago.

Tuesday, 25th April, 2017

Saturday, 8th April, 2017

  • 05:37 AM - Eltab quoted Rabulias in post In REMEMBRANCE---2017 AD
    Don Rickles has died. :-( The only person I've ever heard who could viciously insult somebody and leave THEM laughing about the experience.

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