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Saturday, 26th January, 2019

  • 05:26 PM - Morrus quoted Taralan in post Extras or Minions for WOIN
    Just what I was looking for. The timing is quite uncanny :) Does the Mob exploit doing an automatic 1 damage replace the Mook attack or is that in addition to the attacks ? "The mooks may not attack the target directly."

Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019

  • 06:09 PM - Morrus quoted Taralan in post Extras or Minions for WOIN
    Thanks Morrus. When you say one hit kills a minion do you mean any hits or a hit that does damages above Soak ? I assume its the latter to give effect to the NPC's armor. I think this could work but I was thinking alternatively to use the lowest possible health points per die (1) instead of the average of 3.5. So a skeleton would have 7 Health rather than 24, making it much faster to dispatch, even considering its soak of 9. The advantage of a minion (IMO) isn't the speed of dispatch, but the ease of book keeping. I won't find it much different tracking 7 health or 24. So, for me at least, yeah - one hit which exceeds SOAK dispatches a minion. That's their purpose - to be ploughed though heroically by PCs.

Monday, 12th November, 2018

  • 11:17 PM - Bupp quoted Taralan in post First Impressions – Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica
    I just got my copy, but won't be able to get into it until tomorrow. I agree with earlier comments that the Guide is very barebones in regards to the description of the world, so much so that I think it would be difficult to set an entire campaign in Ravnica unless the DM is prepared to homebrew 90% of the setting. However, I think it would work better if Ravnica is used as a homebase for a group of planeswalking PCs pursuing the conflicts between the guilds not just in a Ravnica but also in Innistrad, Kaladesh etc. The content of the Guide would be just enough to give the homebase sufficient details and the focus on the guild would give impetus to the campaign. I may try this for my next campaign. It would be nice however to have a system to use color mana for spells to give the campaign a MtG flavor. That sounds like a fun campaign! I've been tweaking and working on some stuff to have a five color mana system. I have the bare bones of a "mana caster" class that I've had on the ...

Monday, 22nd January, 2018

  • 02:38 AM - Syntallah quoted Taralan in post Slow Natural Healing in actual play
    snip I have experimented with some of the suggestions above, I.e. tying the rests with milestone and it does work mechanically but seems a little contrived in play, especially if for story reasons a week goes by and the pc do not heal at all nor regain their spells because no xp milestones have elapsed. To those who have suggested this approach how do you deal with this ? snip... I make sure and award experience for non-combat encounters, which helps. I also have four levels of "natural healing": Refresh: you may spend 1 healing die per point of Constitution (must take roll). Requires one Action Revitalize: you may spend any available healing dice (take roll or average). Requires Short Rest [90mins – (10mins*lifestyle)] Recuperate: you regain ½ hit points and ½ healing dice (round up on each). You may spend healing dice as in Revitalize. Requires Long Rest [24hrs ÷ lifestyle] Convalesce: you regain all hit points and healing dice. In addition, you restore ability damage equa...
  • 01:37 AM - 5ekyu quoted Taralan in post Slow Natural Healing in actual play
    This seems rather dismissive of the problem. Just because you have not encountered it does not mean it does not exists and suggesting that people who do are just old grognard yelling to kids to “get off their lawn” is unhelpful. As mentioned above I happen to be an a position to directly compare the effect of this on the game on the same players and have noticed a definitive shift in the game because of this. You can also experience it by switching to somewhat harsher systems such as Savage worlds which has slower natural healing and low and behold you will see your players suddenly coming up with all sorts of creative way to avoid direct confrontation because of the harsher consequences, especially for smaller, less critical encounters. I agree with you that with a structure of 6-8 encounters per day , the healing rules work pretty well, but that structure is difficult to always respect in practice, unless all you do is dungeons. Also it’s very difficult to make smaller, less dangerous ...

Sunday, 21st January, 2018

  • 06:25 PM - iserith quoted Taralan in post Slow Natural Healing in actual play
    I agree that is a good way to emphasis the importance of Hit dice. The game itself however does not really tie anything to them, including long term injuries which are tied to hp still. What's tied to them is not being able to progress as far if you're out of them, mandating careful management. It's harder to earn XP without dying if you have no healing reserves. There are ways around that, of course, but increasing say the number of spell slots spent on restoring HP means less damage and utility spells in play which potentially increases challenge difficulty. It's a careful balance in my view. Throw a time constraint in there and now you've really got to make some solid decisions. I do not think it’s that simple. I will give you an example. We are currently playing Tomb of Annihilation and I must say that WoTC has made a great job creating encounters with a lot of great possibilities for interactions and rewards outside of straight combat. However, recently faced with the grung villag...
  • 05:43 PM - iserith quoted Taralan in post Slow Natural Healing in actual play
    It’s funny to see that a lot of people now consider it crippling for a pc to start a fight with anything less than full hit points. It really shows how the game went from having hp be a ressource that was managed during the entire adventure to a ressource that is now expected to be managed in each encounter. It's more like managing hit dice over the course of the adventure now in my experience. This is why I show the hit point and hit dice bars on the PC tokens in my Roll20 games. The hit dice bar tells everyone whether they can press on or not, more so than hit points. Personally I think this really cheapens the experience and removes a lot of strategic choices, also encouraging players to simply charge and destroy anything in their path, rather than seek to avoid or negotiate with potential threats. What I see is that players like combat challenges, especially if overcoming said challenges is tied to character advancement via XP. So in my opinion it's a little weird to expect them...

Monday, 27th February, 2017

  • 01:09 AM - Morrus quoted Taralan in post A few rules questions on O.L.D.
    Thanks for the quick reply. I have a little follow-up in the same order : 1- I had read the FAQ but what confused me is that an exploit like iron Skin says it grants a +4 to you natural Soak bonus. So according to the "+" rule it seems it stacks but on the other hand different source of soaks do not stack. So in this specific instances am I correct to think that while the +4 stack with any other natural source, it does not stack with an actual source of amor so that if I have iron Skin and a Hide Armor only has 4 soak (the higher of the two) ? Yeah, that one specifically states it applies to the natural SOAK score only. A specific rule will always override a general one. 2- Understood. That's still a very impressive 16 Soak for a starting character but with the "6" rules and certain exploits you can always by-pass soak anyway so its less problematic. Nice little touches in the system by the way to avoid the "Armored dwarf" syndrome of warhammer. That probably about as optimised as I've pe...

Wednesday, 4th May, 2016

  • 12:30 PM - Morrus quoted Taralan in post Questions on space combat
    After a couple more sessions I have a few more questions about space combat that have came up : 1- is it possible to trade attack dice for damage dice 2 for 1 in space combat as per normal combat ? Absolutely! Attacks are resolved in the same way as regular combat. 2- is there any effect for a critical (triple-6) during spaceship combat ? So - as written - yes; technically you could inflict a status on a starship. That said, the only damage types from starship weapons at present are heat, radiation, ballistic, and ion, and tired or nauseous ship doesn't make much sense (though one on fire or bleeding/leaking does). There needs to be some language adjustment. I didn't plan to include crits in the starship combat rules, and save them for an advanced article, but for now yes, you can use them, but you may have to change some words and descriptions to make them make sense! 3- Are ion weapons stopped by shielding and/or armor or does it bypass them ? They are described in detail in the Sta...

Sunday, 24th April, 2016

  • 11:50 PM - Morrus quoted Taralan in post Dice Pools, Grades, and Difficulties
    It the intent is to have masterwork equioment more valable to experience character isin't the curent system coing thé reverse ? This happenned in my startrek-tyoe game yesterday. The normal crew 4d with master sensors. (+1d) could reach 5d, the same as a beginning PC without the equipment who, we more experienced, could not make use of the equipment. It's not that they can't make use if it - it's that they don't need it. The high quality stuff helps inexperienced users do stuff that experienced users can do with a bootstrap and an old tire iron. The idea is that the ultra elite of the universe can do with no gear what lesser mortals need equipment to help with. It's very much designed to be the opposite of the "christmas tree" of magic items that 3.x characters had to have. In theory, you never need a magical item to a high quality piece of equipment.
  • 11:11 PM - Primitive Screwhead quoted Taralan in post Dice Pools, Grades, and Difficulties
    It the intent is to have masterwork equioment more valable to experience character isin't the curent system coing thé reverse ? I think the system makes masterwork equipment more valuable to an equally skilled character of higher grade. In order to be the best you can be {max die pool}, you start with a stat pool of 3D and a skill pool of 2D. Then either keep pumping up stat/skill or bump your skill once and get masterwork items. If I give an archer an excellent bow which grants +2D and he is already rolling 5d due to stat plus skill, he has to gain 5 grades before seeing the full benefit of that bow. So oddly enough, the more valuable equipment are items that the PC just has 1 die of skill and a low stat. At higher grades the progression of the max dice pool is exponential, so eventually he would need to advance more grades. If you have the minimum requirements to get the max benefit from a Legendary item, 5d stat, 5d skill.. you would have to be somewhere around grade 70 to use the +5d b...

Sunday, 20th March, 2016

  • 04:39 PM - Morrus quoted Taralan in post Questions on space combat
    Got it ! Do you plan on having some more detailed pre made ships or even an adventure to help see how we can use the various mechanics such as countdowns or e-warfare to best effect ? Yup! A whole book full of them! :)
  • 11:44 AM - Morrus quoted Taralan in post Questions on space combat
    Thanks Morrus. I see I had neglected the exploits for the targeting and reinforce shield. For electronic warfare I don't see anything on page 38 but I see some brief description on page 3:26 which must be what you mean unless I am missing something. There is a long description of the various scanning options on p. 39 but nothing of the sort for e-warfare on 38. Sorry, page 28, not 38. My mistake! At any rate I now see that a successful e-attack reduce the CPU by 1d6. Awesome - you found it. :) You mention the basic combat rules. Are there advance rules ? I also have the starship const. Manual. Would that allow to determine what systems should be shutdown as the CPU is depleted ? So when you build a ship with that book, you have a CPU requirement for each component. As your ship's CPU capacity is reduced, you have to choose which systems to take offline to remain within the current total. Finally I noticed the system override exploit which seems interesting. Does that require some o...

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