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Friday, 28th June, 2019

  • 06:26 AM - Lanefan mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Upgraded to https! Please report bugs!
    One strange thing: in this thread - and only this thread, so far others are working fine - the Dannyalcatraz post just above this one keeps showing as unread no matter how many times I read it. EDIT: but now I've posted this, it's back to working as normal. No clue... :)

Thursday, 27th June, 2019

  • 08:27 PM - Lanefan mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post If you could put D&D into any other non middle ages genre, what would it be?
    Seriously, though, hardly any, you would need to add some sort of specialized combat system for ship battles, depending on how historical you want to get with them. This is the one bit of design I've actually already done...well, sort of, anyway...ship-v-ship combat using mounted tween-decks ballistae to replace cannons. Good point Dannyalcatraz regarding weather magic; that would have to be reined in (though not necessarily eliminated). In fact, most ranged spells become problematic sooner or later in this milieu - even a simple Hold Person on another ship's helmsman could ruin its whole day, along with that of the third ship it then crashes into. Is the answer then to somehow make casting from shipboard very difficult - e.g. a very high chance of failure unless the spell targets only the caster or something the caster can reach out and touch? The other aspect that really gets in the way here is non-standard PC means of travel - flight, teleport, dimension door, etc., particularly by device rather than spell. If you just want to do a Pirate Movie kinda Age of Sail, though, the action will usually come down to boarding, anyway, and the kind of relatively small-scale combats already familiar in D&D.Yes - things like ramming, boarding, and on-deck combat are already easy to handle. It's the ship-v-ship stuff, and som...

Tuesday, 18th June, 2019

  • 04:29 PM - Ralif Redhammer mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post A question on some game systems
    Like Dannyalcatraz, I've mostly just played Stormbringer and other Runequest-adjacent games. But I know there are many that think the world of Runequest. As for the Witcher RPG, it's based on the Fuzion system: For those of you who have played RuneQuest - how is it? What editions are your favorite? What TTRPG are the Witcher games based off of (I know the character and story are based off of novels)? If you have played this TTRPG, how is it?

Thursday, 13th June, 2019

  • 02:26 PM - lowkey13 mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Formatting- Quotes Not Coming Out Correctly
    Hi Everybody! (HI DR. NICK!) Now tell Dr. Nick where is the trouble., @Dannyalcatraz first pointed out a problem in my posts, specifically, this one- Since then, two other commenters have noted the same problem. @pemerton @Manbearcat Q. What is the problem? A. I don't know- I can't see it! Everything looks good to me. But it looks like, from what is in Danny's post- That my "quotes" are disappearing. It seems that pemerton reports it as a text formatting issue. So, I think this is recent? Maybe an "https:" change? And it's not universal ... it looks fine to me. Quotes that I use from someone else seem fine ... I think it might just be a combination of: Using the "quote" feature around text that I paste into the text box, and paste as "plain text formatting" (in order to avoid html issues). But I'd like the Powers Th...

Tuesday, 11th June, 2019

  • 08:18 PM - Gradine mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Players 'distressed' by gang-rape role-playing game
    ...e time raising public accountability for those who might have otherwise given his behavior a pass. "or when we recklessly pursue a moral program of some kind in the wake of such an event" To be clear, the "moral program" in question is "rape = not acceptable". lowkey13 has covered this in better detail, but you are bringing moral relativism to an argument that is mostly centered around sexualized violence. Call both sides equally bad in their extremism is a false equivalence of the dangerous. "People who spring rape scenarios on players and then lie about in an interview with the guy who wrote 'In Defense of Rape' should not be allowed to be in our hobby" is not the moral or extreme equivalent to "LOL great job owning the libs!" and the latter are explicitly counting on well meaning people making that mistake. "I think there is a lot of cruelty being expressed in this thread and people don't see it, because they think they are so correct. Personally I am not a big fan of cruelty." Dannyalcatraz covered this in a point I see you have not responded to yet, in that: Foreseeable repercussions for actions =/= cruelty. I don't really have anything else to add to that.

Friday, 24th May, 2019

Thursday, 23rd May, 2019

Monday, 29th April, 2019

Sunday, 14th April, 2019

  • 12:04 AM - doctorbadwolf mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post How do YOU handle a Fastball Special, and other team manuevers?
    You . . . might want to scroll up a bit, and then maybe apologise to DannyAlcatraz. - He was directly discussing accuracy of such throws with HawkDiesel, which is where the possibility of missing a throw would be being discussed. You were the first person to start talking about balls. DannyAlcatraz was discussing caber and hammer throws. Not balls. A ball of equivalent weight would be much harder to throw than a caber or hammer to equivalent distance - even harder than a humanoid. If you’re just going to twist what people say to “win” internet argument points, find someone else. I couldn’t be more bored by such nonsense. You’ve misunderstood my response, actually. The hammer throw is a ball at the end of a chain, and the other major example ITT is a “weight” which is just a heavy ball with a handle. To the other element of the reply in question, he stated to hawk that it is very possible that such objects cannot be thrown accurately. I argued that there is no particular reason to beleive that is true. He replied as if I’d said that people don’t ever mi...

Friday, 12th April, 2019

  • 04:04 PM - doctorbadwolf mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post How do YOU handle a Fastball Special, and other team manuevers?
    ...My only concern is what fits the tone of the fiction. Throwing somebody up* is vastly different than throwing them horizontally, mitigated proportionally by the weight difference between thrower and throwee. Newton's 3rd law and all. *In the vertical projectile sense, not the regurgitation sense. Realistically, the thrower in a “running start assisted horizontal leap” maneuver would proabably fall prone as part of launching the throwee. Or at least, have to use their movement to not fall prone, which is the same thing in terms of resources. I’m not sure I care enough about simulation to bother with that, but it’s worth noting. However, your first statement is spot on. We don’t make players enumerate what feats of athletic and acrobatic prowess they have practiced, we just sail by that, for all manner of stuff that requires tons of practice and/or training. I’m not gonna worry about how much training something requires irl when determining how to adjudicate it in game. edit: Dannyalcatraz I don’t think that there is any significant chance that a ball can’t be thrown accurately. Balls are aerodynamic. Distance would suffer, but it’s almost certainly possible. As for the idea idea that a single person performing the maneuver in the video might not walk again...come on, man. You’re wildly speculating. More likely, they fall over at worst, and they’d have to have some bigger team members and only throw the smallest members in that manner. Performing that maneuver with someone whose mass is half your own would not be soemthing with a more significant risk of injury than simply lifting heavy things, or running full speed in full gear, which are things I doubt any of us make any sort of issue of in game.
  • 07:53 AM - Hawk Diesel mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post How do YOU handle a Fastball Special, and other team manuevers?
    Dannyalcatraz You make some good points regarding the caber toss and the weight throw. But a there are a few pieces I think you might be missing. 1) These movements and competitions are not meant for accuracy, and so good technique does not stress it except to make the throw within the particular inbounds area. Nor are time constraints typically a factor in normal competition. While throws made with such weights with accuracy and/speed would surely suffer in distance, that does not mean that inventive individuals could not develop new throwing techniques that better balance accuracy with distance. 2) These competitions use ideal throwing implements. But the implements do not have any input into the execution of the throw. If we are talking about launching a person, and that person is as practiced at being launched as the thrower is at launching a person, then there may be opportunities and techniques made by both the thrower and throwee that improve distance and accuracy. So long as the throwe...

Monday, 1st April, 2019

  • 08:30 PM - Satyrn mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post What do you call it when...
    Is there a name for that thing where someone fully quotes a 20 paragraph post, and then types a one line response below it? In this scenario, the response is germane (i.e. not "Me too!"), it's just that the length of the quoted text is completely gratuitous to the point of distracting from the response/discussion. Because most of my responses are one-liners, I'm sure I've been guilty of this. But the alternative, shortening the quote to the single line or paragraph that I'm responding to, gets viewed negatively here, too, and I would not be surprised to discover that @Dannyalcatraz has fielded reports about me doing that.

Wednesday, 20th March, 2019

Monday, 11th March, 2019

  • 10:38 AM - Hussar mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?
    I have a friend who could be described as having an east-Asian fetish, Japan specifically (Weaboo, I think the term is). I don't think there is a racist bone in her body, and she is highly respectful of Japanese culture. There's more to it than that though. Even Dannyalcatraz, who I believe is black, when asked where is he from, would not be repeatedly questioned when he answered New Orleans. No one else seems to get this blank stare of disbelief as when an Asian American or Asian Canadian states that they are Canadian. Like I said, that video resonates really, really well. It's an ongoing thing and it happens all the time. I mean, sure, people in Canada have asked me where I'm from. But, when I say Toronto, they don't then keep asking. Have you ever had complete strangers question you on your nationality? I've seen it repeatedly. And it only ever seems to happen to people of Asian decent. It really is offensive as hell. If you feel the need to question someone's nationality, remember, that person may very well have been questioned fifteen times previously that week and just might not appreciate the sixteenth time. Again, I don't give a fetid dingo's kidney about your friends. Really, really don't. I'm telling you, in no uncertain terms, ...

Sunday, 10th March, 2019

  • 03:16 PM - Aldarc mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?
    What solution? I don't believe anyone in this thread has proposed a solution - so what exactly are you saying we should be "wary' of? Dannyalcatraz did propose diversifying our depictions of "evil," such as using glowing eyes, which is something that could not be linked to particular human demographics. So apparently we should be wary of the great harm that would befall our noble hobby should such nefarious solutions ever saw the light of day.
  • 02:49 PM - pemerton mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?
    ...reasonable one.So imagine that you are introducing a young friend or relative to LotR, and you come to this passage (quoted upthread by Doug McCrae): "Frodo saw a dark ill-kept house behind a thick hedge: the last house in the village. In one of the windows he caught a glimpse of a sallow face with sly, slanting eyes; but it vanished at once. ‘So that’s where that southerner is hiding!’ he thought. ‘He looks more than half like a goblin.’" You wouldn't be any more self-conscious reading that to a child of East or Central Asian background, than to someone who was white? You wouldn't be self-conscious at all? You think it's an unreasonable response to see racist ideas in the notion of sly, slanting eye in a sallow (= yellow/brown) face, which - apparently in virtue of these features, as nothing else is mentioned - looks more than half like a goblin, that is, looks sinister and evil? Btw, this has absolutely nothing to do with academic debates and literary criticism. As Dannyalcatraz already mentioned upthread, this is something that 5 year old children of colour will notice. Nor is it particularly related to offence. Who knows, and who cares, whether or not JRRT intended to give offence - I suspect he didn't much think about that at all. And some people of colour may be offended by this, but others may not be - perhaps they're pretty used to it, and maybe they even find JRRT rather tame compared to other experiences they have had. The point that I (and others) have made is about the meaning that JRRT is conveying, and the tropes used to convey it. These present a certain sort of person as of inherently or naturally sly and evil appearance. It is this idea that is racist, and (in some, perhaps loose, sense) an element of "colonialist propaganda" insofar as it is an element of a larger body of 19th and first half of the 20th century racist ideologies. I have no problem being pinned to actual positions that I express misogyny was brought up in this thread, and ...
  • 10:49 AM - pemerton mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?
    Dannyalcatraz - once again, I appreciate your strong posts on this topic. Although I am white, many of those to whom I am close are not. These issues around representation and racist tropes affect them every day, in just the ways you describe.

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Tuesday, 16th July, 2019

Monday, 15th July, 2019

  • 07:36 AM - aramis erak quoted Dannyalcatraz in post When and why did you stop playing D&D and other TTRPGs?
    As to finding another group or something, I simply haven’t tried looking for anything at all. It’s not like getting back into dating after breaking up with a girlfriend, but there is an analogous lack of inclination to get back into that social situation. The effort. The uncertainty. Plus, I do have a lot to do right now. The inertia of an ongoing, active group was a key factor in letting me continue gaming. The organized play option is worth looking at. It's usually drop-in/out on a session by session basis. Much of the fun, none of the commitment. There's also the convention method of finding a new group... I know D/FW has a local convention. (Several Traveller fans have mentioned it.) PAX-South is in San Antonio - a bit of a drive from Dallas. BGGCon is in Irving, TX, no idea where that is, personally.
  • 05:41 AM - MNblockhead quoted Dannyalcatraz in post When and why did you stop playing D&D and other TTRPGs?
    After being introduced to gaming in 1977, I haven’t played since...2016? 2017? No significant gaps besides this current dry spell. The why? Well, I sort of had a falling out with my game group of 20 or so years about communication. There were other factors as well, but that was the proverbial straw. I haven’t seen any of them in person since December or January. And for a variety of reasons, I really haven’t felt like finding new players to game with. I know some, but I don’t think I would be a good mix with them, again, for many reasons. I don’t consider myself as having given up the hobby, though. I’m just waiting... This post BEGS for a follow-up. Sorry that you've had a fall out with a group you've been playing with for 20 years. Sounds like it is more than just leaving the group, if you've not even seen any of them outside of gaming for over half a year. Have your tried organized play,, or Roll20 for one shots? Good way to try different games, meet new players, and if thi...

Sunday, 14th July, 2019

  • 08:08 PM - Xaelvaen quoted Dannyalcatraz in post When and why did you stop playing D&D and other TTRPGs?
    The why? Well, I sort of had a falling out with my game group of 20 or so years about communication. There were other factors as well, but that was the proverbial straw. I haven’t seen any of them in person since December or January. I'm genuinely sorry to hear this, Danny - having an old, reliable group like that is probably the biggest reason I still play. I hope things work out for you, sincerely. --- The only gap I've had in playing, I mean an honest gap, would be around '92 - '96. I began playing in '89 with my cousin, similar in age to me, but it was mostly just the two of us with an occasional family member being interested, trying a game, and just not really getting the hang of it (or not really being interested). We eventually stopped getting to hang out as much when his parents moved more than an hour away, so that meant only seeing each other a few times a year, and mostly at family reunions - so we just did other things that were more easily done spontaneously. Then I found a ma...
  • 08:22 AM - MGibster quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Odd Places that Make Decent Locations in Game
    In the context of a V:tM campaign, that could be prime hunting for a vampire of the right type. Not only as a place to hide their kills, but also as a way to feed guilt free on “willing” victims. I hadn't given the bridge much thought but now I think I'll find some poor vampire whose been given that as a territory. And of course it's haunted. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • 02:41 AM - uzirath quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Odd Places that Make Decent Locations in Game
    I also look at unusual architecture and locales on the internet for locations You included some awesome ones, some of which I'd never heard of. They reminded me of a few more that I've used: The Sedlec Ossuary: Cappadocia's Fairy Chimney houses: Derinkuyu (underground city):

Friday, 12th July, 2019

  • 08:22 PM - Morrus quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Why do you play games other than D&D?
    One thing I’ve noted from non-American gamers is that gaming seems to be a more diverse hobby overseas. Well, we’re certainly not American.
  • 06:46 PM - GrahamWills quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Why do you play games other than D&D?
    It has to do with being a representative sample and the bias that self-selection introduces to the data collection process. [GenCon Attendees] won’t have nearly as random a selection of hobby participants as data collected from, say, a list of 1000 people who bought games from a set of websites or a similar number of people selected entering or leaving game stores. In my 42 or so years of personal experience in the hobby across 3 states and 5 cities, I’ve only gamed with 2 other people who ever attended an RPG convention...and they went with me. If you expand the selection parameters to include CCG tournaments, I get to about a dozen. I doubt that my experiences are typical, however. In fact, based on my time at ENWorld, I suspect they’re not. So while the GenCon crowd may be an actual mirror to the hobby’s general demographics, odds are pretty good that it isn’t. As a statistician, there is always the question "can I generalize from sample to population". I am thoroughly aware of the probl...
  • 12:46 PM - TarionzCousin quoted Dannyalcatraz in post RPG Attack Site Closes As Author Outs Himself
    Especially if they try flying by jumping off a cliff or building while flapping their arms really fast.Admittedly, it hasn't worked yet, but....

Thursday, 11th July, 2019

  • 08:44 PM - Xaelvaen quoted Dannyalcatraz in post RPG Attack Site Closes As Author Outs Himself
    Well, given that his company had: I’m thinking he is the living embodiment of How to Win Friends and Influence People. Yeah, I read about the lunacy from the linked article. Still makes me curious how many people like that do it for the attention, or the 'Salmon' effect of swimming against the stream, and how many people -actually- believe the tripe. Awful either way.

Wednesday, 10th July, 2019

  • 08:15 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Doing away with Extra Attack
    I can’t speak to new gamers, but I bet the sentiment against such a move would be strong with veteran D&D players. I know some who get annoyed with the lack of extra attacks in other systems. It's not just veteran players. I never actually liked the system of DnD until 4e, I just liked the worlds and character concepts, and no one I knew played anything else that was the same kind of fantasy. But even back in the day, I didn't like not being able to make a character who attacked more frequently than other characters, even if at a loss of damage per attack.
  • 04:25 PM - abe ray quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Scientific names
    I need to know more than that! It’s a sentient member of the species that’s concerned about the environment around him/her and wants to preserve it by removing “junk” from the oceans floor. It has limited magical abilities as well. I think it’s the first creature you mentioned but it’s under giant first.

Monday, 8th July, 2019

  • 09:24 AM - Samloyal23 quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Scientific names
    You don't need homo in the gnome scientific names- gnomus happens to be the actual Latin from which we get gnome, and thus is the counterpart for homo which means man or human. Pixie dragons would be Draco feia. The word Pixie comes from the Latin word pictus, which means painted or covered in pictures. The Romans called pre-Celtic peoples of Scotland "Picts" because they covered their bodies in images. It was legends about them that gave us Pixies. So, "Draco Picti", maybe?

Sunday, 7th July, 2019

  • 09:38 PM - abe ray quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Scientific names
    Have we done mudmen yet? If not, tell me about those. I believe that we have done them early in this thread actually.

Saturday, 6th July, 2019

Thursday, 4th July, 2019

  • 01:13 PM - Sadras quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    If you saw me in person... Warning: evoked disturbing image I seriously cannot be the only one who sees a Laurence Fishburne likeness in this photo?

Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019

Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019

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