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Tuesday, 5th March, 2013

  • 06:23 AM - nnms mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Experience Point: Become a Fit-Beard
    Dannyalcatraz -That is totally a great technique for paying attention to your food. You can also think about textures as well. Another great technique is to get yourself some whole grain bread and some olive oil (a couple teaspoons at most) and as an appetizer eat the whole grain bread dipped in the olive oil. Wait a couple of minutes after you are done the piece of bread before you put food on your plate. You might notice without any effort that you'll reduce your portion sizes. Another good thing to do is to change which meal is the largest of each day to be breakfast. At the very least, never, ever skip it:

Tuesday, 12th February, 2013

  • 05:34 AM - Scott DeWar mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within
    As was dieing A buddy of mine told me about this place. Also, Dannyalcatraz, you remembering telling of one of your dogs jumping on you a bit after a hernea operation? Well I now live in Nashville area With my brother and his fam while I continue to heal. That hit a new low today when the family dog, a 12 lb shitzu mix, jumped on me puttin a paw right on the ostomy of my colostomy. That tissue is always really tender and I was trying to rest while waiting for my pain meds to kick in. I had just got her calmed down when she felt she needed to be petted, so guess what? Yup. right on the same spot. i think I might be able to say I now feel your pain, bud.

Thursday, 7th February, 2013

Monday, 21st January, 2013

  • 11:15 AM - Herzog mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Looking for assistance creating a backup character
    @Dannyalcatraz: Thank you, but no. If I should pick up another PrC it should have full BaB progression in combination with slow spellcasting progression. Also, to both you and @Greenfield, I am staying away from templates. Both because of LA and because of my DM. I am currently looking at builds like Fighter4/Warmage4/AA, Fighter6/Warmage1/AA and even considered for a moment to go Hexblade 6/AA (AFAIK, the shortest route to AA within the allowed books) Fighter6/Warmage1 is currently my favourite (because of the number of feats I can pump into the build) although second level spells (and expanded knowledge at lvl 3) for the warmage look nice too. If only I knew of a must-have first level spell on the sorcerer/wizard Evocation list for Arcane Archers that isn't on the warmage list already...

Wednesday, 9th January, 2013

  • 02:43 PM - Li Shenron mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Some things I've learned as a journeyman Dungeon Master.
    What things have you learned to make you a better story teller? First of all, what Dannyalcatraz wrote: The thing is, they may actually come up with better ideas about the plot than the ones you've already scripted. I they do, and you use it, they feel like they have read your mind, when in reality you're plagiarizing them to their face. I am not afraid of sometimes allowing some bold, over-the-top ideas to work (if you check my playtest report thread of last week, you'll read an example) and that also applies to players throwing guesses on the plot that I haven't planned at all, and making them happen. If you don't want to be too helpful or to make them discover you're using this trick, spin those player-generated ideas with a twist, or add an extra layer of secrets behind their solution. A couple of more things I've learned through the years... You can really improve your descriptions if you keep in mind that they can be based on five senses ;) Don't just describe the visuals, but add one or two at least additional sensory descriptors for each locale: how does it smell? wh...

Monday, 17th December, 2012

  • 11:49 AM - Omegaxicor mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post "The aim is for the players to have fun"
    @Unwise That sounds like the group I have, they are still good at the game but the role-playing aspect is difficult for them, they stumble from scene to scene, which means we have to have more combat based encounters, which means more chance for the dice to "Hiccup" (rolling consistently low for several rolls) and the party member to die. @Stormonu You have misunderstood, slightly, I don't mind the replacement characters or even players dying, but the players get their replacement "Temporary character" while they are reviving their guy and then forget to revive the character, they just keep playing the replacement until he dies. @pemerton The problem I have there is that they don't respond to their party member's friends and family, I have tried it before, I might try it again though @Dannyalcatraz I misunderstood your meaning, I might try that.
  • 01:28 AM - Omegaxicor mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post "The aim is for the players to have fun"
    @SmuggleNutz tried that neither worked... @Majoru Oakheart I agree but I would probably get bored of D&D before I would give up and accept it but if I gave up and accept it then the game will eventually degrade to where the party will be bored and then noone is having fun, obviously you are better at hiding your displeasure than I am :) @Dannyalcatraz I think that that would make as interesting a story for the viewer because Sauron rises up and an army defeats him again just like the first time but the party's adventures are walking in circles looking for this ring and not finding it, dredging the Dead Marshes looking for it :P I think that the issue is 1) the players die too often, I will have to look into that 2) the characters are not valued, which may be because they die a lot or it is their playstyle which might be a problem :(

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Monday, 31st December, 2012

  • 10:35 AM - S'mon quoted Dannyalcatraz in post New Year, New 4e
    In addition, having healing magic not work when the target has no HSes left is extremely disruptive of immersion, making the magic seem to be not magical at all. If you're at negative with no surges, healing magic restores you to 1 hp, BTW.
  • 02:44 AM - Relique du Madde quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within
    ...and forget the chart for the color of their, green, white etc.... I thought that was implied with the "etc.", 'cause you're right, hair color would HAVE to be determined! For hair color it would probably be easier to get a pantone color book then roll for the page /swatch or purchasethe largest box of crayons you can find and randomly pick a color while blindfolded.

Sunday, 30th December, 2012

  • 08:57 PM - Libramarian quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Is there anyone who takes music really seriously for D&D?
    In short, they acted like a real group of people being hunted by tigers. Great story :) In the past I have used Max Richter's "On the Nature of Daylight"* as a recurring theme in Call of Cthulhu, typically right after the moment in the adventure where the players start to realize how in-over-their-heads they are and even if they do succeed their PCs probably are not making it out alive or sane. Works really well. *This is before I saw the CoC-ish movie that also uses this song a lot, Shutter Island, btw. At the moment, for example, there are 4.8 hours worth of music in the D&D Generic Combat playlist. Thanks for the tips. That's pretty much what I was thinking of doing, a playlist for wilderness, combat, city, and dungeon. What kind of stuff is in your combat playlist?

Saturday, 29th December, 2012

Friday, 28th December, 2012

  • 05:13 PM - SkidAce quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Mud Sorcerer's Tomb - Crappy adventure? Or CrappiEST adventure?
    Funny thing is...until the 5Ed playtest, I'd never heard of it. We really enjoyed the original from the Dungeon Magazine. I should start a thread about some of those classics. I still use that big red dragon and his lair in my world...was that the first Dungeon?
  • 03:01 PM - Umbran quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Deleted Posts
  • 03:01 PM - Umbran quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Hidden
  • 05:18 AM - megamania quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within
    Good! Now, what have we learned about pretending to be 22? Don't do it on ice or with last year's State Champions......
  • 04:16 AM - Manbearcat quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Half-Orc Cleric/Assassin. Possible builds?
    I'd take the multiclass feat for Warlock to get some of those abilities on board. The above is a good route (with Divine re-skin). Depending on how you wanted to mechanically and thematically play it, I would go one of 5 routes: - Straight Avenger. - Executioner Assassin/Blackguard Hybrid with Hybrid Talent; Paladin Armor Proficiency. - Blackguard + Executioner Assassin multiclass and poach feats/powers from Assassin here and there. - Executioner Assassin/Warlock Gloom Pact (Hexblade) Hybrid re-skinned as Divine (rather than Arcane) with a patron of Raven Queen or another Shadow/Murder/Death God. - Avenger + Executioner Assassin multiclass and poach feats/powers from Assassin here and there.
  • 01:07 AM - Scott DeWar quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Roll call and head count
    He must have been a collector- he had some Victories as well! ;) Dang it!!! "You must spread more peanut butter before giving a sammich to Danny A"

Thursday, 27th December, 2012

  • 08:25 PM - Umbran quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Hidden
  • 06:30 AM - LightPhoenix quoted Dannyalcatraz in post XP
    Ummmmm... I'm actually a stealth mod now. Really? In that case I'm almost certain (as certain as I can be anyway) that it's a permissions/group issue. Funny story, I actually thought you were a mod, but I wanted to confirm my suspicion and didn't see you listed. Shouldn't have doubted myself! :p Thanks, LightPhoenix (I would have XPed you, but if you have it disabled... :erm: ). I believe I have XP enabled. I can't see anyone's XP tab when I look at their profiles. And I don't believe I ever saw it on the old ENWorld, either, though I can't be 100% certain. Funny thing about XP - you can still give me it, I can still see it, but no one else can see it. So it's not truly disabled so much as it is hidden. I can see people's XP tabs (where it's been said to be). You do have XP enabled; I can see your green bar. I actually didn't have the tab on the old ENW either, same as it is now.

Wednesday, 26th December, 2012

  • 11:44 PM - Janx quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Christmas Special The Snowmen
    I'm thinking he's borrowing a page from Michael Moorcock. Just like there is the Eternal Champion who exists throughout time in all of the multiverse- Elric, Hawkmoon, Corum, etc.- there is also the Eternal Companion, who eventually finds his or her way to the Champion's side, for good or ill. Oswin may just be a being who pops up through human history, a physical but not intellectual/spiritual duplicate- looking the same, acting the same, but not actually being a reincarnation of the same person. I suspect Oswin is timeologically interesting and thus keeps getting reborn as she dies before her time. Reincarnation, rather than Regeneration that the doctor has. I was hoping she'd join the doctor from the 1800s version of her, rather than taking a "current time" companion like normal. It was still unclear on why she was both a governess and a barmaid. I must have missed that bit of dialog if it was explained.
  • 08:36 PM - Roland55 quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The "3.XE/PF Crowd" - where will they go? What will they play?
    Like I said in the other thread, we'll be waiting until I get the core books before we decide. I think this is also where I am.

Tuesday, 25th December, 2012

  • 07:54 AM - Sekhmet quoted Dannyalcatraz in post XP
    55766 If you view "Your Profile" you'll see a page with various tabs, like "My Activity", "About Me" and "Friends"- "Experience Points" is next to "Friends." My profile shows "My Activity", "Visitor Messages", "About Me", "Friends", "My Game Details", "Mentions", "Thread Tags", and "Quotes". Edit: Found a workaround. If I use "Settings" instead of "My Profile" or clicking my name, I can view my latest EXP received, but there are no tabs or other such pages.

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