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Monday, 14th April, 2014

  • 03:31 PM - Herobizkit mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Help me build an Almighty Janitor out of a plain ol' fighter.
    I'm always happy to see you post in my wacky build ideas, Dannyalcatraz, but I think you missed my point on this one. Fighter's gonna fight, but what I'm really looking to do is make a (potentially) non-magical everyman/sage/skill-monkey out a class that generally just fights. I'm debating on going Cleric and having him find some kind of Religion, or possibly Monk for lolz. I'll Hybrid if I must, but I wanna see what I can do to break out of "generic fighter" without having to go Bard or Assassin to also skill-monkey. I may never play him again, but it's fun to think about.

Monday, 24th March, 2014

Sunday, 9th March, 2014

  • 10:44 AM - Viking Bastard mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Only in America
    ... value as you earn it. And you can already see the same thing happening (rapidly) in Eastern Europe and other "up-and-coming" countries. It's a sign of prosperity. *shrug* I can't say I've studied comparative education systems, but the US practice of relying almost entirely on teacher-awarded grades to judge student achievement is odd from a British perspective. While student performance lower down the school system is monitored mainly by teachers, the important judgements about qualifications are made by (or under supervision of) external bodies. 16 year olds sit externally set and marked exams to be awarded qualifications which reflect a national standard, and the same at 17 and 18. While teacher-marked work might contribute to those qualifications, the marking is moderated to ensure comparable marking standards. There's no concept of "graduating high school"; the question is what GCSEs and A-levels you passed, and with what grades. As has already been pointed out by Dannyalcatraz, the US has plenty of those. I mean, what High School drama doesn't mention the SATs? But the trend in international education is to move away from centralized grading. In Iceland, we used to have similar centralized tests (I took them), but we disbanded them a few years ago (because current thought is that while it makes it easier for the government and schools to evaluate students, it leads to worse education).

Friday, 14th February, 2014

  • 10:43 AM - Herobizkit mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post help me with an Arcane Trickster Build
    I don't have all the answers... Dannyalcatraz might, among others... but I'll pitch in what I can. [Personally, I'd go Bard/Sorcerer and see if there are any Bard Archetypes that grant Sneak Attack. I don't know if there are at present. Also, if you're not using Archetypes, then n/m.] UMD is of limited use to you unless you want to use wands etc. with spells other than those on your own spell list. Still, it never hurts to know how to use a Cure wand in a pinch. Since it's based off Cha, you won't be too hot at it unless you pump your Cha. High Dex is a must, and High Int gives you bonus skill points. Since you're not going for full mage, you could easily get away with 14 Int and have 10 skill points for thief skills. If you plan on melee at all, stick with Light weapons and take the Weapon Finesse feat as early as possible. This allows you to use your Dex mod for your to-hit roll. I'm guessing your guy doesn't need to be strong, but even a 12 STR is nifty if you can get away with it... otherwise it will likely be you...

Saturday, 1st February, 2014

  • 02:38 AM - Ahnehnois mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Do you eat fast food,if so what do you get and where do you go?
    Dannyalcatraz Maybe. We'll see. There's a lot of politics that go into this stuff. Given what a mess the system that produces all this food is, and how entrenched some of the really bad policies are, I have a hard time seeing the public good winning out. Of course, even if the FDA suddenly developed the ability to force all food vendors to sell only whole grains and vegetables, that wouldn't force the big fast food chains to start paying their workers, or stop all their anti-competitive practices and ethically dubious marketing, nor would it enable them to create fresh and creative food.

Saturday, 25th January, 2014

  • 03:17 PM - pemerton mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Do alignments improve the gaming experience?
    ...d starting point for these sorts of things. Could you please define what exactly PC "conception" encompasses?? You have similarly not responded to my earlier question of where “PC conception” ends. His deity/church/philosophy must always accept his actions, unless he decides they must not (the Paladin who accidentally took a life).N'raac, your second sentence is incoherent, because the first occurence of "he" refers to the PC, and the second occurence refers to the player of that PC. If you won't draw any distinction between player and PC, how are you expecting me to explain a playstyle to you that depends upon drawing such a distinction? As to "conception", in this discussion I am talking about the players' conception of his/her PC as acting properly or improperly. And I am saying that if the player conceives of his/her PC as having done the right thing, and then the GM overrides that conception by declaring the character to have fallen, that is quite different from (as in Dannyalcatraz's example) the proselytising priest being banished. N'raac keeps mentioning that perhaps the paladin or cleric's god has made an error, but to me that makes no sense: first, because a traditional paladin (not D&D tradition, but actual literary and cultural tradition) is devoted to a power who is incapable of error; and second, because within the D&D tradition the paladin is devoted to a being who is an incarnation of law and good, lives on a plane that is infused with law and good, and has mental stats at least in the mid-to-high 20s (varying somewhat with edition). Such a being does not make errors as to what proper conduct requires. So the GM declaring the paladin to have fallen, in circusmtances where the player's conception is of the PC having acted properly, is in effect telling the player that their conception of their character is mistaken due to their error in moral judgement. (Obligatory defensive footnote: I'm not interested in being told about players who just want ...

Monday, 13th January, 2014

  • 06:16 AM - innerdude mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Best System for a Silent Hill-like Horror Game?
    ...e focus is not on action. In many ways they are the antithesis of the Resident Evil games. The characters are mainly 'common people' that don't have much in the way of combat training. Also, the scares come through the creepy atmosphere and sense of foreboding rather than zombies or other monsters. Aaah, okay. Savage Worlds will likely be too action-oriented / pulpy for that kind of a feel, though it does have an excellent Horror Companion add-on book and a Cthulhu source book (Realms of Cthulhu by Reality Blurs). There's lots of "dials" you can twist with Savage Worlds to aim for a certain "feel," but having had a lot of experience with the system, I can definitely say it's not going to emulate what you've described without some tweaking. I'd look into GURPS, with a low point value for character generation. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of GURPS per se, but it sounds like a really good fit for the style of game you've described. I'm sure HERO would do the trick too, though Dannyalcatraz is probably the best person to ask about HERO. BRP might work too. If you want to stay with a d20 system, I'd say 3.5 or Pathfinder E6. Or just go with the obvious Call of Cthulhu and houserule the parts you don't like.

Friday, 10th January, 2014

  • 01:32 AM - Morrus mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Playtest Feedback: Creating a Star System
    ...s technologically, the results when rolled randomly will produce this somewhat frequently The fluff text in the final version will help with this. Industrial doesn't require a tech level - the Industrial Revolution had no space flight, but it was sure as heck "industrial". The idea is you equate the various factors, including tech level to make your civilization. It needs tweaking, though, so feedback helps. Things I'd Like Added A set of tables for generating traditionally habitable planets (such as class “M”). This would allow me to ensure I have one or two human-friendly planets. Keeping them separate from the core tables allows some cool results like the above. "Terrestrial" is my own verbiage for Star Trek's "class M". Where you see "Terrestrial" that pretty much means Class M, a planet where life can exist. It's a little broader than Star Trek's class M - it includes arctic planets and the like, a little further from their star than Earth, but not as far as Canada. @Dannyalcatraz It's funny just how frequently folks recommend I do it like other games (in my first private playtest, one of the players had played a FATE variation recently, and kept suggesting the game be exactly like FATE, despite it being a clearly crunchy rules-heavy game!). I'm writing a new game, not an old one. :) That said, the Traveller influence in N.E.W is maybe a little too prevalent. I've very familair with the games you cited for decades, and will be outdoing them by an order of magnitude. By the way, any plans to use "dark matter" in a much more sinister way than real scientists expect to? Hoo boy, oh yes! So much so! Well, kinda. I want to ensure that science doesn't overtake me before I die, in the way that Star Trek did (No! There's no barrier round the edge of the galaxy!)

Saturday, 4th January, 2014

  • 07:37 PM - Razjah mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Sci Fi RPG: System help?
    I'm a big fan of Savage Worlds, highly recommended. FATE is pretty awesome too. I would suggest either of those. Dannyalcatraz is it weird that I knew you were going to suggest HERO before I read your post?
  • 01:09 AM - dd.stevenson mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post will 4.0 succeed?
    From this thread I've learned that Dannyalcatraz (and his group) is/was a good bellwether. Also, I was somewhat surprised that bringing in TSR-edition players was on the forum agenda back in 2008. Although why the heck anyone thought 4E would would be a big hit with these groups is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Thursday, 2nd January, 2014

  • 07:03 PM - Mercurius mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post will 4.0 succeed?
    I couldn't resist - kind of an interesting thread to look back on, five and a half years later. I just read through the first page, and then Dannyalcatraz's eerily prophetic last post.

Sunday, 29th December, 2013

  • 11:07 AM - doghead mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Campaign Brainstorm - Adventures in Ancient Greece.
    Dannyalcatraz There are a number of interesting alternatives. SKR has done a 3.5ed setting for Ancient Greece that is quite good. It uses a reduced core-class list, modified somewhat for the setting. The magic using classes are replaced by the Sorceress, IIRC. I agree that the age mods have a roll to play. While I haven'y looked into the mechanics as yet, I am thinking along the lines of some sort of trade off between age and experience (levels). This thread may also be of use to you. Cheers. Thanks. The forum throws up a collection of Similar Threads at the bottom of each page. Some of them have been interesting reading with good material. thotd

Friday, 20th December, 2013

  • 06:43 PM - Mallus mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Daenerys Targaryen to face the Terminator
    ... marvelous design work and brilliantly composed/constructed effects sequences. They're not as technically complex as nBGS's --which is no slouch in the artist effects department -- but it doesn't matter. They're still good art, and lightyears ahead of a lot of more modern affects work, which often disregards many time-honored principles of visual art in favor of being able to model a zillion particles/shaded textured objects at once. Oh locus of interest, how I miss you sometimes. As for the original Terminator, it's got a few standout effects that hold up, like the robot-tank rolling over the pile of skulls in the flash-forward, and the scrolling-response Terminator-vision, which has held up to the point of being an oft-parodied mainstream cultural reference. Full disclosure: I like the stop-motion Terminator skeleton, and stop-motion animation in general. Old-school practical effects like that have their charm, and even outright advantages --like a palpable sense of weigh. Dannyalcatraz - FYI, there's a good documentary about Ray Harryhausen on Netflix, which showcases some really terrific effects work, stuff whose artistry will always keep them "relevant".

Friday, 6th December, 2013

Thursday, 5th December, 2013

  • 10:45 PM - innerdude mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post A Rift in Our Group - "Quickness" and "Deflection" Spells are Ruining Savage Worlds' Combat
    ...soured combat for me. I literally dread running combats with this character around. It becomes a tedious, boring affair of trying in vain to make the challenge interesting without literally wiping the floor with the rest of the party. Now major caveat here: the player in question is literally my best friend on the planet. We've known each other for 20 years. His contention to this point is that if I choose to house rule these spells (knowing that I will go bat-crap crazy if I don't), I'm essentially "ruining his fun," and negating all of his "hard work" to construct his character. In other words, rather than worrying about how this is not fun for me at all, or thinking of game balance, or the overall vibe at the table, he basically insists that I should be "rewarding" him for his "hard work" of rules mastery, where his idea of "reward" is easy encounters, so he can build up his loot stash to "buy epic gear." First of all, I am the least powergamer-y player I've ever played with. Dannyalcatraz once commented that he always gets comments like, "Nice gimped character you have there, buddy." I'm basically the same way. I simply don't give a rat's behind how combat capable my characters are. I enjoy RPGs for the world building, player and NPC interactions, and the occasional glimpse into real social and political commentary. And we're maybe 6 to 8 sessions away from the campaign's climax, but it's been so bad the last three sessions, that I honestly would rather end the campaign now than keep having to deal with this. So I pose to you the question, EnWorlders: Do I house rule these two spells to maintain my sanity, or do I simply deal with it for now, with the idea that the next time I run Savage Worlds I'll have the house rules already in place? I've already written out the house rules for the spells. Should I enforce them, but then give him the option to redesign his character around the changes? Simply play it as I've houseruled, without letting him make changes?

Wednesday, 20th November, 2013

  • 12:43 PM - Imaro mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Would Paizo Make a Better Steward for Our Hobby?
    In the context of "modelling your PC", I think a trap choice would be (say) a feat called Toughness that doesn't, in actual play, have the mechanical result of making your PC tough. Actually this is only considered a "trap" choice if you are playing a long-term campaign (in a one shot or short-term game it's not a bad feat to grab at all)... since it doesn't scale. However that seems to be more of a concern with optimization rather than, as @Dannyalcatraz pointed out, whether it makes your character tougher or not, because it does for all practical purposes do that. Further I think how you and a few other posters are presenting the "trap" choices argument is a mis-characterization of how 3.x was actually designed. In Monte Cook's essay on the matter he isn't saying that there are blatant trap choices, what he was commenting on was the fact that certain options were designed with specific circumstances in mind, (again using toughness as an example it is more beneficial for a first level wizard to take since it almost doubles his hit points or to be used in one-shot/short campaign) but the 3.x books didn't offer the necessary guidance to people in order for them to understand when certain options as opposed to others would be beneficial.

Thursday, 31st October, 2013

Tuesday, 29th October, 2013

  • 11:38 PM - Mercurius mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Gaming Dedication Likert Scale - How do you characterize yourself?
    @NotZenon , you can "unvote" and then re-vote, I think. Sounds like you are Serious in your heart, which is really what I was going after. Frequency of play is secondary to how much you'd like to play if you could. So for me, for instance, I would love to have a weekly game, but haven't played in about a year and when we start up again in January, it will be twice-monthly at most. But my heart wants 1/week. @Mallus , it definitely sounds like you're in the Very Serious category - similar to me, actually, although I evidently have a lot more books, probably due to my nasty materialist/collector gene ;). @Dannyalcatraz , I'm not buying the Very Serious ;-). You definitely seem in the diehard range, at least based upon that very good room and little hints dropped here and there (not to mention your 28,000 posts!). As I said in the OP, a diehard gamer might have other serious hobbies, but none surpass gaming - meaning, its up there with anything else. A Very Serious gamer loves gaming, but might have some hobby or art form they love even more, and their life might take them away from even thinking much about gaming for longish periods of time. Even the fact that you admit to "surviving" just a month away from gaming is telling (in a good way!) Of course you have the very right to characterize yourself - you just sound more Diehard than Very Serious to me.

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013

  • 03:06 AM - TarionzCousin mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post All Dwarf Adventuring Party: Deathtongue
    I am running a Castles & Crusades version of White Plume Mountain. The PC's expect that other groups will be hired like they were: to find the legendary weapons. One of those groups has only Dwarves for its members: Deathtöngue! I think that they should all be dressed in studded leather or plate mail: essentially "heavy metal" armor. Think Judas Priest or GWAR. But I need names and descriptions. If you have ever wanted to create a rock and roll dwarf character, this is your chance. I'm looking at you, Dannyalcatraz!

Monday, 2nd September, 2013

  • 08:17 PM - Jacob Marley mentioned Dannyalcatraz in post Are DMs the Swing Vote?
    I am curious to the reasons you have for not wanting to DM 4e when you like playing it as a player. Care to elaborate a little? :) I can't speak for Dannyalcatraz, but I hold the same position: I enjoyed playing 4th Edition, but not DMing it. The main reason being the familiarity I have with 3rd Edition. The knowledge base that I have developed after 13 years of playing 3rd Edition allows me to manipulate the system to achieve my desired outcome. In addition, I have a substantial database of characters, NPCs, Monsters, and numerous random tables specific to 3rd Edition. It would require too much time and energy to develop the same experience level and resources to run a 4th Edition game. At this stage in my life, I am not interested in putting forth the effort.

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Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019

  • 06:40 AM - acpitz 1 quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Completely Blank Posts?
    Blanking out posts isn’t the style of any mod I know. If a post is going to be completely eliminated, it will be completely eliminated- including the poster ID and positive. It would be as if the post never occurred (except for any quotes of it). If text were simply being removed, there would be a Mod note telling everyone WHY...typically in red text. Things change. And some people can't handle the powers ... EDIT: can -> can't

Tuesday, 21st May, 2019

  • 05:36 AM - Tony Vargas quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Favourite D&D edition that’s not 5E
    I suspect the lack of a visible edition war vs 5Ed may have as much to do with ENWorld policy against edition warring as anything else. I say that because I know there are PLENTY of people in my area not adopting the new edition. They’re griping, but not as much online. There's always griping, of course, merely not adopting is a live-and-let-live 'rejection' of a new ed, if that's as far as it goes.. But, CoC notwithstanding, there was lots of edition warring here - and it's not exactly entirely gone, either. Look at how quickly 4e leading in even a trivial little poll like this drew the attacks.

Monday, 20th May, 2019

  • 11:11 AM - Scott DeWar quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within
    My car had been making some unusual noises today on the way to church. I figured I’d take it to the garage Monday morning. Well... I’m currently sitting in the back seat of my car at that garage, which is closed. Had to have my car towed here when it utterly died at an intersection. Even my hazard lights were nonfunctional. Probably the alternator. Bonus: Mom’s car was going to be towed to the dealership in the next day or so because it’s been eating batteries, and has been dead about a month. My brother-in-law had the battery eating mimic problem years back. We showered it with fireballs. turned out to be bad diode in the alternator.

Friday, 17th May, 2019

  • 11:37 PM - practicalm quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Games That Changed How We Play
    Champions (aka HERO) was among the first, if not actually being first. Might be Tunnels and Trolls. I cannot remember if there were classes.
  • 02:56 PM - Umbran quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The economics of Continual flame
    Immaterial (no pun intended)- the CF spell just needs ruby dust, not ruby gems. Yep. I'm just talking about the Fabricate spell, and what it could accomplish. Making perfect crystals from dust does not seem to be its purview. And ruby itself comes in many grades. Yes. Spell components, in general, speak to gold piece value, rather than weight or size. Effectively, the spell component needs *value attributed by people* to be used, which is interesting and appropriate for magic.
  • 01:12 PM - Mad_Jack quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within
    As I watched that video, I kept thinking about 2 things: 1) although I like him, I have always had a problem with Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, because of all the amount of hands-on engineering and science innovation he’d have to do to get his web shooters to work. (Not to mention, sophisticated sewing skills.) And this girl’s apartment is a perfect illustration of the issue: it’s full of gear and power tools. Parker would have needed at least as much, plus unfettered access to a chem lab, and there’s no evidence in the comics he had either, much less both. A relationship with Tony Stark or other Marvel Comics technocrat- as hinted at in the MCU- makes much more sense. 2) boobs 1) The short hand-wavy version from the comics is that Parker did all of his engineering and construction at his high school, which could (however unlikely) theoretically have a good enough machine shop and chemistry lab to make the shooters and webbing, considering the fact that Parker is a genius. Now, how the ...
  • 02:20 AM - Umbran quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The economics of Continual flame
    I would say if you could use Fabricate to make a ball of wood from sawdust, you could make a marble of ruby from ruby dust. Note: "the quality of objects made by the spell is commensurate with the quality of the raw materials." Is sawdust high quality wood? No. That says to me that if you use sawdust, you're goign to end up... with the equivalent of modern compressed fiberboard, like used in lots of IKEA furniture. Do that with ruby dust.. you get this cloudy ball of compressed bits, not a single flawless crystal.

Thursday, 16th May, 2019

  • 11:54 PM - Oofta quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The economics of Continual flame
    Yeah, I figured I should include the 5Ed version, just in case. I would suspect- from the examples given- that Fabricate works on more than one material at a time. Clothes are made with more than wool or cotton, for example, because of the dyes and threads. Though it’s possible to build bridges with just wood, usually there is use of metal nails and/or rope. Nails in construction is actually a fairly recent development, a lot of construction was timber framing, basically building with joints and pegs. As far as clothing, who says you can't have pre-died items or simply undied? If you're making cloth, why do you need thread. Even if you need thread, what's wrong with making thread out of the same material as the cloth? Like a lot of things in D&D there's a lot of leeway and interpretations of how things work, so do what makes sense to you of course.
  • 08:44 PM - S'mon quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The economics of Continual flame
    Yeah, I figured I should include the 5Ed version, just in case. I would suspect- from the examples given- that Fabricate works on more than one material at a time. Clothes are made with more than wool or cotton, for example, because of the dyes and threads. Though it’s possible to build bridges with just wood, usually there is use of metal nails and/or rope. Oh definitely. If you have the materials you can make the product (if you have the skill).
  • 08:41 AM - S'mon quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The economics of Continual flame
    Hmmm...The 3.5Ed version: Sorry I was going by the 5e version, like most people I keep forgetting about the merged boards. (edit) Both versions say "Product" though the 5e examples make it clearer..

Wednesday, 15th May, 2019

  • 01:41 PM - jasper quoted Dannyalcatraz in post YouGov D&D Alignment Survey - how many Britons identify as Chaotic Evil?
    How much does anyone want to bet that Chaotic Evil Britons lied and self-IDed as other alignments 1) to remain concealed 2) to skew the polling 3) to sow chaos and uncertainty 4) for chutes* and giggles 5) all of the above * weeeelllll, not so much “chutes”... Um "Chutes" does not translate to American. Please explain.
  • 01:18 PM - JacktheRabbit quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The Pilosus, a player race with 6 Genders for your 5th edition Sci Fi setting
    I don’t remember it in TOS, but seeding was definitely part of an episode in ST:TNG.And yet it was contradicted on the series finale of ST:TNG. My point was arguing that multiple sexes makes sense and using engineered races as an example is incongruent. The Newcomers were a modified slave race, we don't know how much of them is natural and how much was done to them to make them more useful or controllable slaves.
  • 01:14 PM - 5ekyu quoted Dannyalcatraz in post The Pilosus, a player race with 6 Genders for your 5th edition Sci Fi setting
    I don’t remember it in TOS, but seeding was definitely part of an episode in ST:TNG.Iirc it was the ssrgon body stealing episode and a discussion of Vulcan history *or* the Kirok and the asteroid one, or both.
  • 09:28 AM - S'mon quoted Dannyalcatraz in post YouGov D&D Alignment Survey - how many Britons identify as Chaotic Evil?
    C’mon, S’mon! You’ve never been handed a questionnaire that you had no interest in and considered not taking your answers seriously- answering at random- or deciding to mess with the results intentionally? Now imagine being chaotic evil, with that mindset as your default... Well I do think more than 2% of the population are likely to be close to D&D 'evil', though the kind of people who helpfully fill in surveys may skew to lawful good I suspect.
  • 08:50 AM - S'mon quoted Dannyalcatraz in post YouGov D&D Alignment Survey - how many Britons identify as Chaotic Evil?
    How much does anyone want to bet that Chaotic Evil Britons lied and self-IDed as other alignments 1) to remain concealed 2) to skew the polling 3) to sow chaos and uncertainty 4) for chutes* and giggles 5) all of the above They weren't asked "Are you CE?" per se - they were asked When it comes to defence spending, which comes closer to your view? Britain should increase spending on the armed forces so we can ensure we are protected against threats and remain a global power 43% Britain should not increase spending on the armed forces so the money can be better spent elsewhere on things like education and healthcare 40% and If you had to choose, which of the following sets of values would you say most closely resembles your own: Honour, trustworthiness, obedience to authority, and reliability 29% Freedom, adaptability, and flexibility 17% An even split between the two 46% Thinking about the way you live your life, do you think it would be most fair to describe yoursel...

Tuesday, 14th May, 2019

  • 09:02 PM - MechaTarrasque quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Help me name the fantasy-historical pantheons
    I’ll just point out that some of the names suggested thus far are just a problematic as the names being avoided. Don’t like “Geek Pantheon” because Greece doesn’t exist in your game world? “Olympian” has the same issue- Olympus, the home of the Greek gods, was on Mount Olympus, a particular mountain in Greece. My advice is to ditch the RW names as completely as you can, and substitute references to the game world. You might even use a language translator like Word Hippo or Bing Translate to make things sound a bit better. So “Olympus” might become “Theopolis”, and the the inhabitants, “Theopolitans”. Or perhaps the gods’ city is on a mountain in your campaign world- let’s call it Mount Eskan. The deities who live there might be called “Eskanian”; their city, “Eskanopolis”. Olympus is also in Arborea on the Great Wheel, so according to Planescape, it is available to all settings.
  • 07:44 PM - Mercurius quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Help me name the fantasy-historical pantheons
    I’ll just point out that some of the names suggested thus far are just a problematic as the names being avoided. Don’t like “Geek Pantheon” because Greece doesn’t exist in your game world? “Olympian” has the same issue- Olympus, the home of the Greek gods, was on Mount Olympus, a particular mountain in Greece. Would Garius Gygaxius be the Father God?

Sunday, 12th May, 2019

Saturday, 11th May, 2019

  • 12:46 PM - MarkB quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Avengers: Endgame SPOILER THREAD
    Agreed with all about the facts of BW’s sterilization. (All similes ultimately fail at some point.) The point is, regardless of the infertility’s causation, the prospective alternative Darth Vader’s negative view of himself based on infertility would probably be seen as a weakly written characteristic in him, and it isn’t any better for her. And some would assert it is worse, given the historical context of how men have viewed and valued women. Would it really be any weaker than what we got? Anakin's clingy, one-sided love and desperate fear of abandonment isn't exactly a great motivation for a villain. Having him be truly in love with Padme, but finding that he was physically unable to give her the family that both he and she wanted, would hardly have been any weaker as a motivation.
  • 01:55 AM - Hussar quoted Dannyalcatraz in post Avengers: Endgame SPOILER THREAD
    But Darth Vader didn’t become a Sith because he was sterile.* I mean, really- imagine if the window into the Vader’s darkness revealed he became what he was and corrupted himself because he was infertile. But somehow, this is OK with Black Widow? * “Duh!”, as his kids might say. Becoming a cold hearted killing machine wasn't because she was sterile. She was forcibly sterilized as part of her transformation into a cold hearted killing machine. Why would anyone even think that her "dark side" moment is because of her forced sterilization? The forced sterilization was a symbol of the horrific things they did to her to turn her into a monster, not the reason she became a monster. And then, when she destroys a family, she begins to try to redeem herself by switching sides - the whole "red ledger" thing. At the end, she balances the ledger by saving a family through her own self sacrifice. As I said, I'm really not seeing the issue here. Umbran, if the only thing you too...

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