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    Yesterday, 11:40 PM
    I took a break for a year or so when I was in college, prepping for grad school. After grad school was underway I needed stress relief, so I dove in again. Never stopped playing again. It’s been over 25 years since I had more than a few weeks between games.
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    Sunday, 30th June, 2019, 04:44 PM
    I will be running a very episodic version of this adventure with new players in August. I hope to have multiple excursions to the house, and will need to make changes each time. I am adding a “haunting noise machine” in the attic, some illusions in the main level, and each time they return, I will try to plan some unique rp scenario, like a peddlar on the road, or a cute, harmless animal hiding...
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    Sunday, 30th June, 2019, 04:33 PM
    One session for lvl 1, 2-3 session for lvls 2-3, then slower. But we will top out at 8th lvl and get feats only after that. We use milestones, too. Our sessions are 3 hours long, which I suspect is fairly short.
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    Sunday, 30th June, 2019, 03:02 PM
    The method I still prefer to use today when creating stats as a group is 4d6, drop the lowest, arrange as you like. Then, if your character sucks, my husband gets to reroll for you once or twice. His dice are magic, for him only.
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Richard has been playing RPGs since 1980, and has enjoyed running D&D in all four (now five!) editions.

He wrote and published Parsantium: City at the Crossroads, a fantasy city sourcebook for all editions of D&D & Pathfinder in February 2014. Check out to learn more.

He also co-wrote the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition D&D for Kobold Press, and has also written several supplements in the So What... series for Raging Swan Press.

Previous freelance design credits include “A Blight on the Land”, a Forgotten Realms adventure written for Dungeon #38 way back in 1992, and contributions to the “Iron Gazetteer” for Open Design.

Richard lives in London with his wife Kate and two cats. When he’s not playing and writing D&D stuff, he likes to watch Crystal Palace FC try to win football matches.
London, UK
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Currently playing 4e D&D, 5e D&D, 13th Age, Pathfinder and Trail of Cthulhu.


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My Game Details
United Kingdom
Game Details:
Currently playing 4e D&D, 5e D&D, 13th Age, Pathfinder and Trail of Cthulhu.
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Wednesday, 15th May, 2013

  • 01:07 PM - I'm A Banana mentioned RichGreen in post Monsters of Many Names - Wandering Monsters (Yugoloth!)
    But, apparently that's perfectly acceptable. It's okay that this 5e minotaur looks nothing like any previous version of a minotaur, other than physically. But, I want to change a single sentence of Planescape and you'll argue with me for 20 pages? And I'm being unreasonable? I'm the one that wants to "completely rewrite" a monster for changing a single line that only appears in a single setting? And that's unacceptable. But, completely invalidating every single version of a minotaur ever published for any edition is perfectly fine. RichGreen 's link to the follow up to that will help you parse that, too: it makes room for all the minotaur types, without invalidating any of them. And yeah, I'm going to defend the existing merits of a thing. Minotaurs, too -- I'm likely on record here as thinking Wyatt's "everything is a Baphomet cultist" approach is narmed. You seem to believe this is about the setting, but it's more about the fact that the existing lore is well and good and fine. It doesn't need to be changed. It doesn't need to be invalidated any more than the minotaur lore needs to be invalidated, any more than kender need to be invalidated. Yugoloth lore as it exists is pretty dang good lore. If you could stop drinking the haterade, you might be able to see that. ;) And if you can't, that's fine, but the least you could do is leave it alone. I can't stop drinking the kender haterade, but I'm not about to pretend that this means that kender should be written out of the game. So, tell me again how this is not protect...

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Friday, 20th October, 2017

  • 09:46 PM - Xaelvaen quoted RichGreen in post Read-along, zero preparation adventures: do they exist?
    Hi there, Monte Cook has tried to tackle this very problem with his Weird Discoveries book for Numenera. There is also a similar book called Strange Revelations for The Strange. Each adventure is six pages and is designed to be run with only a few minutes prep. I’ve not run any of the adventures but the way they are presented is very cool. Pretty sure you can download a preview that demonstrates the format. Cheers Rich To be fair, everything about Numenera makes life easier for the GM. I backed it in a heartbeat when I discovered you can make a monster with a single near-arbitrary number. If it wasn't for the very limited level progression (6 tiers), I'd likely be playing that instead of 5E even today. I've tried for for a couple of years now to find a way to take that simple approach in other systems, but nothing ever has that same elegance.

Friday, 10th February, 2017

Thursday, 27th August, 2015

Tuesday, 14th July, 2015

  • 07:23 PM - Wulf Ratbane quoted RichGreen in post [UPDATED] A Savage D&D 5E Campaign Setting From the Makers of PRINCES OF THE APOCALYPSE
    I backed the Kickstarter and got all three PDFs (Pathfinder, 13th Age & 4e), and have since purchased the 13th Age hardback. I love Primeval Thule but I'm not sure I want to buy a fifth version of the same book. Will there be an option to buy a 5e rules supplement as part of the Kickstarter? I'm in the same boat. I backed them the first time even though I did not then and still do not play 4e, PF, or 13th Age. If I could have had a 5e version, that's absolutely what I would have chosen. I hope they make the 5e PDF available for prior backers.

Sunday, 1st March, 2015

  • 12:14 AM - Samloyal23 quoted RichGreen in post Adventures in RPG Self-Publishing
    Could you update it to Pathfinder, maybe? Writing and publishing a book as large as Parsantium is a big task, but no reason why you couldn't start small with a short PDF product. Good luck! The finished first draft, with no art, is about 60 pages. I am thinking about converting it, maybe even to multiple versions like PF and 5E, but I am not up on those rules, so I would need an editor who can help do that. By that time that gets done, with my luck, WOTC will announce an upcoming 6E ruleset...

Saturday, 28th February, 2015

  • 08:03 PM - Gradine quoted RichGreen in post Adventures in RPG Self-Publishing
    Copyrighting your work doesn't cost anything and is easy to do. You just need to include text like it like this inside your book: (c) Richard Green 2015, all rights reserved. Trademarking is a different matter and does cost money. To be honest, I haven't looked into it – copyright should be enough to make it clear that the book is your intellectual property, and should not be reproduced without permission. Cheers Rich Yeah, I was apparently looking at something different. I've been enjoying your design diary quite a bit as well. Thanks for the response!

Thursday, 26th February, 2015

  • 01:40 PM - DMMike quoted RichGreen in post Adventures in RPG Self-Publishing
    Parsantium: City at the Crossroads was published after more than a year of writing, revising, editing, proof-reading, layout and design by me and Kate. You guys are rockin' it! What's your commission on producing and selling other people's stuff? Lots of authors around here...

Monday, 12th January, 2015

  • 05:14 AM - FormerlyHemlock quoted RichGreen in post I believe the Greyhawk Campaign setting was a missed opportunity for Wizards of the Coast.
    I'm still hopeful we might yet see setting books for Greyhawk and other classic settings like Spelljammer. Just not in 2015. New setting books would be nice, but the old Spelljammer books seem to work pretty well in 5E. Admittedly, my spelljamming campaign is still in its groundling phase so I haven't actually run any ship-to-ship battles yet, but it's easy to come up with plausible stats for neogi/bionoids/beholder hive queens/etc. when you need them. It's in the nature of good settings to be mostly ruleset-agnostic, and 5E and AD&D2 share enough rules to make Spelljammer apply to both.

Wednesday, 7th January, 2015

Tuesday, 6th January, 2015

  • 09:56 PM - Nebulous quoted RichGreen in post DRAGON & DUNGEON Magazine PDFs Coming To An Online Store Near You!
    I've still got my Dragon CD collection - it's amazing! Only goes up to issue #250 though so I'd love to get #251 through to the 4e issues that I have, plus Dungeon digitally. I have very fond memories of that Dragon Magazine archive. That, and the Forgotten Realms map builder thingamajig.
  • 08:44 PM - Kramodlog quoted RichGreen in post DRAGON & DUNGEON Magazine PDFs Coming To An Online Store Near You!
    Whatever anyone thinks of the game mechanics, there are some very well-written articles and adventures in the 4e issues of both magazines. Cheers RichAnything that contains mechanics can't be used if 4e isn't used. Seems 5$ for stuff I can't use is ridiculus.
  • 07:22 PM - Sailor Moon quoted RichGreen in post Covers Preview for Elemental Evil Adventurer's Handbook and Princes of the Apocalypse!
    Hi, Tiamat has been part of the Realms since the Old Grey Box - although I don't think she's been linked to the Cult of the Dragon previously. She's in the 1e MM too (and the D&D cartoon) so she's not really linked to a particular D&D world. Takhisis is the five-headed chromatic dragon in Dragonlance/Krynn, although the similarities with Tiamat are uncanny ;) Cheers Rich Tiamat actually came from another world. When the Imaskari kidnapped people from another dimension and enslaved them, their gods followed. During 2nd edition, Tiamat took an interest in the Cult but was never successful in taking them over. You had a few of the younger members that were interested but nothing more. Her actual imprisonment had no lead up, she was declared imprisoned just for the sake of the module. Tiamat's existence was barely known outside of the Old Empires. It's one of those situations where you have Lolth from Greyhawk and Lolth from FR.

Wednesday, 21st May, 2014

  • 10:23 AM - Zardnaar quoted RichGreen in post Parsantium's Icons No.1 The Basileus
    Nope, there have been many changes of dynasty over that period, particularly during the Wars of the Successors immediately following the death of Corandias the Magnificent. Thanks for explaining what a cadet branch is! Cheers Rich Real life can be stranger than fiction. Some cadet branches IRL ended up supplanting the original dynasty. Also to many hours spent playing Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis IV.

Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

  • 11:37 AM - Zardnaar quoted RichGreen in post Parsantium's Icons No.1 The Basileus
    Thanks for your feedback :) You're right that not everyone likes real-world historical names but my players were comfortable having the ruler called the Basileus in my Parsantium campaigns so I've gone with it in the sourcebook and here. I did think about using Emperor for the icon's title but wanted to make a distinction between this icon and the one in the 13th Age rulebook. There are one or two others coming up where I will have a similar naming dilemma... I haven't done a family tree of all the basileis (or even a full list) but Corandias's claim appears genuine. It may not be though ;) If you're interested, there is some more 13th Age content for Parsantium here, including some NPCs from the Golden Scimitars criminal gang and a couple of new PC races (gnoll and vanara) Cheers Rich Corandias claim may be legit but has the same dynasty ruled the empire for 800 years? He could also be from a cadet branch ie a 2nd or 3rd son of the original emperor.

Wednesday, 9th April, 2014

  • 12:39 PM - Tharen the Damned quoted RichGreen in post Parsantium City Sourcebook - now on sale!
    Hi all, Parsantium: City at the Crossroads is now available in print online at and If you're interested in 13th Age, i've posted a couple of PC races for the Parsantium game I am running at #UKT5 next weekend: the vanara and the gnoll. Let me know what you think Cheers Rich Also now available at

Tuesday, 5th November, 2013

Sunday, 3rd November, 2013

Tuesday, 10th September, 2013

  • 12:37 AM - Quickleaf quoted RichGreen in post Which 4E adventures did you play?
    I've DM'ed P1, the first part of the new Tomb of Horrors book, and the first two Punjar adventures but my favourite published scenarios are three from Open Design/Kobold Press: Wrath of the River King, Halls of the Mountain King and Courts of the Shadow Fey. These adventures were much more creative then anything WotC published in the early years of 4e. I have since bought Madness at Gardmore Abbey and it looks great, but haven't had time to run it yet. Cheers Rich Hey Rich, of the three Open Design / Kobold Press adventures you played, which did you like the best? I have a 13th level party and have been considering picking one of the adventures up.

Sunday, 1st September, 2013

Monday, 5th August, 2013

  • 05:46 AM - BOZ quoted RichGreen in post Maure Castle
    not familiar with this dungeon but that is a loaded question. think djinn wish granting. is there a treasure that is worth just an absurd amount of money? tell him that dont explain the wealth would make him a powerful person capable of buying pretty much anything. possibly he will think it is magical if he goes to a wizard to get it identified have wiz say i sense noting magical but then offer a lot of gold for it. he'll keep it thinking it will make him stronger while refusing to sell it(the only way it could make him powerful) it definitely is a loaded question. He left it vague on purpose in case the answer involved something other than a magic item. I am thinking of making suggestions that would be difficult and/or dangerous to accomplish, but at least possibly worth the effort. How about finding all the missing triangles to go in the eight pointed star at area 1? I don't think all of them are in the dungeon... Have the answer be "Your left index finger". not sure what yo...

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