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Thursday, 21st June, 2018

  • 10:07 AM - Cleon quoted SolitonMan in post I am looking for a monster from Dragon mag
    Could it be you're thinking of Demodragon from Dungeon magazine 147? I think you're right there. Demodragon matches all the key points of Sigdel's query. He's got the red & blue heads, arcane sight and a frenzy for stealing magic items.

Sunday, 4th June, 2017

  • 04:34 AM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    Hi Sagiro! So how's the progress on The Crosser's Maze? Remember when you said it would be out in - oh, wait. Sorry about that! ;) In theory, my editor should be delivering her edits within the week. Given the likely time it will take to incorporate those edits, then get the book proofread and formatted...let's say an August publication date would not be out of the question. I'd ask you not to quote me on that, but you'd just ignore me. :p

Thursday, 25th May, 2017

  • 04:00 PM - SolidSnake_01 quoted SolitonMan in post [5E] The Age of Worms - Solid Snake's Campaign
    It's been quite a while for me, but as I recall my group was really good with the way they handled Alastor. I don't want to give away anything you may or may not have upcoming, and my memory is a bit hazy. The group I ran did enjoy the roleplaying, but it wasn't too far into the path that they experienced a TPK (in Three Faces of Evil iirc). To me, Three Faces of Evil was the worst of the written modules. Apparently TPKs are very common in that one. I am HEAVILY modifying; hope you enjoy changes we made!

Wednesday, 24th May, 2017

  • 06:50 PM - SolidSnake_01 quoted SolitonMan in post [5E] The Age of Worms - Solid Snake's Campaign
    Age of Worms brings back some fond memories. :) Thanks for sharing! My pleasure! Glad you are enjoying it thus far. I am curious as to how your group handled things. Mine threw me for a loop a couple of times. Granted, I did alter the module a bit to expand upon the roleplaying opportunities Diamond Lake afforded.

Friday, 5th May, 2017

  • 06:01 PM - Lazybones quoted SolitonMan in post Forgotten Lore (Updated M-W-F)
    Thanks for sharing the adventure, Lazybones! :) Of course! Here's part 3 of the story, continuing the meta-RPG theme. I'll post the Level 2 stats for the party at the end of this post. * * * Book 3: SIDEQUESTS Chapter 29 Bredan stared into the dancing flames of the campfire and wondered if he’d made the right decision. The rain had finally let up and it had actually turned out to be a pleasant evening. The lingering light of the sunset ignited the far horizon with a diverse palette of colors. The breeze that stirred the fire was mild, promising a relatively warm night. Bredan could hear the clatter of pots as Quellan cleaned up the dishes from the evening meal in the stream just behind their camp. Glori had gone off to attend to nature’s call, though he knew she would be close enough to bring the others quickly if something threatened. Kosk was seated across the fire, but the smith might as well have been alone for all the attention the dwarf gave him. That was fine wi...

Friday, 22nd April, 2016

  • 02:57 AM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    Sagiro, or anyone who might read this and recall - what was the original source for the Mordenkainen's Cube item carried by Grey Wolf? When reading the story hour I thought I recalled that item from 1e D&D, but I haven't found it in the DMG and I've looked in subsequent editions but haven't found a listing in any of them. Am I misremembering (something happening far too often these days :/) the item? Was it actually an original item created for the campaign? Trivial question I know, but it's been on my mind lately so I thought I'd ask here. Especially vexing since a Google search of "Mordenkainen's Cube" returns like two results, one of which is a reference to the story hour! :) Sorry not to have noticed this question before now! The Mordenkainen's Cube was an item of my own invention. My recollection is that it functioned like a rod.

Monday, 14th March, 2016

  • 02:36 PM - delericho quoted SolitonMan in post How do I search for a specific post?
    I'd thought that in the past I'd see results that were based on specific posts instead of threads. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks! I usually just use Google - especially if you know the thread name, and doubly so if you happen to know the name of the poster and/or some of the content.

Wednesday, 13th January, 2016

  • 02:49 AM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    ...ook's origins. "Own it," he said, among other exhortations. I've spent some more time considering -- additionally noting that your review mentions the book's origins in part to establish your possible biases, which is a degree of honor I quite admire -- and I'm amending my opinion below, to instead be this: "If you have read the book and want to leave a review, write whatever you are moved to write." And, upon reflection, I should just shut up about this and be glad that anyone is willing to invest the time and energy not only to read the book, but offer an opinion on it. The book isn't in my hands anymore. It's in yours. I'll leave what I wrote below, lest anyone think I'm trying to rewrite my own history, but feel free to ignore it. Thank you all again for your decade-plus of support. I should stop meddling and just be grateful. :) -D I've added my review on Amazon - Hm. SolitonMan, this is a difficult post to write, because I don’t want to seem ungrateful. Nothing could be farther from the truth, I assure you. Your review was generous, flattering – in general, everything an author hopes to hear about his work. But… Since you posted your review, three different friends of mine have come to me, separately, with the same general observation – that there is a large segment of my potential audience who will be severely turned off by the notion that my books are based on a D&D campaign. That there is a widespread perception that such works are – the Forgotten Realms books notwithstanding – a red flag for amateurism in the wider world of fantasy fiction. And though your review is glowing, it does spend its first half announcing to the world that TVC is derived from the gaming table. One of the three aforementioned observers also said that as the body of the review makes comparisons with the game itself, it makes it sound as though a reader *not* familiar with...

Tuesday, 12th January, 2016

  • 10:15 PM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    I've added my review on Amazon - Thanks for the review! Also, thanks for cutting the Gordian Knot for me. I had been struggling to decide whether I should encourage or discourage reviewers from mentioning the RPG roots of the story. I imagine that will turn off some potential readers but intrigue others. Now I don't have to decide. :)

Monday, 11th January, 2016

  • 09:01 PM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    I finished my read through yesterday. I want to do a review after I've had a chance to think about it, but my first impression was: AWESOME! :) I had just completed my fifth or sixth read through of the SH PDFs over the holidays and so the details were relatively fresh in my mind. It took a bit until I was comfortable with the changes, but by the time I was finished I was very satisfied with the pacing, tone, story and most of all the development of the characters. I'd say the best of what makes the SH great has been distilled into a tale in which (and I'm not sure if this clearly conveys my sentiment) the edges are crisper. Totally gonna read it again! :) So happy that you enjoyed it! I look forward to reading your review. :-)

Friday, 8th January, 2016

Wednesday, 6th May, 2015

  • 01:50 PM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    Why is that? Ease of writing? I found that curious, wondering what the reason for no races might be. Use of standard D&D "Tolkien" races felt a little *too* derivative to me. Also, I didn't want to spend the time developing and explaining the cultures of non-human races, which would have been hard to avoid. I have plenty of story to tell already, and the existence of demi-humans didn't seem like they added enough interest to be worth the extra hassle.

Monday, 12th January, 2015

  • 04:29 PM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    Hi Sagiro, happy new year! I was wondering if you've had any developments on the novel front, such as potential distribution channels. I hope your work is going well, I'm definitely looking forward to being entertained by the adventures of Abernathy's Company once again. I suggested to a friend in mid-November that they might enjoy the story hour as a great example of what a game could be. I sent SteveAC's compilation PDFs, and then, just on a whim, started browsing through part 1 once again. Which turned into a full re-read. Which included all the other parts as well. :) Thanks for your work on this, I'm looking forward to seeing something both new and familiar - kind of like the Veronica Mars movie. Same characters, familiar story but still new things to see and experience. Have a great weekend! I just finished a fairly serious revision to some early chapters, and now I'm going through the process of dealing with "aftershocks" -- that is, places later in the novel that need t...

Thursday, 16th October, 2014

  • 06:01 PM - Sagiro quoted SolitonMan in post Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over
    Sagiro, is this the best place to keep up with your development of the novels and when & where they'll be available? Or is there a separate thread for that topic? That's a great question! :) I think for now, yes, this is probably the best place for me to post (and you to read) about how the book is going. Speaking of which: I'm currently on something like my 5th or 6th revision, though the scope of my changes is shrinking with each pass. I've resigned myself to some structural necessities that have raised some (but not universal) concerns from my Beta readers, and am generally happy with its pacing, characters and story. It's quite different than the campaign in all sorts of ways -- new and changed characterizations, ordering of plot events, and a thousand little details. It's still unmistakably a retelling of the story of Abernathy's Company, though. My current inclination is to self-publish, via Kindle Direct for e-books and CreateSpace for physical print-on-demand. I have a lot o...

Wednesday, 14th May, 2014

  • 06:53 PM - Morrus quoted SolitonMan in post Rumor? D&D movie issues resolved and a TV series in the works?
    I have no idea how the IP rules would work, but if someone were to limit themselves to using OGL material, would they need a license to produce media content that would be clearly based on D&D, without using the brand? I don't think it would be clearly based in D&D, unless you're showing their stats on screen. The OGL contains rules, mainly. It'd just be generic fantasy (not that that's a terrible thing). An orc is an orc is an orc. A rule for hot weather isn't of much use in a TV show. The beholders and other clearly-D&D critters aren't OGL; none of the settings or NPCs or locations or names are. The whole "clearly based on D&D" is the bit you'd run into trouble. To do that, you'd probably have to use something non-OGL. Unless you want to put game rules and stats on the screen, which are clearly d20 system stats. And at that point, what is the point? The only advantage of using D&D to make a fantasy show it to use the brand to identify it. Without the brand, you may as well just come up...

Wednesday, 7th May, 2014

  • 08:44 AM - delericho quoted SolitonMan in post Epic Feat Intensify Spell question
    While I appreciate that interpretation - and have held it myself in the past - anything that changes based on level is variable. The PHB would appear to disagree. Under "Empower Spell", it uses the same wording as Intensify Spell: half again as much damage, half again as many targets... It then gives the example of magic missile, and indicates that the damage (1d4+1) is multiplied by 1.5 for each missile but does not say that the number of missiles is increased.

Monday, 13th January, 2014

  • 01:30 AM - NewJeffCT quoted SolitonMan in post What are your core races?
    I was just kind of wondering the same thing when I saw the Kender thread. My core list would be: Human Elf Dwarf Half-elf Half-orc Halfling That list is only if I were going to bother defining a core list of races. I'm more a fan of the Savage Species outlook - if a player wants to play a character of any race, why shouldn't they? I think if the game were designed with that view from the ground up, you'd find consistency across creatures and a mechanism for designing appropriately powered versions of very powerful creatures that would still be more or less balanced with the rest of the group. While obviously the DM would limit options based on the campaign, I'd be psyched to see a SS-type take on race incorporated into the core rules. Those would be my core races as well. Gnomes, Dragonborn, Tiefling, Kender, Grumpy Cats, Goliaths, Shifters, etc can be optional races for down the road in PHB2 and PHB3.

Saturday, 21st September, 2013

  • 10:42 AM - steeldragons quoted SolitonMan in post Steel Dragon's "Tales of Orea"
    So what happened next?!? :) Lol. It is positively uncanny how you have a knack for posting on the very day that I was just looking at the thread and thinking, "I really need to get back on this..." This is like the third time...Are you watching me? Where are you? By all gods, don't STOP! lol. But yes, summer is over. Two months of whirlwind traveling have concluded and I've returned to the mountain retreats of Andorra. It is time to return to our friends, the Stormriders, and explore the further story [and other stories] Orea has to tell. Look for a post in the coming days.

Saturday, 3rd August, 2013

  • 01:55 PM - Erekose quoted SolitonMan in post Got your Numenera yet?
    I forgot all about that! Didn't see my name, but I got the "Just the Stuff" deal so maybe it wasn't part of the package... This is from the Kickstarter site: JUST THE STUFF $240 Level (+$65 shipping outside North America) App (Android, iOS, or PC) Name in the back of the corebook Player's Guide PDF Numenera corebook PDF Exclusive Kickstarter supporter adventure (The Nightmare Switch) PDF The Devil's Spine 32-page adventure PDF and print The Mechanized Tomb 32-page adventure PDF and print The Other Side of the Maelstrom 32-page adventure PDF and print The Ninth World Bestiary 160-page PDF and print Sir Arthur's Compendium 160-page PDF and print Numenera 3D Paper Fold-Up Terrain PDF Numenera corebook in print Player’s Guide in print GM's Screen PDF and in physical format Dice set Cypher, Creature, and XP Deck PDFs Ninth World Guidebook PDF

Saturday, 15th June, 2013

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