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  • 05:13 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] - TIDERULER OF MARAN
    ...’ me whether ye live ‘r die, lad "DON'T!" - the other one says, in a firmer, deeper voice. "You gotta understand... We...we.. were in for the-the sssake of our lives!" - he removes his helmet to show a bald head, covered in scars and tattoos as well as .... A SHAVED FACE. "La-Listen, we know we were in for a b-bad ride... But not this! B-Boss started it... because of that... thing." - he shivers as he speaks, but not because of the ice. "And... and then... T-the voice... In our m-minds...." "I should've just bombed them all to hell, but I thought they will break. Dangerous mistake from my part." "Gla-glad you didn't..." - the bald dwarf repeats. "I... tell you. W-we... were caught into... this." - his pale-blue face seems perplexed and fearful. "I-it's out there, isn't... it?" - he tries to listen to something, clearly becoming aroused by some unknown thought. [Ok, perception time everyone, DC 20! I also need Morgrym to roll a pure Intelligence test against DC 15.] Neurotic KahlessNestor Shayuri MetaVoid

Thursday, 17th May, 2018

  • 05:40 PM - MetaVoid mentioned Neurotic in post Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP Part 2 with your hosts Scotley and MLeibrock
    Neurotic, you don't add tier to damage only to hit in the last attack. Could you please use OOC thread for rolling? Or, you know, some outside roller? Viridian will get another attack if I can see him. Scotley, I'm also interested if darkvision helps. Maybe I can hit Nulkineth on my turn? Unless he teleports or whatever.
  • 12:02 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] THE CURSE OF AMBERSTAR
    ...tocols when he chose to reveal them to Harfik. A few more steps towards the elevator and Harfik soon finds his weapon laying on the ground. Oddly enough, it's enveloped by a small shard of the blackened tentacle, still pulsating with life. "Here, let me..." - away from the others, the captain offers to cleanse the weapon with a quick charge from his crossbow. "Now, tell me, how are things outside these days. I take it that the Cthon never left confinement, since you didn't know of its' existence. Good. I fear what it would do, if left unchained upon a world filled with carbon-based life." - he looks at Lyllie, trying to find the answer to his own question. "Miss..." - he calls out to her. "How..." - he seems to choke on the question, unable to formulate it. It's obvious to both Harfik and Lyllie that he wants to know what happened to her. Odds are he already knows. He straights his body. "Tell me what happened. Tell me of outside. Please." - he says, with a surly face. Neurotic Shayuri JustinCase Greenmtn industrygothica [Special shout to industrygothica and Shayuri! Are you with us, guys? Still gotta hear from you! :)]

Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

  • 10:40 PM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    ...t does not mean I shall leave his long existenc be wasted by efforts of mischievous enemies." EVERYONE "I am willing to accept the aid of others.... Even humans..." - Gallena's eyes stab towards Zyara and Daxio. "And although Goliath's intentions aren't always straightforward, I'm inclined to believe that his intentions are sincere." "There's one last person that might aid you in these affairs. When you are ready to begin, look for him at the Causeway, under the roof of the Beltane's Virtue. His knowledge of the underworld might be useful, should this plot prove to be a demonic scheme. There are others that fell ill as well. At least three might be of use right now. I can direct you towards them, if you wish. You can also go out and search the city as you prefer. I'll send one of our white owls with you. The creature will vouch for you and grant others' cooperation. Well, most of the others' cooperation, anyway." - she rises her eyebrows, a hint of suspicion in her eyes. Neurotic KahlessNestor Shayuri MetaVoid Charlotte of Oz Kaodi
  • 10:08 PM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] - TIDERULER OF MARAN
    ...nd delivers the fatal Golden explosion, covering the bodies of the enemies. From the mists, the glittering archers can be seen as a quick, but sure, mass of limbs in movement. The luminous flash immediately reaps moans from both of them, and the confusion of their movements denote a sudden change in perception. They're blind! Morgrym profits from the moment, leaping over the fallen swordsman and charging against the first archer, his axe descending with merciless precision as it tears the leather armor open! His chest spills blood as he steps back with great difficulty! "NO MORE! NOOO MOOOORE!" - the other one screams, releasing the crossbow on the floor as he desperately tries to rub off the dust from his eyes. They shine gold and shiver, dropping part of the dust as they face the cold that settled over their bodies. The other one follows, saying nothing. His hands reach for the fresh wound, saying more than any screams would allow. "YOU D-DEMONS! W'w'we.... su-rrender." Neurotic KahlessNestor Shayuri MetaVoid Knife wielder -10/30 X-bow 2/30 X-bow 12/30 Shortsword 1 -18/30 Shortsword 2 -2/30
  • 08:37 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    ...d." - she points towards Arduniel. "My healers and I have attempted to identify the disease through herbalism and farmaceutics to no avail. Our strongest spells were of no use as well. By then we already suspected a magical force behind the disease. We assked the gods for guidance, all was fruitless. Even the most powerful divinations couldn't shed light on the matter. From then on, all we could do is watch as our brothers and sisters became weaker and weaker, their minds turning feeble as we waited in silence for a miracle from the gods." - she pauses, her voice trembling as the circumstances are retold. "No doubt you have tried to extract some semblance of truth from Alanor by now... All for naught, I'm sure. You have seen the fragile state of one's mind once the malady settles. All others suffered the same fate, some of them even sooner than Alanor." "And now, everyone's suspicious of all the others. Particularly of those with access to powerful magic and hidden incantations." @Neurotic @Shayuri @KahlessNestor @MetaVoid @Charlotte of Oz @Kaodi
  • 08:30 AM - MetaVoid mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    Arduniel starts at the appearance of the dragon, however small. He looks toward Aranel. Than back up. Reading the message, he frowns. "I don't think they would do that. But the strangers are not welcome here. And worse it is for those who enter uninvited." After they enter into Gallenas presence, he bows slightly to the priestess, but remains silent until she asks who called them. Ziara says Goliath...but it was he who lead them here. "It was I who invited them here with me. As you know, I'm investigating this wasting affliction. And I was wondering if I could speak with you and your healers, see what you tried against it and offer my own knowledge and arcane power to the cause. These people offer much. And...not to put to fine point to it, demonic or part-demonic apologies, miss the disease that may as well have outside source...must be suspect until such time the agent is cleared of doubt. I'm sure everyone has heard of miss Alice, but did anyone actually met ...
  • 05:01 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] THE CURSE OF AMBERSTAR
    THULWAR [No problem, @Neurotic! I'll assume you analyzed both remnants and add the description as follows.] Thulwar's wandering gaze falls over the struggling tendrils that still boast strength on the floor. Under the cautious glance of the Teraphim soldier, the snirfveblin manages to provoke a few reactions at the severed members. At first, the thing attempts to grab the equipment applied, as well as Thulwar's hand, but a quick move from the researcher avoids contact. Afterwards, the severed tentacles agitate themselves as they are excited by the currents discharged by the observer. The things struggle for a while, reshaping themselves lightly and moving in an organic manner. It is as if they are shaped from tar, assuming colloidal qualities, whiles stirred by energy streams running through small plaques within the black mass. Thulwar's only guess is that the thing extracts energy from the surrounding biome, feeding on living creatures to turn them into a decomposed black body. A frightening prospect, suggesting ...

Tuesday, 15th May, 2018

  • 05:47 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    ...woman. "But perhaps we are also here to discover what evil works to undo all life here." Galena turns a raised brow towards the monk, her purple eyes shining contempt. "How pertinent that Zyara the Wise is here to lend her counsel in our time of distress!" - the mockery in her voice can only be matched by her own distrust. Her eyes study every inch of Zyara's apron, from the bells to the hidden treasures, from the loose robes to the adornments. "I am sure that such a crisis will bring the very best out of that monastery of yours. Who else would save us?" - she turns a mocking smile towards Alice Chalk and Arduniel. "And who, might I ask, called you here? Certainly, not I, since I already have capable hands taking care of the matter." - she points towards Alice once more. Her body language translates a mild hostility, bred from the cautious posture of a ruler. Apparently, she considers herself the leader of this settlement, no doubt a controversial allegation, to say the least... @Neurotic @KahlessNestor @MetaVoid @Shayuri @Charlotte of Oz @Kaodi @Neurotic, the window remained open, yes. If you want to, just edit your post. I'll hold the answer back a bit, in order to adapt it to your choice. Also, jmucchiello, can you give me a name for the monastery? :)]
  • 05:28 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] THE CURSE OF AMBERSTAR
    ... complex and WE were dispatched by the TERAPHIM AUTHORITY, WHICH STILL HOLDS CLAIM OVER THESE AREAS, TO STOP YOU FROM ACTIVATING THE CTHON AWARENESS! Clearly, we arrived TOO LATE!" - he looks around and signals to the two remaining soldiers. "Sisyfus, recon and secure the room. Hermes, open channel to home base and inform that CTHON is active and going down." - his helmet opens as well. He didn't seem to notice Aanzu's body language reading just now, and completely ignored his subordinate's gesture, moments before. Still, he too removes his helmet, revealing a strong, silver-skinned face with no hair and similar, faint blue eyes. "Captain Solon, Doomguard Division." - he salutes, not knowing how to act towards Aanzu. All too late he seems to realize the trouble he'd fetch, should he offend an emissary. He seems to assume that the prince leads the expedition, but directs his words to Harfik. "A prince, then. Right. This is not my day. Are you lost, then? How did you end up here?" Neurotic Greenmtn JustinCase industrygothica Shayuri

Monday, 14th May, 2018

  • 02:22 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    ...yed seat of the lords of Alessia. Water covers the floor - it demands care as the heroes traverse the hall. Most of it is shallow, but as it approaches the middle the waters become a lake. Water might reach as high as a man's chest, should he decide to try and reach the isle that holds the throne, right in the center. The windows are broken, letting sunlight inside through ragged curtains. Ivies and branches cover the walls, and the flags of old families still hang, rotten and destroyed, but somehow recognizable. The room is empty now. The Watcher and the Seeress have left. Only the elfic woman remains, seated in the old throne as if she had always been meant to. Her hands rest over the throne's arms, her body aligns perfectly with its' back. "I am Galena, as Alice and Arduniel can well attest. And you are here because...?" - her voice translates little concern for the matter, and as she falls silent her scrutinizing gaze seems to await for a response. An impeccable response. Neurotic Shayuri KahlessNestor Charlotte of Oz MetaVoid

Sunday, 13th May, 2018

  • 10:25 PM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] THE CURSE OF AMBERSTAR
    .... The pavilion is thrown in darkness, but a strange luminescence coming from distant windows allows for a dim vision. The entire place holds faint reflections, as if made of glass, or shards of crystal. "Now... Care to tell me WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU TRYING TO PULL BACK THERE?!" - the Captain seems distressed, despite the firm tone on his voice. In the back, the strikes produced by the creature grow weaker and weaker, as if the beast decided to descend even further. [Ok, as mentioned at the OOC thread, I've forwarded the scene, allowing for a better footing. Let's take it slow and have a taste for the characters. :) You are isolated from the creature, having left the shaft to the side - the pavilion where the golems were. Feel free to explore, RP, and so on. The idea is, at first, to re-establish the motivations for the characters, as mentioned in the OOC as well! I hope it helps! :D] AREA MAP @Neurotic @Shayuri @JustinCase @Greenmtn @industrygothica

Saturday, 12th May, 2018

  • 05:56 PM - Azurewraith mentioned Neurotic in post Dark Fairytale IC
    The scroll appears to be written in some language Leonan does not understand. make a dc 14 int check please Neurotic.
  • 03:20 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [INTEREST CHECK] The Curse of Amberstar
    ...fe thanks to your clumsy DM... Sorry about that as well). As we go, I intend to flash out several other things that have been buried so far - one at a time. I had forgotten how posting pace goes, but I'm getting the hang of it back again and I'm confident that I can offer a better experience from now on. Also, I've got some time and I've been re-reading all rulebooks - from pathfinder to 5e - to reform some of the ideas I've placed in our planed paths. That being said, I'd like to ask of you: a) Do you guys want to go on with the campaign? b) Do you see any problems you want addressed, beyond those already pointed out? We can also restart everything as an alternative, although I think it's perfectly possible to fix the problems so far, if you guys choose to continue. :) So, what do you guys think? Thanks! P.S.: I really want to do the best I can for you, guys. You've been an amazing group and, even if you don't realize, you've helped me through a lot. As I told Neurotic, I consider you my friends, first and foremost, and I feel safe to screw up and try to learn around you, from you and for you. In fact, I barely play for the game anymore - I play to have a chance to write with you guys, nowadays, games being a way to share your companies. So, please, tell me anything you want, if you want, of course. :) Neurotic Greenmtn industrygothica JustinCase Shayuri
  • 02:43 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    ...ulsating hate, not a reflex of his own! These entities were literally brought forth from the blood seas of hatred realms! They are infernally-touched, Arduniel's sure of it! They died sinners, someone knew it - maybe even made it sure - and they've been shackled here by someone with knowledge of their names... And their whereabouts. This is black magic of the worst kind! Maybe this disease is not something bred in this plane of existence after all... Meanwhile, Moss glances at the pacing crowds down below. The dragonette senses a muffled, careful set of steps right below his position, within one of the barred windows. Someone watches and wishes to remain hidden... In the distance, he sees the giants' coterie crossing the plaza with a sure step. three watchers appear from concealment, halting the group. A quick altercation takes place, the watchers shoved away by the massive creatures that escort the elves. They continue upwards, coming ever so closely to the gates of the castle. @Neurotic, I need some sense motive from Moss, as well as some perception. I know sense motive isn't his forte, but he's the one that has the eagle sight right now!] @Neurotic @KahlessNestor @Shayuri @MetaVoid @Charlotte of Oz
  • 01:15 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] - TIDERULER OF MARAN
    Neurotic got it right! The archers were only ten feet away, so the damage takes them. And that was some serious ground-leveling attack, MetaVoid! Also, loved the descriptions! Extra XP for that!] KahlessNestor, you can go if you want to, and I'll arrange the actions as they go. I'll understand if you want to wait for Shayuri's action, though, since it holds lots of controlling potential. Still, you have only two men standing now. Also, consider that your cloud stopped them from shooting Hagadark - they'd have landed at least one shot, if not for the miss percentage, when I rolled the dice. He'd be down by now. :) as for their movement, I share Neurotic's opinion. It's the best course of action - either you retreat and shoot, or you escape, in case of no winning chances.] [I'll put their actions on hold as you guys decide the round. I only need Shayuri and KahlessNestor's actions and we're good to go!]

Wednesday, 9th May, 2018

  • 08:17 PM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] - TIDERULER OF MARAN
    [Ok, since Hagadark retreats five feet, I'll consider he steps back into the lift, allowing both Morgrym and Marius to step in front of him with an advance maneuver. You can also use aid other, @Neurotic, if you so choose, but it seems that the retreat leaves the shaman out of reach even for the swordsmen, and they're not advancing, decided to engage the newcomers instead, so they don't risk getting flanked.] EVERYONE The incredulous hostage widens her eyes at the mess. Everyone expects her to throw a tantrum or sink into desperation. Instead, she rises to her feet, a wrathful expression upon her, and goes for the dagger, yelling at everyone! "GODSDAMN YOU FILTHY PIGS! I'M GONNA GUT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!" - she shakes the mess from her eyes and, still reddened and bloodied, jumps towards the first crossbowman, as a strange fog begins to thicken. Morgrym mutters his chant, feeling the moist of the cave and slowly grooming its intensity. He feels as the air around becomes heavy with the moisture, and the fog widens. As the enemies fade out from vision, sounds of conflict arise, certainly as the enslaved attempts revenge against the slaver. Another bolt still flies from the depths...
  • 05:14 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    ... demonic sorcerers and their allies, one might add... The sudden arrival of the attractive half-demoness isn't so strange, after all... [I'll let you guys roll for the discovery of mutually hidden magical effects if you want to. You now have a more accurate description of spells placed around the courtyard. Also, I took the liberty of working on one of those rustic pencil maps, to give you an idea about the city. As usual, you can travel wherever you want, within and without the city. Now that we have our cast perfectly settled, I'd like to intensify play. Take you time, roleplay, and be mindful of details, hehehe. I'll add further explanations about everything through gameplay, instead of boring you all with wall texts - this lesson I learned from the other games, for sure. Any background knowledge is available - just ask me or create at your own leisure! I hope you'll enjoy!] CITY MAP Neurotic KahlessNestor Shayuri MetaVoid Charlotte of Oz

Sunday, 6th May, 2018

  • 04:39 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post [IC] THE CURSE OF AMBERSTAR
    ...ble: a mass of wires and metal mixes up with mechanical parts, looking vaguely human... Faces moan inside as arms and legs try to push the thing through the shaft, even beyond the barrier of attacks unleashed by the heroes... The faces moan and cry, despite the lack of sound, pushing down inch by inch! Seeing the thing under the strange lights produced by Icosa's shots, the soldiers shoot another salve and hold their ground, waiting for the others to move. The Thing is halted for a few moments, allowing the heroes to breath for a few seconds! [Ok. I understand that Lyllie can move down and come out of her wolf shape with a bonus action, using her attack to charge against the Thing. Now everyone is at the elevator level or a bit below, and the Thing couldn't advance for a turn on account of the damage taken. Where do you go? Sideways or down? Remember that the next move, even if partial, will cover the elevator - making your choice permanent and irreversible. Round's yours, guys!] Neurotic Shayuri JustinCase Greenmtn industrygothica 1 X (creature) 2 X (creature) 3 X (creature) 4 X (creature) 5 X (creature) 6 7 Soldiers/Embla 8 Elevator's roof 9 Elevator 10 Tink/Thulwar/Icosa 11 Harfik/Aanzu/Lyllie/Captain/Miners 12 13 14 15
  • 04:00 AM - Archon Basileus mentioned Neurotic in post IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt
    ...aligned to be triggered as someone goes across the passages, ready to confuse and misguide any unaware victim. Not the most powerful ward, but enough at the hands of a skilled conjurer... Beyond such wards, it seems that the windows also hold special sanctuary incantations, as well as a few blessings. Anyone occupying those areas would be immune to attacks at first, and even if compelled to strike, one would still have the aid of the gods in targeting a poor victim down below. And the statue at the center, that's one for the books... It seems to hold a most peculiar spell, one that Daxio finds difficult to identify... It's fluid, constantly changing, responding to the environment... Physically, the statue holds a certain vagueness of details, above all in its features. As Aranel approaches, she realizes that the piece is deliberately drawn to be as generic as possible. It's almost as if that face could be anyone's. [Ok, I need Aranel to roll a Will save for me against DC 17!] Neurotic KahlessNestor Shayuri Charlotte of Oz MetaVoid

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Saturday, 23rd September, 2017

  • 03:12 AM - Leif quoted Neurotic in post Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP Part 2 with your hosts Scotley and MLeibrock
    I recognize myself in this, as I'm the one who is mentioning and PMing people :) But in my defense, I don't do it simply to make it go faster - it is a new situation and not reacting in any way (even if only saying you hold your peace or nod or whatever) looks (to me) as if you missed new posts. Since it happens occasionally that notifications don't work, I'm 'helping' :D That said, can Banaq help people climb narrow dangerous steps? Or at least have feather fall ready? I would need to look back to see if there are any rolls involved in climbing this, but if there is and there is combat we're in trouble. Banaq doesn't know Feather Fall, he has a ring of Feather Falling. And, no, no one else can borrow it. :p Where you said, "crouch," [post #1079] I think you possibly meant, "cringe."

Wednesday, 20th September, 2017

  • 05:32 PM - EarlyBird quoted Neurotic in post Return to The Temple of Elemental Evil - (full, at the moment)
    No, Emmyr is definitely not leaving Rebekah alone now lol Though he is confused. Does she even know how to use that pig sticker she carries? And what is with this Bekah thing? Those all seem like RP questions to me. So have fun with them. Minor thing: Zanword was looking for wood industry people specifically. That is also RP/IC I'm going to RG now and post up the town. So if there is anything else you see/read let me know.
  • 03:22 AM - Binder Fred quoted Neurotic in post EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC
    "You will not sell that, Rana, I have as much say in this as any of you. There is nothing we need that badly that it costs that farmer his memento. I was telling the truth." He turns toward the door "Aridha, wait up!" He says, just after trying to steal everybody *else’s* say in this. The old witch sank back into her chair with a deflating sigh. “Lady give me strength- No, make that Patience... Patience and a healthy dose of something strong to go in my tea.” She looked about but couldn’t see anything of the sort: this was supposed to be breakfast after all. So she repeatedly clinked a fork on some kitchenware, quite without regard for the continued existence of either at the moment -- see if that caught the attention of anybody on staff... OOC: Does it? As they waited Hexiros smiled, and even Rana had to swallow, and work hard at not imagining those pointy spikes in action, piercing into flesh “...Have you ever considered wearing a mask, -” What was his name again? “What was your...

Tuesday, 19th September, 2017

  • 01:03 PM - EarlyBird quoted Neurotic in post Return to The Temple of Elemental Evil - (full, at the moment)
    Insight roll for rebekah before I do my IC post. EB if you could let me know the vibe she gets? [roll0] She believs Turuko especially about the divison of treasure, a greedy vibe perhaps. Nothing torrid just not very noble. You could hasten things up by posting major NPCs or interesting points in town and we each decide what to visit and whether we go as a group. That will enable the group to a) cover more ground faster b) have different relationships with NPCs - local witch for example might drink tea and discuss herbs and curses with Rana...or may mix herbs and throw curses against her (or both :) ) If we go as a group, thieves guild will not show itself (assuming this little town has one and that they aren't already with Rebecca :)) Good ideal I will work on that then. Maybe someone should do a bit of reconnaissance around town for an hour or so and coe back to let the group know what they learned.

Monday, 18th September, 2017

  • 09:33 PM - EarlyBird quoted Neurotic in post EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC
    EarlyBird, be careful of how many magical items you give out. Especially those with pluses to hit and damage. The game is balanced differently in this edition. Consider various minor magics or utilities rather than +3 sword of demon slaying even simple +1 sword. There are weapons that are magical (and penetrate physical resistance of monsters) without pluses (such as Trident of Fish Command) or shield of warding end similar. I'm not to worried for this first adventure, but the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil is 3.0 where every NPC had 4 or 5 magical items. There it may be toned down to the specifics and named items. ANd if the PCs get to overpowered I will just throw in a few leprechaun thieving raids to tone everyone back down. lol The door to Rebekah's room opens but it is definitely not who she expected. A short thin man in an odd eastern outfit and carrying a staff enters the room, followed by a hulking brute in chainmail with a sword across his back. 88736 "Greetings," he says ...

Thursday, 14th September, 2017

  • 02:55 PM - KahlessNestor quoted Neurotic in post A New Frontier [IC]
    That's terrible mechanics! I always thought it only applied to quickened sorcerer spells so it prevents two higher level spells in the same round - but healing word is 'native' bonus action. Are you sure? Positive. If you cast a BA spell, you cannot cast another spell on your turn unless it's a cantrip. It's right in the section on Bonus Action spells. AFB, so can't cite. Sorry. Sent from my SM-G900P using EN World mobile app

Friday, 8th September, 2017

  • 09:24 PM - seriousmoonlight quoted Neurotic in post Storm King's Thunder
    Ordrar cannot (re)cover from such far throw - so, it is kinda important if the creatures is hazy, but we know where it is and can target it or not. If it can be targeted by magic missile, let me know and I won't dash. Magic missile explicitly says you have to see the target With your roll you would know the creature is an invisible stalker. It is detectable by little things like dirt being kicked up and growling. It isn't "hidden", so you can target it. Normal attacks are just rolled at disadvantage.
  • 09:02 PM - EarlyBird quoted Neurotic in post Return to The Temple of Elemental Evil - (full, at the moment)
    "Sigh." Zanword shakes his head. "It is moving through the swamp. I knew it. The moment you lot started spouting the knowledge and especially now with ancient evil mentioned, we're going." The sailor makes the sad face and speaks resignedly. But only for sentence or two. "Once we get there, the evil gets an earful of how to properly behave or else there will be a cane to reckon with." he deftly dodges expected swing from the said cane, but misses small vine that stretches behind his legs. He windmills his hands and manages (barely) not to fall. Not that it would make him any more muddy after the grave digging. He sighs again. "Kingdom for the clean beach with clean salt water." Well my intrepid adventures this has been fun, but I think... I wish you all to level up. With the Skill check challenge and all this great RP (hat tip to Binder Fred & Shayuri), I think all your group needs to do now is reach Hommlet hit the hay (literally for Templeton - yes you are going to be sleeping in a barn). ...
  • 08:52 PM - Binder Fred quoted Neurotic in post EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC
    "What are Ferns, Rana? Do we have a problem? And will we have to wade through some staid water again?" She frowned, not looking his way... “Yes. Yes. And ‘fens’, FENS!” If he’d been near enough his leg would've gotten a taste of her cane. Instead she started pacing back and forth, muttering and prying at the innocent ground when she changed directions. “There are roads closer to there... And it’s no place for meat-eaters to live. No food. No *running*... The damp, the glorious damp.” The invisible buzzing around her seemed more intense, beating in time with her puzzled frustration... She stopped when Rebekah and then Silent Women - Gwylla? - spoke up.... then: A sound escaped Rana’s throat. It *might* have been a choked-off cackle, or it might not. “Isn’t it fun,” she asked with the pleased expression of the pessimists when things go horribly, horribly wrong. “I think the other side might have gotten a prophecy as well.”

Thursday, 7th September, 2017

  • 04:46 PM - Binder Fred quoted Neurotic in post EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC
    Zanword collects all dead warriors in one place and slowly digs a shallow grave pausing only to sit with the tea party. After that he resumes the digging. And As the others enjoyed their tea, the weary, bloodied dwarf started dragging gnoll bodies away, digging a hole, stripping them of gear and valuables, and dumping them into the pit. “Mud,” reminded the old witch with a not-unkind gesture in that general direction. (Although, true enough, if the boys had extra nervous energy to spend after the battle, they could certainly do a lot worse than digging...) OOC: She'll renew the magical mud spell if need be, please EB. If they do use it, Zanword and Emmyr (and Hexiros?) will find the mud surprisingly deep and... welcoming. :) Sorry, that only comes back after a long rest, but will use the mud spot as it is the softest earth at the moment.

Tuesday, 5th September, 2017

Sunday, 3rd September, 2017

  • 07:17 PM - Leif quoted Neurotic in post OOC Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP by MLeibrock and Scotley
    About that, Yes. Last session was just last week. Next, online scheduled in three weeks. Cool. I'm jealous. I wish we could do more face-to-face gaming.
  • 04:44 PM - Leif quoted Neurotic in post OOC Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP by MLeibrock and Scotley
    I played 2E in high school, so barely remember back that far lol Ahh, yes, I forgot that I was in the company of mere children. 2E hit during my college years. You make me feel almost as old as did my recent 50th(!) birthday. (Please save the 'best wishes,' all, just make a small contribution to your local old folks' home in my name.) I skipped 3e completely and only "tasted" 3.5 in PbP - we played GURPS Gulliver rules - I only started with DnD with 4e living world. Nowadays, DnD is something I play only online. My face-to-face playing diminished to twice a year. But thanks to technology, we still play in real time across the europe (germany, england and croatia) Do you still play GURPS face-to-face twice per year?

Friday, 1st September, 2017

  • 07:00 AM - Thateous quoted Neurotic in post A New Frontier [IC]
    Leonan quickly checks the altar and the flowers. He moves the items around to mess with any ritual positioning and intentionally removes any personal items or effects even going so far to destroy something that looks ritualistic. The altar is empty after his attention, flowers removed and their positions scrambled, items put aside or broken. He does this as fast as he can, before someone (braver and less wounded than he) opens the door. Silly neurotic...

Monday, 28th August, 2017

  • 03:22 PM - FitzTheRuke quoted Neurotic in post Storm King's Thunder
    Here is loot list from before Aremus looks into his coin-purse suddenly remembering his treasure-share. "I have more than I thought. I could absolutely front you the coin, Fistan! Or if they do not want to be outdone by my generosity, Bethany, the Dwarf, and I could give you seven each."

Saturday, 26th August, 2017

Wednesday, 23rd August, 2017

  • 08:00 PM - Scotley quoted Neurotic in post OOC Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP by MLeibrock and Scotley
    I just realized I left BAB as if I'm 7th level (as I initially thought) is my stealth and perception for eventual use. [roll0] [roll1] Could come in handy soon.
  • 12:13 PM - Azurewraith quoted Neurotic in post A New Frontier REDUX [Closed]
    Proud father survivor of twins :) Mine are 11 now and I'm still waiting for RoI. But at least I'm sleeping well for the last 8 years or so. But days are filled with drive here, school, drive there, training, walk there...or the reverse, I don't want to go there, why are we here, when are we going home... :D I can imagine twins are rough things where easy with one, so we added another. Its like playing Legendary on skyrim from level one.
  • 07:50 AM - Azurewraith quoted Neurotic in post Dark Fairytale IC
    Just to be clear, does little because I rolled poorly or it shows some resistance to cold? When I went to school, 4x6 was 24. Maybe that's imperial system multiplication? :D If one round is 6 seconds, it is ten rounds to a minute Seeing Colember engulfed, Leonan concludes the best way to defeat the rug is to cut it wide open. Or burn it, but that would probably result in smoked prince. Move: next to the rug Standard: [roll0] [roll1] Yep you just rolled bad. And Urm maths.... its still early.

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