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Sunday, 19th July, 2015

  • 06:11 PM - GlassEye mentioned jkason in post [LPF] From Whence None Return
    Scott DeWar Deuce Traveler jbear jkason kinem Officially ending this on 19 July 2015. Apologies for not giving you all a big written finish. Total XP and gold gained for the entire adventure listed below. Ending XP: Weel ~ 100,727 Maui ~ 88,863 Vincenzo ~ 88,697 Menik ~ 58,488 Lem ~ 58,488 Ending GP: Weel ~ +48,498 Maui ~ +45,122 Vincenzo ~ +45,064 Menik ~ +35,764 Lem ~ +35,764

Wednesday, 8th July, 2015

  • 09:51 AM - perrinmiller mentioned jkason in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    I took a look at seeing if I can resume From Whence None Return, and I just don’t have enough information. I don't have the time/desire to make it all up either. I am sure Systole figured it out preparing the Boss battle and maybe has a map already. Since the group answered the riddle, it could simply end with a summary so players can start the new adventures. Perhaps the players themselves can wrap it up with some cooperative fiction if they desired. I think jkason is in a better position to total up the final numbers with the available bookkeeping from SK and the encounters since then.

Saturday, 18th April, 2015

  • 03:53 AM - Aura mentioned jkason in post Endgame
    ... a sort of odd prophecy. "There are some things healing magic just cannot cure, halfling prince," she explains. "Your future grows dark--fare the well with thy challenges." The young priestess seems as if she was about to explain herself when she suddenly reels back from the group, 'looking' about with a worried expression on her face. "Please leave--I must seek communion with Cortesia, immediately." With that Anna immediately withdraws from the occasion, leaving a rather stunned group and acolyte behind to muse her odd behavior. Quickly recovering, the acolyte thanks you for your service and hustles you back to the street, were Brandon disappeared into the crowd only moments before. It's a long road home, but there is little for you here. At least you have gold and stories to show for it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Alright, everyone, I hope you had a good time. You have successfully completed The Road to Tritower. Some things you'll want to do: (1) Our judge, jkason, will be checking your awards. You'll want to hold of on any action until he does, sometimes the DM makes a mistake and the numbers get pushed up or down a little. (2) Then, go to the first page and find your *total* gold and experience awards, and enter them on your sheet in the appropriate places. (Specific mentions of gold amounts, like the 50 gold above, are included in that total.) Also enter the adventure name, gold and experience awards, and items taken as loot. Each of you took one potion of cure light wounds as part of their loot. (3) Expended items must be accounted for. For everyone left, that is pretty much a 50 gp expenditure for the potion. If you have any need of help on this or other accounting issues, feel free to ask. (4) This adventure was cut short for staging reasons. We have to take (and sometimes, make) opportunities to mix groups, work in new people, etc. I cannot speak on what you missed--I'm going to keep it an use the material later. (5) At any time you may r...

Tuesday, 7th April, 2015

  • 04:33 AM - GlassEye mentioned jkason in post Kepli Stormborn, shaman
    ...uttle flies up to investigate what the man is doing. The bird lands on a branch near Siddhartha and makes not-so-quiet and certainly annoying high-pitched shrieks as he hops closer. She hands the two mystery vials to Erin though most of her attention is still on Siddhartha. "Can you take a look at these, please?" Kepli finally shrugs and turns back to Erin. "I feel... a nagging. It's hard to explain but I've learned the feeling means the spirits are trying to get my attention. Putting myself into a receptive state of mind will take a bit of time but I think it is something that I should do." IIRC, this encounter began around midday. I think it is too early to stop for a night's rest. However, Francis John, I think Siddhartha should have more current hit points than you have listed in his mini-stats. If you were at 2 hp when you went up a level, you should add the 6 hp you gained to your current total as well. I think he should have 8 hp total right now, but you and jkason would have to verify. Also, Kepli (and Erin, too) could spend a bit of time to fill their unfilled spell slots, if it is ok with jkason. If Kepli only fills her open 1st level spell then it would be less than 1/4 of her spells and would only take 15 minutes to do so. She would prepare a Cure Light and cast it on the most wounded of us. Thirdly, any news from Voda Vosa and grtrtle? Kepli Aasimar Shaman 2 Initiative: +1 Perception: +11 (+13 w/ Alertness); Darkvision 60 ft. AC: 13 (11 touch; 12 flat-footed) HP: 20 Current: 13 CMB: +2 CMD: 13 Fort: +1 Ref: +1 Will: +6 In Hand: shortspear Conditions: None yet Spells Prepared: 1st level (DC 14): Cure Light Wounds, Sleep, +1 Orisons: Daze, Detect Magic, Guidance, +1Special: Concentration +7 Spirit Magic: Charm Animal 1/1 Stormburst: 6/6 (target treats foes as if they have concealment, 20% miss, for 1 round) Fury Hex: 1/target (+2 morale to attack, +2 resistance to save vs fear; 3 rounds) Alchemist's Fire 2/2 (w/...

Wednesday, 25th March, 2015

  • 12:47 AM - Binder Fred mentioned jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    "Eh Wireth, can you tell anything from the tracks or something? Did the skeletons rise from here? To hunt for their stolen gold, right?" That would buuurn! OOC: Are you still there jkason? OOC: Fastus meant 'the last Kaijitsu in town', but wasn't very clear about it. :) Sorry.

Friday, 27th February, 2015

  • 03:08 PM - jackslate45 mentioned jkason in post [LPF] Allbright's Shadow
    Drawing his bow to a full draw, Aradra keeps his eyes peeled out on the stone, wondering how the hell something that massive got caught in that crystal. Meanwhile, Anaerion helps out with Relic in order to figure out the order of the shards jkason: My last post was here: for point of reference. Thats when I "Retired" so to speak. I've been able to keep an eye on the thread for the last month or so. I am sorry for not sticking around. This had the potential to be all sort of awesome, but alas.

Friday, 13th February, 2015

Thursday, 12th February, 2015

  • 10:18 AM - perrinmiller mentioned jkason in post General Discussion
    Does anyone know the status of From Whence None Return? It seems to have stalled, but I'm not sure if this issue has already been addressed: Usually Satin Knights is on the ball. SK has had RL intrude for several months now. Systole has known this and should have stepped up to take over long before now. Same with jkason SK’s high-level game that has been sitting for over 2 months now. But SK did offer some hope that he was going to have more time from mid-January. That was a month ago though.
  • 01:53 AM - Tailspinner mentioned jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    Fortunate side-effect of leveling: I realized I had Wireth's base HD wrong. I was using d8 instead of d10. Maybe he'll fall down a little less often now. Probably not. :) Shalelu for Wireth's relationship +11 HP (8 base +2 Con) +1 BAB +1 Fort & Ref +6 Skill ranks (+1 each Acro, Climb, Handle Animal, Per, Stealth, Survival) Combat Style Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting Nairo +5 HP (half max / 2, +2 con, +1 FC half-orc alt) +1 BAB +1 Will +1 Skill rank (Fly) +1 Feat (Dodge) jkason Nairo's hit points only go up by 4 for a total of 13. +4 HP (half max / 2 (2), +1 con, +1 FC half-orc alt)

Wednesday, 11th February, 2015

  • 09:43 AM - perrinmiller mentioned jkason in post Tyrien, Half-elven Archeress
    ...20 Touch) HP: 88 Current: 88 CMB: +11 CMD: 31(23ff) Fort: +9 Reflex: +16 Will: +7 +2 Will vs. Enchantments Special: Immune to Magical Sleep Current Conditions in Effect: PBS, Precise Shot, Enhanced Arrows (+1 Dmg/+1d6 Elect), Ioun Stone illumination (in darkness), Deadly Aim (-3Att/+6dmg), Many Shot, Improved Snap Shot (15ft), Jingasa Luck (1xday, Immediate neg Critical/Sneak Attack), Combat Reflexes(8 AoO) Current Weapon in Hand: Longbow Seeker Arrow: 1/1 Remaining Rounds of Haste: 10/10 Remaining Fly Spell from armor: 1/1 Remaining Bardic Performance: 5/5 Rounds Remaining Spells Remaining: Cantrips: (Message, Resistance, Mending, Prestidigitation, Know Direction) 1st Level 4/4 (Cure Light Wounds, Timely Inspiration, Chord of Shards, Silent Image) 2nd Level 1/1 (Cure Moderate Wounds, Sound Burst)Once we advance the scene to morning, prepared spells should be locked in place. However, by meeting for breakfast you will have time to do some shopping if you would like. jkason, post your avatar pic outside the spoiler block like everyone else. The purpose is to see it while reading the IC content.

Friday, 23rd January, 2015

Wednesday, 31st December, 2014

  • 05:36 PM - Binder Fred mentioned jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    Okay, looking at how much her share is and the cost of the items she will be buying, there is enough left over. I will be getting rid of the mace and picking up a MW Lt Crossbow. I will post the purchase within the next day or so. Cool, thanks Graybeard (and Perrin)! That takes care of the crunch. For the fluff, I'm planning to have Fastus work on "upgrading" his mace most of the night, so Elsbeth's contribution might take the form of moral support or somesuch if you want? Other than that he'll get his hands on a hand-drill (5 sp) and that will be that re-shopping. Speaking off, the three of us have finished the first part of our gift to Ameiko. I'm thinking of posting it once Elsbeth and Shayuri have done their shopping (assuming you want to do it before the show?). Also waiting on a reply from jkason IC.

Thursday, 18th December, 2014

  • 09:24 PM - Systole mentioned jkason in post [Tavern Thread] The Dunn Wright Inn
    ... party tomorrow night." She rubs her forehead. "I apologize. There is more to the job than just that. Venza's sailors -- both the merchant marine and the navy -- rely on hardtack and cheese for rations, and a large portion of that cheese comes from the Weathersmiths. And I also spoke with Fallson Hev over at the Land Owners and Cultivators Guild, and he assured me that the Weathersmiths have never missed a shipment before. So above and beyond the concerns of nobles and merchants and what-have-you, there might actually be citizens in trouble. The problem is, it's too soon for the Whitecloaks to officially investigate. Even if we could, we're stretched too thin as it is." The commander shakes her head and exhales. "Fortunately, we have a discretionary fund for issues like these, so the Whitecloaks are looking for a few people to check out the situation. You'll head down there, and if there's foul play, consider yourselves deputized and get to the bottom of it. Questions?" @jkason The holidays will be slow, so we won't really be getting underway until afterwards. I can NPC Ru until you get back.

Tuesday, 18th November, 2014

  • 10:51 AM - Dr Simon mentioned jkason in post [5e] The Lichway - Old School Dungeon with new school rules.
    Ah, cool! I like the idea of Stormhaven Library - that's something I should have mentioned in the initial post; aside from the Lichway background there's no particular setting or background so whatever you bring with your character goes into canon. I'll see if I can recruit any others: Shayuri, Axel, Kaodi, jkason, Neurotic, Mowgli, Voda Vosa, GlassEye, ghostcat - as players in my other games, any of you interested in a simple 5e adventure?

Tuesday, 21st October, 2014

  • 04:08 AM - GlassEye mentioned jkason in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    jkason Scott DeWar perrinmiller Ok, I have an inkling of an idea. I'll need a little time to see if it works into something. Are you playing, jkason? Just want to be sure. Also, if any of you have elements you want added to the adventure now is the time to speak up.

Friday, 10th October, 2014

  • 11:25 PM - GlassEye mentioned jkason in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Isn't jkason coming up with something for level 1 and for level 6-ish? If so, then either 5-6th or 9-10th, based on the adventures that will be ending soon.

Tuesday, 24th June, 2014

  • 03:58 PM - Binder Fred mentioned jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    jkason: You'll get in Fastus' way this round though, if Sachiko stays were she is (he's definitively not Small). This being a halfling's house, our chances for a high ceiling don't seem too good, so another question might be: is there a wall at the left edge of the map TS or does the room go on? 10' wide seems quite narrow even for a halfling, considering the length of the thing... With its speed Nairon would then be able to go around -- to "stand" guard right above his master too.

Thursday, 24th April, 2014

  • 01:50 PM - perrinmiller mentioned jkason in post [LPF] Barrow of the Forgotten King
    The four of you left Kingsholm behind and continued your way back to Venza. ~ Fin ~ Well, we are not going to finish this one. Honestly, have little desire to come up with something new right now. The other option I had considered was Forge of Fury, which could be a huge dungeon in 5 parts. But there are breaking points where the party could return back to town. I cannot remember who was Judge on that one the first time I tried it, but there probably wasn’t very many spoilers in my submission and the encounters would have to be reworked for lower levels regardless. 1st post updated with final numbers. jkason; please check. DMC = 11.76 Qalabash receives 2252xp & 2297.5gp Mystie receives 2252xp & 2297.5gp Jonas receives 2320xp & 2386.5gp Mirra receives 2232xp & 2272.5gp

Monday, 10th February, 2014

Friday, 17th January, 2014

  • 12:17 AM - perrinmiller mentioned jkason in post [LPF] Kaedyn's Quest
    ...tually screwed that up back in Kostry Kopec, but that whole adventure is a muddled haze). I'll roll the Acro check to move just in case so things don't get bogged down, though (with the -4 Dex for Blinded):Huh, that changes things. I don’t have access to the rules at work where I drafted half of this combat. Sorry for the mistake. Instead of blanketing the area with 2 more darkness circles, I will just give the spells back to the two tieflings and they will probably not be used. That means you all don’t suffer as bad and there is 20% concealment from Dim Illumination from those circles instead. That would not change the results from round 3 much, but it could certainly change Tyrion’s actions as he might have attacked instead and you probably need him to. I will allow a retcon for his turn in Round 2 to include an attack on G6 from stopping his movement at J13 or J14, jackslate45. I will allow a retcon for Ru before I resolve his actions for Round 3 if it would change something, jkason. I don’t think Ru would do anything different in Round 2. Systole, you need to succeed a Concentration check to keep the Enlarge Person spell to trigger. I did not roll it for you, figuring you knew you would have to. ;) soulnova, please include your mini-stats and maintain them as you mark off spells used and rounds of Bardic Performance. Edit it into your last post. Doesn't Enlarge Person potions also take 1 round to go into effect?

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Wednesday, 10th June, 2015

  • 11:09 PM - Binder Fred quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    "Do we have any of the healing potions left?" "Still got those from before," mentioned Fastus, although he didn't look at all worried: it's not like rat-bites could take out SULDREL, right? OOC: Fastus will toss his healing potions over (he has 2) if anybody still wants one.

Friday, 29th May, 2015

  • 03:41 PM - Tailspinner quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    "This is your house?" Wireth asks the air, since he can't pinpoint the creature. "We weren't trying to intrude! We're trying to track down some dangerous people, and your house looks to be on their hit list. We're here to help, if you stop biting everyone!" The tiny voice continues. "I will stop biting when you leave!" "You are not going to tell us that those rats outside were your pets, are you?" asks an annoyed looking Suldrel as he relaxes from his battle ready stance. "They were allies of a sort. I do not mourn their loss." Sachiko bursts into laughter for a moment, the absurdity of the situation tickling her beyond endurance. But as everyone prepares for the rat onslaught, she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and holds it, and listens. Sachiko has determined that the voice is coming from near the front of the house near Elsbeth. But it is difficult to determine the exact location. Jariah did not think the creature originally lived in the house's walls. But it cou...

Wednesday, 8th April, 2015

  • 09:19 AM - perrinmiller quoted jkason in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    I am not tired of Frozen, because I have kids and the alternative is watching crap they got from their grandparents from the cheap movie bucket at Wal-Mart like the Bee Movie, Will Ferrell's Elf, Shark Tale, and so on. So I'll happily watch Frozen over and over. Heh, kids do love watching the same thing over and over again. Well lucky for you, your character is too high of a level to go Elsa hunting. Btw, I plan to change the names, just enough to protect the innocent. We will go hunting Ellie and her sister Anne. :p Titling the adventure “Not letting it go.” If it affects anyone's planning, Eanos won't be looking for adventures any time soon. It's clear to me that I'm just not having the time to keep up with all my games, so I'm letting PCs go fallow as their adventures end until such time as I DON'T feel overwhelmed by updates every time I log on. :) Does that hold true for your 8-9th level character too? Btw, do we have progress on the mid-level game preparation front?

Friday, 27th March, 2015

  • 03:33 AM - Systole quoted jkason in post [LPF] Blessed Are the Cheesemakers
    So it sounds like the plan is: * Pirvinia invisibles * Pirvinia and Samad head into the cave * We give them, say, thirty seconds. * Then, before Samad fades back into view, the three remaining outside go in blades blazing, as it were. Proceeding with this plan over the weekend, unless there are changes or objections.

Tuesday, 24th March, 2015

  • 04:24 PM - Anastrace quoted jkason in post The AFK Thread
    The holiday slowdown dovetailed into some very rushed wedding planning and family health issues. The former is finally done, at least. Rings and massive exhaustion all 'round. I'm hoping to get back up to normal speed again this week. I remember planning my first wedding. There was so much to do, it was crazy. So much work to be done in a short amount of time. Add in health issues and bam you are stuck in purgatory my friend! Good luck!

Friday, 6th March, 2015

Thursday, 19th February, 2015

  • 05:44 PM - Binder Fred quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    He tried to curb the sideways grimace when Fastus decided they should hang to body to gather later; The young human somehow spotted it though and dropped his raised arm, obviously disappointed the big orc didn't see the sheer GENIUS of his solution. "What do you want to do with it then? This was YOUR idea, bringing it back," he pointed out, somewhat at a loss.

Wednesday, 18th February, 2015

  • 02:37 AM - Binder Fred quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    "I suppose we could always take it back to the sheriff. We've not gotten very far out of town yet." The steaming young man's eyes lit up with the idea (although not literally this time): "You want to mount it? It'd make a BURNINGLY COOL display in the Rusty. With a big PLAQUE or something, right cat?" OOC: I think we're close to the goblin village at this point, but Fastus is game. :) Fastus looked back at Elli when she spoke, not really understanding her lack of excitement: they'd just killed the burning SOGGY RIVER MONSTER, right? But seeing her did calm him down a bit... and since they were asking questions: "And is it the SAME thing that left the tracks in the mud yesterday?" he asked of Suldrel and Wireth. The one that had chewed that baby alligator, right? He squatted down and experimentally poked at the dead Soggy: weirdest thing he'd EVER seen -- and that's counting a full grown tongue-thing! OOC: Was the creature wearing anything, TS? Clothes, jewelry, tattoos...

Thursday, 12th February, 2015

  • 01:53 AM - Tailspinner quoted jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    Fortunate side-effect of leveling: I realized I had Wireth's base HD wrong. I was using d8 instead of d10. Maybe he'll fall down a little less often now. Probably not. :) Shalelu for Wireth's relationship +11 HP (8 base +2 Con) +1 BAB +1 Fort & Ref +6 Skill ranks (+1 each Acro, Climb, Handle Animal, Per, Stealth, Survival) Combat Style Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting Nairo +5 HP (half max / 2, +2 con, +1 FC half-orc alt) +1 BAB +1 Will +1 Skill rank (Fly) +1 Feat (Dodge) jkason Nairo's hit points only go up by 4 for a total of 13. +4 HP (half max / 2 (2), +1 con, +1 FC half-orc alt)

Saturday, 31st January, 2015

  • 04:54 PM - Binder Fred quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    To Elli: "Aha: so you don't understand it either." Which was good. In the sense that he hadn't gone crazy without noticing or something... Preparing to head out too: "Maybe Sachiko'll kno-" Then he turns over and glares at Fastus. "And maybe Fastus can stop stalking Ameiko long enough to apologize for dismissing Jariah before we go?" Which took the young man, in the middle of a whispered exchange with Elsbeth, totally blindsided: "Ah?" Confusion: "WHAT?" quickly followed by EQUALLY puzzled offense: "Stalking? I'm not-" Did Wireth even know what that MEANS? And finally, the disbelieving rush of blood to the cheeks (and associated steam) of somebody unfairly put upon: "SHE's the one who butted in!" he pointed out. Answering question NOT directed at her, what was THAT about? And he hadn't even told her off, right! Why should HE apologize for THAT? Thanks. :)

Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

  • 07:33 PM - mfloyd3 quoted jkason in post [LPF] Blessed Are the Cheesemakers
    Iago roots about the room, looking at the spattered blood and spilled fluids with the eye of one who spent much of his youth surrounded by far more noxious chemicals. He stops abruptly to pick up a lone black feather, and stares at it curiously. Wordlessly, he reaches over his shoulder into his pack and produces a battered copy of "The Angry, Barefoot Woodsman." He flips through B. Bitterleaf's weighty tome, ignoring the author's tendency to hurl abuse at the reader and focusing on his insightful analysis of the plumage of the many avians who are also the target of his ire. The half-orc is just finishing his search when he notices the seam on the floor where he is standing. He silently puts the text away and draws his falchion, gesturing to the others with motions indicating a door. "So, that's either someone hidden from the attack, or someone who managed to get stuck trying to attack. The former seems more likely. If they hear us moving their cover without identifying ours...

Thursday, 15th January, 2015

  • 04:45 PM - Tailspinner quoted jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    Fortunate side-effect of leveling: I realized I had Wireth's base HD wrong. I was using d8 instead of d10. Maybe he'll fall down a little less often now. +11 HP (8 base +2 Con) OK. Sorry I missed that. 8+2=10.

Friday, 19th December, 2014

  • 02:04 AM - Binder Fred quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    On the way to market: "Eh Langdon, you hear?! The goblins have been completely defeated! Come to the Rust TONIGHT to find out HOW! Tell EVERYBODY!" the blacksmith hardly had time to wave one off before somebody else he knew popped up: "You there! Grets. The goblin village's been burned to the ground! Come to the Rusty Dragon tonight when we tell THAT tale! Tell your dad, right? She's Gurney's latest," he confided to the orc walking by his side. "You met old Gurney, right? He's the miller. Good day to you, goodwife Murdle, mister Murdle: you hear about the goblins? Quite a story eh...? You want to hear MORE?" And that was BEFORE they started talking to the merchants and their customers, people who CARED what happened to their trade routes on a day to day basis! The eager blacksmith's connections, as it turns out, make Wireth's restocking a far less painful endeavor than usual. Shop folk seem particularly eager to engage in trade with him, which is something he's rarely experienced in hu...

Thursday, 18th December, 2014

  • 07:02 PM - Scott DeWar quoted jkason in post [Tavern Thread] The Dunn Wright Inn
    My armor is much better now, but I can also take quick shots at any that ignore me while getting too close.”[/COLOR] A grin forms then looking at Tyrian he says, "I haf learned that ignoring you at any time is a deadly mistake in any situation - at any time." At sight of the Whitecloak, Eanos' gaze drifts toward the surface of the table. As the Whitecloak mentions agitated nobles, the tanned ginger fiddles with the ring on his right hand, and those looking directly at him as he does notice that his features seem to shift slightly. A slightly off-model Eanos glances back up, shrugging. "That 'sneaking folks into bathhouses' thing may have ruffled a few of the wrong feathers," he whispers to the people at his table. "Never hurts to be careful, so think I'll steer clear." An eyebrow raises to his hairline, "You must tell this some day" he says with a wink.
  • 10:28 AM - perrinmiller quoted jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    I was looking at the switch hitter in what I'm talking about, actually. That build largely relies on using your Combat Style feats for the archery stuff (since they ignore prerequisites) and building stats mostly around melee (STR focus). The big hitch in that is, as I said, Wireth's archetype trading away his 6th level Combat Style Feat. He can take Rapid Shot at 2nd, but it'll be 10th level before he has access to a second, prereq-free feat. Which, to my thinking, hurts his effectiveness at archery. Perhaps I'm overvaluing Manyshot, and a first round Rapid shot is sufficient. It doesn't help that I build Wireth for using those prereq-free feats on a Two Weapon fighting build. Wireth ALSO doesn't have the dex to actually take Two Weapon Fighting on his own, which makes his double axe less than idea. Enh. It'll be after my vacation before I can do any building on him, anyway, so I'll mull.Hmm, the switch hitter concept typically doesn’t go the TWF route because of the need for all o...

Wednesday, 17th December, 2014

  • 07:53 PM - Tailspinner quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    Masterwork Orc Double Axe (360 gp) Remember that since this is a double weapon that the extra 300gp only applies to one end. To make a double weapon completely masterwork requires 600gp.
  • 09:08 AM - perrinmiller quoted jkason in post The AFK Thread
    Family cruise. First time going, but from what I understand, internet nearly costs a portion of one's soul. :) Yeah, that sounds like it would be pricey. Same as trying to use WiFi on an airplane. Have fun and take Dramamine. Edit: Busy day today and tomorrow. Not sure EnW is going to get IC updates from me for a day or two.
  • 04:37 AM - perrinmiller quoted jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    I started looking at trying to move Wireth into a ranged support position given suggestions that we needed more ranged support, but I really don't think he'll be especially viable there. I took the Falconer archetype with the assumption he'd be going TWF with his double axe. Losing the 6th level combat style feat doesn't hurt nearly as much there. With his current Dex, though, he'd need the "ignore prereqs" feat at 6th level to take the ranged feats someone in that position needs. We still have a little time until level up, but my inclination at present is to stick with my initial plan, since I think he'd just be a subpar archer given his Dex and archetype. Yeah, unless you retooled ability scores, it might be hard to focus on an archer build. Personally, I like the switch hitter style of ranger build that can do both. Much more versatile and flexible. But luckily rangers are proficient in all martial weapons and you can have effect versatility that can still be competitive with low...
  • 01:25 AM - Binder Fred quoted jkason in post [IC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    "Yeah, what she said!" agreed the lion-haired one after Elli spoke, discretely eying the lithe, dark-haired bard: It was GOOD to see her again, even after only a single day away! Then he got distracted by a certain half-orc trying to discretely sneak away... "I ... well, I'm sure I have a little time to spare," Wireth says. Whatever was in the other's eye instantly burnt away. He barely hesitated before gripping his arm, grinning up at the giant man: "Thanks, Wireth! You won't regret it!" "I'm sure Jariah and Suldrel will keep the shop owners busy for a while, and I'd likely just make them nervous." "Is that-" Fastus held up a hand. "So ARE WE good for tonight, Ameiko? Say sunset, right?" Enthousiasm positively brimming. <If it is: "PERFECT! Come on, Wireth, we're going to tell the WHOLE town. ASSUMING you galls can keep the home fires burning here?" As if he had ANY doubt! OOC: Planning to get the word out AND help Wireth with his shopping (AKA using Diplomacy to haggle)....

Monday, 15th December, 2014

  • 10:40 PM - Tailspinner quoted jkason in post [OOC] Pathfinder: Jade Regent
    Trying to catch up, and a heads up: I'll have no internet access from Dec 19- 29. Feel free to NPC Wireth during that time, since I know he slows things down enough as it is. Nothing really planned for the next few weeks with the holidays approaching. Just post when you can with Wireth's shopping and gift (if you choose).

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