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Saturday, 15th June, 2019

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Thursday, 10th January, 2019

Sunday, 16th December, 2018

  • 09:57 PM - Tailspinner mentioned Deuce Traveler in post [OOC] Return of the Runelords
    So Tailspinner, did you have a good thanksgiving? Thanksgiving was good. I am ready to start back up. So everyone please head over to the IC thread. Binder Fred Deuce Traveler Kaodi Scotley Scott DeWar Shayuri

Thursday, 1st November, 2018

  • 10:43 PM - MortalPlague mentioned Deuce Traveler in post 2018 IRON DM Tournament
    ...difficult. Competing in the past has made me a stronger writer, and a stronger DM. It's made me question things in a more critical light, to ask why a certain element needs to be this thing and not this other thing. And I can see, by the caliber of entries put forth by my competition, that I'm not the only one who's become better through past competition. Iron DM is always a test, and I'm pleased to have risen to the occasion this year. I feel like these adventures are some of my best work. Gradine, Writ In Blood was an evocative, fascinating adventure. The whole theme throughout was delightfully dark, with a full-fledged haunted realm for the PCs to explore. When I first read it, I wasn't sure which way the judges would go; I think yours is much stronger than mine in a few specific areas, including on some of the elements. I think the judgements, even though they all fell my way, were close in each case. I look forward to squaring off against you next year. Iron Sky, Deuce Traveler, Rune, thank you all for the tremendous amount of work you've put in judging these entries. I have never been a judge for this competition; I find the very idea of it daunting and intriguing in equal measure. I don't envy you some of the choices you had to make, there were truly some fantastic entries in this competition. But I'll thank all of you for the hard work and dedication to make this happen. I won't talk any more about my process. I think I've prattled on enough in the last few posts about how The Culling of Carriage Court progressed from early idea to finished entry. If I do end up putting together the full adventure, I will post a link here.

Saturday, 27th October, 2018

Friday, 19th October, 2018

  • 06:31 PM - CleverNickName mentioned Deuce Traveler in post 2018 IRON DM Tournament
    Iron Sky, Deuce Traveler, and now Rune: Thank you for the feedback (and judgment) on my entry! I can't speak for all of the competitors, but feedback and commentary like this are why I compete in the Iron DM contest in the first place. Most of my work as a DM is done in a vacuum, with little encouragement or feedback. Except from my players, and they usually only give me feedback when they are mad at me. I guess that's helpful too. My response to Iron Sky's Judgment Thank you for the kind words! I'm an engineer, and--well, let's just say that we aren't known for our writing ability. I truly appreciate the encouragement and feedback. I am my own worst critic, though. After I posted my entry, I re-read it dozens of times and found all sorts of things that I should have changed to tighten the entry up. First, I would have made it clear that this adventure is intended to be played by children. The light-hearted tone and silly names hinted at it, but I probably could (should?) have specified....

Tuesday, 16th October, 2018

  • 03:57 PM - MortalPlague mentioned Deuce Traveler in post 2018 IRON DM Tournament
    hawkeyefan, I was floored that neither of us went with a fantasy adventure. I thought the medusa element would strongly steer this into that territory. But when I tried to rationalize a science fiction medusa, I just liked it more and more. Your take on the medusa who inflicts phobia was a very clever take. I really thought it gave my own alternate medusa a run for her money. I also thought your indignant retort was very good. I have not yet tried Delta Green, but I really want to. More so, after reading 'Catalyst'. Iron Sky, Deuce Traveler, Rune - Thank you all for taking the time to judge. Some of you pointed out how Binjun and the retort aren't really connected to the rest of the adventure as tightly as the other elements, and that was a late change. I had originally intended to have a collection of silver and chrome entertainment bots floating around, hawking services (loudly) at the PCs. Their shiny exteriors would have allowed the PCs to use them to reflect the petrification rays, making their affluence meaningful. I showed the piece to two of my players, however, and independently, neither one thought it qualified as panhandling. So I drafted up Binjun instead, who is likely to fill some of the same role of being a wrench in the works. Then MortalPlague posted “Morality Index.” I copied it over to my word-processing app (minus title and ingredients). 1506. Uh oh. Copied into a different app. 1506. That didn’t seem likely. MortalPlague had turned the piece in with time to spare and had already talked about ...
  • 07:55 AM - hawkeyefan mentioned Deuce Traveler in post 2018 IRON DM Tournament
    Congrats to @MortalPlague! I definitely dug your adventure. I especially liked the medisa and her drones...I thiught that was really clever. Good luck in the final round! The most obvious issue with mine is the length. All I can say is this was a case of real life interfering with the contest. I was dealing with something at work all day and the figure 1550 was involved. That number got stuck in my head, and became my target goal...I got my entry to 1545 and thought I was good. As soon as I read the first judgment I was like now way I know I got it under....ohhhh ooops. Pretty funny. @Iron Sky and Deuce Traveler I realize now that I should have broken up my paragraphs more. I think I was trying for a more uniform look, but functionality should have taken precedent. And the bit where I kind of went into King’s mindset without using quotes...I thought it made sense, but both judges mentioned it, so it was obviously unclear. I should have thrown some quotes around it. The DNA/autopsy angle is a bit unclear. I thought that I implied that an autopsy was done because they were unsure what cause Miranda to crash, so they were looking for a cause. I originally mentioned a bit about Delta Green having access to any medical records where certain red flags came up....DNA irregularities that wouldn’t be noticed by standard ME but would register in their system as a risk. It seemed an overly long explanation so I cut it in the interest of the word count. Also, the rules say that the entry can be an adventure synopsis, so I figured such a detail was unnecessary. But again, both judges mentioned it, so it w...

Friday, 12th October, 2018

Saturday, 6th October, 2018

  • 04:53 AM - hawkeyefan mentioned Deuce Traveler in post 2018 IRON DM Tournament
    Wow, I’m surprised by the result. Even more surprised after reading Deuce Traveler’s breakdown! I knew I had some clunky sentences in there. I think that ultimately, the issues with my entry were due to the need to heavily revise it to get it to fit within the word count. Most of the problems Deuce mentions were the result of hasty editing to get the job done on time and under the word limit. The history of the region was more elaborate, including the Mind of Mab being used in times past. The Duke and the sheriff were a bit more present, and Dimble and Primley, the two gnomes, were more fleshed out. Banderhobb’s goal was clearer; there were more rules about how the Mind of Mab works, and he would basically use it to lead the humans to the Crossing to the Feywild, where they’d be taken by Unseelie fey. As I was writing, I knew I was going to be over, but I kept going, figuring that I could edit things down reasonably. But instead I feel that each part of the whole was diminished, leaving an adventure that was far more linear than intended, and NPCs and a lo...

Tuesday, 18th September, 2018

  • 07:25 PM - Tailspinner mentioned Deuce Traveler in post Looking to start a Pathfinder 1E Adventure Path
    I have returned after a disappearance of over three years. Main reason was job stuff. I won’t bore you with the details. Binder Fred Deuce Traveler Kaodi Scotley Scott DeWar Shayuri I am not sure if anyone is even interested in Pathfinder First Edition. Most of what I see active are D&D 5e games. Since you six are all that is left of the players from my four Pathfinder games, I thought I would check with you six first. Give you a choice to see if you might be interested in playing an Adventure Path for Pathfinder 1E. Right now I am thinking of running “Return of the Runelords”. I don’t want any character thoughts at this moment. Just a simple yes or no if you are interested in playing in such a thing. It really would be hard to pick up with any of the original games as they were all in the midst of the action and we only have part of each group still active on EN World. Way of the Wicked (3/5): Deuce Traveler Scott DeWar Shayuri Iron Gods (2/5): Kaodi Shayuri Jade Regent (3/6): Binder Fred Kaodi Shayuri Giantslayer (2/4): Kaodi Scotley

Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

  • 11:38 PM - EarlyBird mentioned Deuce Traveler in post EB's Adventuring in the Days of Yore - Tyranny of Dragons - IC, and the guardsman. He leads the group back down into the bailey casting one last glance at the gathering cultist before he descends the stairs. He looks around and sees Escobert talking to a tall armored man and a halfling who is setting casually on an overturned barrel. 95186 "Your volunteers milord. No one else is brave enough or crazy enough to go out there with a dragon circling the town." the dwarf says before heading off towards the tower. Looking over the ragtag group the Lord of Greenest nods like he has come to an important decision. "He is going to unlock the cellar where we stored the belongings of the late Relan Gar, our former wizard in residence. We used the crates and chests to block the secret door entrance to the sewage tunnel. That will lead you to the creek south of the keep. Follow the creek to the rear of the church, and hopefully you will be able to get inside undetected. Get everyone you can out and back here the same way. Any questions?" @hero4hire @Deuce Traveler you are in, thanks for volunteering. haha

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018

  • 10:48 PM - EarlyBird mentioned Deuce Traveler in post EB's Tyranny of Dragons - OOC (full)
    @hero4hire @Deuce Traveler @Khraos If any of you are ready to start, we can RP as you finalize your characters. Currently you are in the besiged keep and the guards start asking around for volunteers for a rescue mission. Oh and I'll give you some background hooks to get your character a link to the game. Every five nights, you have a strange sequence of apocalyptic dreams. The world is destroyed by cold, choking fumes, lightning storms, waves of acid, and horrible fire. Each time, the dream ends with ten evil eyes glaring at you from the darkness. You feel a strange compulsion to travel to Greenest. Perhaps the answer to the riddle of your dreams awaits you there.

Saturday, 17th February, 2018

  • 05:50 AM - Knightfall mentioned Deuce Traveler in post Realmsian "Dragonstarfinder" Campaign Guide [AotS]
    I'm going to look through the last couple of pages of the IC and OOC threads (which are now tagged as SF threads) and start prepping for the 'practice' combat vs. the harrowblades. (I decided to quick convert them from v.3.5 [with a bump in CR].) We've already rolled initiative, which we'll keep unless you want to reroll. Initiative Order Thrak: 20 Yin Hun 17 Soumral: 16 Rodan: 16 Harrowblade: 15 We won't include Rodan but we can add in both Silhouette and Emiko, if you want. FYI, there will be two harrowblades. The second one comes in at the start of round 2. I'm not sure if Deuce Traveler is in for this restart. He hasn't posted here, so I'm going to assume he's out until he posts otherwise. (I'm hoping he'll let me use Rodan as an NPC, at the very least. If not, so be it.)

Friday, 26th January, 2018

Monday, 15th January, 2018

  • 10:03 PM - Rune mentioned Deuce Traveler in post Scheduling for the IRON DM 2017 Tournament
    Deuce Traveler and Gradine, your ingredients have been posted in the tournament thread.
  • 10:00 PM - Rune mentioned Deuce Traveler in post IRON DM 2017 Championship Match: Deuce Traveler vs. Gradine
    Deuce Traveler and Gradine, you have 48 hours to post your entries to this thread. Please limit your entry to a title, a list of the ingredients used and 2000 additional words. Please include your list of ingredients at the beginning of the entry and please do not edit your post once it is submitted. Please refrain from reading your opponent's entry until after you have posted your own. You are on your honor to do so. Entries that are between 1 and 59 minutes late will have their word-limits reduced to 1800. Later entries that are at less than 1 day late will have their word-limits reduced to 1400. Entries that are at least 1 day late will have their word-limits reduced to 1000. In addition, entries that are at least 2 days late may be disqualified at the discretion of the judge with consent from the match's opposing competitor. Entries that exceed their word-limits will be considered to end once they reach that limit; I will ignore everything after. Your ingredients are: Velvet Glove Delu...
  • 03:58 PM - Rune mentioned Deuce Traveler in post Scheduling for the IRON DM 2017 Tournament
    Alright. We'll do that, then. Assuming EN World isn't down again, Deuce Traveler and Gradine will begin their championship match around 4 PM Eastern today.
  • 06:56 AM - Rune mentioned Deuce Traveler in post Scheduling for the IRON DM 2017 Tournament
    Okay. Deuce Traveler and Gradine, is 4 PM Eastern Monday afternoon going to work for both of you?

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Wednesday, 13th March, 2019

  • 01:22 AM - jmucchiello quoted Deuce Traveler in post Checking Interest in a PbP Game
    Grrrr... Let me try this again... Str: 8+ [roll0] Int: 8+ [roll1] Wis: 8+ [roll2] Dex: 8+ [roll3] Con: 8+ [roll4] Cha: 8+ [roll5] Extra Die: [roll6] You don't have to assign the dice in order like that. You have 6 abilities with 8s in them and you have seven numbers you can add to them. You can put three dice into strength and none into charisma and dexterity if you want. Mix and match however you like.

Tuesday, 12th February, 2019

  • 04:46 AM - Aldarc quoted Deuce Traveler in post RPG Writer Zak S Accused Of Abusive Behaviour
    Well this is a downer. I liked a lot of work that Zack S. was doing, mostly because a lot of it was focused on reviving the older D&D modules and smaller rulesets. His website was something I could enjoy after the unfortunate cessation of Grognardia's blog. But I can't condone abusive behavior and I won't be visiting Zak's website further.Thankfully the OSR community is not lacking in excellent writers who do not share Zak's less fortunate proclivities.

Wednesday, 30th January, 2019

  • 01:13 AM - Binder Fred quoted Deuce Traveler in post [IC] Return of the Runelords
    The young girl looked vaguely unhappy at such an answer. She abandoned all pretense of finishing her fish-in-bread, carefully laying the tines down on the table and looking thoughtful... OOC: Follow-up question: What does Teea know about Lorenza Thort, by reputation or otherwise TS? Does she have links with the gangs? Or has she opposed them recently? Knowledge Local: [roll0] "I can only handle one problem at a time. Let's put this ghost business to rest, then we can go and investigate this gang that's been operating here for who-knows-how-long." Teea grasped her uncle's sleeve between thumb and forefinger. "Why do you care?" she softly asked, looking up into his bearded face.

Sunday, 20th January, 2019

  • 05:33 PM - Binder Fred quoted Deuce Traveler in post [IC] Return of the Runelords
    The elf then turns and leaves. Teea, still clinging to Michael, blinked at that... and then stamped her tiny foot, various emotions flitting across her features... Michael patted Teea reassuringly on her arm. "No one was hurt, and that's the important thing. Unlike a life, a dress can be replaced." That earned him a sudden, upward-pointed glare, nascent tears pearling at the edges. As if the dress was the important part! When it came time to discuss the ghost himself: "It said 'My cove'," Teea whispered low... She slowly tightened her grip on her uncle's arm.

Wednesday, 31st October, 2018

  • 05:47 PM - Gradine quoted Deuce Traveler in post 2018 IRON DM Tournament
    I want to apologize to Gradine. After reading IronSky's interpretation, I now understand the connection I missed before with the Red Unicorn ingredient. So I gave a point more for the use of red fur than I did the unicorn bit, but I now see the connection of the virgin princess with the unicorn lore. This might have pushed me to giving a full two points instead of one. This would not have mattered in the final tally, but I would have given a more complimentary write-up than I did in the above post. At the same time, the unicorn definitely isn't a protector by the time the party is involved, and they seem like they could get in contact with the beast regardless of their own virgin status. It's also interesting to see that the unicorn is not part of the cycle of forgetfulness everyone else suffers. If I were to run this, I would take the virginity mention, spiritual protection, and unicorn out altogether and replace it with an ogre-mage, which would have fit much better. The ogre-mage has a J...

Friday, 26th October, 2018

  • 07:06 PM - Tristissima quoted Deuce Traveler in post Upcoming fantasy movies - spoilers strictly prohibited
    Snow Crash from Amazon? Oh god... the largely anti-technology Corporation book put to screen by one of the largest technological Corporations in the world? I expect either something quite meta or a watered down product. Ugh. Snow Crash ~ I mean, I'm still bitter cuz all my friends told me to read it cuz I love ancient Sumer and just, no. Just, no. Diamond Age, Or a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer, on the other hand ~ THAT I would 186% be down to watch obsessively. I will say, considering Neal's famous skills at ending his novels, the episodic TV series format might really work for his storytelling, mebbe better than the prose novel. Asimov's Foundation Trilogy could make an excellent movie / mini-series. The director &c would have to stick to the themes the author developed, not what they think should have been written. (Given the theme of social/technological decay and a potential 1000-year span for the whole series, the technology should look clunky.) The last few Foundation novel...

Wednesday, 3rd October, 2018

  • 10:55 PM - Binder Fred quoted Deuce Traveler in post [OOC] Return of the Runelords
    Changed Teea's background a bit, to make it more dramatic :) ... Teea is born, child of a harsh winter Two years shy of maturity, during a great rain, Teea gets bored and decides to go exploring. She finds the family’s ancestral cache, half-buried under the house (the ground has shifted for some reason). The cache includes strips of moldy lamellar armor, rotten bolts of silk, ripped and faded scrolls (with secret family histories and –drum roll - the Secret to Dragonpowder!tm), battered oil lamps, mud-filled barrels, and a few broken firearms! (a single one of which only she can (eventually) make work) As she's down there, the ground rumbles and the hill slides; the lives of father, mother, brother and two sister are swept away, along with most of the house; buried in Audrahni’s cemetery (although little James' body was never found); Teea regularly goes to offer little tokens and burn offerings Maybe that's the hook. Teea should inherit the farm, but a well-to-do trader with cri...

Friday, 28th September, 2018

  • 10:02 PM - Gradine quoted Deuce Traveler in post 2018 IRON DM Tournament
    Your ingredients are: - Lost Minotaur - Disguised Warehouse - Idiomatic Confusion - Affably Evil - Perfect Game Are there meant to be only five ingredients?

Tuesday, 25th September, 2018

  • 05:12 PM - Binder Fred quoted Deuce Traveler in post [OOC] Return of the Runelords
    Edit: I'm looking at the 'Close Allies' trait. I am thinking about creating an older, disgruntled veteran of some war who considers himself a father-figure of one of the other characters. Maybe they are related by blood, or maybe he just feels protective of the younger generation. Either way, I'm looking at creating a front-line fighter, paladin, or barbarian at this point. Sure, I could go for that. Rough outline : Tchell crafts her guns Tian expats are one of the founding families of Roderick’s Cove (branch off Ameiko’s family (from Jade Regent) who settled in Sandpoint?) Many generations later: Teea’s family are wheat farmers (rotation crop?) on the best land in Roderick’s Cove: between the river and the hills, where yearly flooding render the earth rich and dark. Father, brother and two sister killed in mud-slide during a great rain; Buried in Audrahni’s cemetery; Teea regularly goes to offer little tokens and burn offerings Taken under Deuce’s PC’s wing: uncle, grandfather...

Saturday, 22nd September, 2018

  • 12:14 AM - Tailspinner quoted Deuce Traveler in post Looking to start a Pathfinder 1E Adventure Path
    I'm not sure if you were including me in this 2, but it popped up on my feed. I would be interested. Sorry Khraos this is for those people that were from my original games. I have gotten used to DMs mysteriously disappearing. You might be the first to have eventually come back. I do not even remember off hand what my characters are in any of those games. But sure, I guess I would be willing to get back into it. I Googled afterwards to see look at the old threads out of curiosity. I was also Olrich Henderthane the Arcanist and Alguhn Snarr the Giantblood Ranger. Seeing some of the old things I wrote was kinda cool. Will try to make something compelling for any new game. Glad to get back to things. Glad to have you back. Ha! Don't know about the other ones, Kaodi, but in Jade Regent you played Suldrel, an arctic elf who adopted shayuri's young Kitsune and raised her in the faraway town of Sandpoint. I was one of Kitsune's dearest childhood friends, Fastus the hot-headed forger. He of the...

Thursday, 28th June, 2018

  • 09:21 PM - TheBlueMax quoted Deuce Traveler in post In Search Of Mike Carr
    No idea, but it would be funny and keeping with the times if it was something like Kime Rarc. I see Mike on a regular basis and will see if I can get that information!

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018

Saturday, 10th March, 2018

  • 07:52 PM - EarlyBird quoted Deuce Traveler in post EB's Tyranny of Dragons - OOC (full)
    I'm ready to go, since I'm just taking a pre-gen. Just need to buy equipment and you are all set. And here is your background hook. Leosin Erlanthar, a wandering monk, once saved your life. He’s sent urgent word for you to meet him in a small town called Greenest. Looks like it’s time to pay off that debt.

Friday, 9th March, 2018

Thursday, 8th March, 2018

  • 04:41 AM - KainG quoted Deuce Traveler in post Realmsian Dragonstar: The Battle of Toril PbP Game [OOC]
    Knightfall , sorry but I'm going to have to drop out. I've been absent for the last year since I was working 50-60 hour work weeks. I have a bit more time now so I can get back in, but not enough time for me to relearn a new system and redo my primary and alternate characters. Thanks for being patient, and sorry for the bad news... Sorry to see you go, Deuce. It was short, but it was good playing with you!

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018

Tuesday, 6th March, 2018

  • 08:17 PM - Knightfall quoted Deuce Traveler in post Realmsian Dragonstar: The Battle of Toril PbP Game [OOC]
    Knightfall , sorry but I'm going to have to drop out. I've been absent for the last year since I was working 50-60 hour work weeks. I have a bit more time now so I can get back in, but not enough time for me to relearn a new system and redo my primary and alternate characters. Thanks for being patient, and sorry for the bad news... Not a problem. I figured I'd lose a few people after deciding to move onto the Starfinder rules. Do you mind if I use Rodan as an NPC, or would you prefer I just have him fade away into the mist? ;) That's what I'm going to do with Salthorae's characters since I haven't heard from him at all. Maybe he's not getting the notifications either, but I think its a safe bet he's out (or just doesn't have time).

Wednesday, 28th February, 2018

  • 06:07 AM - Knightfall quoted Deuce Traveler in post Realmsian Dragonstar: The Battle of Toril PbP Game [OOC]
    So... what am I missing? See here: I decided to convert the game to use Starfinder. You seemed to be absent from EN World for a while so I wasn't sure if you were getting the notifications. Do you have the SF Core Rulebook? If not, you can revise Rodan using this web site: Starjammer SRD. His level should be 14th and you should probably make him a Mystic. We can either convert the raptoran race or pick something that is similar such as Strix and just call them raptorans. If we go that route, we'll likely have to come up with an alternative to the Hatred racial trait for that race. I would say use the Dayguard racial trait instead of the Nocturnal racial trait and use either the Nimble racial trait or the Tough racial trait instead of the Suspicious racial trait.

Wednesday, 17th January, 2018

  • 11:00 PM - Gradine quoted Deuce Traveler in post Scheduling for the IRON DM 2017 Tournament
    Those ingredients were pretty tough. I think I nailed it on Velvet Glove, Delusionist, and Dopplegangers Masquerade. I did alright on Untrue Resurrection. The rest will be up to the judge's interpretation. What I could have done with a few hundred more words... :) They were indeed some exceptionally difficult ingredients. I showed my partner and her response was "some of those aren't even real words!" I feel similarly good about a handful of ingredients, and the like you, understand the rest will be up to interpretation. Definitely would have loved a some more words to better flesh out characters and locations.

Monday, 1st January, 2018

  • 03:44 AM - pemerton quoted Deuce Traveler in post Should the PCs try and capture the NPC starship?
    Do they know the ship's intended schedule, whether it's taking on cargo at its current location, whether it's carrying any of this bioweapon? The better question would be what the ship is doing there in the first place?The players' conjecture (which is also the PCs' conjecture) is that the vessel is at Enlil to pick up more test subjects/virus specimens. Enlil itself is Tech Level 3 (the starport is a fairly modest Class C orbital facility maintained by the Imperium), and so local authorities aren't going to be able to provide a whole lot of resistance. There was a branch of the bioweapons project on a third planet, Byron, which is one jump from Enlil in the "opposite" direction from Olyx. But the PCs disrupted that aspect of the operations pretty thoroughly, and handed all those involved over to the Byron authorities. In the climax of that episode (session report here) one group of bioweapons conspirators were trying to blow up the PCs from their orbiting starship - the Byron air force were dis...

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