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  • 12:05 PM - Coroc mentioned Matrix Sorcica in post Curse of Strahd: What is Straud von Zarovich's Title? [SPOILERS ALERT]
    well here i found something Matrix Sorcica posted in a 2016 thread "IIRC, there's advice in Expedition to Castle Ravenloft on placing it in FR. I seem to recall it's somewhere in the Galena Mountains in Damara. " So maybe not in the original module but later on. Is I6 mentioning Lathander or only morning Lord? I have got the module but at home so not accessable atm delericho

Wednesday, 31st January, 2018

  • 05:45 PM - Nevvur mentioned Matrix Sorcica in post No Magic Shops!
    Matrix Sorcica Why do you feel it's necessary for gold to be useful beyond acquiring the basic necessities for adventuring?

Monday, 13th November, 2017

  • 12:10 AM - kenmarable mentioned Matrix Sorcica in post Paizo New Roundup With Extra Ultimate Wilderness
    ...s depressing. Eric's Grandma may be happy everyone is keeping their language clean, but she'd be sad at how antagonistic so much of the discussion has become, especially around front page news. What is wrong about being excited for something? Did the hipster "Oh, you really like that - guess you've sold out" attitude go mainstream here or something? It's supposed to be a game that people can enjoy without accusations of being paid shills. ------------------------------------------------ To follow my own advice: I've been fascinated by the idea of a shapechanging class for years but never really could figure out how to make it work. In fact, I first had an idea about it back reading about Korean mythology where powerful beings would compete by trying to out shapechange each other. I'm curious how this class can fit something like that which is more of a divine/spiritual power rather than just wilderness vibe, or even reflavoring into other concepts. Can't wait to read it! Matrix Sorcica: see, not so hard. :)

Tuesday, 7th March, 2017

  • 09:49 AM - dave2008 mentioned Matrix Sorcica in post 5e EPIC MONSTER UPDATES
    I have added Koliada, the Winter Witch, to the Fey section. This is the first Arch-Fey in the Epic Updates. Koliada was converted from 4e by Matrix Sorcica , thank you very much for the help Matrix! FYI, there is one part of Koliada's entry that is missing. She can turn enemies into "Pillars of Ice," which become frozen minions of hers. We still need to add the stat block for the Pillars of Ice, but I didn't want to hold off posting Koliada herself any longer. Also, I think after finally getting the first Arch-Fey posted I will focus on these epic entities for the near future. Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, 15th March, 2016

Saturday, 20th December, 2014

  • 05:13 PM - Scrivener of Doom mentioned Matrix Sorcica in post Neverwinter 5e
    ...verwinter or something like that? However, you're really just going with a loose idea presented in Keep on the Shadowfell; there really is nothing else worth salvaging from that embarrassment of a product. Another route that makes a lot of sense in Neverwinter involves taking the core idea of 1E/2E's Ruins of Adventure - this was based on one of the early gold box CRPGs and was set in Phlan - and have the PCs clearing out the threats in each of the districts of Neverwinter. To be frank, that's been a large part of my ongoing campaign. Blacklake has been pacified. The Chasm is just about done, and then River District and its orcs will be the last one "domesticated" by the PCs. Ironically in the light of your interest in Night Below, my PCs managed to awaken a city of slumbering aboleth in the bottom of the Chasm - inspired by Golismorga in the Savage Tide adventure path - and the Paragon Tier will probably involve dealing with this threat of their own making. Anyway, thanks to Matrix Sorcica for the link to my blog; there's a fair bit there about Neverwinter (it's for 4E but there's also a lot of edition-neutral stuff) but I welcome the opportunity to bounce some ideas around if you are interested.

Tuesday, 9th December, 2014

  • 01:10 PM - Scrivener of Doom mentioned Matrix Sorcica in post [FR] Mount Hotenow, Thundertree, and Neverwinter
    Thanks for your concern, Matrix Sorcica. I've actually been trying to shake an 11-week-old dose of bronchitis and, each time I seem to beat it, I travel on business and flying seem to give me a fresh dose... as well as an ear infection that renders me deaf in one ear and with limited hearing in the other. This is not supposed to happen in a tropical country...! But enough whingeing from me: I've actually got an update going up today or tomorrow. Surprise, surprise; I'm actually going to be running a game of 5E set in and around Phandalin and the PCs are going to be facing the Tyrant of the Twilit Land.... :) I'll be posting the actual play reports in due course but I will be putting up my Session 0 including my DM notes first. For those who may be interested, this is actually going to be a fairly straightforward updating of the Caves of Chaos from B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. The titular tyrant is a young beholder uniting the various humanoid tribes for nefarious ends. I'm going to lower the beholder's CR as part o...

Sunday, 17th August, 2014

  • 06:29 AM - Scrivener of Doom mentioned Matrix Sorcica in post [FR] Mount Hotenow, Thundertree, and Neverwinter
    Matrix Sorcica, my apologies for the delay. I couldn't remember which board I posted on! :) For the effect of the eruption, try the first 40 seconds or so of this video: For a general introduction to the city that you can show players, try this:

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Saturday, 20th July, 2019

  • 05:20 PM - MoonSong quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Is Pathfinder 2 Paizo's 4E?
    Porphyra or something like that. Being designed by purple duck games. AFAIK, it's not a clone but a genuine PF heartbreaker. Let me check... ok that is not what I had in mind. Doesn't look like a viable alternative to me. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, it looks interesting in its own right, just not a substitute. I kind of expected a more serious effort to have surfaced by now.

Saturday, 15th June, 2019

  • 03:34 AM - Riley37 quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Looking for good "against the cult" adventures - preferably urban
    I think the poster meant the AL season 1 adventures, and not the Tyranny of Dragons adventures themselves. I ran most of the AL Season 1 adventures, some at a store game and some as a home game. I have read, but not played, "Tyranny of Dragons". Here's my thought: the AL Season 1 adventures can be fun, one by one, but they don't actually tell the DM much about the cult as a whole. They'll name, and stat-block, one cultist, so that the PCs can intercept that cultist and foil that cultist's specific mission (such as Spernik, in The Courting of Fire, DDEX1-5). Here are some questions never answered: Why did Spernik join the cult? If he had succeeded in his mission, to whom would he report? Does the cult have a general strategy, which motivates each of their various plots and missions? Does the cult get funding from wealthy members, and if so, who are they? Are any members of the city's government or major institutions (guilds, temples, etc.) involved with the cult? Is the cult's chapter in Phlan run b...

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  • 12:27 PM - Yaarel quoted Matrix Sorcica in post How To Clone 4E Using 5E Rules
    FYI,there's a 4E clone project going on at It seems their approaching is using the 3e OGL? There is merit here to use 5e. 5e can reach more players and is a more robust gaming system.

Wednesday, 8th May, 2019

  • 01:29 AM - MerricB quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Paizo To Make Kingmaker Bestiary... For D&D 5E!
    Maybe, as long as you don't use official adventures/APs. The last many of them are bloated with monsters from late bestiaries, not to speak of the npcs who have classes, abilities and feats many people haven't even heard about. Sure, it's online for free, but a real pain to use. This is a key point. It's very hard to ignore the extra content when the official adventures use a LOT of it. Cheers!

Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

  • 09:02 AM - CapnZapp quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Deconstructing 5e: Typical Wealth by Level
    I highly recommend this fan made magic item pricing supplement. It's a very qualified attempt at pricing items based on utility, basing the assumptions on spells the item replicates. Check it out. I know the old CapnZ doesn't agree with the basic assumptions of the system, but it's far better than anyway WotC has half-assed. Absolutely. The WotC system isn't just half-assed, it's full on all ass. (I clashed with Blacky but that was - to the best of my memory - over details. We both agree with the basic premise, to establish how much wealth a character of a given level have, and then present prices as a fraction of that wealth. This is because even the "this weapon is 1000 gp" has its limitations in a game with exponential wealth like D&D and because of this: if an item is equally valuable to a level 1 character and a level 20 character, say a magic ring that grants you a fourth attunement slot, the price needs to be maybe "half of your expected wealth" regardless of how much that wealth actu...

Thursday, 21st March, 2019

  • 07:22 PM - dave2008 quoted Matrix Sorcica in post 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual
    Hi Dave Was looking a the Ancient Red Dragon Kahn. It's space is 30x30 ft. If it uses its Fire Aura ability, it becomes a pillar of fire 10 ft. in radius. That means it actually becomes smaller than before and creatures that were adjacent to it before now won't be affected by the aura? The intent is a 10-foot radius around the dragon's space (so 40x40). I will have to revise the language to clarify. Also, could you please give a reminder as to why you're moving away from legendary actions. I personally find the extra reactions at a certain initative count and the usage of a potential opportunity attack to be a bit cumbersome, but most importantly, it deviates from the standard way of doing boss monsters, that everybody else is following. I'm afraid it could lessen the appeal of your work for (many?) people, which would be a shame indeed. At first it was just a thought exercise spurred by a comment in another thread (about not liking that legendary monsters had a different action economy...

Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019

  • 12:12 PM - Rellott quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Robert Schwalb releases his version of Warlord
    Could you elaborate on what makes these Warlord takes great? Especially curious about the Warmage. I’m not the poster you’re quoting, but I’m familiar with all of those. The Arcanis tactician fighter archetype gets Int mod number of dice like bardic inspiration (that scale like those, too) that it can give to allies to apply not just to d20 rolls but to damage rolls as well. The kicker is that it has to be spent on pursuit of whatever directive you gave them, which could be as specific as “cast firebolt at that guy!” or as vague as “win this battle!” The tactician also gets maneuvers (like battlemaster, but no extra dice) that are all geared toward teamwork. Overall the archetype might be OP, but most of Arcanis’s stuff is a little OP anyway, so it’s fine as long as everyone else is using that stuff. I am playing one on EN5ider’s Nobles right now (using the tactician archetype!) and it’s great. I have a few different ways to divide up my attacks while divvying out different amounts/types of att...

Sunday, 20th January, 2019

  • 02:24 PM - dave2008 quoted Matrix Sorcica in post 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual
    I see you've gone back to multiplying xp by 1,5 for elites (the eye tyrant's xps are off, btw)? I assume they're still 150% hit points and damage? Didn't you at one point assert that that equals a doubling of xp? FYI, I checked and I did grab the wrong spreadsheet. However, the only thing that change was the XP and I'm second guessing the 2x XP anyway. Once I get time to analysis them more I will update my Hardcore encounter guidelines and revise the Monster XP as needed. I have also corrected the beholder's XP - thank you for keeping an eye out for me!

Tuesday, 15th January, 2019

Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

  • 09:23 PM - dave2008 quoted Matrix Sorcica in post 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual
    I see you've gone back to multiplying xp by 1,5 for elites (the eye tyrant's xps are off, btw)? I assume they're still 150% hit points and damage? Didn't you at one point assert that that equals a doubling of xp? Hmm, I didn't intend to change anything. Now I am worried that I've been using the wrong spreadsheet. I will have to check. I should have suspected something when the dragon HP dropped by so much - now I'm really worried! I will take a look this weekend (if I can wait that long). Yes, that is the basic idea. FYI, for HP I have been giving "elites" 75% of the roll per HD. So a standard xd8 = x*4.5 and an elite xd8 = x*6

Friday, 28th December, 2018

  • 07:49 PM - dave2008 quoted Matrix Sorcica in post 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual
    The new design looks good. Perhaps a bit rough around the edges still, but the concept is sound. A couple of points you may consider making clearer: Thank you and I appreciate the comments! 1) maybe it should specify that the dragon only loses the use of the draconic instincts actions, and not the remaining benefits of draconic instincts.Assuming you are talking about unstoppable. Yes, I added those extra features of Draconic instincts later and forgot how they might interact with unstoppable. Good catch, I will need to clarify that. 2) being adjacent to an ignited area inflicts the same damage as being inside? Yes, it is kinda strange, I believe that it is the same situation as a "wall of fire" and that as the effect I was going for. I may just remove the adjacent part. 3) for tail slam, I assume 'the dragon's reach' is the 40' reach (for the ancient)? Yes 4) I really, really enjoyed the bloodied breath feature of 4e, almost ensuring a dragon always got to use it's breath at le...

Thursday, 27th December, 2018

  • 03:02 PM - rdevelyn quoted Matrix Sorcica in post RPGNow Is Being Retired
    Weird. I don't get this notice at all, though I do remember seeing it before with this publisher. You can get them all at the paizo web site. Incidentally, there's nothing hugely gratuitously adult in my adventures, but I marked most of them adult just to cover myself in case someone disagreed, and so as not to have to think about it when I write (well, wrote, because I've stopped now). Cheers Richard

Monday, 10th December, 2018

Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

  • 09:26 PM - MechaTarrasque quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Nentir Vale Coming to Dungeons and Dragons
    I remember the Bane article. It was great! Don't remember the aspects, though I'm sure you're right :) Also sure ZeromaruX will be here in a short while to tell us the details :cool: I wouldn't have remembered Bane, but there were a couple of people trying to reverse engineer stat blocks for the gods based on the aspects on one of the more interesting WotC forum threads; they were a bit confounded by the two aspects having different roles. Given that there were goblins, orcs, etc. with different roles, it shouldn't have been such a big deal, but god stat blocks were so rare that any blip was a big one.... Edit: I also want to agree that that Bane article was really good. For an edition that didn't "officially" have LN (admittedly with evil tendencies), he really came across as an excellent example of that. After reading the article, I adjusted how I ran the setting so that merchants and farmers were actually happier in hobgoblin-controlled areas then in most human-controlled areas. Although the...
  • 07:55 PM - MechaTarrasque quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Nentir Vale Coming to Dungeons and Dragons
    They did? I'm quite sure they didn't. If I still had a subscription to the compendium, I would give you the actual references, but Bane had a warlord one (The Conqueror) and a melee fighter one, (I think it might have been the Legionnaire). They popped up in the Dragon (I think or might be Dungeon) article on lore about Bane. Moradin's aspect was actually one of the more interesting 4e monsters, as it came with a bunch of high-level dwarf-shaped golem minions that it could replace when the PC's broke them. I am not sure where it came from, but I saw both the aspect and the minions on the compendium, so it must have been official.

Sunday, 2nd December, 2018

  • 07:01 AM - quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Nentir Vale Coming to Dungeons and Dragons
    Edit: found the answers by reading more of the thread. I really, really recommend you to go to and check out ZeromaruX's amazing compilations of all the NV lore. It's a litteral treasure trove. Yeah, that's nice. Will definitely help anyone trying to play in NV using 5e (don't forget, the 4e pantheon is detailed in the DMG, folks... :))

Friday, 30th November, 2018

  • 03:12 PM - CrimsonCarcharodon quoted Matrix Sorcica in post Nentir Vale Coming to Dungeons and Dragons
    Edit: found the answers by reading more of the thread. I really, really recommend you to go to and check out ZeromaruX's amazing compilations of all the NV lore. It's a litteral treasure trove. Holy crap. Bookmarked and saved.

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