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I'm a hack and slasher, point me in the direction of what you want me to kill and let me kill it.
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Wednesday, 27th March, 2013

  • 10:16 PM - FickleGM mentioned MrsFickleGM in post Boston Game Day - May The Fourth Be With You (PLAYER SIGN-UPS)
    ...4. Tabitha 5. Tachikoma 6. RazorLollipopGirl 2. LordBill of Bedrock Games - Sertorius - New Game (Network System, i.e. Servants of Gaius, Terror Network) - 6 to 8 players Sertorius Be a mighty sorcerer with a spark of divine power, a hulking ogre cursed by the gods, or even a lesser mortal. Experience a swords and sorcery setting where magic is powerful, but very dangerous for the wielder. Get an early look at a new rpg a year before it is published. I would like to run a morning and an afternoon session, and 8 players is fine, with 6 being ideal. 1. FickleGM 2. WalkingCorpse 3. ericpat 4. Tharian's Friend 5. 6. 7. 8. 3. Seonaid - Mystery Scenario - Hollowpoint - 2 to 5 players Hollowpoint: bad people killing bad people for bad reasons I don't have a scenario yet (shhh, don't tell the players). No experience necessary, just bring a writing implement and the desire to mess things up. 1. MrsFickleGM 2. Mrwright 3. Storminator 4. Dantilla 5. CrazyCake 4. nasrat - A Winter's Tale - Dread - 5 players A Winters Tale An arctic expedition using Dread (Jenga mechanic). 5 player slots. January 1937 [I]Members for expedition sought STOP To collect weather data to make a magnetic survey; to photograph the aurora borealis and study its effects upon radio transmission; and to explore the area northwest of E... Ideal for those without family constraints as the arctic freeze will mean the expedition is isolated for the winter months. Contact P... 1. EatsLemons 2. Nerfwright 3. ShadowDenizen 4. MallofCthulhu 5. Mummy Baggers 6. A loveable scoundrel 5. Qualidar - The Raw Deal and the Iron Hand Gang - Deadlands Reloaded - 4 to 6 players The Raw Deal and the Iron Hand Gang The most brazen crime this side of the Mississippi has struck the city of Harrisburg. C...

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Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

  • 03:33 PM - Egg Embry quoted MrsFickleGM in post Here's Our 2017 ENnie Awards Host: Stacy Dellorfano!
    Love the summary of all of the awesome Dream Dates!! Thank you! Thanks! I'm excited about the ENnies ceremony! These "dates" are just icing on the cake. :) Thanks Egg Embry, Wanna-lancer Check out EN World Gaming at the Kids’ Table posts to read reviews of The FirstFable RPG, Monster Slayers, and Mouse Tails

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

  • 09:48 PM - AriochQ quoted MrsFickleGM in post Gen Con 2017 Sells Out 4-Day Badges!
    Ours are Auxiliary Badges, we only have 5 left available pre-assigned to the ENnies. I just assigned 2 this morning, so hopefully I still can! Realized after I wrote it, allocations needed to be finalized before they sold out. Once you have the allocation, you can assign at anytime.

Sunday, 2nd July, 2017

Tuesday, 14th July, 2015

  • 02:18 AM - Tre Grisby quoted MrsFickleGM in post confirmation
    Thanks! I've got you signed up :) Perfect! Good luck and I will see you in a couple weeks. If there are last minute updates. I don't check this forum. I do have it set up to notify my but those go to my junk mail as of right now. My email is the best way to catch me Trewaters at hotmail dot com

Sunday, 5th July, 2015

  • 12:01 AM - Michael Long quoted MrsFickleGM in post The ENnies Voting Booth Is Live!
    Okay. Hey, our developer feels REALLY BAD about this whole fiasco. He thinks the problem's fixed, but we had to clear out the database to fix it. That means if you already voted--go ahead and vote again. We want to be sure everybody's vote gets counted! You have until July 14th! We're Back LIVE !!!!

Tuesday, 16th June, 2015

Friday, 29th May, 2015

  • 10:08 PM - Ryenosaurus quoted MrsFickleGM in post 2015 Booth Volunteer Signup
    Terrific - I'll sign you up. You're a new user name, can I get your real name please? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post it. :) thanks! Cindy I have no problems posting it. My real name is Tim Beirne.

Tuesday, 28th April, 2015

  • 08:08 PM - Mike Selinker quoted MrsFickleGM in post AMA (Tuesday noon, April 28): Mike Selinker, your 2015 ENnie Awards host, ex-D&D creative director, and creator of the RPG/card game hybrid Apocrypha Adventure Card Game. Ask me anything!
    OK, let's light this candle. This seems like a great place to start. Hi Mike - I used to run my work's newsletter, and here's some of the frequently asked questions I would propose during the interviews. Feel free to answer any and all that you like! What's your educational background? Garfield High School, Seattle WA Northwestern University, Evanston IL Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork DW What would you consider to be your area of expertise? Finding people who are better than me at everything to help me be better at everything. What's the best part of your job? There are some people who would not call what I do a "job." That's the best part. What's your hobbies? Poker, puzzlery, playing with my dog, other things that start with P. What's your favorite quote? "I did it 35 minutes ago." What's your missed calling? In middle school I was certain my two most likely careers were rock star and NBA player. If you ever wrote an autobiography, what would it be calle...

Friday, 5th September, 2014

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