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Saturday, 8th April, 2017

  • 01:45 AM - Abstruse quoted ProtoClone in post Joe Manganelio is Writing the D&D Movie? And Is it DRAGONLANCE?
    Dragonlance is a good choice. Instead of trying to write a whole movie from scrap, this just needs to be adapted. It also benefits from being a novel and easy to grasp. I agree with using an established setting...however, I don't think adapting a novel is the way to go, especially one as beloved as Weis and Hickman's original Dragonlance novels. For one, they'll have to make changes adapting to a new medium and that'll piss off the fans. Meanwhile, Dragonlance has a TON of characters to introduce and a two hour movie just isn't going to cut it to establish Tanis, Raistlin, Tasslehoff, Sturm, and Goldmoon alone (more or less the main characters), not counting Flint, Caramon, Kitiara, Riverwind, Fizban, the world itself, the antagonists, etc. IF they want to adapt that, they should go with a limited run TV series (10-13 episode series like Game of Thrones or various Netflix shows).

Friday, 6th January, 2017

Sunday, 20th September, 2015

  • 02:16 PM - Torg Smith quoted ProtoClone in post Fantasy Flight Games Acquires LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS
    Huh? Um, WotC doesn't own L5R you know? That's correct, this thread is about FFG buying L5R. I was just noting how WotC has been real slow about doing anything with D&D while trying to get as much out of the brand through merchandising and other stuff. With the recent planned closing of the community site, it is looking like WotC might be doing a little spring cleaning. FFG has been a company that is dependent on licenses that have done very well for themselves. Acquiring WotC would be a big boost for non-licensed products. I have no inside information. I am purely thinking out loud. I believe FFG's cards sell better than their RPGs. As WotC does both cards (Magic) and RPGs (a number of different RPG's for IP, with D&D the biggie), it would be a good match. In all of FFGs presentations, they have been showing exponential growth in sales. At some point, their revenue will cross over the bottom line on margin that Hasbro expects from WotC. It could have happened already, we don't know. ...

Saturday, 19th September, 2015

  • 09:20 PM - Brodie quoted ProtoClone in post Fantasy Flight Games Acquires LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS
    Man, that might be a good time to look into buying the books. I have always admired the game but was always a little intimidated by the lore behind it. The best thing I can recommend is reading the timeline in the core rulebook. It's not as in depth as all the fiction, but it gives you a good place to start if something there catches your fancy. The history spans about twelve centuries. Believe me, if I had known how much story there was before playing the RPG, I'd have been intimidated as well. Plus, with the timeline, a prospective gm can pick what time frame they want their story to take place. The first campaign I was in was during the 700s. The campaign the gm is running now is set in the 1100s, just before the Scorpion Clan Coup. I wonder if this is the first step before acquiring D&D from Hasbro. Looks like WotC is doing a little spring cleaning. Huh?

Tuesday, 15th April, 2014

  • 07:09 AM - dm4hire quoted ProtoClone in post what isn't an rpg that should be?
    I always had wished Farscape could have had more focus. Maybe someone will pick it up because it deserves an RPG with how messed up, muppets-on-acid, that world is. I want to thrown in my vote for G.I.Joe, Transformers, Thundarr (what got me into post apocalyptic stories), Dune, He-Man, Thundercats. Some more: Fables (comics) The original Farscape RPG was good, but I think d20 was a poor match up for it. It deserves its own system or a more open form. Maybe modified Fate or Cortex.

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