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RPGer of many hats. Wondering who is in the area.
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stonegod was institutionalized at a young age and believed to be mentally handicapped. He is brilliant with a keen grasp of numbers and mathematics, but he is barely able to talk.
Starkville, MS
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Friday, 22nd November, 2013

  • 05:41 AM - FourMonos mentioned stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    ...The meat they serve is troll. Each grist house has its own troll. The trolls are usually serving terms for punishment. Their meat is flayed off for cooking. Again and again and again." He shakes his head as he maneuvers you further into the city. Gowsam finally moves you to the Calabas. It is like entering another city, the streets and buildings look like they were transported from Sharn itself. He leads you to the main plaza, "This is the Roar, named for the dragon stature taking it center (which is roaring at the sky). A goblin market starts around sunset." Around the Roar, you see a Kundarak Vault, several inns, a House Orien enclave and the House Tharashk enclave. "Let's not keep our friends waiting." He leads you straight to the House Tharashk enclave. Sorry about the delay, just really busy. I also thought this would be a good time to have people check in. You know, make sure I didn't kill anyone with boredom. So I'll poke @MetaVoid @Neurotic @KarinsDad @stonegod @TwoHeadsBarking

Tuesday, 17th September, 2013

Friday, 16th August, 2013

  • 08:14 AM - MetaVoid mentioned stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    Bellegon awaits the reaction of undead knight, but it seems the energies holding the undead together are weakening as he looks at the offending minotaur. Bellegon uses power of his dark armor and calls upon the darkness from deep within Eberron. Long shadows of dusk deepen and squirm before erupting all around the warlock, plunging the combat zone into darkness. As soon as it appeared, the darkness receedes, not having any discernible effect. Minor: Curse Ted Minor: Use Armor of Dark Majesty to curse M2 (any one creature within sight instead of closest one) Standard: Cursebite vs Fort (Warden, Ted, M2); necrotic damage; curse damage (1d20+12=19, 1d20+12=20, 1d20+12=22, 2d8+7+6=22, 1d6=3) - I don't believe this! Three rolls, probably misses. I didn't hit with anything more powerful then at-will except one daily that they saved from immediately! Terrible!! Now I'm sorry I didn't wait for stonegod and Neurotic, maybe they could've done something to help... FourMonos, if any of the enemies are bloodied at the moment of this casting, add 1 damage and +2 to hit (CA) and I still think it misses all three :( Bellegon Darksun STATUS: unlucky :) AURA: 6 CURSED: M2, warden, Ted - Bellegon has +2 to defenses vs these Initiative +7; Senses Passive Insight 14, Passive Perception 14, Darkvision HP 36/65 Bloodied 32, Surge Value 16, Surges 7/7 AC 21; Fortitude 17, Reflex 19, Will 20 1 AP Saving Throws: Speed 6 Eldritch Strike Spiteful Glamor Fast Hands: once per round stash or retrieve item as free action Cloud of Darkness Second Wind Cursebite Shadow Step Shared Agony Life Siphon Confounding Laugther Takedown Strike Your Glorious Sacrifice Twilight of the Soul Ring of Pain Talon amulet - Daily: Minor: melee attacker suffers 1d6 damage 'till the end of the encounter Knifethrower gloves: Daily : Free Action. When Bellegon hits with a thrown weapon attack he can add +5 pow...

Sunday, 11th August, 2013

  • 03:51 PM - MetaVoid mentioned stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    stonegod, could you please push that minotaur one closer to Bellegon (so that it's in K column anywhere between 17 and 21) "Czern, can you return that minotaur to it's former position? I'm preparing something, but they keep moving about."

Saturday, 6th July, 2013

Tuesday, 4th June, 2013

Friday, 31st May, 2013

  • 07:31 AM - Neurotic mentioned stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    FourMonos, stonegod, KarinsDad, TwoHeadsBarking, does dominated ally counts as enemy for purposes of triggers like "if enemy moves/attack you can do something"? Also, FourMonos, please consider Venakhad's Bastion of Mental Clarity on area attacks against Will - I couldn't save Czern because Ven wasn't included in the attack (and because of his abysmal stat), but I would interrupt Spirit of nature's wrath if it is against will...please consider it if/when other minotaur(s) (or other enemies) use their attacks ... I will wait with my post to see what others do and heal at the end :)

Wednesday, 22nd May, 2013

  • 03:35 AM - FourMonos mentioned stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    ... 11 damage and knocks it prone. Malehan: Hit Ogre 3 for 17 damage. Illumination: Fading daylight. Light brown squares are field. Light green squares are light shrub. Dark green squares and thicker shrubs and small trees, difficult terrain. Brown squares are palisade walls. Map. Czern Belog (E-15): 85/85; HS 15/15; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: marked Chael: (E-20): 5 THP 76/76; HS 12/12; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: +2 all defenses (Dusk), marked Dusk: (E-21): 5 THP 38/38 AC 23 F 25 R 21 W 25 Bonus: partial cover, +1 defenses if adjacent to Chael. Malehan (B-22): 5 THP 64/80; HS 9/9; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: Alexia Madgearu (C-18): 5 THP 70/70; HS 11/11; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: Bellagon (E-15): 8 THP 49/65; HS 7/7; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: Venakhad (C-19): 69/69; HS 8/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: Rohna (B23-C24): 5 THP 67/88; HS 13/13; AP 0; Second Wind; Status; Ogre 1: Movement: None. Standard: Brutal Sweep vs. Alexia, Venakhad: 18 for both miss. @stonegod Czern gets a OA. Ogre 2: Movement: None. Standard: Morningstar vs. Chael: 24 is a miss. Chael is marked TENT. Ogre 3: Movement: Stand. Standard: Morningstar vs. Chael: 22 also misses. Ogre 4: Movement: Shift to F-G,1 14-15. Standard: Morningstar vs. Czern: 21 vs AC misses. Czern is marked TENT. Gnolls 1,2,3 Double move to current location Minotaus 1,2,3 Double move to current location Ogres: 24 AC 22 F 19 R 19 W 1: (C-D, 16-17) Damage taken: 32, -2 attacks TENT, -2 defenses, (TENT: Ven) 2: (D-E, 18-19) Damage taken: 18, marked (Chael), -2 attacks TENT, -2 defenses, (TENT: Ven) 3. (C-D, 21-22) Damage taken: 80, marked (Chael), -2 defenses (TENT: Ven), bloodied 4. (F-G, 15-16) Damage taken: 13, -2 attacks TENT Minotaur 1 (Q-16) ?? AC ?? F ?? R ?? W Minotaur 2 (R-17) ?? AC ?? F ?? R ?? W Minotaur 3 (Q-18) ?? AC ?? F ?? R ?? W Gnoll Soldiers ?? AC ?? F ?? R ?? W 1. (P-14) 2. (O-17) 3. (P-20) Warden: ?? AC ?? F ?? R ?? W (AA-16) Damage taken:

Tuesday, 7th May, 2013

Thursday, 2nd May, 2013

  • 08:37 AM - Neurotic mentioned stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    "Bring them closer together if you can! Single step suffices." telepathic voice echoes in Alexia and Czerns head. stonegod, TwoHeadsBarking Not really super important, but if Ogre 1 steps "down" 1 all three will be within blast 5. Same for #3, but Rhona blocks it...

Thursday, 28th March, 2013

Sunday, 24th February, 2013

  • 05:05 PM - KarinsDad mentioned stonegod in post Adventure: Poisoned to the Core DM: FourMonos Judge: KarinsDad
    ...aNa. Hopefully, when the gaming bug bites you again, and life has evened out, you will be able to rejoin us. You will be missed :). You also made me contemplate my current time commitments. To be honest, I have spread myself too thin and my reaction has been to procrastinate. I need to cut back to be fair to all the players. For that reason, I will likely be weaning down my characters (mostly in L4W) as their adventures come to an end. I also can't run two adventures at once. I need to shut down "Poisoned to the Core" for now. A second version may come to the fore once my other adventure "Assassination" has come to its completion. My apologies to those involved in "Poisoned". Since I'm finishing this adventure in the middle of a fight, I'm not sure the best way to proceed. I will check with KarinsDad. Thanks in advance. Typically, one of the judges takes over. Send an Emali message to the leb judges ( ) asking for them to step in. renau1g stonegod TwoHeadsBarking I have 90% of a new adventure finished that I should be sending to the judges later today. So, I will probably not be taking over this adventure as I am playing in one and will be DMing another.

Monday, 4th February, 2013

Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

Wednesday, 9th January, 2013

Sunday, 16th December, 2012

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Monday, 25th November, 2013

  • 09:23 PM - FourMonos quoted stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    I'm going to be very intermittent for the next few weeks and not at all the next few days as my child is imminent. Have fun, folks. Congrats sg! we'll be here when you have time. Enjoy the sleep deprivation :D

Thursday, 5th September, 2013

  • 11:46 AM - KarinsDad quoted stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    Czern spent an AP to charge the minotaur (having used his ability to cause Ted and M2 to have a -5 to attack anyone not him. Got it. Because Czern was not OAed, he was not knocked prone which means that his charge on the Minotaur occurs. Yikes! Are we having fun yet? ;)

Thursday, 16th May, 2013

  • 08:00 PM - Neurotic quoted stonegod in post L4W Discussion Thread V
    All of mine are way over level. So you could DM one adventure for remaining higher level adventurers so that we join you at paragon and you can then collect the group for some adventures...

Wednesday, 15th May, 2013

  • 11:59 AM - KarinsDad quoted stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    If anyone hits Czern, 1/encounter he can use strikebacks to attack. Not if they miss (on OA, for example). Useful for setting up hit (slow) then hit (prone) combos in one round. Strikebacks cannot be used on Czern's turn (as per what we were discussing about attacking back when a foe OAs Czern). I'm not sure why I had that impression. Maybe I got confused over some Battle Guardian attacks (which also cannot be used on Czern's turn, but ???).

Tuesday, 14th May, 2013

  • 10:01 AM - Neurotic quoted stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    I'll have to tell my wife of my supposed wild oat adventures that my Internet friends think I'm on this week. FYI: For those NPC'ing Czern: Defending the Line is his primary stance as it allows him to slow on hit then knock prone those that are slowed as a follow up. I know. But I'm using everything you have. Having primary stance doesn't mean you don't get to use others :) Don't worry, after I hoard three ogres into single pile to enable burst 1 and blast 3 to affect them I will change it :)if you get three ogres hemmed in between melee characters they cannot move and can be blasted at will

Sunday, 12th May, 2013

Friday, 15th February, 2013

  • 08:11 PM - KarinsDad quoted stonegod in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    The undead knight did not join the others at the table, instead standing a still post near the entrance to the room. His accoutrements were as polished as every, and he could almost be taken for a statue. But a statue made out of dead flesh and bone. Apparently, the Karrnathi had nothing to say. Or its perspective was too different to of much use to those that eat and drank this day. If I was playing Skyrim, the first thing I would attack is the Undead standing in the inn. If this were a table game, I'd put cigars in one of his hands and a tin cup in the other and make a profit. ;)

Friday, 11th January, 2013

Sunday, 16th December, 2012

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