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    Yesterday, 04:04 PM
    As a GM I pretty much stick with the RAW. As a player and GM I prefer 3.5/PF 1 so I'm used to the AOOs from both those games. But I can see from a design point of view of getting rid of the number of AOOs in 3.5e/PF1 to make the game simpler like moving towards 5E's approach.
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    Yesterday, 04:00 PM
    The fighter to my knowledge (and select monsters) are the only ones that get attacks of opportunity as a "feature/ability"
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    Sunday, 14th July, 2019, 04:45 AM
    RPGs live and die by their setting. Only D&D can afford to go "setting agnostic" (and that is barely) by virtue of its size and prominence. Without a strong setting a random RPG is but a set of bland mechanics, and if it's fantasy themed, it is just a heartbreaker. For identity purposes World of Darkness is Storyteller, Freedom City is M&M, and Golarion is Pathfinder. Yes, other settings can work...
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    Saturday, 13th July, 2019, 02:50 AM
    Ideally I would have ability modifiers not affecting skill bonus by themselves, I would rather high ability bonuses helped you have higher proficiency levels faster. Edit: An on topic, this isn't necessarily a judgment of value, what I got from the playtest was that PF2 somehow managed to have the bad parts of 4e without the good stuff. I'm still on the fence on whether to give it some of my...
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    Friday, 12th July, 2019, 11:25 PM
    I never said I wanted the Alchemist gone. All I said was leaving Witches out of core was a bad decision. I only speak for myself in this. The choice to make bards occult made what it means to be occult confusing -seriously, it is a conversation in the Paizo forums-
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    Friday, 12th July, 2019, 05:15 PM
    I think it is a glaring omission because: a) The witch is important in Golarion (the most common non-divine caster) and b) the witch is an obvious primary occult caster, by not having it the bard was square pegged into the tradition and as a primary caster at the expense of other stuff. (IMO primal or arcane fitted better for the bard)
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    Thursday, 11th July, 2019, 06:38 PM
    qstor replied to OSR Gripes
    The fun for me is playing a "stripped" down PC without all the bells and whistles of 5e/PF/d20. I started with 1e so I'm actually more partial to OSRIC than LL and S&W but I'm been playing DCC with a friend of mine lately and that's fun too.
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    Thursday, 11th July, 2019, 06:36 PM
    I've played it twice. It plays simpler than PF1. Attacks of opportunity are pretty much gone. I made one PC and I didn't care for the PC creation process. The "class" feat choices seemed similar to 4e powers to me. I'd prefer the PF1 approach of feats which ALL PCs can chose from. Resonance is going away which most of my friends are happy about.
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    Thursday, 11th July, 2019, 05:29 PM
    That ship has long sailed, and sank. Nobody survived, and there's nothing left of the shipwreck...
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    Thursday, 11th July, 2019, 05:20 PM
    It all depends on context, it isn't a clear cut black and white issue. In this particular context doesn't matter that badly. But for example, in 5e what's core and what isn't does matter. I still can't have an aasimar divine soul in AL for example, because neither is core! Core matters, some DMs play with core-only. Some groups demand core-only. Core classes/races receive more attention from...
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    Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019, 06:09 PM
    This is an exceeding tricky book to evaluate. The audience for this book is the narrow group that plays D&D but also enjoys the Penny Arcade live games. I’m uncertain how it will be received by D&D fans who aren’t Acquisitions Incorporated fans: even as someone who has watched the live games but not the C-Team games there was a lot of references I didn’t get. Like the new race. And because...
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    Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019, 06:01 PM
    Product information... View for more details
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    Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019, 01:10 AM
    If you need to cheat, it means you have a paper-thin case. Which means you aren't very good at finding loopholes. I stand my ground cheating= munchkin and not a rules lawyer. That's why you go for the most ironclad case you can build. In fact, many times these interpretations end up being validated one way or another. And if the DM is convinced am I really imposing my own interpretation? How...
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    Sunday, 30th June, 2019, 12:57 AM
    I'm a self-professed Rules Lawyer. It's there - ok used to be - in my signature. I'm a rules lawyering drama queen... I don't consider being a Rules Lawyer something negative, just one way to play. What many posters here have an actual problem is not with rules lawyerism is with munchkinism. A rules lawyer finds loopholes and exploits, however annoying that might be. What a rules lawyer...
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    Wednesday, 19th June, 2019, 09:01 PM
    I've lost count of how many bots it has attracted. I've reported quite a few, I bet Umbran dreams me.
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    Sunday, 16th June, 2019, 01:38 AM
    This book is what Tales From the Yawning Portal should have been. It’s not just random adventures slapped together but a series that is connected, both thematically and potentially as a campaign. And the inclusion of lesser known adventures great. Ostensibly, the selling feature of this book is it’s a way to introduce the new generation of gamers to “classic” adventures. Which is a noble goal....
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Tuesday, 12th August, 2014

  • 12:42 AM - Dungeoneer mentioned Jester David in post Does it seem like Nerath was dropped like a bad habit?
    1) I agree with Jester Canuck that Nerath/Nentir Vale/Points of Light had a branding problem. In my game group we refer to it as Nentir Vale or PoL. I feel like PoL is probably as close to an official name as it has. 2) Unlike most settings, which are grand, sweeping things, the Nentir Vale was designed to be local local local. I was always under the impression that the idea was that you could drop it into just about any established setting with very few changes (aside from the World Axis cosmology, which is not really necessary to make things work). I would argue that by the end of 4e it wasn't, strictly speaking, a tabula rasa. The parts of it that were detailed were quite detailed and extremely flavorful. It's just that it didn't go out of its way to define every ancient religion, every god in its pantheon or seventeen millennia of history and backstory the way other settings do. 3) Although NV never got its Gazetteer, it did get the Monster Vault: Threats to Nentir Vale, which actually winds...

Friday, 25th April, 2014

  • 11:50 PM - Cybit mentioned Jester David in post Live Q&A with D&D R&D
    FWIW; I'm almost certain they do not need 3 - 4 months lead time. (Based on...things I can't exactly talk about). That said, I would be surprised if they make GenCon 2014. I think they are taking the Blizzard approach of "it's done when it is done". As for @Jester Canuck - I know we've gone back and forth our share on these boards, and I have had a blast with NEXT so far. But I do think your previous experiences have colored your future expectations & interpretations of WotC's actions and statements. While 4E most certainly earned much of its' scorn and issues; do remember that this is the same company that also put out 3E/3.5E (and by extension, did most of the work for Pathfinder). A single data point is not a trend, nor is it any basis for causation. Mind you, as someone who had to DM constantly, I'm a much bigger fan of 4E over 3E, but I love how Pathfinder has done organized play, and their other products have made me a large fan of Paizo and PF. Both games are good games, and appea...

Saturday, 19th April, 2014

  • 01:16 AM - Derren mentioned Jester David in post Short Rest Poll
    From the listed durations 1 hour. Everything else is too short to have an actual effect. Like Jester Canuck said, resting should not be automatic after every fight. But even longer periods are thinkable, depending on what the rest exactly does refresh. Personal preference: D&D plays too fast anyway, with PCs being able to go from 1 to 20 within months and spend adventuring 24/7 because of the very short rest durations and fast regeneration (magical and natural) the PCs have. So I am not opposed to have a short rest taking a day and the PCs having to recover for a month or longer after an adventure. I prefer 1 hour, but I'm happy that this is a trivial dial, for those who want to increase/decrease the pace. This is hardly a trivial dial. While DMs can easily change the resting time for their tables, published adventures depend on knowing how long the rest is, as they have to be designed totally different when the PCs can rest between battles for 5 minutes and get their power back or not.

Monday, 10th March, 2014

  • 08:47 AM - pemerton mentioned Jester David in post how many 5e supporters are upset about the possible $50 price tag
    So the list of people who say they were going to buy but now have doubt because of the price include, in my opinion, a lot of people who made it clear they were unsure about the game before the price issue existed. I think all of Ashkelon, Dausuul, ForeverSlayer, GMforPowergamers, Jester Canuck, and mhensley had all expressed, to one degree or another, doubt and a level of unsureness before the price issue existed.Obviously posters can speak for themselves, but as someone who reads a lot of D&Dnext and other threads I would regard both Dausuul and GMforPowergamers as strong supporters, and probably also Jester Canuck - Dausuul in particular made it clear a year or more ago that he(?) wanted a game closer to B/X than 4e, though learning some lessons about tightness of design/structure from 4e. D&Dnext looks like a candidate to be that game.

Friday, 7th March, 2014

  • 11:43 PM - Quickleaf mentioned Jester David in post A New Way to HP
    Ashkelon I agree with Jester Canuck that there is the kernel of a good idea here. You and others have identified the two main drawbacks, and I don't know if there's a way around them: 1. Multiple attack vectors are more dangerous than single attack vectors. 10 goblins might actually be more dangerous to an individual PC than a dragon. There is fiction-rules dissonance there, unless there are further rules to limit this, or dragons are designed as multi-attack whirlwinds. 2. There is disincentive for tougher characters to spend HP defending against weak attacks. There is an element of strategic play involved, but the thinking it produces in the player is a bit...alien...or at least very gamey. "I won't defend against goblins now, so that I can defend against the deathknight later."

Tuesday, 4th March, 2014

  • 05:16 PM - Mistwell mentioned Jester David in post Initial D&D Next Releases Showing Up on Barnes & Noble Website
    Because if Wizards had made the announcement, perhaps some of the vagueness and gaps in info would have been filled, like questions answered by the breadth and depth of their announcement, which were not gleaned via B&N? JMO. You know I have been thinking about what Jester Canuck said, and trying to see that perspective. And since you see that point as well, I guess that means I am missing something. So, here's my attempt to play devil's advocate, and try better to appreciate that this was more important than my instinct tell me it is. So here is hypothetically what WOTC could have said, had they announced it: We're please to make several announcements today concerning the upcoming release of the next edition of D&D. First, we're releasing the player's book to coincide with GenCon, in August of 2014. Our support for GenCon is well known, and we wanted people to be able to pick up the books there, start playing them and talking about the game at the world's greatest role playing g...

Tuesday, 4th February, 2014

  • 07:08 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Jester David in post What can Next do to pull in 4e campaigns?
    Jester Canuck I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of your post :) I enjoy DMing 4e most, but I have noticed the same thing about monsters being divorced from noncombat abilities. At least compared to 2e which, albeit individual monsters were hit or miss, I feel had much greater lore. The ultimate question for me is: How usable is this? I don't mean for my campaign. I mean, how readily usable is this information? How readily does it leap of the page and say "here is how you can use me in with your players now"? How much time do I need to spend in prep in order to just use it? How much time do I have to spend comprehending a power or looking up a spell or tracking an effect? For example, while monster prose can be evocative and help to activate the imagination in a unique way, a time-harried DM who flips open the Monster Manual would be better served by a bulletpoint format of ways to use the monster in an encounter. Another example, including monster material components I the monster's des...

Thursday, 23rd January, 2014

  • 09:19 AM - pemerton mentioned Jester David in post Wandering "Monsters": Magic Items
    Magic items should be a bonus, not a necessity.Well, this goes back to the conversation I'm having with Jester Canuck. If the GM doesn't adjust difficulties on his/her side of things, then having a +1 weapon or armour just makes encounters easier, which (typically) makes them less interesting, which isn't really a bonus. And if the GM does adjust difficulties (via upping the budget for encounters and/or adventures) then the magic item isn't really a bonus anymore (except in story terms), as the GM-side maths has been adjusted to accommodate it.

Friday, 22nd November, 2013

  • 04:58 AM - Cadence mentioned Jester David in post Advanced Class Guide Playtest Rules
    Out of curiosity, what do you dislike about the alchemist? I agree that the HULK-smash builds can be a little abusive. I personally like the techno-vibe, and for some reason the investigator seems to drift that into a steampunk feel, which I appreciate. It feels like the first class I would see in Victorian England. My problem might be the name and how it leads me to think of the classic D&D alchemist -- having the potions only work for oneself seems more like a balance needed game mechanic than something that makes sense in terms of the game world itself. I can't conjure up a good image to fit the bombs either in my brains default D&D setting. I hadn't thought of pushing it into techno or steampunk like you suggest for the investigator (which should have been obvious from the Jekyll and Hyde analogy)... thinking of it for a totally different setting might help a lot. Is there a better name that might help me than alchemist? Glancing through the PDF and focused more on the Shaman (as that seem...
  • 03:25 AM - Mercurius mentioned Jester David in post What's Next for D&D's Campaign Settings? (And an idea/suggestion for WotC!)
    Jester Canuck, your posts gave me another idea - how about having a "setting of the month" in Dragon, with a brief overview of a world. Then, after six months or so, readers vote for which setting they'd like to see developed. Or something like that.

Thursday, 21st November, 2013

  • 02:26 AM - Mercurius mentioned Jester David in post A lesson I hope WotC learns from Paizo (with regards to 5E)
    I definitely understand this sentiment, but I'm really of two minds about it. If they are going to release fewer sourcebooks, the quality control definitely needs to be very high. With a frequent release schedule, if a title does not appeal enough it is a lot easier for me to skip that book and not feel too bad about it. On the other hand, if it going to be the only book of that type for a couple of months, that would far more disappointing for me. It's a hard call. Just to clarify, in the OP I wasn't suggesting reducing the number of books published, but reducing the number of hardcovers to maybe one per season. As Jester Canuck implied, greater pleasure comes from delayed gratification. One really high quality 320-page book every three months is far more desirable than three mediocre 160-page books in that same span, that end up having about the same word-count. Now maybe WotC has felt, in the past at least, that its better to sell say, 3 million $30 books than 1 million $40 books, but in actu...

Friday, 15th November, 2013

Wednesday, 6th November, 2013

  • 02:41 PM - Mercurius mentioned Jester David in post Signs & Portents (that we can read into) about the ETA of 5E
    Good point, Jester Canuck - I've had the same thought and, to some extent, am an example of what you're talking about. My group dwindled away early in 2013 and I'm hoping to get it started again in January of 2014, but am unsure what system to use. I've decided on the playtest rules with the hope that, sometime in 2014, we'll get the official rules to update to. Anyhow, 5E was announced almost two years ago - in January of 2012. So it will be at least two years, probably two and a half or more, between announcement and publication. That is unprecedented in D&D's publication history. So it is important for us to remember that the designers at WotC have had at least two years of internal work; realistically, though, they've been working on 5E for much longer. I remember someone saying that they begin work on the new edition immediately after the current one is first published. But in terms of formal work, I'm guessing they started formal discussions around the time Essentials came out (2010), and ...

Sunday, 1st September, 2013

  • 03:37 AM - Ahnehnois mentioned Jester David in post Director Courtney Solomon Talks 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie
    The average salary for producers involved with motion pictures and video was $108,580 as of 2009. How much the movie costs is, of course, not the same as how much the producer makes. So for the sake of clarity, he doesn't make millions. He makes a pretty normal salary for Los Angeles...for producing bad movies that make a decent profit for the investors in those movies.I know he's not particularly rich. But as Jester Canuck correctly concluded, my point was that millions of dollars are being devoted to projects that he produces, projects which suck. Meanwhile, tons of talented people are waiting tables in LA waiting for their shot. They're making a lot less than he is, and they'll be lucky if they get to work on even one movie. Is this guy a bad guy for taking the money and making his movies? No. But studios should be smart enough to invest better. The injustice is particularly striking given that we're talking about D&D, a hobby for creative people. There are a lot of us that would probab...

Friday, 2nd August, 2013

  • 03:12 PM - darjr mentioned Jester David in post Playtest Fatigue?
    Jester Canuck; I think this is a huge issue for me. Interactivity of the playtest is lacking. I understand that the full document is behind the bleeding edge testing. But I think they can fix some of that by giving us stuff that they know isn't 'release' ready but they want us to try out. Get on the forums and blogs and g+ and others and discuss things with us. Give us ideas of what to test. I think this would go a LONG way to get and keep the excitement and participation up. I know they are busy but this is so critical to them it should be the 1st priority.

Wednesday, 12th June, 2013

  • 02:05 PM - Neonchameleon mentioned Jester David in post [Warlords] Should D&D be tied to D&D Worlds?
    I'm a fan of multiple mechanical models for most things. Except apparently when the Warlord class is one of the options. I'm guessing by "panic button" you mean specifically a big spike recharge of HP? Yup. You could have each character carry their own panic button (fate points, second wind). So now we have non-magical healing. Also this fails because it can not be used on someone who is down. (At least without changing the fundamental nature of being down). You could have an environmental/circumstantial panic button (kill the orc, get HP back). You need the panic button for when things are going pear shaped. "I'm panicking ... because I've just killed an orc". Nope. You could have a panic button based on time (everyone gets a big HP burst after 4 rounds!), Cue @mearls making jokes about hands spontaneously regenerating. or a panic button that triggers with a given event (an ally drops below 1/2 hp). There's infinite ways to hit that button. I doubt it's infinite. But there are...

Tuesday, 2nd April, 2013

  • 04:53 PM - El Mahdi mentioned Jester David in post D&DN going down the wrong path for everyone.
    Nope! So feel free to dismiss it. However, you will note that I wasn't stating it as some kind of fact; I merely presented it as a possibility. Which it is (a possibility). It carries every bit as much weight as the speculation that the pro-4e naysayers make up less than 10% of the feedback respondents, and every bit as much weight as pretend math. No you did not "merely present it as a possibility." You presented it as somthing you "...think [is] more than a little possible..." In other words, not merely a possiblity, but something you believe based on no evidence whatsoever and felt was important to share. Please save the disengenuity and downplaying. You said it; you own it. Saying such negative and spurious things as what you said about the polling data, is no different (whether intentional or not) than those who hated and attempted to sabotage 4E. Simply put; an illogical assumption at best, certainly counter-productive, and wholly falacious. All of us have the opportunity to show ho...

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Monday, 18th February, 2019

  • 01:33 AM - Umbran quoted Jester David in post The Orville Season Two - Thoughts?
    Warp reactors generate enough power to warp space. That doesn't mean anything, since we don't actually know what warping space entails. Maybe the outright power output needed to warp space is small, and the trick is what you do with that power. To make this point, what you should do is note that the Federation has more *fusion* reactors than you can shake a stick at. Same result, but more accurate reasoning. The one limiting factor that would increase the cost is shipping. But then transporters come in and that becomes free. This holds in the Trek Universe, yes. But not in The Orville, where we don't see transporters. But, if energy is basically free, then shipping is a matter of time - there's no notable material of fuel cost associated with it. Free food, free water, free goods, etc. At that point, why do people need to go to work? Would you keep going to some crap job if everything you need is free? How many of the "crap jobs" are in doing things to manually produce ...

Sunday, 17th February, 2019

  • 12:28 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted Jester David in post Variants/Subclass for a DPR Rogue
    90%??For out of combat, rogues get Expertise and Reliable Talent—which can be useful in combat, depending on positioning and terrain—and Thieves' Cant. Everything else is only useful in combat. 9 of their 12 class features are solely combat focused. The class is 75% dedicated to combat. Now, if you want an entirely combat focused subclass, that's trickier, as by design the 9th and 13th level features are non-offensive. But they could be defensive. But even then, the rogue already has Uncanny Dodge and Evasion. 4 skills, the most important tool, 4 expertise skills, reliable talent, and Cunning Action is just as much out of combat as combat, then we have the subclasses, which are at least half utility, even in the case of the more combat focused archetypes.

Saturday, 16th February, 2019

  • 07:43 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Jester David in post Variants/Subclass for a DPR Rogue
    Unfortunately your reply comes across as "I'm not seeing it since I'm playing so well" which implies things about my position I'd rather not focus on. Basically, you come across as arguing why I'm wrong. Since you invited me to your thread, let's leave it at that. I'm sure you didn't invite me only to pick a fight. Have a nice day None of that is my intent. I should have been clearer, but I was trying to invite you to provide some sort of analysis of the numbers showing the sort of incredible damage deficit you're seeing, because we can't really get anywhere if we don't even have a common starting point. It may be that the difference between our games means that a single subclass or variant feature can't provide a strong DPR lurker experience for both of us that is balanced in both our games, or it may be that we aren't as far apart as it seems. I've no clue which it is, as of right now. Suggestion Create a feat   « killer instinct. » You can use your sneak attack with any kind of ...
  • 08:48 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted Jester David in post Variants/Subclass for a DPR Rogue
    Okay, no, I’m gonna edit this to be less snarky. Sorry about that. Just pointing out that a “DPR” rogue that just boosts damage is like a “tank fighter” that just boosts AC or a controller wizard that stuns without saving throws. It does the job but imbalances the game. This is an exaggeration, particularly in terms of the comparisons. Instead of, “gotta be careful about how far such a concept goes in execution”, you seem to jump straight to “the extremes are bad so the whole type of concept can’t work”. Removing the skills to boost damage is a imbalanced trade. You’re giving up exploration powers for more combat power. Powers shouldn’t cross pillars. You wouldn’t trade a ribbon power for more combat. if I’d suggested trading thieves cant for fighting styles, this would be an excellent point. Ribbons are abilities that have no impact on the balance analysis. Expertise has a huge impact on the balance analysis. Trading features you don’t want for feature that boost your combat power didn...
  • 06:10 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted Jester David in post Variants/Subclass for a DPR Rogue
    I'd be very reluctant to make a rogue that does more damage per round than an assassin. The rogue doesn't suffer in the damage department, and existing optimised builds using the thief and assassin (or swashbuckler) can already hold their own with any class. The rogue simply doesn't need to do *more* damage, especially not reliably and regularly. That's ignoring the fact the story and narrative of a "DPR subclass" is as weak as wet tissue. Normally, I respect your opinion on the game. In this case, “I’m disinterested in the point of this thread” is better stated by not posting in the thread.
  • 05:05 AM - Eltab quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    This was ALWAYS going to happen. There was no way around it. To have a sequel you need conflict and drama. You need a problem to be solved. An enemy. The galaxy needs to be in danger.That inherently means the heroes had to fail. The Empire need to come back. There's no way around it beyond pulling a brand new unseen enemy out of your ass and forcing it into the world. And that almost never works and everyone would complain "this doesn't feel like Star Wars". What Force Awakens did was to negate the heroes' efforts in the original trilogy. What would have been better would be to put in Leia's mouth a short history lesson: the New Republic was strong, vibrant, chased the Empire to the fringes of the galaxy. As the next generation grew up, they knew not oppression or tyranny, turned inwards. They thought peace and prosperity were the natural order instead of things to be cultivated. -Briefly explain the political manipulations that winkled "the old lady" to the political wilderness.- The F...
  • 04:58 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted Jester David in post Variants/Subclass for a DPR Rogue
    I do not think the thief lacks damage when it hits using SA, the thief in my game seems to do the most damage each round. This is true even not after 5th level when the fighter gets a 2nd attack. Granted we do not play with feats which I see influence things a lot. I do not mind a more fighter/thief without multiclassing. I like that the 2nd attack comes at 9th level and not at 5th like so many other classes. The strength for damage and SA makes sense. I could see something where they can take one weapon to make a finesse weapon if they want. A first level thief may take Dex instead of Str and now be stuck needing strength. Choosing a weapon is fine, as long as that feature isn’t overvalued in the balance analysis, like it was with the Kensei monk. It’s barely more than a ribbon. You’re sure you want to bring back the 4ed rogue? Big and strong guy that kill stuff look more like the 4ed slayer to me, There are strength rogue options in 4e. This in no way resembles the slayer. ...
  • 02:41 AM - cmad1977 quoted Jester David in post Roll20 Hacked. 4 million records at risk As of yet, Roll20 has not sent out e-mails to its users, nor actively notified them beyond posting the blog. While your passwords should be secure, it is a good idea to change them right now. I was just on roll20 and they did have a message alert in my notifications. No email.

Friday, 15th February, 2019

  • 10:24 PM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done Cheers I'll check it out in a bit. Context of posting please
  • 07:31 PM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    It's not nearly as hard as you make it. Heck, after Empire it looked like Star Wars 3 would be all about saving Han and a big rescue mission. Instead, they resolved that whole plot arc in like 15 minutes and then moved on, pretty much dropping most of the seeds sown by THE BEST Star Wars movie in favour of recycling the plot of Star Wars 1. There's no shortage of directions they can go. Heck, it's significantly easier to think of storylines for Episode IX than it was to think of a story for Episode VII. Story Hook 1: Hux vs Ren The Resistance has gone to ground, hiding and rebuilding its numbers, waiting for its time to strike. The First Order has been cementing its grip but the tensions between General Hux and Kylo Ren for control and leadership have been growing, and are now reaching a climax. With the First Order poised to turn on itself, they're distracted and now is the Resistance's time to strike a decisive blow. Story Hook 2: Knights of Ren Seeking to end the threat of Rey before she ...
  • 06:01 PM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    This was ALWAYS going to happen. There was no way around it. To have a sequel you need conflict and drama. You need a problem to be solved. An enemy. The galaxy needs to be in danger.That inherently means the heroes had to fail. The Empire need to come back. There's no way around it beyond pulling a brand new unseen enemy out of your ass and forcing it into the world. And that almost never works and everyone would complain "this doesn't feel like Star Wars".No True Scotsman. He's the thing… there is a big spike of people rating this movie a "1" is high. Higher than Phantom Menace. But a solid majority of viewers rate this movie the same or higher than Phantom Menace. The people who hate the movie are a small, insignificant percentage. Most people, casual AND hardcore *liked* this film.Based on what? The one data point we have is Solo, but it's foolish to draw any reliable conclusion from a single data point. Maybe people just didn't want a Solo movie? Maybe people were scared off by the drama of th...
  • 05:30 AM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Funny how you skipped Ventress. Rey was a good pilot for the exact same reason Luke was a good pilot. And Anakin. And Flash Gordon for that reason. Because they were all larger than life mythic heroes. I was at work and ran out of time. Ventress fits the pattern I am talking about. She had Jedi training and then was trained as a dark acolyte by Dooku a former Jedi master and a Sith Lord.
  • 03:01 AM - Shasarak quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Of course. She’s a larger than life mythic hero. They can always do everything. Yep, the Mary-Sue archetype is new but still good.
  • 02:39 AM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Of course. She’s a larger than life mythic hero. They can always do everything. Luke and Anakin couldn't. One of them was the chosen one. It's boring more than anything. If Rey steamrolls Kylo eh it's been done.
  • 02:28 AM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Isn’t the simpler explanation that Luke was a crap student? Yoda says as much. He’s powerful but unfocused. And while there was years between movies, there’s no implication that Luke spent any time training. And we never see Luke learn or be trained in the mind trick. Even as a kid, when watching Return of the Jed, I felt Luke becoming a Jedi happened pretty fast and he’d barely spent any time actually training. But, apparently, learning to use the force just takes a couple weeks in a swamp. Plus, if we’re going to complain about powerful force users without training, shouldn’t we bring up Asaj Ventress. Or Savage Opress? Also, Rebels is shown that the force manifests in different ways for different people. Anakin and Luke were clearly better at seeing into the future and using that to pilot. Rey is better at lifting rocks. Savage was trained by the night sisters at male zabrak school and came from a dark side culture. His abilities were enganced by Mother Talzim and the he was appre...
  • 01:40 AM - Shasarak quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    :):):):) dude, this isn’t even the first time I have pointed out that Rey can fight. That we see her fight with a staff before we even know she’s a Force user. Of course she can fight, she can do everything!
  • 12:31 AM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Luke’s training in fighting was shooting large rodents on his farm and lifting rocks in a swamp. Rey’s training in fighting was twelve years of constantly defending herself and her claim from scavengers and scoundrels. And she was far from unbeatable. She was owned by Snoak. And couldn’t pull a lightsaber away from Kylo Ren. Whether or not she could take Ren in a fair fight, one where his organs weren’t half on the outside after a bowcaster shot remains to be seen. But, no, your problems with the film aren’t Rey. Nope. They’re all about the writing and pacing. Despite how you continually and slam on Rey. :):):):) dude, this isn’t even the first time I have pointed out that Rey can fight. That we see her fight with a staff before we even know she’s a Force user. We have literally had this exact conversation before. Point for point. Rey's use of the staff doesn't really require an explaination for the reasons you listed. Being able to use mind trick and Jed Master levels of rocks e...
  • 12:18 AM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Luke was moving lightsabers after getting ONE lesson on using the Force, and that was related to blocking blaster shots. He was bad at it and got some training at least. He got messed up by a company and lost a hand and fight to Vader. Big difference with Rey who has been booked as untrained and unbeatable. There was also a 3 year gap in universe between ANH and ESB. Compare Luke's move object on Dagobah with Rey's moving the folders at the end of TLJ. Big difference in presentation.

Tuesday, 12th February, 2019

  • 10:16 PM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    I have learned from experience to never EVER watch videos by Star Wars fans about TLJ. Don't kid yourself. Rose is unpopular because she is a woman of colour. John Boyega was in every scene of that sideplot and no one harassed him off Twitter with uncountable death threats. That sideplot, which was all of 12 minutes and thus just 10% of the runtime, is actually pretty essential to the theme of the movie. It elevates the movie above almost every other Star Wars film, showing the actual people the rebellion is about as well as the growing legend of the resistance. It shows why Luke matters and why Luke's last stand was impressive. So… because you liked it, the horrible worldbuilding is forgivable. But because you disliked TLJ, the horrible worldbuilding it mostly inherited from TFA is a dealbreaker. As opposed to Han and Luke's masterpiece of a prison break? Anakin's rescue of Obi-Wan on Geonosa? Star Wars is full of plots and plans that fail spectacularly. Why is this o...
  • 06:25 PM - Zardnaar quoted Jester David in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    You SAY that but look at your points from the first thread: Now, 1a, 2a, 1b, 4b, and 5b are unrelated to TLJ. Because TFA started the terrible world building, had very purposeful diversity, and JJ Abrams was allowed to do whatever he wanted. And while Abrams mapped out a trilogy very loosely, he never gave it to LucasFilms or shared it with Johnson; it was basically his head-canon. And video games are unrelated to Disney as Star Wars video games have been terrible for a while, as EA is focused entirely on multiplayer shooters that they can slap loot crates onto. Different company. As for burning down the EU... that was necessary, as making a sequel set 25 years after Return of the Jedi in the EU would have been impossible as so much had happened. Ridiculous numbers of new characters, several dead characters, unexplained character growth, multiple huge invasions. But let's not kid ourselves. None of this was a problem until The Last Jedi. Why? Because it was *slightly* divisive. Because Rose...

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