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Monday, 1st July, 2019

Monday, 23rd July, 2018

  • 09:10 PM - Kobold Boots quoted heruca in post Roll 20, Fantasy Grounds, or other VTT?
    Oops, I'm too late for Kobold Boots, but perhaps someone else will find this useful. Fairly comprehensive list of free and commercial virtual tabletop software Chart comparing 5 of those VTTs Guide to choosing a VTT (dated but still makes relevant points) Thank you for this Heruca

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

  • 11:29 AM - L R Ballard quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    Check out the FAQ section on the Kickstarter page. One of the questions is all about using MapForge for publishing. Some content producers will be releasing MapForge Add-Ons that allow for commercial use of their artwork. Not all of the commercial Add-Ons have been announced yet; there may be one or two more announced before the campaign ends, and there will likely be more in around5-6 months. If I was middling level in Photoshop, I'd probably stick with it, watch some more tutorials, and try to master it fully, rather than use MapForge. Those [Photoshop] skills are going to be much more applicable/valuable in daily life, ESPECIALLY if you're a publisher. Thanks. I'll likely stick with Photoshop and acquire proficiency. That said, I also backed MapForge at the commercial/publisher bundle level. Previously, I owned Dundjinni. The utility had lots of art assets, official and fan produced, but they were hard to see and categorize quickly, let alone sort through. It would be helpful for ...

Friday, 3rd March, 2017

  • 12:17 AM - L R Ballard quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    I just posted Update #4: "Using your own artwork in MapForge, and the benefits of the Add-On format". First, let me congratulate you on the success of MapForge! I’ve followed your work since the early days of Battlegrounds and am considering backing MapForge. I know you’re busy with the Kickstarter, but, when you get a free moment, please answer a two-part question for people who are in the situation described below. Let’s say that a creator is working on a product for commercial use. Furthermore, let’s say that the creator uses Photoshop to create maps. It looks like your product will be easier to use than Photoshop and compatible with a lot of art. The maps therefore will be more detailed than a Photoshop map created by an unskilled or semiskilled user. But it seems both expensive and redundant for creators to produce a high-quality map in MapForge only to use it as a rough draft to make a less-detailed map in Photoshop. Is it possible for creators to use MapForg...

Wednesday, 15th February, 2017

  • 06:55 PM - Quickleaf quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    I'd say that back in it's day, Dundjinni had a fairly sizeable userbase, despite the fact that it wasn't particularly fast, nor super-easy to get up to speed on. DJ is, sadly, no longer viable to use on modern computers, and nothing much has really come since to replace DJ. My app, if it's to be compared to other mapping apps, probably resembles DJ the most (in concept, not in execution). CC3 (and CC2 before it) has sold a lot of copies, but I suspect a good percentage of the people who bought it were overwhelmed by its complexity and underwhelmed by its output. Perhaps people who got burned will never invest in another mapping app. That's unfortunate, but there's little I can do about that. I plan to offer a downloadable demo for prospective customers to try the app out and see if it fits their needs and meets their expectations. They'll be able to judge for themselves if it's worth the $25 or $30 investment. For a lot of folks, if the app saves them several hours of grief and frustration...
  • 12:30 AM - MNblockhead quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    Getting close now! The MapForge Kickstarter campaign will launch either on Feb 18th or Feb 20th. Looking forward to seeing it. Best of luck!

Wednesday, 1st February, 2017

  • 08:30 AM - TBeholder quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    Vassal would be about my last choice for running an RPG session online. It's simply not equipped for improvisation, which a GM will need to do constantly, since players rarely do what is expected of them. It has GM mode and most things either are or can be made adjustable - e.g. stats on the placed pieces (depending on the module - in any specific one it may or may not be so, but that's a problem of this module). Vassal fails the user friendly. BIGTIME. GUI? Yeah, clunky. Of course, as most active FLOSS projects, it only improves with time, and will continue to do so for quite a while. For now it's just a trade-off for not being too specialized or having risk of "it was not our priority, and now we just wrapped it up, so wait for solution in the next forever".

Tuesday, 31st January, 2017

  • 12:55 AM - Sword of Spirit quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    Regarding issue #4, how do you propose I include every art asset you might want to have for every genre? There are simply too many genres to cover, the download would be huge if everything came pre-packaged (I'm talking multi-gigabyte!). And it would become prohibitively expensive, so no one would buy it (they'd rightly feel that they are paying for a ton of stuff they'll never use). My choice was to instead make the software support modular art add-ons, so users could just download or buy the particular add-ons that they are interested in. Some add-ons will be free, some for sale. Because I know that users' art collections will more often than not become rather large, I intend to provide a comprehensive search feature for quickly finding the asset/s you need while making your maps. It sounds like you'd be doing it about right. The important part is to cover your bases in the included stuff, and then have the expansions add the less common and/or themed things. For instance, the included de...

Friday, 27th January, 2017

  • 08:06 PM - MNblockhead quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    DNblockhead, some good feedback, thanks. My intention with my mapping app is that putting together a map will feel less like work and more like play. Map-making should be fun, not a chore. If you succeed at that, you have my money. Off-topic #1:Is Realm Works good? On a scale of 1-5 stars, how would you rate it? Hard to give a rating because it can frustrate me to no end but I can't live without it. It is a great world building tool. If you have all your adventure content entered in and also have HeroLab, it is a REALLY nice to run an in-person game using it. See Daplunk's videos on YouTube to get a better idea of what it is and isn't. For published adventures, I don't want to spend time entering all that in RW. Many do, but that seems like work, not play, to me. Once the content market is up and running, if they sell 5e material, I will definitately buy it. I would love to run the 5e APs from RealmWorks. Players have Pathfinder will get all the love initially. Paizo and LWD seem to ha...

Monday, 23rd January, 2017

Wednesday, 18th January, 2017

  • 09:39 PM - aramis erak quoted heruca in post Trying to gauge interest in new battlemap-making software
    Wow, hundreds of views but no one has interest in new map-making software? Have I badly misjudged potential demand? Does existing mapping software already have you covered with all your mapping needs? For what I want/need, it needs to be ALL of 1) Mac friendly 2) Windows Friendly 3) Android friendly 4) networking with a direct peer-to-peer option 5) usable offline. 6) user friendly 7) under $20 MapTool is 1,2,4 5, & 7 but NOT 6. For most of what I do, I use a vector draw program. I just implemented a really bad counters-on-map tool that works (poorly) with any PNG I care to throw at it. My second ever attempt at AJAX programming. Does the absolute minimum I need (moving markers across a map). What I'd really like is a true vector draw (save as SVG), with tokens, both hex and square grids, and cross platform networking peer-to-peer. It helps to have support for Chromecast. I AM a programmer, but I'm a poor quality programmer... I'm not good enough to do what I want. Essentially, Dungeon...

Monday, 2nd January, 2017

  • 08:40 PM - Coreyartus quoted heruca in post Digitial Battlemapping on the Cheap
    I guess that's $50 plus the price of that big screen plus the cost of the iPhone. So, close to a grand, all told? Well, the price of Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds would be astronomical in comparison then, wouldn't it? Sent from my iPhone using EN World mobile app

Monday, 9th February, 2015

  • 03:57 PM - AbdulAlhazred quoted heruca in post Masterplan vs Roll20 vs Fantasy Grounds, etc.
    Oh, I thought the MOTE KS was basically people paying for further development of what would be a free app available to everyone. Perhaps I misunderstood. Well, its basically 'Map Tool 2.0', and yes, it appears to be free. OTOH its not like I could find a download link, you have to ask and get someone to forward you a copy. The idea is they'd LIKE you to support the project and not just grab a free download and then ask for support. Honestly I'm not exactly even sure how you WOULD support them right now, as the KS ended almost a year ago and I didn't see a donation page anywhere. I guess the main guy got sick and more-or-less dropped out right after the kickstarter, and the project has continued, but it seems pretty disorganized. There's no central point of information, they don't communicate well, etc. They seem to be using Google+ mainly and there has been some recent chatter there. I'm not sure if they will have a download link available once the project beta ends (they say this week...
  • 06:06 AM - Janx quoted heruca in post Help me pick a virtual tabletop
    Man, you nailed it. As a developer of a VTT (Battlegrounds) who had to "rough it" before Kickstarter was a thing, who had to compete with dozens of both commercial apps and free apps, gambling everything on whether my risky commercial venture would succeed or fail, I have to admit I'm jealous of the VTTs that got Kickstarted. Especially the free ones. I mean, that's freaking BRILLIANT! Getting boatloads of money UP FRONT and then being able to claim FREE in your marketing, that's so rich. And it galls me when they put relatively basic features (e.g. hex grid support, drawing tools, support for playing cards, etc.) as Stretch Goals, and people shower them with money to unlock those things, when my software has had those features for years, developed at my expense. PS: Sorry for the thread necromancy, I just stumbled across it now. As a software developer I feel your pain. As a guy who also has to make business decisions, I guess the question is, what are those guys doing differentl...
  • 03:59 AM - AbdulAlhazred quoted heruca in post Masterplan vs Roll20 vs Fantasy Grounds, etc.
    Thanks for mentioning Battlegrounds, Balesir. To the OP: if you want a quick overview of Battlegrounds: RPG Edition, check out the Facebook page for Battlegrounds Games. Head over to the Videos section of the page and watch them. And for general guidance in choosing a virtual tabletop program that is right for you, read this. Interesting, though most of the info on RPG Virtual Tabletop seems to be rather outdated. Honestly though, its hard to find good info on VTTs. They tend to come and go, most get to the basic "draw a map and run a chat" stage and then die. Roll20, Battlegrounds, Fantasy Grounds, and Map Tool are pretty much the only things that have viably persisted and continued to develop with significant support and community. Any of those 4 could serve someone's needs.

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