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    Sunday, 7th July, 2019, 10:04 AM
    There is only one advancement of the animal companion at 4th or 7th level, but there is The Beast Speaker feat that allows you to take magical beasts (one of them is bullete, but could as easily be an elemental). In addition, there is Beast mastery feat that allows special enhancement of said animal companion at 11th level. Since Scotley allowed you to take small earth elemental, you could...
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    Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019, 06:54 AM
    If I understand the story correctly, wardstone was destroyed and we are now the wards. You might need to build a new one. With heroes sacrificing themselves or at least their mythic power to build one. You could take that non-mythic option for extra 'mundane' power in mythic campaign. I cannot recall right now what it was, but I remember looking at it when I was making the character
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    Monday, 1st July, 2019, 09:45 AM
    Your druid can have Neurotics kobold as a companion :) There is some kind of dragon druid archetype :p
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    Friday, 28th June, 2019, 10:46 AM
    No problem with the druid
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    Thursday, 27th June, 2019, 03:05 PM
    Keep your spells, we may not be fast enough for minute per level (10/lvl should be fine) - and Gorums armor is too little damage for demonic creatures, don't they all have DR? I hope this thread comes back, the characters seem interesting and the story is epic without being high level. Nice!
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    Thursday, 27th June, 2019, 03:03 PM
    Not sure what your job is, but it seems you need to destress. You got lucky with the saw accident, life is telling you you're too occupied to be focused on the moment ;) (psycho babble). I'm glad you got better from pneumonia (what is double pneumonia?!) - working out and being outside is best cure for most of modern ilnesses. Work at it and good luck!
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    Thursday, 27th June, 2019, 02:57 AM
    Last week I ran my usual June martial arts summer camp. We were scheduled to go play in the park one morning, but got rained out. Fortunately, I'd set a contingency should this happen: a "megagame." I made a YouTube summary of it, but for those who would rather read: I pitched it to the kids as "like a boardgame, except you're the pieces. You will all be generals moving around trying to...
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Monday, 17th June, 2013

Thursday, 4th April, 2013

  • 07:03 AM - Neurotic mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure]: Bosch's Revenge (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)
    RUNESTATE: DESTRUCTION - allies gain +1 to attacks vs enemies adjacent to Vimak (Bosch) This! Rocco hits without expending ghost mask power MetaVoid, Walking Dad, JRYoung, FourMonos, Luinnar, reminding you all FLANKING WITH ROCCO GRANTS +3 bonus instead of +2 :D

Sunday, 31st March, 2013

Saturday, 16th March, 2013

  • 08:29 PM - dimsdale mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure]: Bosch's Revenge (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??) for 12-5 = 7 + 10-5 = 5acid ongoing damage for 12 total damage Party: Nementah: 10 ongoing acid damage (save ends) HP 66/88 THP 22, Bloodied 44, Surge Value 22, Surges 12/12 AC 23 Fortitude 27 Reflex 24 Will 26 Primera: HP 16/16 THP 22 AC 23 Fortitude 27 Reflex 24 Will 26 If she takes 16hp in single melee or ranged attack she dissapears and Nementah takes 11damage (can be reduced by DR) Xerzuzu: HP: 22 THP 22 Healing Surges: none, but you can lose a healing surge for the guard if an effect allows it to spend one Defenses: AC: 23; Fort: 26; Ref: 24; Will 26 Rocco: 10 Ongoing Acid Damage (save ends) HP: 99/99 TEMP: 0 SurgeValue: 25 Surges: 12/13 AC:30+1(ring) Fort:27 Reflex:24 Will:23 Skalisss: HP: 98/98 THP SurgeValue: 25 Surges: 10/11 AC:27 Fort:24 Reflex:20 Will:23 Resist 1 ALL Quan: 10 acid damage (save ends) AC: 26, For: 21, Ref: 25, Will: 25 HP: 54/76, Bloodied: 38, Surge value: 19, Surges/day: 8/8 Vimak: -15 @ Walking Dad please post updated stats Sharpe: healed Luinnar please post updated stats Bosch: 494/750: Dazed (save ends), Blinded and Slowed TENT Max (Sharpe's old mount): 60/60 map Bosch Initiative +13 Senses Perception +15; darkvision HP 750; Bloodied 375; see also bloodied breath AC 30; Fortitude 29, Reflex 27, Will 29 Resist 20 fi re Saving Throws +5 Speed 6, fly 8 (hover), overland flight 12 Action Points 2 mBite (standard; at-will) ✦ Acid Reach 2; +22 vs. AC; 2d8 + 7 plus 3d6 acid damage. mClaw (standard; at-will) Reach 2; +22 vs. AC; 2d8 + 7 damage. M Double Attack (standard; at-will) The dragon makes two claw attacks. M Tail Strike (immediate reaction, when an enemy moves to a position where it flanks Bosch dragon; at-will) The dragon attacks the enemy with its tail: reach 2; +20 vs. Reflex; 2d10 + 7 damage, and the target is pushed 1 square. C BreathWeapon (standard; recharge 4,5,6 ) ✦ Acid Close blast 5; +20 vs. Reflex; 2d12 + 12 acid damage: 10 ongoing acid damage and -4 AC (save ends both). Miss: Half damage. ...

Tuesday, 19th February, 2013

  • 02:41 AM - dimsdale mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure]: Bosch's Revenge (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)
    This shouldn't be a problem. If Quan moves in burst 1 from K10 I can use the power again and we'll all (well except sigarr obviously) get the resistance and you can move away. Skaliss can then re-deploy that AC enhancing area and Vimak do his effects and MOVE OUT of the blast area (which would leave only Nementah and Quan in the blast and defenders should be able to punish the dragon if he blasts us. Nementah can shout same info for in-game effect... let's go with this set up. The party goes first. Everyone is at full strength. You have initiative and Sharp has a new pet. Luinnar I'm going to npc Sharpe's old dragon if you don't mind.

Tuesday, 5th February, 2013

  • 03:30 PM - FourMonos mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure]: Turning the Tide (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)
    Any chance we can get a judge to wrap this up? I'll poke Luinnar and covaithe to see if they could check on it. We were just awarded xp, so the question would be either finish the fight or come to an ending for everyone involved? Thanks in advance

Sunday, 13th January, 2013

  • 04:39 PM - KarinsDad mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure] Rhapsody Part 2 (Judge: renau1g)
    You last received XP at the start of this thread on 9/11/2011. Each of you has earned 15 RPs. Warehouse 456HG Part 1 is worth 2266 XP Warehouse 456HG8, Part 2 is worth 3600 XP Rhapsody Plant Part 1 is worth 2784 XP Rhapsody Plant Part 2 is worth 4000 XP 400 Bonus XP for completing the Adventure. Total = 13050 Divided by 5 = 2,610 XP each + 15 RPs. Please let me know what Parcels you are due, if you wish to receive them. Also let me know if you have any unanswered RP questions that you think should be resolved. Ok, ScorpiusRisk, send me a private message with the breakdown of the XP here and I will approve. Everyone else, FourMonos and Luinnar need to put together a list like Neurotic and drothgery already did. Also, everyone should make sure that their wish list on their character sheet is up to date to make it easier for ScorpiusRisk to assign magic items (and to make it easier to get what you want). Once he does that, I will approve those as well.

Tuesday, 8th January, 2013

  • 02:13 AM - CrimsonFlameWielder mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure]: A Knight in d'Argent Manor (DM: renau1g, Judge: Luinnar)
    Luinnar: Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't have any lvl 8 items on my wishlist, but I'll sure be happy to take the Gauntlets. Thanks for closing this out for us! Malakai lands with a thud...and a clang? on the ground. Looking down at his hands, he can see that he was clutching his magical dagger as he should be, but strangely, upon his hands he wore a set a dark iron gauntlets. Whisps of smoke rose from them lightly, like the steam from a hot meal in a room with good ventilation. Like his bracers, Malakai could feel a slight heat emanating from the gauntlets. So entranced with his new magical trinket was Malakai that he did not even realize just how much the fall had hurt until he stood up, causing pain to shoot up his back side where he had landed just a moment ago, upon the hard cobbled road. "Well... so much for gaining favors with the d'Argent family... What are we doing here, anyway? Weren't we just here?" Malakai asked the group with narrowed and suspicious eyes that scanned ...

Monday, 7th January, 2013

  • 10:25 PM - CrimsonFlameWielder mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure]: A Knight in d'Argent Manor (DM: renau1g, Judge: Luinnar)
    Luinnar: Malakai did, in fact, pay for the upgrade for his +2 Challenge Seeking Incendiary dagger. r1 just provided the RP means for him to have magically obtained this in the middle of the adventure. Start of adventure, Malakai had 5,668 XP. With the 3,491 XP earned here, that bumps him up to 9,159 XP, and level 6. There aren't any items on his list level 4 or under, so if you don't mind, I'd like to have Malakai earn the gold value of a level 4 item instead (840 gp). Please let me know if this is acceptable, or if he absolutely must pick an actual item lvl 4 or lower.

Thursday, 13th December, 2012

  • 01:40 PM - Neurotic mentioned Luinnar in post [Adventure] Rhapsody Part 2 (Judge: renau1g)
    FourMonos, drothgery, I updated Troll hp on the map after your attacks. Could you please do it as you attack as it requires some backward checking if some change hp and some do not. Thanks. Also, not to all: could some of you braver ones strife by the troll and provoke OAs? If he takes one I smack him one extra and you stop provoking until next turn :) Or Luinnar, can your pets provoke? I know Rabberta can't, but not sure about Pooh and Owlotta ScorpiusRisk, where is the second wave? :P

Saturday, 8th December, 2012

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Tuesday, 8th January, 2013

  • 08:46 AM - Neil1889 quoted Luinnar in post [Adventure]: A Knight in d'Argent Manor (DM: renau1g, Judge: Luinnar)
    Sounds good :) By the way, you can have the magic item calculated by your level after you gain your xp. So if you gain to level 6, you can have a item up to level 8. Really? In that case, I'll retro edit the post before later and buy the amulet. I'd like Illusionist's Gloves (Heroic Tier), level 9 item instead, please.

Tuesday, 1st January, 2013

  • 11:51 PM - Neil1889 quoted Luinnar in post [Adventure]: A Knight in d'Argent Manor (DM: renau1g, Judge: Luinnar)
    Can somebody please post the last encounter or skill challenge you finished? Fight finished here. Last status report here. (Foes were a dwarf, a Dragonborn, an Elf, the Human, a Drow and 5 scrub minions). There was a bit of probing around a door. Not really a skill challenge, though. Loot: Malakai did some wish-list based wheeling and dealing and Artemis got some magic chain. Still an unclaimed cloak floating about (Veteran's Chain +2 & a Cloak of Distortion +2).

Sunday, 9th December, 2012

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