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Wednesday, 17th October, 2018

  • 09:39 PM - Ratskinner mentioned pming in post "DnDSports": Competitive Play With Prizes
    I don't recall the numbers, but I suspect what pming is referring to is that there is good evidence that certain mental illnesses of the "psychopaths/sociopaths" variety are more common among the "CEO's and other 3-letter-acronym'ed suits" than it is among the general population. There's a reason why some businessfolk are called "cutthroat". ...could be wrong, but that's my guess.

Sunday, 9th September, 2018

  • 07:53 AM - Ancalagon mentioned pming in post Arguments and assumptions against multi classing
    To get back on topic, I will say this: multiclassing in 5e is less "necessary" than in previous editions. pming noted how he like the fighter-mage-thief. And yes, its a cool concept... and it can be done in 5e without multi-classing. 1: Eldritch Knight with criminal background Want more "mage"? 2: Hexblade with criminal background or 3: Wizard bladesigner with criminal background want more "rogue"? 4: Arcane trickster with soldier background (maybe take dwarf for the armor/weaponry). I'm sure there are several other ways of doing the same. This might not be the same as 2e multiclassing. But the first time we can do this much without multiclassing.

Friday, 7th September, 2018

  • 06:29 PM - Salthorae mentioned pming in post Arguments and assumptions against multi classing
    Fair point. There is a world of difference between a half-elf and a half-were creature, I agree. I conflated your post with those words and a post from pming to which most of my subsequent points were aimed. Consider the majority of my post redirected pming ! That said, I do think that if someone comes with a were-creature conceived barbarian there is no issue with that. It doesn't try to make a half-werewolf or substantively change anything about the game or the backstory of the world. See my post above.

Tuesday, 5th June, 2018

  • 01:59 PM - TheSword mentioned pming in post Will you make transsexual Elves canon in your games ?
    You made a new race did not retcon an old one. Sometimes its not what you do but how you do it. Inventing a new race that can do that maybe in a new campaign setting well that's interesting. Retconning an old one well its a bit ham fisted. Its hardly a retcon. Its a small ability addition to the race which doesnt remove any abilities, only applies in a small number of cases, and is already covered in the lore of earlier additions. Lets not exaggerate the impact on the race of elves as a whole. It makes almost no difference to most players and probably makes a big positive difference to those that it does matter to. @pming There is a world of difference between recognizing a currently marginalized segment of society within the elf race (a mainstream popular heroic race) and relegating them to a monster-race off shoot of a brain eating fundamentally dishonest creature. If you dont see a relevance to that Im not going to try and change your world view. Ill just say it matters to the people it matters to, and is irrelevant to those it doesnt matter to. The whole exercise has Zero negative impact and yet there are still some people who come up with convoluted ways to write it off. Its the internet I guess.

Saturday, 24th February, 2018

  • 08:14 PM - Waterbizkit mentioned pming in post What do you do when players say "we go north" but their characters don't have the "Keen Mind" Feat or Navigation Equipment?
    I'm fairly laid back about this sort of thing, to the point where it seems like pming might have an embolism. ;) When the players/characters tell me they're "headed north" or something similar I ask myself two questions: First, are there any extenuating circumstances that would prevent them from navigating normally? For example, perhaps they're underground, there could be poor weather, or maybe there's some magic obfuscating their ability to figure out what direction they're moving in, and so on. If there is I deal with that using ability checks of some form or another (usually survival or nature) like most people who've responded seem to do. However, if there's none of the aforementioned complications I move on to question two... Is anything interesting actually going to happen if they get lost? If there answer is yes, then again, I'll have them make a few checks or something of the like and see what happens. If the answer to this question is no, then I'll just say "Okay, you head north." No roll required. In essence, I need failure to provide something of ...

Wednesday, 31st January, 2018

  • 12:40 AM - Quickleaf mentioned pming in post 5e adventures set in swamps or arid lands? one to the other and permanent gates left by an earlier civ dot the landscape here and there, often near cities (on both sides, or in some cases a city might have half its area one one side of a gate and the other half on the other), who use them for trade and travel. Think of the old Master of Magic game with its two worlds of Myrror and Arcane. One of the worlds is very wet (lots of swamp), the other is dry (arid lands). Can anyone recommend any 5e modules from DMsGuild or anywhere else, that might fit into such a world? Anything swampy, arid, or world hoppy might fit. Also, have a look at Matthew Colville was the guy behind it I believe. You can input search criteria like "Swamp" and get 110 matching adventures throughout the history of D&D. You can further limit those results to 5th edition, getting 42 matching adventures. I'd look for ones that catch your eye & then cross reference those titles with Merric's list that pming posted to see if there any reviews.

Thursday, 4th January, 2018

  • 03:57 AM - pemerton mentioned pming in post What Is an Experience Point Worth?
    ... would approach an elf when it sees one, which makes it a case of a world-building.Telling the players "A hybsil approaches you as you wander through a meadow, and adresses you in elvish" is not worldbuilding (under any standard definition of world-building I'm familiar with). Designing a "meadows" random encounter table, then putting hybsils on it, then rolling up a hybsil encounter, would count as an application of worldbuilding - but that is not what is going on when a referee uses The Book of Lairs II! One common mistake of bad DMs is that the PCs don't have sufficient motivation to enter a dungeon; or they have some motivation, but it's contrived rather than arising naturally from the setting and the characters.One obvious motivtion to enter a dungeon would be to rescue a captured family member. But by your lights it would be bad GMing (because "contrived") for the GM to write a dungeon with a captive in it who is related to one of the PCs. (This would also be bad GMing by pming's lights, based on this recent post, but I think for different reasons from you.) I don't really know what you regard as the proper way for a GM to give PCs sufficient motivation to enter a dungeon, when it is verboten for the GM to deliberately write in any part of the gameworld to engage some cue or signal sent by a player in the build or play of his/her PC. You talk about a world in which "interesting things" happen, but that must mean "generically interesting, given some generic set of motivations". This would seem to lead to many rootless PCs with few personal/intimate motivations - or else players who write their PCs to accord to the GM's world/plot. Realistically, the PCs know the dungeon is there because they sought information about possible options for adventuring and in response the DM dropped a hook in form of a rumour or legend or map or whatever. Why would you assume nobody told them about it or asked them to deal with it?So instead of framing the PCs into an enco...

Friday, 29th December, 2017

  • 01:37 AM - iserith mentioned pming in post "My Character Is Always..." and related topics.
    ... as". Its like the difference in a targeted spell and an AOE. In this case what is being talked about is hitting the whole party with a weaker character because of one players choices in how they play. that is just ineffective in my experience at serving to encourage individual players anything like a specific result for that character/player is. To be clear, if one player roleplays well and gets a roleplaying bonus xp and another character doesn't care so much and "fails to get" that advancement and advances slower than the norm for the characters, the player who roleplayed is weakened by the other player's slower advanacement when they hit another encounter and the player who did not roleplay to standard is helped by the other player's bonus and those who just made the middle ground are left in the middle with a bit of both. Then again some might feel level disarity isn't even a problem so its maybe a pretty weak carrot/stick after all which again makes it less appealing. pming said he gives out XP for "roleplaying" to whatever standard he sets at the table. However much his post implies it's a stick, it's really a carrot - XP as an incentive to play in a particular way. You can choose to play otherwise and apply your skill to overcome the character's perceived shortcomings, but you may not receive as much XP as others who do play to the standard he expects. But of course you'd rather call it a stick because you already made your mind up about XP 15 years ago when you decided it led to undesirable level disparity or you dislike integers or whatever other grievances you may have. To the extent that your posts can be called clear at all, that much was clear. Above, you double down on the level disparity objection despite obviously having no experience with it in D&D 5e. I do, quite a lot of it actually, and I know that claim is bogus. In D&D 3e and 4e, you'd have the shadow of a point. But not in THIS game. That said, the lack of a problem with level dispari...

Thursday, 28th December, 2017

  • 07:22 PM - iserith mentioned pming in post "My Character Is Always..." and related topics.
    ...tem i built/chose and what it was built/chosen to do. others may not but hey, thats what it is. Obviously at times roleplaying your character may indeed run counter to in-game odds of success and that is nothing exceptional in my experience - it happens at a fairly decent rate in complex situations - but adding advancement rate into that mix has never IMX helped make things better. I would hate for the approach a player chose for his character to deal with an in-game situation/task to be made based on "am i close to levelling up" and the XP consequences. i thought that kind of thing (systems promoting players choosing in game character actions based on XP to be gained) was outdated when systems (even DND) began to award points for "overcoming monsters/encounters" whether it was by stealth or trickery instead of just "you get Xp if you kill the monster". But i guess no idea ever goes away completely. See @Ovinomancer's post above. And note that my criticism of your criticism of @pming's approach is not an endorsement of his methods. Roleplaying (in the sense that you and pming are using the word, not how I would choose to use it) is rewarded with Inspiration in D&D 5e so that's how I do it in my games. I change how I award XP from campaign to campaign based on what I want to incentivize. Kind of like how I change my approach to DMing based on the game I'm playing rather than just stick to things I came up with 15 years ago when I was playing some other game.
  • 05:08 PM - iserith mentioned pming in post "My Character Is Always..." and related topics. the party as a whole, especially when they had to cover the slack or heal up the other guy. So, for this particular example, having the player fully sanctioned to bypass his character stats etc with full blessing as long as they advance at slower pace is just (in practice) punishing the whole party because "Doug" is doing exactly what i as Gm allow and even reward with auto-success. (Some would call this "good strategy", i imagine.) I am sure, for some folks, that will be a successful tool, but over time i have moved well away from the *XP carrot/stick* approach for influencing players. i moved to what 5e calls "milestone" advancement maybe 15 years ago, maybe more. But again, Xp as a tool for carrot/stick certainly can achieve a variety of results for different groups. Have you ever considered that the approach you settled on 15 years ago in whatever game you were playing at that time doesn't necessarily apply to D&D 5e? Because while I don't give "roleplaying XP" like pming does, I have found that PCs at disparate levels in D&D 5e really isn't a problem due to the game's math. I have seen as much as a 7-level difference in the party and there was no problem. It certainly would matter in D&D 4e and D&D 3e, but this isn't those games. I would consider it unwise to apply my assumptions about other games to this game. I don't run games the same way when using different game systems. And why would I? This isn't to say milestone experience is bad, but in my experience, your decision to use milestone XP based on some notion of level disparity being a problem in D&D 5e is unfounded. As to your comment about "good strategy," in pming's game, it would depend on the player's priorities and the situation in play. If I care about leveling up faster (e.g. maybe I'm close to leveling up right now), then I won't always aim for automatic success when doing so would not be in keeping with the character's personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws. If it's more impo...

Tuesday, 24th October, 2017

  • 07:37 AM - pemerton mentioned pming in post Thoughts on this article about Black Culture & the D&D team dropping the ball?
    Don't care one way or the other. I'll play my game my way, you play your game your way. pming, it's not about "you play your way, I'll play mine". If WotC publishes material that excludes, alienates, ridicules or stereotypes other people, then they don't get to play their way. If you're happy with "a few tribes - some noble savages, others depraved cannibals - roam the interior" of Chult, then you're set with the 4e FRCG (published 2008). If you're happy with pseudo-Africans who frame their lives and culture around the offerings of colonists rather than their own heritage (such as the destroyed city of Mezro), then it sounds like ToA (published 2017) will work for you. The 2008 version will also give you "[d]isease and parasites . . . everywhere on the Chultan Peninsula", while the more recent offering has Mad Monkey Disease. What about everyone else, who wants a game without this sort of stereotyped tripe? Are they - we - allowed to advocate for it? matters of race always tend to put folks on the defensive and causes them to either deny there's anything worth critic...

Friday, 20th October, 2017

Thursday, 19th October, 2017

  • 03:52 AM - MoonSong mentioned pming in post Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?
    pming I guess that as an oversensitive person I could tell you that maybe it isn't as much the prohibition itself as the way it is made the difference. Maybe something totally upfront, emphasizing the reduction in options as a bonus and stuff? More like "Let's play a dangerous and high lethality Old-school D&D game, no frills, no fanfare, no complications! 4 races 4 classes and your imagination!". Then you can seem more flexible by allowing plain ranger or plain barbarian from the phb?

Tuesday, 17th October, 2017

  • 10:04 PM - dave2008 mentioned pming in post Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?
    @pming you have had 18 hours and 69 posts since your OP. Care to add to the discussion you started?
  • 05:14 PM - lowkey13 mentioned pming in post Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?
    Lord_Blacksteel pming I think the Lord Blacksteel had some good points. I'm going to throw in another option- Why not just advertise a throwback game? Just run a OSR/Retroclone/BECMI/1e game? It may appeal to your desire to get back to basics, and appeal to some players who want to try something "new," (or, at least, new to them!). Depending on how that works, you could migrate to a stripped-down 5e game, and then (maybe) if you are comfortable with it, expand the options. (FWIW, I migrated my grognard group to 5e. We started as bare-bones as can be; we still don't play with MC because REASONS, but we have allowed in selective feats, and those have worked out well.)
  • 10:07 AM - Lanefan mentioned pming in post Is 5e Basically Becoming Pathfinder 2e?
    I'm sorry about your recruit failure, but what did you expect. D&D(all editions) is an evolving game. It gets bigger. It has to as majority will get bored after couple of years with same content.Only true if all the 'majority' cares about is mechanics. If things like characterization, story, and immersion are pushed forward then - given reasonable levels of creativity on both sides of the screen - the mechanical 'content' almost need never change at all. and after you say; no feats, multiclassing, UA or any books after PHB, you are just saying, we play D&D but it's kind of 24,7% of the game.What he's saying sounds more like "we play 5e D&D in a stripped-down, old-school way". Nothing at all wrong with that, and it's something 5e has been designed to accommodate. Though I do agree with whoever it was who suggested this ought probably to be noted in his players-wanted advertising. pming - another option for you might be to drop the puck on a 1e or even 0e campaign and advertise for recruits for that...see how much interest there is in old-school play. If this gets a decent response you can then try graduating that group to the stripped-down 5e you're trying to run. It is your choice, but you need to realise that you are swimming in ever reducing pool of players.Though I can't speak to pming's specific and quite isolated community, I'd disagree with this assertion in a more general sense. I think the pool of players is still growing. The pool of DMs, on the other hand... :( Lanefan

Monday, 2nd October, 2017

Monday, 18th September, 2017

  • 02:01 AM - Ilbranteloth mentioned pming in post A New Thought About Skills At all. I think that proficiency indicates some formal training. A character with a high DEX would be able to use Woodworker's Tools to make a piece of furniture, but they wouldn't be able to tell you technical terms like "dovetail joint". They also would have no idea about any history or lore, and couldn't estimate the value of any pieces of furniture. Their piece of furniture would probably be pretty ugly. I've tried going this route. In addition to being tough to maintain all the time, I also think it can't always apply. For example, somebody proficient in Athletics, and somebody not. Or Intimidation, Perception, Persuasion, etc. In general, I settled on anything with a DC of 21 or higher requires proficiency to attempt. And as I noted, I increased DCs by 5 across the board. This provides a nice breakpoint, while still allowing the majority of things that are probably attempted to have at least a chance. But with this new approach, it's less than a problem, and to tie into pming's post the numbers are a closer match to proficiency/expertise. So the number and the training correlate better. Right now I only have a few things that require training. Swimming (part of Athletics), literacy (part of Intelligence), and languages themselves. Without training in swimming, the best you can do is try to keep yourself afloat.

Thursday, 7th September, 2017

  • 11:38 PM - merwins mentioned pming in post "when circumstances are appropriate for hiding"
    So whilst I appreciate your sentiment, and on the face of it it seems good wisdom; we in modern times know it is wrong. Congratulations, pming, I think you broke Rodney. :lol:

Thursday, 17th August, 2017

  • 11:18 PM - MostlyDm mentioned pming in post Should PHB +1 apply to spells?
    Saying "which is why many non-AL games don't follow the rule" implies there is a rule to follow. There isn't. Again, it isn't a rule. Only in the small subset of games organized by the AL do several extra rules apply, and this is one of them. Sent from my C6603 using EN World mobile app Sure, but the rules also don't suggest that non PHB books are okay, either. For non AL play, the game assumes no feats, no multiclass, and just the PHB classes/races. Basically, pming's game. Any other method comes down to you as a DM exercising your god given right to allow whatever rules and books you choose. It's not standardized because... how could it be? Why? It's such a choice of personal preference. AL had to make those decisions for you. It tried to strike a sort of compromising middle road.

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Thursday, 16th May, 2019

  • 01:09 PM - uzirath quoted pming in post Good, Evil, Nature, and Druids
    Neutral, as I see it, is all about survival and just living your life. . . . This is why I see all animals as "neutral"; they are unconcerned with such concepts as Good or Evil. Some animals may have a cruel streak, some may have more of a caring one. But when it comes down to survival they all do what they must. This gets me thinking. The sentences I bolded above could apply pretty well to most humans, right? But, maybe most humans are neutral? Could be. There is also much debate among biologists about altruistic behaviors in various animal species. I read an article recently about humpback whales defending seals from a pod of orcas. This seemed to offer none of the usual benefits to the humpbacks (i.e., they can't expect reciprocal favors from the seals, nor are they helping their kinship group), so the researchers hypothesized that altruistic behaviors (defined as putting yourself at risk or expending resources for no gain) may be more deeply ingrained in many animal species. Would...

Wednesday, 15th May, 2019

  • 07:18 PM - Tony Vargas quoted pming in post Good, Evil, Nature, and Druids
    all alignments) to be in accordance with 1e writing/rules/descriptions. Neutral, as I see it, is all about survival and just living your life. Sometimes you need to risk your life for others so that you have a better chance of survival later on...sometimes you need to just sit back and let the gods sort everything out...and sometimes you need to do something in between. This is why I see all animals as "neutral"; they are unconcerned with such concepts as Good or Evil. Some animals may have a cruel streak, some may have more of a caring one. But when it comes down to survival they all do what they must. Nod, that's all part of 1e's concept of TN, but so's the whole 'maintain the balance' thing.

Sunday, 3rd March, 2019

  • 08:44 AM - Nickolaidas quoted pming in post [5E] Interrupting a Spellcaster via Ready Action
    Hiya! I haven't been around for a while...but anyhoo... I'll stop you right there. Stating "...and ends its movement..." is, imnsho, giving away too much information to the PC's and players. I would have worded it "The monster dashes towards the PC Wizard as it swings it's weapon" (assuming it was planing on attacking). This describes the action of what's going on rather than state a bland, predictable, cookie-cutter "game move". Unless you're going for a very miniatures/video-game feel...then it's perfect! :) continue... Easy. I play it more like BECMI/1e where if you are casting a spell, you start at the "beginning of the round" and you are, effectively, casting it "all the way through until your initiative point". None of this "Made-For-TV-Witchery-Magic" where the caster simply points a finger or waves a hand and "poof goes the spell". One of my pet peeves for virtually ALL TV "magic characters", like you see in a lot of Supernaturals, or, the worst offender, Charmed,...

Friday, 14th December, 2018

  • 08:35 PM - Morrus quoted pming in post Paizocon 2019 Tickets Available
    Hey, that's actually pretty close to me (about 1550 miles, or 2600 kilometers). Not a super big fan of Pathfinder, but I still enjoy it on occasion. Hmmm... I've only been to one, yes 1, Con that was held in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). I was only a drop in and only really spent about 7 hours or so the first day and maybe 4 the second. Just watching games and listening to artists talk shop and whatnot. It was, overall, pretty dang fun to just be at. Some folks even started a 'nerf war' and were tracking each other down and 'assassinating' each other. Just about got nerfed myself in the crossfire! LOL! It was calm enough, and at least everyone was careful not to disrupt any games in session. It was at this Con that I actually first saw a full-blown combat of Champions (HERO System). I saw them at the beginning of the day. About 5 hours later I came to check in...they were STILL doing the SAME battle! O_O I think there was a GM and 4 players? Kinda got me interested in the game though...comp...
  • 08:31 PM - dave2008 quoted pming in post Paizocon 2019 Tickets Available
    EDIT EDIT: I have the cash and opportunity to go. I'm not. Is this more acceptable, dave2008? Yes, I think so :)
  • 09:37 AM - dave2008 quoted pming in post Paizocon 2019 Tickets Available
    Er...dang. Nope. Looked at their "Expected Behavior" FAQ and...well. No. I don't agree to those terms. Better to simply say, "I'm not going" or better yet, don't comment at all. As it stands it really appears as if your just trolling.

Sunday, 2nd December, 2018

  • 01:30 PM - Paul Farquhar quoted pming in post Intellect Devourer ate my Intelligence
    Hiya! Then you are watching the wrong movies and reading the wrong books. ;) Ok, sure, there aren't a lot of "bad" ending stories out there. But then again, an RPG *isn't* a novel or a movie. In an RPG there *isn't* an expected outcome of bad guys loose, good guys gets the Foozle, everyone lives happily ever after. Well, unless you have a horrible DM that doesn't let the Players help tell the story and instead forces his/her outcome regardless. Thankfully I think those sorts of DM's are a rarity. Anyway, point being...RPG's are written. ..."Identity" ..."One Flew Over the Coocoo's Nest" ..."No Country for Old Men" ..."Saw" ..."Rosemary's Baby" ..."Silence of the Lambs" ..."Primal Fear" ..."Star Wars: Episode V" ..."Se7en" ..."The Usual Suspects" All movies where the bad guys win. (Just grabbed that list off of Youtube). There are many other stories where the bad guys win. That said...I get your point. The typical "heroic story" is where the good guys win. And ...
  • 10:02 AM - Paul Farquhar quoted pming in post Intellect Devourer ate my Intelligence
    Hiya! True enough, but then we start going down the whole rabbit hole of "If something detrimental happens to a PC, then the DM shouldn't have let it happen without providing a quick means of countering said thing"...which leads to "..and if we're gonna do that, then why bother with ANYTHING bad happening to the PC in the first place?". Slippery slope, IMNSHO. By the same argument, there really isn't any point in going to see an action movie or read an adventure novel, since we know the good guys will win in the end.

Saturday, 1st December, 2018

  • 09:26 PM - MarkB quoted pming in post Intellect Devourer ate my Intelligence
    True enough, but then we start going down the whole rabbit hole of "If something detrimental happens to a PC, then the DM shouldn't have let it happen without providing a quick means of countering said thing"...which leads to "..and if we're gonna do that, then why bother with ANYTHING bad happening to the PC in the first place?". Slippery slope, IMNSHO. Yeah, but there's a difference between something bad happening to the PC and something bad happening to the player. If the PC is reduced to a vegetative state, and the player has to basically wait around twiddling his thumbs while the party goes on an extended quest to restore him, that's in some ways worse than the PC just being outright killed. As you say there are other options, and in this case it sounds like the players found one of their own - polymorphing the PC into a beast to allow the character's continued participation, at least in combats - but anything which results in a player feeling unable to contribute effectively duri...
  • 12:55 PM - MarkB quoted pming in post Intellect Devourer ate my Intelligence
    THREE: I suppose a Wish would do it. Or maybe Regeneration. But those are the boring options...and where's the sens of adventure and fun in that? :) ^_^ Paul L. Ming That factor does have to be weighed against the question of where is the fun in playing a dribbling vegetable for the duration of the time it takes to complete a more extended quest?

Wednesday, 28th November, 2018

  • 04:35 PM - lowkey13 quoted pming in post On Variability, House Rules, Research, and the 1e/5e Difference
    Ok, ok...I know I'll never be able to douse the unquenchable hatred-fueled hell-fire that burns in your soul against Paladins and Gnomes (n.b., Paladin is tied with MU's for my favourite class...just saying... ;) ), so I won't bother. However, in regards to WSG/DSG/UA... So, in detail- WG7. We are in agreement. At the time, I didn't even know the whole backstory, but I just could feel how wrong it was. I can't even imagine the amount of rage it would have generated if we had the internet back then. UA- Function followed form. Just like the book itself, the content of Unearthed Arcana appears pretty at first glance, but quickly fell apart. We had just had a great book (Oriental Adventures) that was thrilling, different, and ... balanced! Well, as balanced as 1e could be I guess. But the thing is- when the "NPC" (ahem) classes and races in Dragon Magazine look amazingly balanced and playtested compared to the hot garbage they put in here, that's not good. Even the good ideas that wer...
  • 06:09 AM - billd91 quoted pming in post When did mixing editions become unusual?
    Hiya! THAC0 = Back of the 1e DMG where you can see a list, in 'landscape' page mode, of all the MM monsters for quick access so the DM didn't have to open the MM if he was familiar enough with the monster. Indeed, THAC0 was back there. But it was also clearly a late bolt-on because it doesn't actually work with the Attack Matrix for Monsters on page 75. THAC0 was a nice innovation but it lacks the repeated 20s on the attack matrices in the actual 1e rules and so was never really a perfect fit in 1st edition.

Tuesday, 27th November, 2018

  • 10:14 PM - lowkey13 quoted pming in post On Variability, House Rules, Research, and the 1e/5e Difference
    PS: I'm one of those 'wierd' 1e DM's that actually liked a lot of the Unearthed Arcana stuff, and I LOVE both the Dungeoneers and the Wilderness survival guides! So... :p ^_^ Paul L. Ming Oh, I was right with you and agreeing up until the postscript .... You like a lot of the Unearthed Arcana stuff????? You loved both the DSG and WSG????? That's like saying, "Dude, Paladins are awesome, and can only be awesomer if they are gnomes." NEVER! (IMO, UA was undoubtedly the low-point for 1e and, unfortunately, Gygax- foreshadowing his post-TSR issues, and WSG and DSG, along with WG7, pretty much was the end of my desire to purchase TSR output).
  • 03:18 PM - lowkey13 quoted pming in post On Variability, House Rules, Research, and the 1e/5e Difference
    IMNSHO, too many game designs nowadays favour "single-system resolutions" and that, while easy to use/memorise, make systems that feel pretty bland and same'y over time. With 1e there was just enough consistency to make running it easy, but just enough variation in the subsystems to make it all interesting! YMMV. Well, there is always a balance between "if all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail" v. "I have a separate table and resolution system that is mechanically distinct for every possible thing that could occur in the game!" I happen to dislike some of the simplification of 5e- and I am on record as to my peeves. That said, I think that we also view 1e's disparate resolution mechanics with rose-colored glasses. Sure, I can, and will make a case for the attack and saving throw matrices. I will go to battle defending disparate class abilities that are not spell-based or spell equivalents. But ... c'mon. Grappling? Psionics? That's just for starters. There were...
  • 03:08 PM - OverlordOcelot quoted pming in post When did mixing editions become unusual?
    THAC0 = Back of the 1e DMG where you can see a list, in 'landscape' page mode, of all the MM monsters for quick access so the DM didn't have to open the MM if he was familiar enough with the monster. Actually, the argument of the people claiming no THAC0 before 1989 was that the table in the 1e DMG had a "To Hit A.C. 0" column, and that it would be impossible for anyone to abbreviate that to THAC0 before TSR published THAC0 in 2e in 1989, that I must be lying about having used the term myself. While it's more than silly to think that no one but TSR could create acronyms, the fact that TSR did actually use the acronym as early as 1981 caused one of them to put me on ignore and the other to stop posting entirely.

Sunday, 18th November, 2018

  • 10:16 PM - clearstream quoted pming in post Recalling lore about creatures... what does it entail?
    I think it's in the "modularity" of 1e. Nothing is really "glued together" with 1e...if a DM wants, they an rip out the Proficiency rules and replace them with the ones from Powers & Perils (and old, early 80's fantasy RPG by Avalon Hill). Nothing else in the game will really be affected. Same with pretty much everything else. With 3.x/4e/PF, it's all so..."tight" with tendrils of one area snaking into others, it becomes more of a chore to consider the consequences of mucking with a major aspect of the game. With the advent of 5e, however, it has sort of severed many of these tendrils...almost like they are lego pieces. They can be shifted around her and there and still remain attached. You can even outright remove a piece and the system doesn't just implode (e.g., the OPTIONAL rules of Feats and Multiclassing; we don't use them, and the game runs just fine...). I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with you about 1e's modularity (and special cases!) that made it easy to remove and repl...
  • 08:58 AM - clearstream quoted pming in post Recalling lore about creatures... what does it entail?
    But one of the beauties of 5e is that it's the most forgiving version of D&D since 1e AD&D, and because of that me and my group can play the way we like (re: Old Skool, basically ignoring or glossing-over the stuff calling for rolls normally)...and the game system doesn't "break". I hear people say this, and perhaps I've always been wayward as a DM, but no version of D&D (since 1e AD&D) has felt more, or less, forgiving to me. We've always been able to play the way we like. So far, zero visits from the TSR/WotC rules police to make us stop.

Saturday, 17th November, 2018

  • 08:49 PM - clearstream quoted pming in post Recalling lore about creatures... what does it entail?
    At any rate, if you want to just roll dice and calculate numbers with the whole thing having pretty much no 'emotional impact' on the Player, then what you propose will do the trick...mechanically speaking. But I think you are cheating your players out of one of the greatest parts of the game: a personal sense of accomplishment in their playing of the game. YMMV. :) Do you mean that the class features I quoted from WotC official publications are cheating players out of one of the greatest parts of the game?

Thursday, 15th November, 2018

Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

  • 01:41 AM - Remathilis quoted pming in post First Impressions Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica
    I mean, you can't really call a book "Guide to Earth" and then only concentrate on the USA. The world colloquially known as "Nerath" was never fleshed out more the Nentir Vale in any great detail. The first of the Known World Gazetteers only covered Karameikos. The current Wayfarer's Guide to Eberron really only gives any detail about Sharn, while every other area gets between a paragraph to a page of info tops. While some setting books take a macro-cosmic view of everything, some, like these ad GGtR, prefer a micro-cosmic view; a single ward and the major players in it vs the whole world/plane. Sometimes, its worth detailing one small part fuller than giving a shallow overview of a millions things.

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