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    Saturday, 29th June, 2019, 05:04 PM
    Gamer and designer Lee Garvin passed away.
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Friday, 3rd November, 2017

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Saturday, 4th November, 2017

  • 01:27 AM - TwoSix quoted 1Mac in post The Hierophant, a cleric-warlock variant
    So long as itís properly credited,thatís fine by me. I donít have the time Iíd like for home brewing, and Iím happy to see this getting attention! Oh, absolutely. Just want to implement some of the suggestions from upthread, add some higher level Benedictions, and maybe add support for the new domains once XGTE comes out.

Thursday, 28th April, 2016

  • 09:31 PM - Elfcrusher quoted 1Mac in post Warlock Patron: the Crone (please review!)
    I'm trying to figure out what "one of the applicable saving throws" and "both die rolls" mean here. Did you mean to say the fetish works on two different saves? No, but thanks for the question because it means I have to work on the wording. "one of the applicable saving throws" means "of the type you make the fetish." I.e., if you fail a Con saving throw with a Con fetish. "both die rolls" is really only relevant for the Disadvantage type of fetish: it means the magic dissipates if you roll with Disadvantage and both d20's are below the target number. (An Advantage fetish, of course, only fails the roll if that's true so the wording is redundant.) Maybe I should make the Disadvantage one lose its magic if the wearer succeeds on a saving throw? I'll tweak the language now.

Tuesday, 26th April, 2016

  • 06:38 PM - bedir than quoted 1Mac in post I think this alt Ranger I made is pretty good
    Link I mean, of course I'd say that, and it's not like I'm the only one who's homebrewed a 5e Ranger alternative. So what does this one have going for it? -The same, but improved: The core ranger has a lot going for it. It has a few weaknesses; damage, some annoyingly situational powers, and a lack of a strong theme. In my take, many core powers are present, but changed to offer a lot more flexibility. These include Favored Enemy and Natural Explorer: No more hoping that your DM lets you fight undead in the woods to make the most of your powers. -Theme: A bit of fighter, a dash of rogue, a smidgeon of druid; By trying to be too much, the core ranger winds up feeling like nothing at all. So I've tightened it up; the ranger is firstly a pro at living off the land, and secondly, befitting the survivalist theme, a master hunter. A couple newish core class features advance these themes, as do the enhanced Favored Enemy and Natural Explorers; and other class features tie build upon these featur...
  • 04:47 AM - Elfcrusher quoted 1Mac in post Warlock Patron: the Crone (please review!)
    Good idea! Is the crone a former mortal, like the Undying patron from the Sword Coast guide? Or a supernatural entity, like the crone aspect of the threefold goddess? Not sure...I actually almost named it "the Three Sisters", so that's definitely one of the concepts I was thinking of. -Two first level abilities is unusual, but as you say the one is basically a "ribbon," so probably not a big deal. -For jinx, why not say, "You add Hex as a bonus spell known," then continue as written? I was trying to avoid granting either extra spell slots or extra spells known because those two limitations are part of the trade-off inherent in the class design. So giving a bonus spell known and making it better than the default seems very powerful for 1st level. I suppose it could be swapped with Black Magic, although at 1st level the only spell that could be used with Black Magic is Charm Person. -Black Magic is good, though it seems weird that you couldn't also use it with an invocati...

Friday, 15th April, 2016

  • 01:08 AM - Acr0ssTh3P0nd quoted 1Mac in post I've spent the past few months breaking down the Ranger and trying to find some common ground across different fan expectations. Here's what I've got.
    I'm confused by what you mean here. My point was that the ranger suffers by being too much about bits and pieces from other classes and not enough about having an identity of it's own. You seem to be suggesting that other classes have this problem. Other than, arguably, the paladin, I can't say I see this. I think you might be fundamentally misunderstanding what I'm attempting to do with the class. I'm not trying to make it so that the ranger class can be everything at the same time - like you said, that just leads to watered-down mechanics. Rather than pulling the ranger in many different directions at once, I'm making it so that the ranger has a single base identity (the explorer) that can then be expanded up with the appropriate amount of focus in one single direction of the player's choosing. And, quite honestly, I don't see the survivalist dice damage infringing on the fighter's identity with maneuvers or the rogue's sneak attack any more than a sorcerer's spellcasting infringes u...

Monday, 11th April, 2016

  • 05:31 PM - Einlanzer0 quoted 1Mac in post I've spent the past few months breaking down the Ranger and trying to find some common ground across different fan expectations. Here's what I've got.
    On the contrary, I think a design goal of trying to please everyone is scarcely even possible, let alone desirable. As the great Canadian philosopher said, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." The sort of universalism you're shooting for is not ever going to encompass all options because it is itself an option that looks and plays differently from other, more focused design approaches. Here might be the heart of our disagreement: you believe that the "crisis of identity" of the ranger is because everyone has a different idea of what that identity is, so your solution is to synthesize all those identities under one general mechanic. But I think the crisis of the ranger is not that it has too many identities, but that it has none at all, at least not one that is unique to itself. Okay, the pet thing is unique (though problematic for other reasons), but the rest is borrowed pieces from the fighter, druid, and rogue. That's not a unique raison d'etre; it's a patchwork c...
  • 03:24 AM - Acr0ssTh3P0nd quoted 1Mac in post I've spent the past few months breaking down the Ranger and trying to find some common ground across different fan expectations. Here's what I've got.
    I am entirely comfortable with saying this, or at least something like it... I guess I just have strong opinions about what is needed to make the ranger work. Quite honestly, considering that one of the main issues with the ranger is that everyone has strong ideas - ideas that differ wildly - about what the ranger should be beyond "expert survivalist and explorer", that's a problem, and it's something you'll have to recognise moving forward with your ranger if you're going to be making it for a wider audience. People have drastically different ideas about the ranger, particularly with its combat power. People don't have the same issue with the paladin smite, or the rogue's sneak attack - that's why they're core class features. People did have this issue with the fighter in the D&D Next - should it be a simple, easy class, or have combat maneuvers and more complexity? So they used the subclasses to differentiate. It's the same issue with the ranger, but on a drastically bigger scale - both ...
  • 01:30 AM - Acr0ssTh3P0nd quoted 1Mac in post I've spent the past few months breaking down the Ranger and trying to find some common ground across different fan expectations. Here's what I've got.
    I thought I read through your doc carefully, but somehow it didn't click for me that Survivalist dice refreshed every turn, not after a short rest. I had in my mind that they basically worked like Superiority dice with non-combat applications. This actually makes them a little more like my idea for Quarry dice, actually. Still, I thought you were being a little conservative with the resource; now I kind of think they're a little too liberal! All the other dice/token mechanics in the game are limited in some way; either by a flat cap that needs to be refreshed (boring, but balanced), or, in the case of the rogue, by some sort of condition (much more interesting and still balanced). No one gets an always-on resource that never needs to be refreshed. I could see a design space for such a resource if the pool was much smaller (I am beginning to reimagine the Battle Master fighter that way), but 2d6 expanding to 5d6 with no tactical limitation seems way too high. So I ask again, why not tie it ...

Saturday, 9th April, 2016

  • 10:59 PM - Acr0ssTh3P0nd quoted 1Mac in post I've spent the past few months breaking down the Ranger and trying to find some common ground across different fan expectations. Here's what I've got.
    ...he companion to use them, though maybe they could only work for the ranger or his companion on any given turn. At any rate, this makes Quarry dice suitable currency for maneuvers. Spellstrider: Great name! Good Tolkien reference. Why WotC didn't make spellcasting for the ranger an Archetype like this, when they already had models for it in other classes, I just don't know. Bonus druid spells on top of the normal Ranger spell list are great. I'm worried about spell progression. I'd make it more like the Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster, and if you want to include 5th level ranger spells, just make selecting one of them a Spellstrider power at a higher level, sort of like the Warlock's mystic arcanum. I think this is a great framework for reimagining the ranger, much better than the Unearthed Arcana variants WotC has put out. It gives me some ideas for trying out my own variant. I'm interested to here what you think of my feedback, as that may shape my own approach to the ranger. 1Mac - you know, it's funny, the survivalist dice are the end result of me really wanting to have a Hunter's Quarry mechanic, but being unable to fit it in with - you guessed it - the Beast Master. I'll go through my thought process when I designed them: I knew from the outset that in order to make the class as a whole work (particularly in regard to the Beast Master, but also in general), I'd need to have as few "identifying" combat boosting features in the base class as possible. That way, the identity of the ranger beyond the extreme level of exploration and travel power could be taken care of entirely according to the player's desires. If the whole ranger got a hunter's quarry as a base damage/utility mechanic, that would not only focus the combat aspect of the ranger's identity far more than I was comfortable with, but would also limit the room the Beast Master need to feel fun as well as balanced. Additionally, while chasing down a specific target might apply to many people's ideas o...

Tuesday, 28th July, 2015

  • 06:48 AM - aramis erak quoted 1Mac in post Cheap fantasy minis!
    Now in attractive BLOG form! Please stop by and comment if you are interested in hearing more about this topic. New edit for July 2013: This is an old thread, but if you want to see my newest projects, just go to the last page. I always update here whenever I finish painting something. Thanks! Spurred on by Kris' thread from a couple of years ago on the subject of 1/72 scale fantasy miniatures, I've started a project to build a convincing roster of fantasy miniatures as cheaply as possible. I plan on using plastic minis whenever possible, cheap craft store paints and "magic dip" (i.e. furniture polish mixed with black stain), and keeping everything in the neighborhood of 1/72-20mm scale. The goal here isn't to produce the most fantastic, award-worthy minis, but to get them as cheap as possible while still looking pretty good. My goal is to pay less than $.50 per mini, and while I'm sometimes over my goal, I'm usually well under it. Both Caesar and Zvezda 20mm are pretty nicely sc...

Tuesday, 5th March, 2013

  • 08:17 PM - Kris quoted 1Mac in post Cheap fantasy minis!
    Quick question: would anyone be interested if I started blogging on the topic of cheap fantasy minis? I'd like to, but I want to make sure I'm not whistling in the dark. I'd certainly be interested! Oh and nice mini's by the way. I haven't really got into painting much myself this year, but it's posts like this that make me want to dig out a few minis and splash some paint on them again :)

Sunday, 3rd March, 2013

  • 06:00 PM - Mark CMG quoted 1Mac in post Tiny PDFs - not a fan.
    That's kind of awful. I'm disappointed that RPG publishers would succumb to such a guild mentality. I hope they've moved past such thinking. It's an isolated or at least rare case and one where some folks just didn't see how things were trending.

Wednesday, 13th February, 2013

  • 05:01 PM - Mark CMG quoted 1Mac in post Cheap fantasy minis!
    Progress on the centaurs and kobolds continues. I'm also slowly building and basing some Warhammer Skinks to be used as lizardmen. Most of these guys are crew from Games Workshop's Stegadon kit that I got from an online bits store. They were above my 50-cent-per-figure limit, but they weren't too pricey, and it's hard to find lizardmen champions and magic-users otherwise. They're a little cartoonishly proportioned, especially the weapons, but they match Sven in height pretty well. Most Warhammer stuff doesn't work with 1/72 scale, but since skinks are supposed to be small critters, they appear to be around normal size in a smaller scale. I've got a Skaven kit that I'm going to use as human-sized ratmen on the same principle. 56405 At the local Games Plus Auction (they do one in Spring and Fall every year for decades), there are always some deals to be had that would keep under the threshold. Too far a drive for you to the NW of Chicago but maybe others reading this thread can take advan...

Thursday, 24th January, 2013

  • 12:52 PM - Kris quoted 1Mac in post Cheap fantasy minis!
    Great to see someone else getting into 1:72 scale minis :) Spurred on by Kris' thread from a couple of years ago on the subject of 1/72 scale fantasy miniatures... I also posted a couple of pic's of a few other creatures on my blog around the same time ...which can be found HERE if you'd like to check them out: Oh ...and I'd love to see how the Caesar orcs & goblins turn out.

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The Hierophant, a cleric-warlock variant
A cleric with warlock mechanics. If you want to play a warlock without selling your soul, or play a cleric without tediously tracking spell slots, the hierophant may be of interest. Plug-and-play the cleric domain of your choice for easy conversions....
476 0 1 Friday, 29th April, 2016, 04:16 PM Sunday, 1st May, 2016, 09:33 PM
The Quarry Ranger
There are lots of 5e ranger variants; this is one of them.

The Quarry Ranger seeks not to reinvent the class so much as to improve existing class features. New abilities focus on the theme of the ranger as a great explorer and focused hunter. No spe...
70 0 0 Tuesday, 26th April, 2016, 02:38 AM Tuesday, 26th April, 2016, 02:38 AM

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