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    Today, 01:07 AM
    Speaking of this, wasn't there a PF1 clone of some sort in the works? I heard something about it in passing, but never got any details.
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    Today, 12:57 AM
    I have another theory, Spanish translations require more work, some other languages don't. For other languages you can easily take the plain text in English and just straight translate it without paying too much attention to context. So the result is either a trainwreck that mixes/ignores gender/closeness/person or is more expensive. Many times this is done in Spain for videogames by people who...
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    Wednesday, 17th July, 2019, 01:09 AM
    In other circumstances I would have pre-ordered already. I kind of need an alternative where character building is less cumbersome and fiddly than PF, but I want a little more that what 5e gives. I want to like PF2, but I need to see the finalized rules before committing to it.
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    Sunday, 14th July, 2019, 04:45 AM
    RPGs live and die by their setting. Only D&D can afford to go "setting agnostic" (and that is barely) by virtue of its size and prominence. Without a strong setting a random RPG is but a set of bland mechanics, and if it's fantasy themed, it is just a heartbreaker. For identity purposes World of Darkness is Storyteller, Freedom City is M&M, and Golarion is Pathfinder. Yes, other settings can work...
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    Saturday, 13th July, 2019, 02:50 AM
    Ideally I would have ability modifiers not affecting skill bonus by themselves, I would rather high ability bonuses helped you have higher proficiency levels faster. Edit: An on topic, this isn't necessarily a judgment of value, what I got from the playtest was that PF2 somehow managed to have the bad parts of 4e without the good stuff. I'm still on the fence on whether to give it some of my...
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    Friday, 12th July, 2019, 11:25 PM
    I never said I wanted the Alchemist gone. All I said was leaving Witches out of core was a bad decision. I only speak for myself in this. The choice to make bards occult made what it means to be occult confusing -seriously, it is a conversation in the Paizo forums-
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    Friday, 12th July, 2019, 05:15 PM
    I think it is a glaring omission because: a) The witch is important in Golarion (the most common non-divine caster) and b) the witch is an obvious primary occult caster, by not having it the bard was square pegged into the tradition and as a primary caster at the expense of other stuff. (IMO primal or arcane fitted better for the bard)
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    Thursday, 11th July, 2019, 05:29 PM
    That ship has long sailed, and sank. Nobody survived, and there's nothing left of the shipwreck...
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    Thursday, 11th July, 2019, 05:20 PM
    It all depends on context, it isn't a clear cut black and white issue. In this particular context doesn't matter that badly. But for example, in 5e what's core and what isn't does matter. I still can't have an aasimar divine soul in AL for example, because neither is core! Core matters, some DMs play with core-only. Some groups demand core-only. Core classes/races receive more attention from...
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    Wednesday, 10th July, 2019, 06:45 PM
    Are you thinking of Trailblazer by Bad Axe Games?
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    Wednesday, 10th July, 2019, 07:00 AM
    I am fine with saves scaling up with level. However, I would prefer if proficiencies with skills and tools improved by allocating skill points upon leveling.
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    Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019, 01:10 AM
    If you need to cheat, it means you have a paper-thin case. Which means you aren't very good at finding loopholes. I stand my ground cheating= munchkin and not a rules lawyer. That's why you go for the most ironclad case you can build. In fact, many times these interpretations end up being validated one way or another. And if the DM is convinced am I really imposing my own interpretation? How...
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    Sunday, 30th June, 2019, 12:57 AM
    I'm a self-professed Rules Lawyer. It's there - ok used to be - in my signature. I'm a rules lawyering drama queen... I don't consider being a Rules Lawyer something negative, just one way to play. What many posters here have an actual problem is not with rules lawyerism is with munchkinism. A rules lawyer finds loopholes and exploits, however annoying that might be. What a rules lawyer...
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  • Greg K's Avatar
    Saturday, 29th June, 2019, 05:54 PM
    I too don't miss it. I disliked it enough to preemptively ban it from the table (which turned out to be unnecessary as nobody else that I knew liked it either). I'll take the maneuver system from Mearls's Book of Iron Might over TOB any day of the week despite the error in one of the sample maneuver builds.
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    Saturday, 29th June, 2019, 05:04 PM
    Gamer and designer Lee Garvin passed away.
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Friday, 1st June, 2018

  • 12:57 AM - Mouseferatu mentioned Greg K in post Reopening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
    I mean, to be fair, it's not like Greg K needs to justify his decision not to buy a game supplement. Do I personally think he's likely missing out? Sure. I'm disappointed I haven't gotten my copy yet, and I'm looking forward to it. But as decisions go, not purchasing a book is pretty much a valid one regardless of reason. (Unless it's one of my novels, of course. Then it's a crime. But other than that... ;) )

Wednesday, 1st November, 2017

  • 06:49 PM - Satyrn mentioned Greg K in post Group Rule Deal-Breakers
    Greg K, I'm wondering if you and all the others out there with such long lists have ever had to find a group. I don't just mean gone looking for another group for some variety, but just to be able to play the game.

Wednesday, 7th June, 2017

Sunday, 13th December, 2015

  • 04:03 AM - Connorsrpg mentioned Greg K in post Divine Casters
    Greg K. SOunds similar to how we used to do things too. You could mess around with all of that again, but I just presented this as a much easier option. I spend a LONG time on domains/specific lists etc for divine casters. Mainly b/c I had spent so long on the Gods, BUT most of this went unused. I now just tell players, pick whatever 12 spells you want from the Cleric spells available, keeping in mind your deity, but I don't limit their versatility. So basically the Cleric list still is the ALL sphere ;) Domain spells bring in a few extras from other lists ;)

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned Greg K in post Warlord Name Poll
    ...Blackbrrd; @Blackwarder ; @Blue ; @Bluenose ; @brehobit ; @BryonD ; @Bupp ; @Campbell ; @CapnZapp; @CaptainConundrum ; @CaptainGemini ; @Carlsen Chris ; @casterblaster ; @CasvalRemDeikun; @cbwjm ; @ccooke ; @Celebrim ; @Celondon @ChameleonX ; @Charles Wright ; ChrisCarlson; @CM ; @cmad1977 ; @costermonger ; @Creamsteak ; @Crothian ; @Cybit ; @Dausuul; @Dayte ; @dd.stevenson ; @DEFCON 1 ; @Delazar ; @DersitePhantom ; @Diffan ; @discosoc; @D'karr ; @Doc Klueless ; @doctorbadwolf ; @DonAdam ; @Dragoslav ; @Duganson; @EdL ; @EditorBFG ; @Edwin Suijkerbuijk ; @Eejit ; @ehren37 ; @Elfcrusher ; @El Mahdi ; @epithet; @erf_beto ; @Eric V ; @eryndel ; @Evenglare ; @ExploderWizard ; @EzekielRaiden; @Fedge123 ; @fendak ; @FireLance ; @Fishing_Minigame ; @Flamestrike ; @FLexor the Mighty! ; @Forged Fury ; @Fragsie ; @Fralex ; @FreeTheSlaves ; @froth ; @Gadget; @Galendril ; @GameOgre ; @Garthanos ; @Ghost Matter ; @Giltonio_Santos ; @Gimul; @GMforPowergamers ; @Gnashtooth ; @Green1 ; @GreenKarl ; @Greg K ; @GreyLord; @Grimmjow ; @Grydan ; @GX.Sigma ; @Halivar ; @HEEGZ ; @Hemlock ; @Henry ; @Herobizkit; @Hussar; @IchneumonWasp ; @I'm A Banana ; @Imaro ; @Iosue ; @Irennan ; @JackOfAllTirades; @jacktannery ; @jadrax ; @Jaelommiss ; @JamesTheLion ; @JamesonCourage ; @JasonZZ; @jayoungr ; @JediGamemaster ; @JeffB ; @Jester Canuck ; @jgsugden ; @jodyjohnson; @Joe Liker ; @JohnLynch ; @Johnny3D3D ; @KarinsDad ; @kerbarian ; @kerleth ; @Kinak; @KingsRule77 ; @Kirfalas ; @Kobold Stew ; @koga305 ; @Lanefan ; @Lanliss ; @Leatherhead; @Libramarian ; @Li Shenron ; @LuisCarlos17f ; @lowkey13 ; @Manbearcat ; @MarkB; @MechaPilot ; @Mecheon ; @mellored ; @Mephista ; @Mercule ; @MG.0 ; @MichaelSomething; @Miladoon ; @Minigiant ; @Mishihari Lord ; @Mistwell ; @MoogleEmpMog ; @Mon @MonkeezOnFire ; @MoonSong(Kaiilurker) ; @MostlyDm ; @Mouseferatu ; @MoutonRustique; @Nemesis Destiny ; @neobolts ; @Neonchameleon ; @Nifft ; @nightspaladin ; @nomotog; @n00bdragon ; @Obryn ; @Ohillion ; @oknazevad ; @Olgar Shi...

Thursday, 9th October, 2014

Tuesday, 7th October, 2014

  • 03:24 AM - Hussar mentioned Greg K in post Supplemental books: Why the compulsion to buy and use, but complain about it?
    ...s. Once was a game run by a boss, but I still got together with them when they played Talisman. Another was run by one of my players. It was a game that by his own admission was out of control and everything was allowed, because he took over the campaign having only played his first two rpg sessions before having the previous DM quite. The third I quit, because it was hack n slash dungeon of the week both of which bore me tears. I excused myself and talked with the DM after the game which resulted in a major change as described my prior post. Read more: So, there was at least one game where it was simply a play style issue (hack and slash dungeon of the week) that was the issue. We don't know about the game run by a boss, so there's no indication whether he bowed out because the game was poor or simply a play style thing. KarinsDad, is Greg K also a poor player for dropping out of campaigns?

Monday, 6th October, 2014

  • 09:46 AM - pemerton mentioned Greg K in post Come and Get It and Warrior's Urge: Please help me implement a change to both of these powers
    ...of STR, which is a strictly weaker version of the power. It's also not clear from your formatting whether or not you intend the fighter's enhancement bonus from weapon to apply to the attack vs Will. If not, that makes the power even weaker - poor stat and no enhancement bonus is somewhere around -5 to hit at 7th level (CaGI) and around -12 to hit at 23rd level (Warrior's Urging). The big problem I have with Come and Get It is that it's a martial charm power.It doesn't have the charm keyword. CaGI pulls in creatures with up to 2 sq between the attacking fighter and the target. Assuming a non-reach weapon, that's a gap between the fighter's sword tip and the opponent's body of around 5'. I think the power is most naturally conceived of the fighter using his/her deftness with his/her weapon to wrongfoot opponents. That is, don't pay too much attention to the power's name and treat it as a display of weapon skill. (The pre-errata version is better for this.) To adapt this to Greg K's purposes, I think you'd be better off leaving the power closer to its original version, and stipulating something to reflect the fact that the fighter is, in effect, moving through all the squares between him/her and the enemies that are pulled in - so the fighter will trigger any traps in those squares, for instance. Another modification that would fit with this general conceptualisation is to allow any enemy to negate the forced movement by falling prone in its square and becoming marked by the fighter til the end of its next turn. That way the fighter still gets a good control effect out of the power even with no damage dealt.

Wednesday, 16th July, 2014

  • 12:04 AM - Hussar mentioned Greg K in post Merwin said it better than Schwalb
    Do you have a copy of that build? While Age of Worms is a well liked adventure* it doesn't set the bar for Pathfinder or D&D. I've heard from many people that the adventure may have been written harder than it should have been. The writers are sometimes capable of making an adventure too hard. I seriously doubt it was created with pure optimization in mind. You asked for a module where optimisation was assumed. Asked and answered. Go back into the Paizo board threads talking about the design of AoW and you'll see that they most certainly did deliberately design with the idea that the players would bring their "A" game. Greg K - yes, it's true that a 2e specialty priest could have a wizard's THAC0 and d4 HP. However, in return, that priest generally got the ability to cast wizard spells (and a LOT Of wizard spells) a good chunk of which were combat spells. IOW, it turned the cleric into a wizard that could heal. Hardly a non-combat character. What official rules in 3e contained the "Cloistered Cleric" btw? Weren't those variant rules from Unearthed Arcana and not even part of the base core rules? IOW, the rules were included for people who wanted to build campaigns specifically for this type of character. Let's see you bring your Cloistered Cleric into Age of Worms and see how well your group does.

Tuesday, 15th July, 2014

  • 09:44 AM - Sadras mentioned Greg K in post Is Anyone Unhappy About Non-LG Paladins?
    Back stories for D&D, I am weaker with because I concentrate on the now-->future as opposed to the past. I've always felt the backstory of importance in D&D is what the character did once he hit the table especially if the characters are coming in at low level. In other games, like Hero, back stories have a stronger emphasis and I treat them treated differently. I'm similar to Greg K's approach with backstories as I tend to think they are pretty important in defining the character as well as the goals he creates and therefore I try as DM to thread backstories into the present for importance.

Thursday, 19th June, 2014

  • 09:46 AM - Sadras mentioned Greg K in post Is Anyone Unhappy About Non-LG Paladins?
    I must be missing something. If the turn attempt succeeded, didn't that mean he successfully defended his friends from the threat? Wouldn't that go "Look, I turned the dragon, he is no longer attacking you, you are all saved. Bask in the glory of my deity who helped me defend you from the dragon!"? His deity gave him insight which let him know that his Turn attempts were almost impossible to pull off against such a foe, hinting that he should (due to greater probability of success) rather engage in melee should he wish to save his comrades. One must also take into account that in @Greg K's setting, the divine powers come from his deity, they are blessings/gifts from his deity, which includes Turn Undead. The only reason the action he was taking wasn't defending them is because he failed in the roll? Wouldn't that meant that if he ran up and attacked the dragon in melee and missed but the dragon then attacked his friend anyways that he was equally failing in his duties to protect the weak? He purposefully ignored the vision sent to him by his deity. Not once, but twice, while his allies were desperately scrambling to do his work/his duty. Engaging the dragon in melee is his sworn duty, attempting to Turn is calling upon the Deity of his power. When the deity tells you the latter is not a viable option and you persist, you are directly disobeying a superior's orders. Imagine that happened in the military? You a soldier, disobeying a superior's orders - you expect to be punished. Unfortunately in the military they cant take away the skills you learnt, but they can ...

Tuesday, 22nd October, 2013

  • 03:45 PM - Ahnehnois mentioned Greg K in post What are/will be the main beefs of D&D Next relative to other editions? five people for something that I think might be worth my time, as opposed to something that I know is worth my time, is not an appealing decision. And it's important to know that it's entirely possible that a system can read well and convince me that it's worth my time to try it without playing it, so that's not an unreasonable bar. Think of reading the books as being analogous to viewing promotional material for a movie. Is watching a 90 second trailer the same as actually being in the theater and watching the whole thing with your 3D glasses on and an audience around you? No. Is the former a sufficient and reasonable basis to decide whether you want to spend money on the latter? Yes. Is the quality of promotional material as well as the quality of the whole product relevant to the success of the final product? You bet. If reading the 5e playtest documents (or even reading less than that, say, just the announcements or columns from the WotC website) is enough to convince me, or Greg K or anyone else that it isn't worth playing the game for real, that's on them, not us.

Sunday, 20th October, 2013

Wednesday, 25th September, 2013

Saturday, 31st August, 2013

Thursday, 29th August, 2013

Wednesday, 28th August, 2013

  • 10:39 PM - Ahnehnois mentioned Greg K in post Final playtest packet due in mid September.
    Greg K Well put. Even the 3.0 DMG had some more radical variants than what I'm doing 10+ years later. Any number of which could radically change how the game plays. It's not like the designers don't understand or expect that we'll customize our own games. After all, they don't exactly play RAW either.

Thursday, 30th May, 2013

  • 06:55 AM - Connorsrpg mentioned Greg K in post Any low fantasy games out there? Need a change of pace!
    Immediately I thought of A Song of Ice & Fire RPG. I have just reread the book and it sounds perfect for the setting you are after. No real mention of magic in the players section (except for exceptional individuals that warg or receive green dreams). I can't speak to the system, but I love the sound of it and really want to try it. I will also back Greg K here and include Savage Worlds. Being multi-genre it can easily be done without magic. Right now I am actually mashing these two games together. Basically I am using the mechanics of Savage Worlds, but the Ability list and Specialties from SIF. (This is in its infancy, but I believe the two will work together to mesh into my favourite game. If interested, initial discussions/ideas are here: Good luck. Let us know what you decide on.

Saturday, 18th May, 2013

  • 01:04 PM - Ahnehnois mentioned Greg K in post The Thrills of Skills
    Greg K I am mostly familiar with it through the BSG incarnation, and I have the generic book, but I don't have the Serenity stuff and hadn't read all of that. So thanks for adding some new info. In any case I'm not saying Cortex is the best thing ever, merely a simple approach with some very interesting qualities.
  • 09:36 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Greg K in post Is D&D a setting or a toolbox?
    Greg K If it's just another toolbox, why not use a better system like Savage Worlds or whatever? I hear a lot of people doing just that. My sense is that D&D will best succeed (fiscally) by leveraging its genre rather than trying to be a universal toolkit.

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Wednesday, 10th July, 2019

Friday, 14th June, 2019

  • 12:44 AM - DrunkonDuty quoted Greg K in post Systems You'd Never Play after Reading Them
    Agreed. There are several older games that are still examples of elegant and playable games including Bond 007, DC Heroes (Mayfair Games), Elric/Stormbringer (Chaosium), Ghostbusters (WEG), Pendragon, and Toon are all great games that still hold up well, (imho). I also still consider Hero and GURPS to be great games despite preferring Savage Worlds over both Hero or GURPS. In fact, I am debating as to whether I want to keep tailoring 5e with house rules for my next fantasy campaign or use Hero System (4e or 5e). <emerges out of shadows; whispers> "Use HERO system." <smiles, creepily; fades back into the shadows.> Sorry. I think I may be a tad too invested in HERO System. This is because I have been stuck running 3 Pathfinder games for years. (Well, I only started running the 3rd one 6 months ago.) And as a result I am looking longingly at other systems. Any other system but mostly HERO.

Thursday, 13th June, 2019

  • 08:44 PM - BronzeDragon quoted Greg K in post Systems You'd Never Play after Reading Them
    Alternity How dare you speak against greatness? Dungeons & Dragons 4e (TSR) Ok, you're forgiven now...
  • 01:13 PM - Blue quoted Greg K in post Systems You'd Never Play after Reading Them
    Heroes Unlimited: Revised (Palladium Games) Oh geeze, I had blocked out the Palladium games. I had a bunch of them, from Robotech to TMNT as well as more traditional settings. The settings were interesting, but the percentile mechanics just did not look playable. The Adventures of Indiana Jones (TSR) The burnt remains of a cover, destroyed after the IP license was lost, is what inspired the Diana Jones Award IIRC. Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes (Flying Buffalo) I want to say I played this and it was decent, but I can't actually pull up any memories of actual play.

Wednesday, 12th June, 2019

  • 12:11 PM - Dire Bare quoted Greg K in post Stargate RPG Powered By 5E Announced from Wyvern Gaming
    Accessibility as a measure of success is great if one only cares on a monetary level (and, possibly, only initially as that). Without major changes to 5e, it will still fail to truly capture the characters and the series for the same that the the AEG's version which was the many of the D&Disms in the mechanics that remained despite the changes in the AEG version. Many of those same D&Dism that remiained still exist in 5e Agree to disagree, I suppose. I'm a fan of the Adventures in Middle Earth RPG, a Lord of the Rings RPG built on the D&D 5E rules. I think D&D 5E will capture the Stargate universe just fine, and I'm excited for this to hit the shelves. Other games systems would work well too, such as 2d20 or Savage Worlds, but I'm more likely to purchase a new game if it is built on the game I love the most, D&D! I'm not alone, and I think Wyvern Games is making a good choice for their Stargate game.
  • 09:59 AM - Aldarc quoted Greg K in post Stargate RPG Powered By 5E Announced from Wyvern Gaming
    Savage Worlds and several other games including FATE (which I don't like).There are a number of others I would have explored before 5e: Fate Core Savage Worlds Modern Age (Green Ronin): a bit D&D-esque but still more appropriate Powered by the Apocalypse: Pick playbooks to jump right into the major archetypes of Stargate 5e though? That just leaves me with flashbacks of the 3.X days where everyone was making their games for the d20 regardless of whether it was a good fit or not to the system. The return of this trend in gaming has perhaps actually been one of my biggest turn-offs with 5e.

Sunday, 9th June, 2019

  • 10:01 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Greg K in post d8 Sneak Attack: Hear me out
    You are assuming that I want the magical swashbuckler-or at the least- any d&d official concept or player concept that the rules can support. I don't. I don't want magical swashbucklers. I don't want bladesinging. There are a bunch of other concepts that I don't want or are traditions belonging to a specific culture (that they may not teach to just anyone) Youre not trying to understand what Im saying. Im not assuming anything, I used an example. Nitpicking the example doesnt address the point. Have fun with your game, Im not gonna keep trying to find new ways to explain the same thing you keep ignoring or failing to understand.
  • 04:09 PM - Remathilis quoted Greg K in post The D&D Multiverse needs a "Crisis on Infinite Oerths"
    But if they destroy Planescape, Spelljammer, and Eberron, I will be happy! :PIt's cool, I'm of the opinion that Greyhawk, Dragonlance and Dark Sun all deserve the glue factory, but to each their own.
  • 05:04 AM - Cap'n Kobold quoted Greg K in post d8 Sneak Attack: Hear me out
    Yep, it is my vision of thematics and how subclasses (and even class) work mechanically that decides- not the players vision. This is why several of the subclasses from the PHB and nearly every one published to date after will not see use in any campaign that I run. This includes the college of the swords. On the other hand, the valour bard does get used, but it is a skald type character from a certain region. However, I need to work out a class variant at first level for the bard, because by Mearls's own admission, waiting for the benefits of the first level of Valor bard breaks a class design assumption of the game that was finalized after the class was created. I think that it is the locking of specific mechanics into certain thematics that we're querying, rather than game balance/what concepts fit in the setting concerns. Saying "No school of Swords bards in the game because I think they're unbalanced/don't like the mechanics etc" is fine. Saying "No wandering minstrels because they don'...
  • 04:57 AM - Xeviat quoted Greg K in post d8 Sneak Attack: Hear me out
    However, I need to work out a class variant at first level for the bard, because by Mearls's own admission, waiting for the benefits of the first level of Valor bard breaks a class design assumption of the game that was finalized after the class was created. Where is this from? What specifically? Gaining armor and weapons proficiencies that are needed for their play style?
  • 04:07 AM - jgsugden quoted Greg K in post The D&D Multiverse needs a "Crisis on Infinite Oerths"
    But if they destroy Planescape, Spelljammer, and Eberron, I will be happy! :PEberron is underestimated. If you have not explored it, it is worth exploring just to see an exampl of how to create a world of great possibilities and story hooks.
  • 02:29 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted Greg K in post d8 Sneak Attack: Hear me out
    If that was in response to me, possibly. As DM, I build the setting and cosmology, therefore, I determine the available races the available cultures which includes such things are their subsistence patterns, political organization, the social stratification, Residence patterns, technology, religious beliefs and practices, methods of exchange/distribution, views on property ownership, views on crime and punishment, body adornment, naming customs) based on the above and other factors, I decide which official backgrounds, classes, class variants (e.g. the spell-less Ranger), and/or subclasses if any are available in each culture. I also includes certain third party material as additions or in place of official version material that may fit the campaign thematically, but does not work for me mechanically). This may change the starting equipment of a character. For clerics, I determine the deities, their domain(s), what the priesthoods are like (tenets, strictures, holy symbols, ves...

Saturday, 8th June, 2019

  • 10:56 PM - TarionzCousin quoted Greg K in post d8 Sneak Attack: Hear me out
    For my own campaign, hand crossbows will not exist and rogues (and bards) will not get proficiency in the rapier. Plus, Khaalis's Light Armor Fighter variant will be an option.I looked this up so I might as well link it here:
  • 10:08 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Greg K in post d8 Sneak Attack: Hear me out
    For my own campaign, hand crossbows will not exist and rogues (and bards) will not get proficiency in the rapier. Plus, Khaalis's Light Armor Fighter variant will be an option. A player wanting to be a corsair, duelist, swashbuckler, two-handed roguish fighter or other light/no armor fighter can take that. The Rogue will be for Assassin's, Thieves, and Swindlers that sneak attack with daggers or shortswords Why no swashbuckler rogues or bards?

Thursday, 6th June, 2019

  • 10:10 AM - Sadras quoted Greg K in post Should I play 4e?
    I liked several things about D&D 4e. However, when I look at it, the following always crosses my mind: 1. I don't like Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies so I know that I will never run or play those levels. Purely out of interest, why?
  • 04:06 AM - Tony Vargas quoted Greg K in post Should I play 4e?
    I liked several things about D&D 4e. However, when I look at it, the following always crosses my mind: 1. I don't like Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies so I know that I will never run or play those levels. Technically, they were optional. I always wondered why... 3. Too many specific names on feats and powers (e.g. the deity named feats)Overt IP-establishment everywhere. One nephariuos conspiracy theory had it that 4e was meant to "kill" the OGL. 4. When I look at the power system, I think to myself, "Hero System does powers better so why not just use Fantasy Hero 4e or 5e?" (which is why I laughed when Azzy told Elfcrusher that he would not like Hero System). 4e power design did feel like they were working with some kind of simple, not quite elegant system behind the curtain, that, if they'd just published it, might be been 20 pages, and players wouldn't have needed thousands of powers,just made their own. And we know how well that worked for Hero.

Wednesday, 5th June, 2019

  • 02:20 PM - DM Dave1 quoted Greg K in post What 5th edition books should I be buying?
    Here is a bunch of stuff that I like from the DMs Guild organized by author/publisher. Most of it is free or Pay What you Want 5MWD (ENWorlds own "Jester" David Gibson) 5MWD Presents: Maneuvers & Commander $.50 5 Minute Work Day Presents: Legendary Monsters $.50 5MWD Presents: Variant Rules $.50 5 New Playable Backgrounds (Adam Thomas) No Magic D&D (Arcana Games) Martial Arms Training Manual (Clan Crafter Hralding) B.A. Morrier Expanded Rules for Damage Types (B.A. Morrier) Variant Rules for Cantrips (B.A. Morrier) David J. Moore Music Aeternam: A Bardic Handbook Teachings of the Inner Temple $1.99 (Not So) Legendary Actions (Igor Moreno) 15 New Backgrounds (James Introcaso) The Warlord (Jody Lee Johnson) (Note: There is also a Marshall class by the author that is an older version of this class) Blood Magic 5e (Joshua Raynack) Improved Backgrounds (Mean Eye Games) Shaman Class (Michael Wolf) Shaman Class by Pattycakee (Patri...

Thursday, 11th April, 2019

  • 04:39 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Greg K in post How do YOU handle a Fastball Special, and other team manuevers?
    This morning, I had started to respond to another post from doctorbadwolf in which he talked about gonzo. In that post, I mentioned gonzo being selective and each table drawing their own lines as to where it begins, I had also written that for a being the size of one of the larger giants or a titan, I would have no problem. Unfortunately, while I left the tab open while I left to run errands and visit my physician for a follow-up, I, accidentally, deleted the post while switching tabs just moments before responding to this post. So, under the circumstances that you describe, I would have no issue (other that my not including goliaths, enlarge spells. and potions/belts/girdles of giant strength when I run). What do you have against strong characters!? Lol mostly joking here, but yeah, Id expect a game that is simply less fantastical in general than baseline phb+1 dnd 5e to also be more restrictive with heroic feats of physical prowess. Im curious about something like a half-orc Bar...

Wednesday, 10th April, 2019

  • 03:21 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Greg K in post How do YOU handle a Fastball Special, and other team manuevers?
    That guy throwing the 130lb due is not throwing him as a fastball special. The guy being thrown is wearing a harness. The thrower is grabbing him by one strap at the shoulders and another strap near the butt or crotch. The thrower has to spin his body to build up momentum before throwing the guy. The guy thrown spins horizontally and uncontrollably a couple of times before hitting the ground and bounces. As for the 52lb world record that someone mentioned from the Highland Games, that was a kettle ball being thrown which is smaller and more aerodynamic than a person. Again, the guy did not throw like a baseball or football, he grabbed it by the handle and had to spin around (if I recall correctly, two or three times) to build up momentum before releasing it. If throwing a person, I think you are going to get the same kind of spin as with the guy 130lb guy. Finally, to do a fastball special, I see the same issue that someone else had stated (I think it was Elfcrusher). I never said a...
  • 03:03 AM - fuku_89 quoted Greg K in post Obsolete Classes From Previous Editions
    For myself, this is true only, because of Khalis's Light Armor Fighter variant here on ENWorld along and with his subclasses that he included with it (I, really, dislike the Rogue Swashbuckler). Mearls mentioned on his Happy Hour that he is planning a Shaman class. I wouldn't mind a good Swordmage class (multi-classing is optional and I do not like the Eldritch Knight covering the idea) or a Warlord class (if the latter can do the Lazy Warlord, The Princess Warlord, and the Mowgli Warlord). Yesss I miss playing my old Shaman I had back in 4ed. Also yeah I miss the swordmage from 4ed god that class was such good fun. Class I'm most excited for is the Psion and psionic subclasses.

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