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Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

  • 01:56 AM - MarkB quoted Ravellion in post A strange question about wielding a big sword
    Try page 11 of the FAQ Useful, but it mainly covers switching a 1-handed weapon between hands, rather than letting go of a two-handed weapon with one hand and then grasping it again. Personally I think there's no problem holding (but not wielding) a two-handed weapon in one hand, and that it shouldn't require more than a free action to remove or replace one hand upon it. Real-life medieval soldiers would frequently alter their grip upon a sword depending upon the type of attack they were making, and doing so was a natural part of their combat style, requiring little in the way of time or conscious thought.

Thursday, 17th January, 2013

  • 09:31 AM - pemerton quoted Ravellion in post Breaking Edition Stereotypes
    Dickens is often referred to as a Realist. That's about as simulationist as it gets, literature wise. Basically, take poor people, put them in either normal or extraordinary circumstances, and see how the world chews them up.Dickens is a realist, yes. As, per your link, is Flaubert. But to think of their works as simulations of anything strikes me as absurd. Madame Bovary isn't a simulation of the life of the bourgeoisie - it's an attack upon it. Great Expectations isn't a simulation of what happens when the younger brother of a smith's wife receives an anonymous bequest - at least as it spoke to me when I read it, it's about the illusions that drive so much of modern social dynamics. These authors aren't trying to model reality: they're making the points they want to make using story components adapted from reality.

Wednesday, 16th January, 2013

  • 10:14 AM - Oversquid quoted Ravellion in post What would you say is the biggest problem with Wizards, Clerics, Druids, and other "Tier 1" Spellcasters?
    First, non-spellcasters are buffed (rogues and fighters most spectacularly). There is a 10 minute rest mechanic that recovers 50% of hit points, but only a select few other resources. This nearly forces the spellcasters to be more frugal with spells. Druids are severely nerfed (no natural spell, no animal companion). But I am now summarizing a 90 page book in two lines. I really suggest anyone to check it out, as it is something that could easily be "draped" over pathfinder and 3.5 alike, even somewhat modularly.If I may ask, are there any other notable fixes Trailblazer made to spellcasting? I've also heard of a Magic Point thing that all classes get that aids with spellcasting if a spellcaster were to multiclass. Care to give me the skinny of that too? Sorry, but I am genuinely curious. I don't need exact numbers, just a concept will do.
  • 09:35 AM - Oversquid quoted Ravellion in post What would you say is the biggest problem with Wizards, Clerics, Druids, and other "Tier 1" Spellcasters?
    Seriously, have you guys checked out Trailblazer? It solves this problem admirably. If I may ask, how does it do that in a nutshell?

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