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Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

  • 09:25 PM - Khaalis mentioned AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    AncientSpirits I like where the kits are going. I really like the Racial Exemplar. I've used the concept as both Feat and PrC in other d20 systems. This works quite well. Side note... is it a design choice to reprint an existing ability in whole? Is it part of the "just print the page you need" philosophy even though the kits are very short in comparison to other aspects? Just curious since when I read "Afterlight Insight" its the same as the cleric's "Augury. BTW, I am surprised to see Augury as an Intermediate power. What was your design thinking on that one? Is "Disturbing Dreams" an effect that happens every day? Why not simply reduce maximum Vitality by 2? As it stands this is a bit fiddly with bookkeeping as you have to calculate your Vitality each day. Also, does this take effect before or after the effects of rest and Vitality restoration such as Calfrass root? Can other typical vitality gain like Revitalization or Courtesans be used after the loss? Is "Soul in the Balance" ju...

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Monday, 27th October, 2014

Thursday, 19th June, 2014

  • 04:04 PM - Khaalis quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    You can use the design points to progress just as you've suggested, though you may want to adjust some of the values in light of the design point breakdown above. Heh, sorry if I'm being dense, but I want to make sure I am grasping this correctly. Ok, assuming that my assumption is correct that each Challenge is worth -2 DP, and with the DP you show for the Abilities, I would thus be able to revise this template by removing 2 Challenges and only 1 Ability, Immortal (worth 4 DP). Is that correct? If so, then for my revised use of the template from "Werewolf" monster class to "Lycan Paragon" racial class, I would end up with: 1 - Feral Senses, Scent, Jump, Resist Cold / Weak with Silver -- [4P/1C; DP=3] 2 - Grapple, Wolf Form, Wolf Skills / Bound by Silver -- [3P/1C; DP=4] 3 - Animal Magnetism, Expert Trip, Werewolf Prowess, Wolf Empathy / Strange Attraction -- [4P/1C; DP=4] 4 - Mystic Ritual, Hybrid Form --- [2P; DP=9] A somewhat steady progression of Abilities over the 4 levels and a ...
  • 05:45 AM - Khaalis quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Ok, so I have a mechanics/math question on this. IMMORTALS A 4-level "immortal template" is basically 30 design points worth of abilities plus -10 design points worth of challenges, for 20 dp total. The PC gains more vitality, saves, and wealth with the new levels, but no abilities from his class, race or theme (if any). You state the total DP = 20, but I only get 18. * Powers = 30 DP (There are 14 powers, presumably at cost 2 ea. = only 28 DP) (1. Animal Magnetism / 2.Expert Trip / 3. Feral Senses / 4. Grapple / 5. Hybrid Form / 6. Immortal / 7. Jump / 8. Mystic Ritual / 9. Resist Cold / 10. Scent / 11. Werewolf Prowess / 12. Wolf Empathy / 13. Wolf Form / 14. Wolf Skills) * Challenges = -10 DP (There are 5 challenges cost at -2 ea. = -10 DP) What am I missing? Is there a Power missing? Or is there some reason that 2 of the 14 Powers listed are cost out at 3 no 2? Or is the cost really 18 DP? The reason I ask, is because on first glance, my first thought is how I would app...

Wednesday, 19th March, 2014

  • 04:47 AM - On Puget Sound quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Have you started your game yet? How is it coming along? :-) We had one session. I can't talk about the plot (because it's yours...) but we have an interesting group - 3 dracks (elementalist, dhampir/paladin and pathfinder) and a tengu invoker of Iris. 2nd session is this weekend, then we have a 6 week break due to my travel schedule, which might either kill the group or give them time to recruit friends.

Monday, 15th April, 2013

  • 06:13 PM - VanceMadrox quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    All classes are more specialized. For example, cleric, druid, and wizard have turned into a host of classes: cleric, druid elementalist, invoker, necromancer, sage, shaman, warlock, witch, wizard, and more. The fighter is now an infantryman with 2 options (as you notice) while the ranger has two options (archer and two-weapon master). That said, the ranger has a lot of nature baggage that might not be what someone has in mind. This may be true for some other classes but for the Fighter it's become more specialized without being split out into other classes. You still can't build Fighters using 2 of the most basic combat styles without dipping into another class or using Theme. You even give Fighters all weapon groups but do not let them do much to improve ranged fighting. Weapon Focus can't even be used on ranged weapons. There is a good argument to offer a scout class that replaces the ranger's nature-oriented abilities with fighter abilities for a pure archer/two-weapon master. Actually I ...

Tuesday, 9th April, 2013

  • 07:05 PM - VanceMadrox quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    The panoply of races is meant to provide options. GMs can specify a small set of races as typical to give an old-school feel or a tech feel (warmech, slith, etc), then by all means... I figured that was the case. Do all the races have a plac ein the default setting? If so that must be one crowded world.
  • 05:30 PM - VanceMadrox quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    In practice, that still happens. Long-lived races have fewer children and invest more in their development, ensuring that the kids take full advantage of those 20 years. And the really short-lived races like goblins are unlikely to survive long enough to take advantage of that 20 year limit. An elven community will surely have more members with multiple townie professions, more alders etc per capita, and perhaps even more PC-classed characters, than a goblin community. And I definitely agree: The flatter level progression allows more balance between races, just as you describe. Does the 20 year experience period include a character from levelling up as a townie/alder? My guess would be no. If this is the case then the 20 year thing is a bit more palatable; after 20 years out in the world more exposure to the world really won't teach you anything new. Still the 20 years seems arbitrary, I'd rather see it as a percentage of lifespan. Once again though it's a minor issue. Very few campaigns will ...
  • 05:27 PM - VanceMadrox quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    The main benefit: The GM retains more control of the environment until the highest levels, with teleport, scry, etc pushed way up there. So the PCs are nasty in combat, for example, but the players still need to investigate, spy, think, etc to figure out the usual who, what, why, where, and how. I agree with this one entirely and that's one of the main reasons I fell in love with the E6 concept for 3.5& Pathfinder. Radiance seem to do it WITHOUT having to limit the system at all. Now if I ever run a game of Radiance I'll definitely limit what races/classes are available but I hate kitchen sink settings.
  • 05:03 PM - VanceMadrox quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Sages posit that the mortal humanoid brain is only capable of 20 years worth of learning. Though some races are longer lived, they all apparently share similar capacity. And yes, it's also practical to explain certain fantasy world outcomes. Not sure I buy this one. I honestly think the long lived Races SHOULD be more powerful overall but fewer in number. If anythign radiance supports this mechanically because a bunch of level 5-6 Humans can match a few level 15+ Elves. Still it's a minor issue. Hmm... never done PbP before. I travel quite a bit with a really hectic schedule, which in some ways lends itself to PbP. I'm giving up face to face table top gaming for the next 3 months simply because of travels. It would be an interesting experiment. I'll consider it when I return from Japan in a few weeks. Please do. You could even use it to playtest an adventure. If you do decide to give it a try save me a player spot :-)

Friday, 5th April, 2013

  • 06:36 PM - VanceMadrox quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    I love what Paizo has done with Pathfinder. That said, once your group tries Radiance RPG, they may hesitate to go back. :-) While I'd love to try radiance out a bit I don't think it'll replace Pathfinder, we're far too involved with Organized Play. For attacks, you only use your prime stat for all attacks. Why is this? Consider in 3.x there were feats like Weapon Finesse and Zen Archery. Zen Archery allowed a character to use Wisdom on range attack rolls rather than Dexterity. The rationale: The cleric, druid, monk, etc relies on patience and insight to perceive the right moment to fire. Similarly, in Radiance, a wizard taps his Intelligent to learn and apply combat tactics and strategies. He might not be particularly strong, but he knows techniques. A warlock relies on Constitution as he channels the fiend within, and the fiend is the one who guides attacks. A bard uses Charisma as he distracts, taunts, cajoles, etc -- as well as believing in himself and motivating himself through drama an...

Thursday, 28th February, 2013

  • 10:43 PM - TwoSix quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Yeah, and the early levels, a few extra daily vitality is nice. If the party wants to take an afternoon nap, though with 5 PCs, that's 4+ hours down time. Besides refluff, well, those min-maxers can just suffer it if they *really* want the benefit (face in palm). LOL. I hope using the term "refluff" was intentional, it makes that joke 5 times better. :)
  • 06:41 AM - On Puget Sound quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Maybe I play with too many minmaxers. A powerful party heal is hard to pass up, and once you have it, there will be group pressure to use it, and that coercion might press some buttons for some of my players. But you're right; it's easy to leave it out, or refluff it to some other form of inspiration. And the 1 hour time requirement does limit its abuse; by the time you've had a few half-elven interludes, you might as well have just rested the party. Cool. I noticed your order. The electronic check is still clearing... As for the half-elf, I'm unsure what you mean. I looked under it's traits. I see stuff like Notice Secret Doors. Now, there's a list of 20 optional racial abilities that a PC can draw from over the course of a career, and among those are two abilities--Whirlwind Romance and Interlude--that could be role-played in an amusing or serious way, but they're totally optional. Just say players should look at the 18 other non-romance oriented options first. The game is somewhat inspi...

Thursday, 20th December, 2012

  • 10:12 PM - Option quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    In terms of motivation, I was irritated by 3.5's disconnect between flavor and crunch on skill boosts. E.g. "After years training in the mountains, you have amazing physical prowess. Add +2 bonus to Climb and Jump checks." Ugh. Fake and a poor benefit for a feat. Similarly, NPC experts tended to be okay but sort of lack luster in their own professions. I totally agree and almost think that skill advancement should be separated out from Ability/Feat advancement. Maybe some of those skill bonus abilities that contribute to the class’ theme (such as Barbarians and Athletics) could be changed to apply some kind of situational bonus to the skill or allow the skill to be used in a unique way? I went in a new direction: Skills matter. In part, I wanted to capture some of the flavor of d20 Modern, which presents a mundane world where PCs rely on skills a lot more. I feel that's more in line with the Radiance setting. That barbarian is, in practice, a lot more athletic than his wizard counterpart. ...
  • 07:05 PM - Option quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    One of our play-test GMs is part of D&D Next play-testing as well. Though his group sort of gave up on it for now, in favor of Radiance RPG, he still follows all the updates. I'll ask him about it. Skills was a main mechanic I wasn't fully happy with in Radiance RPG. In practice, it works fine. Most players only take a few skill boosting abilities But it doesn't appeal like it could to the low-math crowd. I believe it could be better. That said, to change how skills work in Radiance would be a monumental undertaking. [QUOTE=Option;6063136]Ug, after playing with it a bit more, I am having trouble converting the skill bonus abilities since some give +2 and other give +4 or 5. Those smaller +2 increments require a greater level of granularity which makes the conversion difficult when combined with the wide range for skill bonus totals (0-40). I'm unsure what you mean by "converting"? From 4E to Radiance or ...? Sorry, I should have been more clear. I was attempting to convert the Radiance skill sy...

Wednesday, 19th December, 2012

  • 07:38 AM - Option quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Kudos Options, this is a really nice presentation! For folks coming from pre-4E, Radiance RPG is *relatively* convenient as-is. And personally, regarding variants like the savant ergo etc, I feel adding +1 or whatever to some key stats is also pretty easy--the good news is that all the monsters work according to a formula you see for the ergo, so variants *get* easy with a little practice. That said, what you've done is a great example, really very concise. Not sure when I might have the time for something like this, but perhaps as a longterm project... Thanks for the Kudos. Looks like I'll be getting hard copies of the books pretty soon as my wife and bother/sister in-law are interested in playing. We tried 4e as our first roleplaying experience together and didn't care for the grid combat, constrictive rules, and lack of flavor. Radiance seems to have a ton more to offer in the flavor department and the race/class/theme setup should help our new players breath more life into their characters (whic...

Tuesday, 18th December, 2012

  • 04:35 AM - Option quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Each creature appears on its own page, so yes, if you're running encounters with several different kinds of creatures, you either bookmark those or -- like I do -- print the ones you plan to use. Like 4E, I put all of a creature's info on its page. So when a creature needs to grapple, the GM doesn't need to look up how grapple works, it's right there. For each creature on its own, there should be no page flipping. That said, like 3.5, creatures has various abilities that extend beyond combat, sometimes significantly so, reflecting social role-play options. I'm unsure how to make significantly condensed stat blocks for the creatures as given. Consider the drake, for example, beyond its basic stats, it has breath weapon and bull rush. So we can shorten the whole thing somewhat, but it's not like the dragon fits on an index card in any case. If you have an idea for how to condense further, I'm all ears >o<. Well, I don't know about dragon stats as I'm looking at the player handbook but I did throw ...
  • 12:09 AM - Option quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    Hi Option! I'm watching :-) For creature stats, the skills listed include all possible bonuses. Besides Lore and Bypass, a PC might try an unusual action not covered by the rules, including non-combat actions. Players can be very inventive sometimes! That said, skill checks tend to cover most actions. Dungeoneering is mostly good for generic information, that dragons fly, aberrations have mental powers, devils use infernal contracts, and so forth. Certainly, when attempting a lore check, a GM is free to ask or let a PC try Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature or Religion (or conceivably other skills) in lieu of d20 + 2*level. It's pretty contextual to what the PC is asking about. The standard lore check reveals 3 specific statistics from a creature's stat block, such as "DR 4" or "Damage +6". Skill checks don't normally give that much detail as seasoned adventurers are the ones who tend to recognize these things from experience. Great, thank you for the clarification! I noticed that on...

Friday, 14th December, 2012

  • 02:34 PM - Charles Dunwoody quoted AncientSpirits in post Anyone check out Radiance RPG yet?
    thank you for sharing Kravell. Regarding your setting and experience, is this your site: Cheers. That is my column. And my review is up:

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