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April 22, 1967 (52)
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I'm not actively playing at the moment. My favourite campaign setting is Spelljammer.
About Me:
I am currently seeking Spelljammer fans, in an attempt to bring the community together, share information about SJ projects and help get people with cool ideas together with other people who can help them.

The projects I'm supporting include: Spelljammer Wiki, the Spelljammer forum (at The Piazza), the Spelljammer Image Group (at Flickr) and the Spelljammer 3e Conversion Project (also at The Piazza).
London, UK
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Over 40
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Details of games currently playing and games being sought.

United Kingdom
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Not actively gaming at the moment, but hoping to get going again before the end of 2013.
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United Kingdom
Game Details:
Not actively gaming at the moment, but hoping to get going again before the end of 2013.
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Sunday, 30th November, 2014

  • 11:09 AM - Echohawk mentioned Big Mac in post Monster ENCyclopedia: Drider
    ...ierna transforms his brother Dinin Do'Urden into a drider; Dinin is eventually killed by Bruenor Battlehammer. 89903 City of the Spider Queen (2002) The City of the Spider Queen adventure contains a number of encounters with driders, include Jhorganni, a drider vampire. The Underdark Dungeons web enhancement for Underdark describes The Forgotten Ones, a community of driders dwelling near the drow city of T'lindhet. These driders have forged an alliance with a group of chitines and are poised to launch a combined attack on the drow city. Driders are also found in the western realm of Maztica. These driders were not created in quite the same manner as their western counterparts. Instead of being transformed by Lolth because they failed her tests, these driders were originally a group of drow who abandoned Lolth in favour of the Maztican deity Zaltec. The Spider Queen triggered their transformation as punishment for their desertion. (Thanks to @masqueradingVampire and @Big Mac for pointing this out.) Greyhawk The most notable appearance of anything drider-related in the Greyhawk setting is -- perhaps regrettably -- in the parody adventure WG7: Castle Greyhawk. There, the adventurers encounter "the Amazing Driderman", who is a huge drider wearing a red hood. According to the encounter description, he drones on and on about his sick aunt and finicky girlfriend, causing PCs who fail a saving throw to recklessly attack him screaming "shut up, shut up!". The less said about this particular drider, the better. Let's move on... Ravenloft In the Ravenloft setting, the RR1: Darklords accessory suggests that there may be driders below the surface of the domain of Arak. The Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Appendix III: Creatures of Darkness details a drider version of a drow lich, and mentions that driders will worship vampire drow. Computer games The drider has appeared in enough computer games over the years to make it worthwhile having a quick look at the digital ...

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014

  • 06:38 PM - Knightfall mentioned Big Mac in post Campaign Guide: Crow God PbP Game!
    I tried to post the 'shout out' below on a Kulan campaign group recruitment post. Little did I know that mentions don't work in the campaign groups. Oh well, I'm posting it here, regardless. Shout out to World of Kulan campaign group membership, regarding the recruitment post linked above: A'koss, Arkhandus, Big Mac, Clay_More, CleverNickName, Evilusion, freyar, Hand of Evil, Hobo, jaerdaph, Jürgen Hubert, marketingman, Piratecat, Psion, Relique du Madde, Scott DeWar, steeldragons, the Jester.

Thursday, 20th December, 2012

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Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

  • 03:36 PM - tardigrade quoted Big Mac in post Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?
    Spelljammer's crystal spheres are not parallel Material Planes. They are all part of a single Material Plane (along with the Phlogistion, which is also part of the Material Plane). I don't think this was ever stated, actually. To me, if you start from the previously established canon that FR, DL etc are all different Material Planes, throw in the restrictions on access to the planes from the phlogiston and assume that material planes aren't infinite (just Really Big), it makes perfect sense that each Material Plane is a crystal sphere, and that the phlogiston is basically non-planar space of some sort.
  • 11:15 AM - Paul Farquhar quoted Big Mac in post Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?
    Confirmed (accidentally) by Mike Meals, when he replied to Jeff Grubb on Facebook: Unless this conversation was some sort of convoluted lie by Jeff Grubb, meant to trick us into thinking that Spelljammer was not being made, it means that WotC have not yet started work on a Spelljammer product. Actually, I don't think this means what you think it means. "The time" to consult with the original writer is when you have a solid proposal: I.e. an "alpha" draft ready to show them. Not before you start writing. The key word here is "when". If it was still in the phase of a possible idea being kicked around, Mearls would have said "if the time comes". He says "when the time comes" indicating development has already started and they are confident they will have something to show.
  • 09:27 AM - delericho quoted Big Mac in post Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?
    So, I think that WotC are working on some sort of "grand unified multiverse theory", where somehow every D&D product that has presented a slightly different concept of how the multiverse works can now be retconned into a single D&D multiverse. The irony of that being that as soon as the 6e design team wanted to change it, any such "grand unified multiverse theory" would itself be retconned as just another "different philosophical view".
  • 04:03 AM - Old One Eye quoted Big Mac in post Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?
    Mike Mearls also stated that different cosmological models (such as the Great Wheel, the Forgotten Realms cosmologies in the 3e and 4e FR books and the Eberron cosmology) were all different philosophical views of the same thing and that all of the models worked. Really? I have used that exact concept as my pet theory of the DnD cosmology for some 2 decades in my home games. What a nifty councidence if it actually becomes the official cosmology. Pretty sure I posted it on the WotC boards back in the day. But there is no way an obscure gamer just posting things on a message board could possibly germinate the seed of a concept to officially appear years later? No. No chance of that, just happy coincidence
  • 03:35 AM - darjr quoted Big Mac in post Is Spelljammer Coming To D&D 5E?
    Confirmed (accidentally) by Mike Meals, when he replied to Jeff Grubb on Facebook: Unless this conversation was some sort of convoluted lie by Jeff Grubb, meant to trick us into thinking that Spelljammer was not being made, it means that WotC have not yet started work on a Spelljammer product. That's pretty convincing. Thanks man.

Friday, 8th December, 2017

  • 10:15 PM - Enevhar Aldarion quoted Big Mac in post Two Days Left To Vote For Most Anticipated RPG of 2018!
    None of the above. I'm waiting to see if Wizard of the Coast will bring back an out of print D&D campaign setting (and then open that setting up on DMs Guild). Considering this vote is for full games and not just settings for existing game systems, nothing like that would be in the poll to begin with.
  • 03:48 PM - JohnnyZemo quoted Big Mac in post Two Days Left To Vote For Most Anticipated RPG of 2018!
    None of the above. I'm waiting to see if Wizard of the Coast will bring back an out of print D&D campaign setting (and then open that setting up on DMs Guild). Setting material is easy to port to different editions, and there's so much old setting material available on DM's Guild (and in the books already on my shelves) that I'd rather have something new, but I seem to be in the minority as far as that goes. At any rate, a setting wouldn't be eligible for this poll, so it's a moot point. It would be interesting to see a "Most Anticipated Product (Other Than New RPGs)" poll. Might be too broad. Or a "Product I'd Most Like To Have That Has Not Been Announced Yet" poll. :-)

Wednesday, 19th April, 2017

  • 08:06 AM - Cleon quoted Big Mac in post Current Conversion Requests
    Is Malatra: The Living Jungle within the remit of this project? In principle Malatran Living Jungle creatures are fine provided they don't have official 3E conversions, although as far as I know we've only done the Living Jungle versions of Mold Men that appeared in Polyhedron #121. We didn't bother with the Malatran Lizard Man since it has no substantial differences from a standard Lizard Man. There is someone, called apotheot asking about a partially statted Malatra monster, called a Belok, which appears in a RPGA LJ adventure called Mantu's Sacrifice. The Belok is a new one for me I'm afraid. Would you be able to post its stat block and some of the encounters from Mantu's Sacrifice that feature it? It apparently isn't in Echohawk's monster index, so I'm wondering if Echohawk has been avoiding this sort of stuff (or if it is just a hidden monster that nobody except apotheot noticed). More likely it just slipped through the cracks. There are "Wizards of the Coast web si...

Friday, 14th April, 2017

  • 09:21 AM - Cleon quoted Big Mac in post Converting monsters from Dragon magazine
    My friend AuldDragon has been updating DMGR4 Monster Mythology deities to the Faiths & Avatars style format, for part of his Monster Mythology Update Project. I wonder if he has any idea what sort of deity King Ythog-Nthlei and his priests might serve. The priests in question serve Ythog-Nthlei, who is some kind of Cthulhu-type eldritch abomination in the original scenario. We kind-of interpreted Ythog-Nthlei as roughly equivalent to a demon prince or arch devil in status, since those entities also have cults and are (somehow) able to grant spells, although they're not strictly speaking gods.

Tuesday, 31st January, 2017

  • 04:23 PM - Saxon1974 quoted Big Mac in post Classic D&D of All Eras Back In Print
    I honestly think that the only way to deal with maps is to find a PoD supplier (other than Lighting Source) that can ship Print on Demand posters and give people a separate "Buy the map" button. The same applies to the other funky weirdness that TSR put into boxed sets. I don't think it is economical for DriveThru RPG to print one set of cards, one book and one poster and have them sent to a distribution centre, where a worker has to track all of them down and pack them into a Print on Demand box. But if end customers really want to assemble products at their own end, they could pay to have several items shipped to them separately. I personally think I can live with almost everything being squished down into a single hardback or softback book. The one thing I would like to see sold separately is the poster maps. With separate poster maps, customers would have the ability to buy a larger map that was easier to read. And I know that some "collectors" like cloth maps. If there was ...

Saturday, 7th January, 2017

  • 11:26 AM - pemerton quoted Big Mac in post Casting off Planescape
    Igwilly - as others have said, it's simply not a big deal. Probably the only problem you are going to get is that spells that summon creatures like elementals or outsiders are supposed to pull them over from specific planes. And spells like Shadow Walk are supposed to interact with specific planes. If you want to get rid of any planes that are connected to any magic spells, then you either have to tweak the spell (so that it matches the new cosmology you are creating) or get rid of the spellYou don't even need to tweak. Spells like Conjure Elemental, Gate, Contact Other Plane, etc, don't rely for their mechanics on any planar details. Off the top of my head, the only one I can think of is Dimension Door, which can strand you in the astral plane if you get your coordinates wrong (at least in 1st ed AD&D; I'm assuming that carried over to 2nd ed).
  • 07:19 AM - Echohawk quoted Big Mac in post Classic D&D of All Eras Back In Print
    Well we don't know what the legal agreement was for these different companies. It's just as possible that WotC bought back the copyright or that DriveThru RPG has cut a deal with MWP and or White Wolf. The latter seems extremely unlikely, because then the publisher would be listed on DMs Guild as "MWP" or "White Wolf", instead of "Wizards of the Coast". Also, we know that the Ravenloft licence permitted White Wolf to sell existing stock of printed 3rd Edition Ravenloft products only for a limited time (six months?) after the licence to produce new products expired. Thus, to be able to start selling those books again now, in any format, would have required WotC to grant them a new licence, which seems improbable. I couldn't find any direct evidence that the licensing deals for those properties meant that the copyrights for the materials reverted entirely to WotC, but we do know that was the case for all of the D&D comics, which is why WotC was able to subsequently license IDW to reprint old...

Friday, 6th January, 2017

  • 04:45 PM - Echohawk quoted Big Mac in post Classic D&D of All Eras Back In Print
    I don't know what the legal situation with 3e Dragonlance is (as most of the books were designed by Sovereign Press/Margaret Weis Productions) ... It seems that the rights for those books (and the similarly licensed 3e Ravenloft books) have now reverted to WotC, since they would likely otherwise not be available for sale on the DMs Guild: Towers of High Sorcery, Ravenloft Player's Handbook. I'm also not convinced that Paizo still own the rights to the run of Dragon and Dungeon that they published. In the product discussion section of the page for Dungeon #91, Vic Wertz gives this as a reason that there isn't a PDF available for that issue: If memory serves, when we went to make the PDF, we found that our copies of the digital files were corrupted, and we weren't able to track down a good copy while we still had the rights to convert them into PDF form. So while Paizo clearly still have the right to sell PDFs of many issues, at least some of the rights have apparently reverted to Wot...
  • 02:15 PM - Morrus quoted Big Mac in post Most Anticipated RPG of 2017: The Official Poll!
    Other: I'm looking forward to D&D Classics converting the old school Dungeons & Dragons products that are too pricey for me on the second hand market to Print on Demand format, so that I can buy one of everything on Echohawk's Spelljammer Collectors List. I am also looking forward to Greyhawk, Dragonlance, Planescape and Spelljammer going onto DMs Guild, so that 5th Edition D&D can provide me with content that might tempt me to bother learning a new RPG. Those are not RPGs, they're adventures and settings.

Monday, 14th March, 2016

  • 02:47 PM - thom_likes_gaming quoted Big Mac in post There's A New Online Gaming Store In Town
    I also want to know what sort of shipping arrangements are going to exist...especially for people that do not live in the USA. Unfortunately this one seems still unanswered. As a non-US resident I'm quite interested in the answer there as well. Couldn't find anything regarding shipping on the website either, unfortunately.

Wednesday, 10th February, 2016

  • 08:08 PM - Sword of Spirit quoted Big Mac in post D&D Classics Merging Into DM's Guild
    Dungeon Masters Guild has no connection to the Open Game Licence. The OGL is a non-revokable licence. So nothing in the DMs Guild terms and conditions can ever effect the OGL or any documents released under it (including the 5e SRD). You are not going to see non-D&D content on Dungeon Masters Guild, as it is a separate stream. Essentially, if you want to publish via Dungeon Masters Guild, you are entering into a separate agreement (from the OGL) that allows you greater access to D&D (including Forgotten Realms...and perhaps later other campaign settings) but you are not allowed to publish that content anywhere else except via the DMs Guild website. I would think that this move is more likely to chew away at Pathfinder's 3rd Party Publisher market share than it is to chew away at DriveThru RPG's/RPG Now's 3rd Party Publisher market share. If people have an account with DMs Guild, they have an account with all the other websites. DriveThru RPG provides Print on Demand (and because they ...

Saturday, 6th February, 2016

  • 02:56 PM - Boneguard quoted Big Mac in post Help requested with a [narrative] Ravenloft Curse
    Good Day, I'm currently working on a new Ravenloft Domain and I looking for help with figuring out the Curse that bthe domain is Levying on the Dark Lord. Origin of the domain: Greyhawk (shortly before the Invoked Devastation and the Rain of Colorless Fire). Lord Background: The Lord is the current King. A Beast of a dwarf, a dictator who rules by fear and cunning. He killed his whole family (father, older brothers and all other relatives) to be crown the next king. As the youngest son (or maybe, on second though, a "recognized" bastard son), he was never considered in the line of succession, but he always felt that he was the better "dwarf" for the job (Hatred/Envy/Jealousy are some of his motivator). However he wanted it to be done in a way that he wasn't going to be blame and to be seen as a savior (deceitful/Vainglory maybe). He then struck a deal with Duergar and Derro to attack the city -promising them the riches of the Citadel-, allowing the killing many of his own people in the pro...

Friday, 27th November, 2015

  • 07:15 AM - Knightfall quoted Big Mac in post Recruitment for an AD&D 2E PbP game on The Piazza
    How many different campaign settings have you shoehorned into Almagra now? I thought you had added Ghostwalk, at one point, but I don't see it listed in the second post of your Knightfall's Almagra: World of Worlds topic. No, I put Ghostwalk on Kulan as part of the island group known as the Isles of Valossa. Regardless, it would be simple to drop Manifest into the world, but I do not have plans to do so. Besides the Sea of Mystaros, I haven't yet re-skinned any other official D&D settings and placed them on Almagra. It is likely that some official D&D v.3.5 content will makes its way into the region known as The Galelands, but it will more likely be organizations from the Complete Series or similar content for other v.3.5 sourcebooks. The more I think and work on Almagra, the more if becomes its own thing instead of a mixture of the various D&D settings. It more that the world is large enough for any RPG ruleset to have its own corner. Of course, that means its also big enough to fit...

Thursday, 4th December, 2014

  • 09:55 PM - Echohawk quoted Big Mac in post Monster ENCyclopedia: Drider
    Lolth was angry at the drow (who were Faerûnian drow who got stranded under Maztica and then abandoned her to worship Zaltec). When I made my post about the driders on Icewind Dale II I was just about to play through that part, so I wanted to make sure I had it fresh on my memory (it's an old game) before giving away this information. I've found that 3E Dragon Magazine source for the Chwidencha. Thanks for all of these great additions! I've incorporated them all into various parts of the original post.

Monday, 21st July, 2014

  • 11:57 PM - Knightfall quoted Big Mac in post Campaign Guide: Crow God PbP Game!
    I really don't spend much time on ENWorld any more. I'm mostly on The Piazza now. But good luck with the game. David, No worries. I have a full group already, anyway. Thanks for the reply.

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