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Monday, 27th January, 2014

  • 08:16 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted d12 in post Help needed with a wizard PC background
    I feel fairly confident in my ability to construct a useful wizard build, but I need a bit of inspiration for a character background. So, what are my character's motivations, tics, foibles, fears, story, etc..... Why is he out there hacking through jungles and crawling through dungeons instead of hunkered down in some library? The DM isn't going to build adventures around this, but I am going to base the way my character deals with situations off of this. I built a 3.5Ed Ranger/Diviner based on this guy: I built a 4Ed Paladin/Sorcerer based on this guy:

Saturday, 2nd November, 2013

  • 09:40 PM - DMMike quoted d12 in post Options for party with no cleric
    My group has an NPC cleric but they want to ditch him because he hogs a turn. I am sympathetic to this. What are their options for getting by with no cleric? There's plenty of undead in the campaign. There are also two rogues in the party. Don't assume we've thought of any solution. I have already introduced a modified healing surge rule but I want to hear from the hivemind on any other rule changes, magic items, skills, feats, etc... that might work here. Thanks in advance. An NPC ally shouldn't take any more time in the fight than another enemy. Are your PCs actually complaining about splitting XP with that NPC? ;) Heroes who don't have magical healing to back them up should either expect to lose more fights, or fight easier fights. Remember that an easier day of fighting can mean fighting either weaker or fewer enemies. If you've already suggested healing potions, healing surges, and wands of CLW, you have two options left: 1 - Healing environments, like a pool of rejuvenation or...

Thursday, 27th June, 2013

  • 04:48 AM - Matthias quoted d12 in post please recommend pathfinder books
    So I've got my next campaign narrowed down to either the Kingmaker AP or Rise of the Runelords AP. I am going to switch over to running the Pathfinder RPG for this one. I already have the Core Rulebook and Bestiary 1 and 2. Please suggest other Pathfinder titles I might find useful. Assume I know nothing about the qualities of various titles. My players aren't going to purchase anything, so feel free to suggest Pathfinder titles they might find useful. I don't want to buy everything but I don't mind shelling out for 4 or 5 books..... The online PRD includes many of the PF books I would consider "essential" to any PF campaign so I will not repeat them here. Take note that you will have to get the PDF or hardcover version of the NPC Codex because the PRD version leaves out a LOT of material. The Great Beyond, for planar travels, or Distant Worlds, if you want to do a "Spelljammer" type of campaign. Gods and Magic, if you want plenty of info on Golarion deities. Ultimate Cam...

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