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Friday, 2nd March, 2018

  • 02:56 PM - Hussar quoted damned in post Orr Group Q4 2017 Shows Large D&D Bump
    Hey Hussar - /snip No other VTT makes content creation as easy, makes game prep as easy, makes combat just work like Fantasy Grounds does. I use it for things it does do. I am happy to go thru any of these with you if you would like. That review is three years old, so, yup, there's a few things that have caught up. But as far as content creation being easy? Or prep being easy? Yeah, no. That's simply not true. The only real advantage Fantasy Grounds had for functionality was the WotC license. Since that's no longer true, I would never, ever recommend Fantasy Grounds to anyone. It really is that bad. Maybe if it wasn't for the crashing every single session (at least one player or DM every single session crashes), the kludge of an updater engine that forces me to turn off my virus scanner just so I can update (hey, thanks for letting me know that beforehand, not like I wasted gobs of time trying to update), complete lack of anything resembling a modern UI, and lack of any...
  • 06:55 AM - Hussar quoted damned in post Orr Group Q4 2017 Shows Large D&D Bump
    Hola Hussar - yep plenty of upgrades and way more functionality than its competitors. Perhaps a skills gap that can be easily fixed with a little education? If you would like me to have a look with you at what you are having issues with Im sure they are easily solved. It is true - I am a big fan of the product - but Im a fan because it is so bloody good. Really? So, howzabout that line of sight fog of war - something that Maptools has had for ten years? Or layers - more than 10 years for other VTT's? Or font control in chat? - going on twenty years, since OpenRPG had that one. Or tabbed windows? Only had that for over a decade. Or the ability to add minis to maps and have them stay on the map even though you remove them from the combat tracker so you can preset maps? Yuppers, only been decades of functionality for that one. Or, the ability to actually draw a map in the program? Call it 15 years on that one. Or the ability to be used without port forwarding so tha...

Saturday, 6th January, 2018

  • 01:37 AM - Morrus quoted damned in post Fantasy Grounds Game Stats for 2017: D&D 5E Up By 6%, Pathfinder Holds Steady!
    Hi Morrus some will be one shots and Adventurers League. Some will be 2-4 sessions and some will be campaigns lasting many months. There is no way to extract the number of campaigns from the number of games with the reporting stats that are used. They're all numbers too big to really imagine, whichever way you cut it! Our hobby is definitely still growing!

Friday, 5th January, 2018

Tuesday, 4th October, 2016

  • 08:25 AM - Jhaelen quoted damned in post Who's Playing What on Fantasy Grounds?
    Rolemaster gets played a bit because Fantasy Grounds takes care of a decent chunk of the book keeping and tables and stuff for this system making it run much faster. JesterOCThat might explain it. We've tried playing it twice (well, once we tried MERP which was based on a simplified Rolemaster rules) and both times it was a complete disaster. Everyone agreed the system was basically unplayable without the aid of a computer.

Tuesday, 12th April, 2016

  • 02:54 PM - GMforPowergamers quoted damned in post We're All Gamers Together: Why Harassment Has To Stop
    apologies if i misunderstood your comment. I actually agree with most of what you said can be done too...but word from experience be careful how you ask strangers of they are all right (even though if you see me crying that most likely means I want to be asked) some people get insulted and some women think you are trying to be a "white knight" so they will sleep with you even if you are just being pita or nice the way you would be to a guy...
  • 02:34 PM - GMforPowergamers quoted damned in post We're All Gamers Together: Why Harassment Has To Stop
    yeah lets do that. lets do that because it means you and i dont have to do jack. it means i dont have to do the uncomfortable stuff like asking the bloke beside me his comments or roleplaying is unacceptable, it means i dont have to reach out to a complete stranger and make sure she is ok, and I dont have to be the spoil sport who tells the joker at the table that he is not funny but is crude and offensive. thats a cop out from where im standing. the behaviour is undesirable and it makes others feel unsafe. we can be men in lots of different ways - standing up for others who dont have the voice or the power to do it themselves is a perfect start. and if you dont do it at least support the person that does and side with them straight away. dont wait to see if they cop any flack first. I'm straw man...I promised we do ALOT more... We need like a neighbour good watch but a con watch we need to help with more security and report any and all activity... I don't know where this do nothing thing c...

Sunday, 15th November, 2015

  • 10:36 AM - dd.stevenson quoted damned in post Fantasy Grounds Now Offers Free Trial; Plus D&D 5E Basic Rules Now Included In All Licenses
    Many tools implement a similar feature in a different way. FG doesnt have a ping but you can draw arrows, circles, cones, squares on the map - player or GM. That isn't the same feature. Consider: RPTools and R20 offer both features for free; FG charges money but offers only one feature. I understand that you're a dedicated FG customer, but you're (maybe unwittingly) mirroring the language of marketing employees addressing PR problems. That's not going to help anything, because (1) my feedback isn't a PR problem; and (2) the condescending presentation of a non-fact won't make me less frustrated with FG.

Tuesday, 7th July, 2015

  • 02:07 PM - Perram quoted damned in post FANTASY GROUNDS Confirms D&D 5E Lead On VTTs
    Its not artificially higher. Its higher because its a good system, its fun and its so easy on Fantasy Grounds. My Castles&Crusades campaign is on hiatus while we play D&D5e and I know many other GMs in a similar position. In that period Ive played Castles&Crusades, CallOfCthulhu, SavageWorlds, Maelstrom, D&D5e and Star Wars. Yes, it is. Look at the graph. Notice how there is a GIANT spike in 5e? Notice that there isn't a matching GIANT drop in the other leading systems to match, just slight declines? That means it is all /new/ users. About the same time they launched on Steam and were featured in several prominent video game blogs. If you look at the steam listings, it barely even mentions Fantasy Grounds. Its just GIANT D&D logos. A very good marketing plan. 5e still has the top slot in the other VTTs, but by a much much smaller margin, sometimes just barely, sometimes significantly. But here on Fantasy Grounds there is a huge difference that doesn't line up with the rest of the data. D...

Monday, 6th July, 2015

  • 02:10 AM - transtemporal quoted damned in post Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds?
    neither of these statements are particularly good arguments. it is a virtual table top its not a character builder. character builders are another beast altogether. FG does not advertise itself as a character builder. roll20, d20pro, maptools are also VTT products - not character builders. Hero Lab is a Character Builder and costs $30 by itself. For a single ruleset. The product is not expensive. $4-10 a month or Fantasy Grounds or one off purchases of $40-150 are likewise good value. They compare well to Roll20's pricing. Feature for Feature the product represents excellent value. The D&D 5e content is at list price or lower for the same product in physical form and this product has gone thru so much more conversion and enhancement to make it work well in a VTT environment. The automation and enhancement you get in FG is so far above that in any other VTT product. You dont need to buy any 5e content to use the amazing combat and spell mechanics. You can enter data in by hand as you go or s...

Sunday, 5th July, 2015

  • 10:16 PM - transtemporal quoted damned in post Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds?
    thats one big reason why its not a full blown character builder because (probably) most games houserule something. Not making a fully featured character builder on the basis that some groups use houserules, when there is absolutely a baselined ruleset, is not a great argument. Especially when the product is so expensive.

Saturday, 4th July, 2015

  • 12:49 PM - transtemporal quoted damned in post Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds?
    transtemporal - thats a shame - Id be happy to have a short one one one session with you and try and work thru your questions/challenges/issues. I appreciate the thought man but I'm not unclear about anything. I just don't like the software, sorry.

Thursday, 9th April, 2015

  • 06:05 PM - Mistwell quoted damned in post FANTASY GROUNDS Virtual Tabletop's D&D License!
    Mistwell - the bulk of the other stuffs pricing goes to the good folks who wrote the other games. the base product, the engine, the smarts - these all have value too and these were written by SmiteWorks. They deserve to get paid too. The price is what it is. Its not for everyone. For me, hands down its a great application and great community. Fantasy Grounds allowed me to start gaming again after 25+ years away from it. There was no value judgement in what I wrote, I was just pointing out how the costs were allocated. The claim was made that it was priced so high because WOTC was taking a cut. I am sure WOTC is taking a cut, I am not sure how much, but I am also sure that the bulk of the $250 cost people were pointing out has nothing to do with WOTC as $150 of that $250 cost people had calculated exists with or without WOTC products. That was my only point.

Wednesday, 8th April, 2015

  • 11:41 AM - Jan van Leyden quoted damned in post FANTASY GROUNDS Virtual Tabletop's D&D License!
    Most spell effects are not automated. It is incredibly difficult to code automation for all the myriad effects etc available. There are some seriously powerfully effects to help implement and track spell casting. Spells with effects automatically expiring at the correct time, buffing or reducing stats or skills etc while others are just descriptive providing players and GM with the visual clues that the spell is still in effect. Now this is pretty open... Care to answer three concrete questions how these spells from the Basis Set work in FG? Disintegrate prompts a saving throw from the target to be either disintegrated (killed and lost) or suffering some damage. If the damage reduces the target to 0 hp, it is disintegrated. Death Ward lets the target survive the next lethal attack within 8 hours. It is reduced to 1 hp instead and the spell ends. Faerie Fire grants CA on attacks versus the target(s). The spell's duration is determined by the caster's concentration (up to 1 minute)....

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