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Thursday, 11th July, 2019

Sunday, 14th December, 2014

  • 10:52 AM - Starfox mentioned Ramaster in post House Rules
    These are my house rules I share a rule with Ramaster, readying actions do not change your base initiative. This is mainly because of NPCs on group initiative, but works well for PCs too. The greatest change is in the metamagic rules. The idea is to combat the 15 minute adventuring day by allowing lower level spells to remain potent at higher levels.

Sunday, 30th November, 2014

  • 11:09 AM - Echohawk mentioned Ramaster in post Monster ENCyclopedia: Drider
    ...t In the Ravenloft setting, the RR1: Darklords accessory suggests that there may be driders below the surface of the domain of Arak. The Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Appendix III: Creatures of Darkness details a drider version of a drow lich, and mentions that driders will worship vampire drow. Computer games The drider has appeared in enough computer games over the years to make it worthwhile having a quick look at the digital development of the drider: 89904 Pool of Radiance (1988) 89905 Pools of Darkness (1991) 89906 Menzoberranzan (1994) 89907 Neverwinter Nights (2002) In an interview in Jon Schindehette's Dragon's-Eye View column, the creative team at Cryptic (developers of Neverwinter) discuss the process of making a drider by combining a humanoid template with a giant spider, including an amusing note about adding a carapace to the drider to stop the spider's face from appearing on the drider's crotch. 89908 Neverwinter (2013) Worth mentioning here (thanks to @Ramaster) is the Viviscamera from Icewind Dale II. This is a living machine created by a Red Wizard aligned to an monstrous organisation known as the Legion of the Chimera. The Viviscamera not only has the ability to turn drow into driders, but can create even more powerful driders than those created by Lolth's standard transformation. These variations include a drider which carries additional spiders, and one with silk-producing legs. Fortunately, the adventuring group in the game confronts the Red Wizard and destroys this infernal machine. It's tempting to wonder if it might not have been more lucrative for the adventurers to force the Red Wizard to create just a silk-producing machine to churn out all of the ultra-rare drider silk required for the manufacture of various magic items. Miniatures There have been at least six drider miniatures produced for D&D; including a metal Grenadier miniature in 1980, and separate male and female drider blister packs from Ral Partha in the early 1990s (p...

Tuesday, 18th March, 2014

Monday, 30th December, 2013

  • 03:07 PM - N'raac mentioned Ramaster in post Just how broken is it? Polymorph Any Object
    Funny how a lot of "overpowered" spells become a lot less overpowered when we actually read and apply the rules. So, we have a different efreet, with WIS and CHA of 5. I'd say the original Polymorph spell applies and it gets the physical stats of an Efreet. Polymorph indicates the target gains the physical stats of the creature it becomes. Ramaster, am I missing an SRD link here? Nothing says it has to obey us. It functions like polymorph, in general, so no extraordinary special qualities possessed by the new form or any supernatural or spell-like abilities. I'd allow that Any Object allows for outsiders, where Polymorph itself would not (Polymorph itself can't transform something into an Outsider). I agree that "Kingdom" is not shared. One example in the spell description is "Sheep to wool coat", which lasts 2 days ( a 6 score). That can't include Kingdom, which is worth 5. Looks like size, related and same or lower INT. Here, we'd have size and related, so a total of 4 as Ahnehnois suggests, and a 3 hour duration. Regardless of the other nitpicks, though, it seems clear the spell cannot be used as a substitute for raising the dead - you get A creature, not THE SAME creature. Is that enough Dispelled BS?

Tuesday, 12th March, 2013

  • 10:18 PM - dragonis111 mentioned Ramaster in post Human Viking Race
    I'll get around to naming them later and will have the official stats from the race builder posted tonight, I agree with with the -2 int. Ramaster I understand what your saying and I originally considered that but it didn't do the job good enough for me. Also I need this race to have no LA and powerful build and cold resistance 5 would make it at least plus 1 if not plus 2.

Thursday, 21st February, 2013

  • 04:08 PM - Jester David mentioned Ramaster in post Need help to convert
    I agree with Ramaster that it's a better archetype. The trick is the class needs to "see" while blind at level 1 while also losing an ability. Stunning Fist is the best option. They lose that and instead Blind-Fighting as a bonus feat. Losing Slow Fall works but the class really needs blindsense sooner, so gaining a weak version in place or the 2nd level feat is needed. It might need to be activated on their turn (free action) and be a short distance (20 ft.) At level 4 this increases to 30 ft. and every other level it increases another 10 ft. At some point it's always on and the character no longer needs to spend a free action to "see."

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Thursday, 2nd October, 2014

  • 04:34 PM - gamerprinter quoted Ramaster in post Advanced Class Guide opinions?
    Investigator? The Rogue as she was meant to be built from the beginning (minus the alchemy part). You're the second person in this thread that has made a remark about the alchemy part - I actually kind of like the flavor of that. I could easily see an investigator doing some criminal analysis with a chemistry set. Using it as mutagens to make the investigator more resilient in combat is a bit odd, but nothing terrible.

Sunday, 7th September, 2014

  • 06:22 PM - FTL2410 quoted Ramaster in post House Ruling Furious Focus for Deadly Aim?
    Yes, I guess you probably ask your DM to houserule the feat for you (I have done just that in the past, with this specific case). But, now that I have more experience, I realize that Rapid-Shot is just so freaking good that "Deadly Focus" is not necessary. At level five (assuming 18 DEX, a +1 or masterwork bow, weapon focus and deadly aim) you are sporting a reasonable +7/+7 routine for a bunch of damage, at like 100 feet. You will be getting another attack on the next level, too! Edit: Oh, forgot Weapon Training! Yeah, I've pretty much decided just to continue as is. DM allowed me to use the feat for first attacks only, but I'm thinking once these other feats start rolling in it won't be so bad and the negatives won't feel so great. I think it's mainly because I'm comparing myself to a melee fighter rather than looking at my party members. For the most part I have about the same attack as them granted they have ways to hit. (Alchemist bomb touch attack heal us and himself with extracts, Sorc...

Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

  • 05:21 AM - Tovec quoted Ramaster in post The edition wars have hit a new low
    Book burning? Simply disgusting. Almost as bad a throwing away bread. Yes, book burning of any kind is just wrong. Some books aren't worth the paper they are print on, but even in those cases, the paper can still be recycled. Burning a book for anything other than survival is just pointlessly polluting the environment and well, it is a book, if you don't want it, sell it, give it away, donate it to a library. And if it is a 4e book, well give it to me, these guys have become ridiculously hard to find in my country. Wrong? Disgusting? It is wrong to burn a book for any other reason except survival? Wow. Yes there are other options but who cares what a person does with their own property. I would have zero issues with feeding a dining room table through a wood-chipper if the owner said they wanted to do that with their own property then that is the end of it. Yes I'd find it silly. Yes there are other options, but I don't find it wrong or morally objectionable for that person to destroy their ...

Monday, 21st July, 2014

  • 09:54 PM - Big Mac quoted Ramaster in post Monster ENCyclopedia: Drider
    Driders also appear on Icewind Dale II, where one is forced to help a powerful drow wizard with the elimination of a creature/device called the "Viviscamera" (or something like that) that is mass producing them. Is this a machine that turns drow into driders? Or is it some sort of servant of Lolth that does a ritual on them?

Wednesday, 18th June, 2014

  • 11:42 PM - Dungeonosophy quoted Ramaster in post Which 'foreign' languages have seen D&D?
    Great, thanks for the info! Do you have a link to that or any other info? Send me a PM! To the OP: Spanish translations of some terms. Elf - Elfo Dwarf - Enano Gnome - Gnomo Halfling - Mediano Fireball - Bola de Fuego Magic Missile - Misil Magico Fighter - Guerrero (Actually the translation of Warrior) Wizard - Mago Cleric - Clerigo Rogue - Pícaro A Spanish "gamer glossary" would be fitting for a Medieval Adventures or Renaissance Adventures "culture book", along the lines of Expeditious Retreat Press's Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe. There'd be gamer glossaries for Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian. For Spanish or Quasi-Spanish campaign models, there'd be Amn (quasi-Spanish) and New Amn in the Forgotten Realms; and in the World of Mystara: the Flamenco Elves of Belcadiz and the Ispan colonies of the Savage Coast. There'd also be 5E "D&D Modern" campaign models for "Age of Adventure Spain" (Renaissance-era d20 Modern), "Gothic Spain" (Masque of the Red Death), and "Ur...

Tuesday, 10th June, 2014

  • 05:31 PM - MoonSong quoted Ramaster in post Starter Set Excerpt 2 -- Equipment
    Playing cards... Lanterns... Meals... I thought the game was called DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. This is a disservice to the game. Couldn't they have shown something a little more exciting? Are you kididng? these things are great! It is the little details that help make the world feel alive.
  • 03:47 PM - Holy Bovine quoted Ramaster in post Starter Set Excerpt 2 -- Equipment
    Playing cards... Lanterns... Meals... I thought the game was called DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. This is a disservice to the game. Couldn't they have shown something a little more exciting? Might want to cut out the extra formatting/sizing/colour changes there, sport.

Sunday, 8th June, 2014

  • 02:04 PM - Li Shenron quoted Ramaster in post 5E: A chiropractic adjustment for D&D (and why I'm very hopeful)
    This is all well and good (I agree with most of it), but we are getting a little ahead of ourselves. The hard fact is that the final rules are not here yet and it is way too early to start making such defining statements about the game. WotC's Mike and Rodney have said that the final game is pretty much the same as the last playtest packet, except what was announced in L&L articles (Sorc & Warlock, Bard changes...), plus monster math and some specific adjustments to (sub)class abilities.

Friday, 6th June, 2014

  • 03:32 PM - Ruin Explorer quoted Ramaster in post 5E: A chiropractic adjustment for D&D (and why I'm very hopeful)
    Let's just hope that fighters have something else to do apart from "basic attacks", rogues are interesting to play mechanics-wise, clerics are diverse enough depending on their domain and wizards are cool but not overpowered. More importantly, let's hope that all the other classes validate their own existence on a basic level and don't seem like "spins" on these, or themed-but-lesser versions.

Thursday, 15th May, 2014

  • 12:55 AM - Rygar quoted Ramaster in post Rumor? D&D movie issues resolved and a TV series in the works?
    A GoT style show with the D&D license? That would be sooo cool... But the budget for it would probably be impossibly high with all the magic missiles, bugbears, wraiths, dragons and bags of holding. Actually, since last year (Right after the lawsuits started flying), rumors were floating around that Hasbro was positioning DragonLance as a Game of Thrones style TV Series. Which makes sense because DL fits the serial TV show format better than movies as it lets them treat various novels as spin-offs if it succeeds. They could run the mainline novels as seasons, and do the more well respected novel series as mini-series in between. For example, after Legends book 1 they could do a mini-series of the Kingpriest trilogy. They could plug in Soulforge in between Chronicles and Legends, or they could plug in Draconian Measures/Kang's Regiment after Dragons of Summer Chaos. If it was a hit, they could leverage DL to be the "Marvel" of TV. DL has over 150 novels already written which could b...

Wednesday, 14th May, 2014

  • 05:50 PM - Mistwell quoted Ramaster in post Rumor? D&D movie issues resolved and a TV series in the works?
    A GoT style show with the D&D license? That would be sooo cool... But the budget for it would probably be impossibly high with all the magic missiles, bugbears, wraiths, dragons and bags of holding. With the routine of digital effects, those are no longer the expensive things (they're still not what I'd say is cheap, but they're not the things that hold up concepts anymore). Now it's size of cast, costuming, and locations.

Tuesday, 8th April, 2014

  • 08:45 AM - Daniel Runge quoted Ramaster in post Brass knuckles question
    I checked the SRD. It didn't say anything about letting you keep your monk unarmed damage, but it had an editor's note that said: "This reflects the most recent version of the brass knuckles, which differs from the version in the Advanced Player's Guide." This is what made me look it up in the first place. Considering the answers, I will allow my players to use the original version of the brass knuckles from the APG before erratas. Thanks for the answers, have pleasant days Daniel

Monday, 7th April, 2014

  • 07:07 PM - RUMBLETiGER quoted Ramaster in post Reckless Abandon on a multiclass Barbarian/Viking type Fighter
    Uh... how weird, I thought that reckless abandon scaled with BAB, not "levels". By RAW I'm not sure what does "level" refer to... does it mean exclusively your barbarian levels or your total character level? It's not quite clear...... For your second question, I'll go with "They apply starting at 4th level, since barbarians also gain the Rage class feature BEFORE they get access to Rage Powers." That's the conclusion I came to. The wording is unclear, but I'm figuring Viking is considered a Barbarian-3 + whatever levels I have in Barbarian for the purpose of Rage Powers. I was hoping for some errata to find that would clarify, but this works.

Tuesday, 18th March, 2014

  • 03:23 PM - billd91 quoted Ramaster in post Pathfinder - Does raising your con add HP to previous levels? Hit points questions.
    Skill synergy is a 3rd ed thing, it dind't carry over to pathfinder. I'm glad it didn't, too much book keeping for too little gain. Depends on what you mean by "little gain". Face men could get a substantial boost to diplomacy with savvy expenditures in other skills. I thought it was a cool idea. But I have no qualms with the simplification of not including it in PF.

Thursday, 26th December, 2013

  • 04:01 AM - TarionzCousin quoted Ramaster in post Favorite Odd Weapons
    Also, paladins obviously use tridents as their main weapon, with spare tridents for ranged attacks.Um, what? :-S "Obviously"? The Falchion is a tremendously efficient weapon, with it's high critical and adding 1.5 times your STR modifier to damage.I like to have my BBEG's "thug" lieutenant use a falchion. Give him a ton of hit points and he should survive a few rounds vs the PC's--long enough to make someone comment on the potential danger of a critical hit. It amps up the tension of a typical battle somewhat.

Monday, 23rd December, 2013

  • 02:13 PM - Derren quoted Ramaster in post Favorite Odd Weapons
    The Scythe has a x4 critical multiplier! On a two handed weapon! Madness!!! Plus, you look like the Grim Reaper (just kidding, I know that this is actually the "War Scythe variety, with the curved blade. But that image is just too powerful). Which is imo silly. War scythes were still just farming tools converted to weapons and should not be better at anything than a real polearm (Glaive, etc).

Thursday, 19th September, 2013

  • 04:41 PM - Celebrim quoted Ramaster in post PCs having kids
    Ok, I'll just say it... The Book of Erotic Fantasy has some great rules for conceptions, pregnancies and related stuff. It is 3.5, but highly compatible with Pathfinder. Perhaps it was just because I had my own biases and expectations based on the fact I'd had to create rules for conceptions, pregnancies, and children, or perhaps I just could never get over the title and the illustrations, but I really wasn't that impressed with the BoEF when I looked at it. Frankly, I thought I could have done a better job. And I probably would have chosen a different title and emphasis - like maybe 'Fantasy Dynasty Handbook'. I've never been much of a believer that controversy for its own sake sells.

Thursday, 5th September, 2013

  • 02:44 PM - Starfox quoted Ramaster in post Duplicating Classes in a Party
    In my experience, the two best "martial" combat styles (this means that they use no magic) are Two-handed fighting and Archery. Problem with 2-hander is that after a few levels, you will be wondering where to put all those bonus feats. Then you might want to multiclass into barbarian if allowed. 2-handed weapons are GREAT for barbarians. Archery is good, but mounted archery is great - as long as there is room for your mount. Hence small size and 1-square mounts. Normal archers can only take steps when they want to make a full attack. Mounted archers can move the mounts normal speed around cover and still make a full attack with no penalty!

Monday, 19th August, 2013

  • 01:05 AM - ErrantX quoted Ramaster in post Eastern Weapons and Armor Question
    For weapons, I would vote for a merge. As someone else pointed out, there is quite a lot of overlap anyway. Armor is the main issue here, IMO. Oriental armor has the AMAZING Kikko Armor (a +5 AC medium armor with a max DEX of +4 for only 30 gp!) and a probably broken light armor that has neither check penalty, arcane spell failure nor max DEX, the infamous-3gp-Haramaki. Tatami-do is also a cheaper fullplate (provided your dex modifier is +3) for 1.000gp. Keep these things in mind when adjudicating. I let my players purchase them seamlessly with regular armors, but some DMs might object to that. This right here. Use your best judgment. Use a no-dachi over a great sword, for example. Greataxes are rare if present, longswords could happen. Daggers and staves, etc of course will happen.

Thursday, 8th August, 2013

  • 02:42 AM - Shag quoted Ramaster in post Necromancer
    If you are willing to go 3rd party, then Deathmage is cool, too. Is sort of a less powerful druid that can opt to take an undead companion and has a bunch of other abilities. I DMed a game where a friend of mine used it and it was quite balanced. You can find it on the SRD. Wow, it's very similar to my Necromancer but comes in flavours! :)

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