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Friday, 6th July, 2018

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Thursday, 6th June, 2019

  • 11:30 AM - Morrus quoted Ghal Maraz in post Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition
    Ryan Dancey commentary on WotC's acquisition of TSR: It helps giving contest and getting insight. Long story short: TSR had many financial and structural problems, which all contributed to its demise. I prefer our version. :) Lots more D&D history here:

Saturday, 18th May, 2019

  • 08:42 PM - Enevhar Aldarion quoted Ghal Maraz in post The One Ring 2nd Edition Is Coming!
    Please remember, also, that the initial idea was to have three separate slipcased The One Ring games, every one of them slowly shifting the feel, themes (and rules) of the game from the fairy story-like feel of The Hobbit towards the more epic themes of The Lord of the Rings. The games should have been (sub-)titled "Adventures over the Edge of the Wild", "Errantries of the King", "War of the Ring". The project was then changed towards a single ruleset that would have been accompanied by some supplements that had to supplement the "missing" part of the game (something that "The Adventurers' Companion" more or less did). Now, it seems that some of those original, long-gone ideas have started to resurface (see, also, the title of the campaign). Not just that, but the starting year for each of the three sets was going to be different too. The second slipcase set was supposed to be set about 20-25 years after the first and the third set was to have been another 20-25 years later, so that ...

Saturday, 4th May, 2019

  • 07:00 AM - aramis erak quoted Ghal Maraz in post Wrath and Glory Warhammer 40K missing from Ulisses US
    Try to sell D&D 4th edition nowadays and let's see how well it'll perform. Rebrand it, and it should do reasonably well. I'm really surprised it hasn't been retrocloned yet... It gets a significant amount of play on Roll20: 8.8% of Roll20 players played it in Q1 2018; right on par with Shadowrun 5 and Starfinder. D&D 4E is a good game... it's just not a game that has the feel associated with the D&D trademark. As for Wrath and Glory A skim of the Wrath & Glory PDF left me with no confidence. It went on the "won't purchase for myself" list. (If anyone wants to buy me a copy.... sure, I'll take a copy and read it in detail.) It made me think "late 90's". D6 dicepool, count successes with 2 types, plus a 1/6 chance of complication and 1/6 of crit... I get the feeling the designers prefer much more swinginess than I do. Fail forward... good advice, but past a certain point, it's going to make failure lose its sting... And I'm far from the only one feels it looks lackluster both vis...

Wednesday, 1st May, 2019

  • 02:43 AM - R_Chance quoted Ghal Maraz in post New Editions of Big Eyes Small Mouth & Silver Age Sentinels Led By Ex-Guardians of Order Founder
    I agree. And people should point out all those things to White Wolf, as they seem to be struggling to become a more aware company. Do you think White Wolf licensed BESM back to it's creator without having a knowledge of his background and issues? I guess they decided he was the best person for this job. Do you notice the people who worked for GoO previously who are working on the new edition? I guess they decided to go with it. I understand being angry over the negative outcomes of a corporate meltdown like Guardians went through. If I'm still brooding over something 12 years afterwards it better be a damn sight more... messy than that. BESM was a good game. GoO turned out some excellent products. I for one hope he succeeds, turn out an improved edition and supports it. Preferably without financial meltdown and injury to others. Being aware of someone's past is one thing. Hoping that someone fails, or actively seeking to contribute to that failure is... unfortunate. Hopefully he has learned f...

Thursday, 25th April, 2019

  • 09:57 PM - Retreater quoted Ghal Maraz in post Wrath and Glory Warhammer 40K missing from Ulisses US
    Try to sell D&D 4th edition nowadays and let's see how well it'll perform. I'd buy it. Haha
  • 04:53 PM - Alzrius quoted Ghal Maraz in post Wrath and Glory Warhammer 40K missing from Ulisses US
    Excluding players who want to play Xenos because the majority plays Imperium is not even a reason, actually. You should try to include more, not less.
  • 01:46 PM - imagineGod quoted Ghal Maraz in post Wrath and Glory Warhammer 40K missing from Ulisses US
    A heavily convoluted system, already out of production by some years, that supported only a playstyle and excluded the majority of the playable archetypes and races from the background. Not mentioning that it was a system created by another company (Black Industries) and implemented by a second one (FFG); a system conceived as the third iteration of an Eighties system (WFRP; WFRP 2; DH), with a simulationist base mixed with some d20-isms. A system which, in its second edition, according to various data, already sold significantly less than in its first edition. Well, no. No, sorry, I wouldn't call that "GW not supporting products people liked". Upon release that Black Industries "Dark Heresy" was a top five game according to Enworld stats, and the follow up by Fantasy Flight Games, Rogue Trader, too was in the top five games. This was around 2008 to 2012. Also the d100 group of systems do pretty well for Call of Cthulhu with Chaosium having its many dedicated fans for decades. And finally, ...

Monday, 11th March, 2019

  • 06:50 AM - MNblockhead quoted Ghal Maraz in post WotC Considering NPC Stat Format Change
    Meh. Adventures make for really bad reads. If I want to enjoy the background of an RPG, adventures are the last place I head to. Adventure modules should be meant as a way to give DMs an easier time. Nothing less, nothing more. Interpretation guidelines shouldn't have places in stat-blocks: there should be different places for the two different (but complementary) things. While I agree that adventure module should make it easier for the DM to run, which is why I would like to keep the stat blocks, I disagree that "[a]dventures make for really bad reads" and that they "should be meant as a way to give DMs an easier time." I quite enjoy reading adventure modules and have enjoyed this "lonely fun" since the days of 1e. You don't read it as a novel. You read the intro sections and jump around, following the map, travelling through the dungeon or what have you in your mind. This does more than just help a DM prep the module, it inspires the DM on how that DM will run it and perhaps alter it fo...

Friday, 8th March, 2019

  • 04:13 PM - Ristamar quoted Ghal Maraz in post WotC Considering NPC Stat Format Change
    Wasn't the natural language thing already a big enough problem of 5th edition? Do we really need to exacerbate one of the few really problematic aspects of this edition by adding to the complexity of reading and fast reference of the RULES part of the game? If they also include sidebars or appendices with the full stat blocks, I'm guessing it likely won't matter much to the majority of people using the material to prep and run a game. Anecdotally, I've never used the truncated inline stats during play since they provide minimal information.

Tuesday, 6th November, 2018

Thursday, 23rd August, 2018

  • 10:57 AM - Abstruse quoted Ghal Maraz in post News Digest: Paizo Website Issues, Legend of the Five Rings Preview, Judge Dredd RPG Update, Steve Jackson Games News, and more!
    Legend of the Five Rings RPG isn't based on the Cypher System at all. You could say that it's based on the Genesys System and that would be certainly nearer to the truth, even if the correct definition is that it's a system blending the narrative mechanics of the Genesys System with the old Roll and Keep mechanics of the previous editions. "No, Darryl, I'm sure you got that right! You don't need to double-check to make sure you got the right name even though you're sleep-deprived. You already checked everything else for the column, so there's no reason to make sure you didn't mix up the system names!" Thanks, fixed it now. I knew I should've double-checked that...

Thursday, 19th July, 2018

Wednesday, 18th July, 2018

  • 11:33 PM - Shasarak quoted Ghal Maraz in post Resonance, Potency, & Potions: A Look At Magic Items in Pathfinder 2
    Murnau world like to have a talk with you. Sure I will talk with Mumu. Sorry, but... How many examples you need to discard, before convincing yourself that Charisma is not the same as Commliness? Plenty of horrible monsters have exceptional Charisma in PF1. I really dont know what to tell you. If Pathfinder 1 was so perfect then we would not need to have a Pathfinder 2. Do you need me to go through and pick out each individual mistake in the system?

Friday, 29th June, 2018

Wednesday, 27th June, 2018

  • 06:51 AM - Caliburn101 quoted Ghal Maraz in post Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!
    And yet you keep talking 5th edition. As I've already said twice in this thread, I find there's no point for Paizo to keep going after (actual) D&D anymore. The time of edition wars is behind. They should seek another design space or they'll end losing the fight very badly (a fight they will probably lose anyway, but they could at least try to close the gap somehow). They should - and they have the skill and resources to create an original 'aaa' rpg. A pity they don't.

Monday, 25th June, 2018

  • 09:16 PM - Charlaquin quoted Ghal Maraz in post Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!
    The concept core seems to be: Classes will give a framework, composed of Signature Skills, Hit Dice, variable access to Weapons/Armours/Skill proficiency, a selection of Class Feats and *some* iconic abilities/Class features (Spells, Cantrips, Orisons, Monk's unarmed combat...). What's not set as an iconic Class feature will be obtained through Class Feats: thus, it won't be necessary to have a basic chassis of the Class, that will be modified by archetypes. Archetypes will be a somehow different beast (a generic template that could modify all classes, acting also as a substitute for Prestige Classes). Class Feats will be defined by Class and Class only; in addition to that, characters will choose between Ancestry, General and Skill Feats. Ancestry is the new name for Race, so that's easily explained. General Feats will be, well, General. And Skill Feats will be determined by the level of proficiency in the various Skills. Also, Skill Feats are a subcategory of General Feats, so yo...
  • 02:08 PM - Caliburn101 quoted Ghal Maraz in post Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!
    Ok. Please, tell me this: how many 20th level martials are needed to do what a single 20th level Wizard can do between Time Stop, Planar Binding and Wish? How many spells can high- level casters throw around per day? When one party member can easily defeat whole encounters single-handedly, then yes, to me his power is almost endless. That PF is upping the power level to the like of Beowulf, Gilgamesh or Celtic stories is a design choice, which I find not wrong: what's the whole point of aiming to have another D&D when there's already one? And, moreover, taking those Legendary Feats out of the equation is as simple as saying "Hi". Excise the Legendary proficiency out of your game and you're already done: that's actually something the designers already commented as easily feasible. Instead of having some hyper specialized Legendary skills, characters will end up having more Master level skills. Look at the other side of the argument before challenging maybe? In 5th Edition for instance, a 20...
  • 01:46 PM - Caliburn101 quoted Ghal Maraz in post Pirates & Gray Maidens: Archetypes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition!
    Also, this one. 15+ levels (which almost no one ever saw in place before), when full casters begin displaying time-, space- and reality-bending powers almost limitlessly: "no way there's space for impossible in-game things. Martials obviously must do only mundane things. Casters can do everything else because magic". Yeah. A good approach to mitigating the disparity, barring Legendary-level heroes to do Legendary-level things while employing Legendary-named Feats... There are any number of fantasy systems which keep the mundane, mundane, and balance magic well with it. The idea that this cannot be the case, and that the only way to 'have nice things' for non-magical classes in a D&D style-game is to have Manga/Superhero abilities is the central self-deceit upon which such arguments are based. Such rpg's already exist, and don't pretend to be mainstream fantasy - they are niche, and happy to be so. PF2 going in that direction (as strongly as they are it would seem) is fine - but let's not pr...

Wednesday, 20th June, 2018

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