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Tuesday, 9th April, 2013

  • 05:13 PM - Universal_narration mentioned 'Ghost' in post The Long Journey Home
    There is something block comms to the two inside the boarded up building at the minute. Boarded up building "Oh I have the right to call her what I want. Heh, you think you were the only to lust over her? Hahah, we were a unit before you joined rookie, don't you think someone got there before you?" Reaper smiles. "and I knew it you are a coward, good for nothing. Can't even shoot your enemy when he's this close." He spits "Pathetic, why the higher ups gave you to us I will never know. As Raymond shouts over Reaper " Maybe I should just kill your 'friend' here. He doesn't even trust you look at that, I'm so surprised." He brings his arm over his head dramatically. "Before I do, have you ever wandered why they gave me the codename reaper, huh? No you didn't did you? Hahah, oh that look on your face I love it!" 'Ghost' In your comms you hear something "Ghost! Ghost!? Finally got through, damn the jamming of this place. This is Carl, can you hear me? That man is an apparition, his abilities go beyond what your mind can see. Don't shoot him, take the hit. It will only hurt for a little bit. Trust me. Reaper then darts forward towards Ghost and attacks him with his knife. The knife goes throw Ghost's ribs and a short moment later a red glow appears from one of Ghost's eyes. All Raymond sees is Ghost getting winded and falling down on one knee. Reaper gets shocked and he steps back, Reaper is now visible to Raymond. Tch, damn protective robots. You got more paranoid? Hahaha, oh well hasn't stopped me completely. He turns to Raymond I will be back ... oh hey there pretty boy. Pity your coward captain here didn't shoot, would have blown your head clean off. Hahaha, might have gotten rid of his past though. Also speaking of pasts, 'project' boy .... watch your back. Hahahaha, oh might be sooner than y...

Sunday, 13th January, 2013

  • 06:27 PM - Universal_narration mentioned 'Ghost' in post The Long Journey Home
    ... he is more effective with guns then let him keep using guns. It's stupid to try something for the sake of style when it may get you killed." Jean Michelle gives a worried laugh again. "You'll have to excuse Ayla, her battlefield techniques use pin point accuracy with knifes. Fascinating to watch though boring at the same time, she doesn't like expending useless movements." Ayla replies to her friend dryly "Yes just as useless as explaining how someone fights..." Jean Michelle chuckles as Ayla glares at him too. Research Centre The lady smiles graciously "My name is Dr. Kalina Ashwell, come this way. Yes you are right, we're not exactly sure what to touch without losing information just yet. It doesn't help that we don't exactly know what we are looking for." She guides you to the one that was shot by your captain, mostly intact except for the shot that severed it in two. A panel on its head has opened up, you can see a set of wiring and flashing lights coming from inside. 'Ghost' [b] "You may undergo an evaluation yes, I will send you to the Medbay if you wish to visit one of the psychology doctors. However I have faith in the commodore on his choice in placing you as captain. So it might be a slip of the mind but unless the evaluation comes up that you do have some issues you shall stay in command of Sierra squad. If something does come up however you will likely by unfit for deployment at all. Understood?"

Sunday, 16th December, 2012

  • 11:26 PM - Universal_narration mentioned 'Ghost' in post The Long Journey Home
    Sierra squad: 'Ghost' Something seems familiar about her though you doubt it is her appearance. "Nah, your name is obviously isn't Ghost, so if you ain't using your real name. Then neither am I! Ghostie it is! And come on, where's the fun if we don't get to add some ka-ching to the MDAs!" Sarah then addresses Aleksandra "Well then fly to it! I trust you clever clogs can get the job done, as for me!" Sarah winks at Ghost. "I'm going to get my own MDA for outside, looks like I'll need it to protect me from your glares as opposed to the expanse of space!" Naomi replies on the comms link. "Permission granted" Echo Squad: Damiano looks on at Arthur quizzically. "Er Underground surveying.. quite quickly. I have some in my office, well what's left of it. If that isn't enough we can go to the supply chambers. Might I ask.. what do you plan to do with that?"

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Tuesday, 19th February, 2013

  • 01:13 AM - Arthur Campbell quoted 'Ghost' in post The Long Journey Home
    I'm sure we've taken up enough of the commodore's time. At that Arthur turned on his heel and walked out the room Kaboom following in his wake and went to the conference room to secure the comfiest seat.

Saturday, 15th December, 2012

  • 02:27 PM - Mikhail Zhukov quoted 'Ghost' in post The Long Journey Home
    I'm not happy about being given engineering detail. I'm a soldier, not an engineer as is my squad The usual grin suddenly disappeared from Mikhail's face as he turned towards Ghost. We are soldiers and it is our job, our duty to protect this ship. Every piece of ammunition that hit her, every life lost is our fault. We were not fast enough, strong enough, prepared enough. Mikhail took a step back and raised his voice to address the rest of Siera as well, his expression deadly serious We made mistakes and people died! We gave an oath to protect them yet we still live and they don't! There is nobody else for this job, for it is our cross to carry . As you walk through the corridors of the wanderer look at destruction and suffering around you and remember that this is the price of our failure! Not waiting to see other reaction Mikhail turned towards Naomi. We have wasted enough time, we will get you the report. As Mikhail walked past Alexandra he jokingly punched her in the should...

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