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Saturday, 12th January, 2019

  • 11:30 PM - pukunui mentioned MonsterEnvy in post SKT - Need Ideas for Introducing Harshnag
    MonsterEnvy: I am well aware of the default setup. I have consciously altered the script. That said, introducing Harshnag was always going to be potentially awkward, since the adventure leaves that part open-ended (as it must). The only new variables my changes introduced were the second and third points in my OP: whether or not to have Harshnag accompany the PCs to the Uthgardt mounds and whether or not to introduce the airship early. Although I went into last night's session without having concrete answers to any of my questions, I was able to improvise to everyone's satisfaction, and I now have a clear idea of how to proceed. Harshnag has set them upon their next quest: Retrieve four giant relics from the Uthgardt, then rendezvous with him outside Mirabar before heading to the Eye. He drew them a map showing them where the various mounds were located but did not offer to accompany them to the mounds. My players didn't seem to mind. They are going to go to Morgur's Mound first. I w...

Monday, 22nd October, 2018

  • 11:41 PM - Jester David mentioned MonsterEnvy in post Ravnica Table of Contents & More
    It would depend on the initial answers: whuch other Guilds are the enemies of the Guild or Guilds running the caravan, etc. This is why they are using tables to organize the information. Point is, the answers to all of your questions would be Guild information. Because the Guilds are the setting. Which is why I was asking MonsterEnvy. He knows the Guilds so the answers should be apparent. He knows whatever the merchant Guild is, so he should know what the caravan would be holding, where it is going, and who is trying to steal it. To say nothing of what the city looks like and how to describe the journey...

Wednesday, 30th May, 2018

  • 07:27 PM - PrintableHeroes mentioned MonsterEnvy in post Reopening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
    MonsterEnvy I don't suppose you happen to know why those weren't included? Quality-wise it's on par compared to some of the other illustrations, but I could see the direction being too similar to Ghouls - that would be my issue with them.

Wednesday, 9th May, 2018

  • 10:50 PM - dave2008 mentioned MonsterEnvy in post Disintegrate vs Forcecage
    I should have specified that I'm using @dave2008's beefed 5e monsters. His version of Yeenoghu has Disintegrate instead of Teleport. But you're right that some limited teleport would be a good addition for Demon Lords. @robus, I just wanted to point out that my Demon Lords have some standard spells that they all have access too. If you look at the demon lord traits, all demon lords have the following spells: At will: comprehend languages, darkness, detect magic, detect thoughts, polymorph, see invisibility, telekinesis 3/day each: arcane gate, dispel magic, fear, teleport 1/day each: forbiddance, symbol So my version of Yeenoghu does still have access to teleport. However, as @MonsterEnvy noted, I plan to add limited range at-will teleport abilities in future updates.

Friday, 16th March, 2018

  • 04:56 PM - Hawk Diesel mentioned MonsterEnvy in post Curse of Strahd - Finale Help - Spoilers
    MonsterEnvy I don't think you need to be so harsh. We know nothing of the campaign before this fight. Additionally each table is different. While you may disapprove of the stylistic differences, this may be quite appropriate to the OP's table. Personally, I think it would be a much more productive conversation of instead of bashing the OP, we trust that he knows what is fun for his table and either raise question to his choices (encouraging reflection on why he is running this way) or providing suggestions within the framework he has posed. As to the OP, Strahd is smart, has had centuries to master his craft, and has the blessing of the Dark Powers of Barovia. I would recommend sprinkling in traps and illusions. Strahd likely knows that his bones pose a weakness. Either he would have multiple sets of bones in the room, guardians protecting them, illusions to confuse and disorient the players, or most reasonably a combination of all these things. Another cool trick might be to have the bones...

Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

  • 03:15 PM - Jacob Lewis mentioned MonsterEnvy in post Valindra Shadowmantle
    MonsterEnvy Oh, her survivability isn't in question. Liches, right? I just meant to illustrate how her awesomeness in-game, both online and in the original Neverwinter campaign setting for 4th Edition, has gotten her an appearance as little more than an Easter egg. But work is work. Hope she was compensated adequately for her cameo! Or at the least, open more job opportunities!

Friday, 24th March, 2017

  • 08:38 PM - Quickleaf mentioned MonsterEnvy in post WOTC teasing
    Hoping it's something related to the Planescape we know and not a complete reboot using the MTG Planeshift stuff they have been putting out (Which is my hunch). I don't supposed anyone has actually confirmed that it's a WoTC owned address have they? Most I have gotten so far is that it's registered with Godaddy. Well, MonsterEnvy confirmed here that it was posted on WOTC's Twitter account.

Monday, 31st October, 2016

Friday, 11th March, 2016

  • 11:37 PM - feartheminotaur mentioned MonsterEnvy in post "The" Lich?
    I thought this was a Monty Python thread before I realized it said "Lich" not "Larch" But, Tam would be the one to me. MonsterEnvy lays out a good delineation point: The others are more than just a lich.

Friday, 5th February, 2016

  • 12:10 AM - pukunui mentioned MonsterEnvy in post Enter Into The Frozen Castle With Kobold Publishing
    jayoungr: As MonsterEnvy suggests, you could make it so the cult attacked the castle, causing it to crash, sometime after the PCs left. Then, at an appropriate point during The Rise of Tiamat (that is, when the PCs are 10th or 11th level), a representative from Blagothkus could approach the council and ask that the PCs come and help get the castle flying again. That's what I will most likely do if the castle doesn't crash at the end of HotDQ in my campaign.

Saturday, 19th September, 2015

  • 06:38 PM - Rhenny mentioned MonsterEnvy in post Help Me Plan My Next Move (Princes of the Apocalypse Spoilers)
    MonsterEnvy, Rabbitbait, and Marcelus14 - We may play tonight so I think I'll use a little bit from all of you. I'll have the feast scene all seem well and good. Perhaps the PCs will notice some of the knights looking at them strangely (but only if they tell me they are looking for it). Thurl will talk up the evil of the Earth Cult and encourage the group to investigate, but he'll also invite them to stay the night to rest and begin their adventure in the morning. That night, I'll have the Three Knights along with Barister (the cleric who is an Air Cultist), sneak into their room to capture them and bring them to the Pinnacle. Up there, Thurl Merosska and some other Knights and Initiates will hold a sort of trial. If someone in the party speaks well (and persuades) Thurl, he will commend the Half-Orc and tell the others in his society that it is that type of "ferociousness" that he and the others should develop in order to wipe out the Earth, Fire and Water cults. (This will be the ...

Sunday, 10th May, 2015

Sunday, 31st August, 2014

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Saturday, 15th September, 2018

Friday, 14th September, 2018

Friday, 24th August, 2018

  • 01:08 PM - Oofta quoted MonsterEnvy in post Man in a Construct
    I had an idea similar to this. One of the villains of the campaign was a Gnome Wizard and when he finally fought the party he was inside an Iron Golem (It had a hollowed out chest that he could sit inside with a iron lid.) The fight was more or less more with the Iron Golem then the Wizard as he could not be harmed inside the Golem. (Though he would open the lid once in a while to fire out a spell before closing it.) He ended up just surrendering when the Golem was destroyed as he was largely helpless without it. I've done something similar, except for me it was based on a Steam Golem from Kobold press Tome of Beasts. So basically a gnome in a steam-punk robot with the gnome opening a slot in the armor to cast spells and then closing it again quickly. All went well until the barbarian climbed the thing and starting ripping the door off. I decided that since she was on the golem he could use it's steam blast on her every round and almost killed her (no small feat with a raging barbaria...

Tuesday, 10th July, 2018

  • 08:16 PM - MechaTarrasque quoted MonsterEnvy in post Orcus Vs Strahd plot help
    I don't think Vampires are LE. I think they are Any Evil. Strahd is just Lawful Evil cause he was Lawful. Orcus is not the Dark Powers of Ravenloft, I doubt he had anything to do with setting Strahd up with the Demiplane. But Orcus is all about turning things into undead. Strahd is likely not special in that regard, and Orcus cares nothing about his little patch of land. The Dark Powers that may have created the Demiplanes of Dread could in fact be the Raven Queen. (As the ways she operates makes her seem similar.) As Well being trapped in a land that is pretty much his personal Hell was never part of Strahd's deal. Being able to leave his Land was always his desire. The generic vampire in the MM is LE, but they may have been thinking of Strahd when they made the entry.

Sunday, 24th June, 2018

  • 10:47 AM - Mirtek quoted MonsterEnvy in post Orcus vs. Demogorgon
    The Sidebar explains it simply Deities can have different Divine Ranks on different worlds. Tiamat is a Greater God in Kyrnn, but a lesser god most elsewhere. As a result she is stronger there. Which unforutnately does not explain anything. Since there is only one Tiamat, she can have only one true rank if you go to visit her in her true form. So either she's tuly a greater deity but her divien connections to Oerth and Toril are still not well etablished and she can't send much power through. Or she's truly a lesser deity (which all points to), and there's a special reason power she sends to Krynn is multiplied. However this still means if some party from Krynn prepared to battle a greater power planeshifts to her lair, they're in for a pleasant surprice finding her much weaker than expected. However, has Takhisis rank in 5e being stated? If 5e simply says she's a lesser deity too, we don't have to find any explanations anyway.

Wednesday, 20th June, 2018

  • 07:41 PM - Mirtek quoted MonsterEnvy in post Orcus vs. Demogorgon
    Note quite it says that while their is only a single entity, their power level is not equal. The DMG says "Some gods are worshiped on multiple worlds and have a different rank on each world, depending on their influence there." For example Tiamat as Takhisis is a lesser god in most worlds, but a greater god in Dragonlance.Has she officially be retconned to be one and the same? In previous editions they were two seperate entities, not just two aliases of the dame deity. Even so Tiamat is not in Krynn (or Oerth or Faerun), she is influencing matters in Krynn and Oerth and Toril all from sitting in her lair on Avernus. She does not suddenly gain more AC or hp just because the party that managed to attack her in her lair plane shifted from Krynn instead of going to Oerth first.

Tuesday, 19th June, 2018

  • 05:22 AM - Sword of Spirit quoted MonsterEnvy in post Deity Ranks: Quasideities, Lesser Deities, Greater Deities
    It's also best to remember there are only two types of True God now. Lesser Gods. Who can be interacted with and dwell in the Planes. Greater Gods. Who are a level above that and can only be interacted with via their avatars. The DMG lies. (Or else every supplement since then does.) Volo's Guide to Monsters page 199 contradicts it when it talks about a Demigod as an actual god. And this isn't the only place it does that either. There are other 5e sources that refer to Demigods with actual divine power, not just a divine parent (usually with no indication they were "half-god", but instead treating them just like 2e-3e demigods). If I had all 5e content in a searchable database I could look up "demigod" and find at least 2 or 3 sources other than Volo's Guide that contradict the DMG and seem to present the view I'm attributing to the non-DMG source. If I didn't have other things to do, I'd page through all of the books to locate them. I paid great attention to them when I was first reading the mat...

Monday, 18th June, 2018

  • 09:36 PM - dave2008 quoted MonsterEnvy in post Deity Ranks: Quasideities, Lesser Deities, Greater Deities
    There are Two types of gods. Intermediate can't exist under the current description. And back in 1e there were only the two types. I perfectly understand the "official" 5e stance, I just don't agree with it. Adding intermediate gods is one of the few ways I deviate from 1e and accept the 2e (?) / 3e approach to deities. Of course, intermediate could exist, as you note below. These are fluid things, that can change on a designers whim. Also you are doing it backwards. There are only two types of Gods according to the DMG, which means there are only two types of gods, unless another official supplement comes out that says something else. Until then there are two types of gods end of story for official d&d. I was unclear and being a bit cheeky (thus the winking smiley face). I understand what is the "official" WotC 5e stance. However, I put "official" in parenthesis because it doesn't mean anything. The fact that the 5e DMG list 2 types of gods has no effect on my game or any other ga...
  • 09:22 PM - Mirtek quoted MonsterEnvy in post Orcus vs. Demogorgon
    Lolth has never been a greater god except in 4e. And I prefer her as a lesser god so that she is actually reachable. Wasn't she recognized as a greater deity at the end of the War of the Spider Queen series? That ended in 2005, thus some time before 4th edition.
  • 09:07 PM - dave2008 quoted MonsterEnvy in post Deity Ranks: Quasideities, Lesser Deities, Greater Deities
    It's also best to remember there are only two types of True God now. Lesser Gods. Who can be interacted with and dwell in the Planes. Greater Gods. Who are a level above that and can only be interacted with via their avatars. Not quite, there are two types of gods described in the WotC DMG. That doesn't mean there are only 2 types of gods ;)

Sunday, 10th June, 2018

Saturday, 9th June, 2018

  • 12:13 AM - TheSword quoted MonsterEnvy in post Two New Settings For D&D This Year
    Dark Sun has always been part of the Multiverse. There are lots of references to it in planescape materiel. I rearched the links with Athas in AD&D. Trying to use magic to travel between planes required a wizard to roll Intelligence or under on a d100. Failure meant the wizard was lost in the Grey and would start to have Consititution drained. So magic existed but it was very risky. The grey surrounded the material plane of Athas and isolated it. So in the Athas multiverse gods exist but just can’t reach followers in Athas without great difficulty. Also the crystal sphere of Athas is completely impenetrable to Spelljammers. (Described in Preservers and Defilers of Athas.)

Thursday, 7th June, 2018

  • 09:10 AM - Aldarc quoted MonsterEnvy in post Two New Settings For D&D This Year
    Does it matter if it is assumed to be the default if you plan to ignore it anyway? The second you say it does not exist in your campaign is the end.It matters when I sit at a table that claims to be running Eberron and then multidimensional travelers from Sigil or Forgotten Realms show up. It matters when I pick up any published Eberron adventure that has these things. Sadly for you they are part of the same cosmology and that already happened 6 years ago. D&D online the MMO featured an attack on Ebberron by Lolth worshiping drow and demons, Lolth having torn open a portal to try and draw Eberron into the Demonweb Pits.From my limited understanding and what I have heard from other Eberron fans, that game is Eberron in Name Only. (Mordenkainen did apparently in the recent book. Though just to make some observations about the world and it's species like Elves.)And I disliked that as well as I mentioned earlier. Keith Baker even suggested a few years back that beyond Eberron's Astral P...

Monday, 4th June, 2018

  • 10:21 PM - gyor quoted MonsterEnvy in post Two New Settings For D&D This Year
    Werewolves without Hybrid form, and Tieflings. Done. Werewolves aren't playable and just using Tieflings gives no Elven traits at all.
  • 10:16 PM - gyor quoted MonsterEnvy in post Two New Settings For D&D This Year
    It does not feel wrong at all. There really only needs to be two types of the default elf. This is easier and simpler to adapt. High Elves 5e represent stuff like the High Elf, Grey Elf, Sun Elf and Moon Elf. As they all fall into similar culture and appearance. Wood Elves 5e represent the fairly simple wild and wood elf types. Then Eladrin represent the Feywild Elves. Sea Elves the Underwater Elves. Shadar Kai the Shadowfell Elves. Avariel the Sky Elves. Drow the Underground Elves. Which of those represents Lythari Elves? And Fey'ri Elves (Elf Tieflings).
  • 08:35 PM - Yaarel quoted MonsterEnvy in post Two New Settings For D&D This Year
    Moon Elf and Sun Elf are stated to be the same thing as a High Elf. This was spelled out in a few books. The as-if ‘support’ for the Forgotten Realms sun elf is mentioned in the 5e Players Handbook. That 5e version that changes the sun elf (+2 Intelligence, +0 Dexterity, −2 Constitution) into the same thing as a high elf (+2 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence) feels wrong for the Forgotten Realms setting. Wild Elf is a Wood Elf. The wood elf is more complicated. The 5e wood elf (+2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom) represents well the Forgotten Realms wild elf (+2 Dexterity, −2 Intelligence). But there is no Forgotten Realms wood elf (with +2 Strength), nor Greyhawk wood elf (with +1 Strength), for that matter. In any case, the point here is, the 5e Forgotten Realms is a modification of the previous Forgotten Realms settings. And just like the races are different, the cosmology is different too. The 5e Forgotten Realms cosmology is now the Planescape cosmology but also adds to it feywild and ...

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