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3+ years of pen & paper gaming. I love roleplaying, mostly play and have books for Pathfinder!
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I'm a business management major living and learning SFSU, and unfortunately a super-senior! I'm most proficient in Pathfinder, for which I have a ton of books for (including books for GMing). Prefer roleplay over combat, but I enjoy a good fight as well as any other player. Prefer casters in general and wizards in specific. Decidedly lawful evil (it comes with the degree), but I can play any Lawful character sanely and proficiently. Idly dream of running my own home-brew campaign, but would rather honestly play.

Currently available every day but Tues/Thurs. Prefer Fridays and Saturdays in the evening. Non-drinker, non-smoker.Please keep your ostensibly legal medical marijuana hidden, I'd rather not have to turn you in to the Feds. Will probably not be available over Spring or Summer break this year.

Agender, queer, militantly atheist but wise enough to keep quiet about it.
United States
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Saturday, 14th September, 2013

  • 02:28 PM - perrinmiller mentioned Triskaideka in post [LPF] The Ringling Affair
    I have been waiting on either Rift-LPF or Triskaideka to post a decision on where you are going next. Btw, I am expecting 2-3 posts per week from every player. If that is not possible, I have yet to be told otherwise. We even have an AFK thread to post those notifications. ;) After 7 days, I reserve the right to drop a player if they fail to communicate when they hold a game up since it is not fair to everyone else. Come Monday, someone else make the decision so we can move on if I write either of them out. I am busy this weekend and I am willing to give them that long.

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Wednesday, 13th March, 2013

  • 02:06 AM - Satin Knights quoted Triskaideka in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    What ever happened to the 'Let My Person Go' adventure I see on the wiki? Is that dead? I don't think that every got started. If I remember right, the GM for it got a little busy with real life before he started recruiting. I just finished Wreck Ashore and PM is finishing up Ties that Bind this week or next. So, either or both of us may start another first level game soon. That doesn't stop someone else, a.k.a. one on the new folks, from starting up an adventure too. I whined a bit that a couple of weeks ago that the veterans are getting stuck with all the gm work and their higher level characters are getting stuck waiting in the DWI. That was a nudge to get a newbie to step up to the GM plate. Well, two of our veterans stepped up to get the higher level characters back in action. I would guess those two veterans were founding members of this forum. While I love that, I have to say, "Hey new guys, it isn't that hard." You can even get a third character out of it in reward. There ...

Sunday, 10th March, 2013

  • 07:23 PM - Nellisir quoted Triskaideka in post Let’s Make a Hexcrawl Setting
    Actually, I like this option better. We keep the original hex entries as is for the DM, and make a Player's Setting Guide with compressed entries on all the general information they'll need for roleplaying. I think I agree. Taking the big document and making it into another big document is less accessible than making it into multiple smaller documents.

Saturday, 9th March, 2013

  • 05:07 PM - Maidhc O Casain quoted Triskaideka in post Proposal: Transcendental Imperium - Custom Deity
    Neutral and Lawful Neutral, sorry for the confusion. In that case, I'll vote YES as well. Great job!
  • 11:21 AM - Sanglorian quoted Triskaideka in post Let’s Make a Hexcrawl Setting
    Phew! You've added almost 100 hexes since I last updated the appendices. They should be current now, however. Daztur, would you mind uploading the Word document that you base the PDF upon up online somewhere? I'd like to fiddle around with it a bit in the future. I was also wondering if you've kept all the maps somewhere. It would be interesting to make a GIF of them all, and see how the map has changed over the past year or so. by clerical error Simone the Foul’s name on the list was replaced with that of his daughter’s pet rooster, Simone the Fowl Welcome to the team, Triskaideka. From this entry, I can see that you've picked up the tone of the Shrouded Lands perfectly.

Tuesday, 5th March, 2013

  • 05:08 PM - Systole quoted Triskaideka in post Character Submission Thread
    Quick reminder that Harkoz is still waiting for approval. a. Reformatted a bunch of stuff. Nothing major. Broke out your Perception roll into finding hidden based on your racial. b. Your raven familiar doesn't have any stats. This is only a big deal if you're planning on sending it into combat. However, it should have a name and you should note which language it speaks. c. You get the benefits of the Alertness feat when your familiar is within arm's reach. d. Fixed your carrying capacity. e. Spend more money. You can afford a couple of emergency scrolls or an emergency heal potion. f. I have NO idea how to read your memorized spells. You should have 1 base + 2 INT + 1 arcane school, for a total of 4, one of which must be Conjuration. Please fix this. F needs to be fixed, but otherwise the sheet is good to go. First APPROVAL of two.

Monday, 4th March, 2013

  • 06:09 AM - Daztur quoted Triskaideka in post Let’s Make a Hexcrawl Setting
    I'm glad you like the Society! I kind of wanted to enhance the theme of Shuttered being a doomed city kept functioning only by the monumental efforts of its citizenry. And yes, they are designed to be pure adventure fodder, and a potential PC organization. The Crack Finders could be more hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers while the Department of Obscure Annexes would fit political intrigue focused roleplay. Oh right, the rain journal. I can add that right away, if you like! Yup, the whole "the City will one day sink into the mud but NOT TODAY!" works wonderfully. But I guess I'm enough of a history geek that I love the aspect of the City that they don't really have "police" or "tax collectors" and even the idea of a "government" is a bit strange for them, instead they have this weird series of overlapping kinds of sort of government institutions (the engineers, the necromancers, the priests and probably a lot more we haven't detailed yet) that each tax people in different ways, enforce different s...
  • 03:12 AM - Scott DeWar quoted Triskaideka in post Character Submission Thread
    Submitting my first character. Stumbled a bit in setting things up but I think it should be mostly okay: Harkoz D'Vorza Let me know what needs to be fixed or changed. At a quick glance I see you put a rank in Craft: Jewelry. Is this for flavor only? In LPF the judges have it so there is no gain from crafting by not having crafting at all. Craft magic stuff is done by NPC by way of Arcane row where you can buy or sell items mundane or arcane at full price. If it is for flavor, you would do your self a favor and use it in a knowledge or some thing. Perhaps perception?

Sunday, 3rd March, 2013

  • 01:15 AM - Celebrim quoted Triskaideka in post How to be a munchkin GM
    Sure, all Pen and Papers will inevitably ship with broken rules, but if the publisher is respectable and competent they will have play-tested the rules and done a thorough job of sweeping most of them out. No, the older the RPG, the more baggage it tends to have and the easier it is to break it if you try. Optimization is a problem with every system. Every system that allows for varied characters, versimiltude to literary conventions, and freedom of expression is going to have balance problems. The only way to address it from a rules perspective is take away real player choice. The best you can do as a designer is try to avoid providing resources that can become the answer to everything. Under those circumstances, there should not be that many broken rules. My 'house rules' are running at about 600 pages, and really I can foresee them now going over 1000 at some point. Granted, they are now more of a complete system than addendums or ammendments, but keeping a rules system balanced isn't...

Saturday, 2nd March, 2013

  • 09:55 PM - Tequila Sunrise quoted Triskaideka in post How to be a munchkin GM
    I suppose it would be edition warring if I simply told you to play a version of the game that didn't have those problems but... This. Alternatively... Nerf the problematic character. The character is the problem, the character needs to be changed, not your DMing style, not the game. When you're a DM you need to consider the good of the whole table. If you're throwing roided-up encounters at them just to challenge ONE player they're going to hate you for what to the rest of them looks like an unreasonable rise in difficulty. Sit the player down. Tell them the character is simply not balanced. Identify the attributes that are causing the problem, and fix them with a house rule, which is completely within your prerogative as a DM. This is infinitely less work than having to min-max and optimize monsters and encounters, and your players will hate you less for it. This. Treat the problem, not the symptom. I actually like discovering broken things about the games I DM, so my rule is "A broken option ...
  • 06:08 PM - Celebrim quoted Triskaideka in post How to be a munchkin GM
    Nerf the problematic character. The character is the problem, the character needs to be changed, not your DMing style, not the game. I don't think that it is that simple. All rules systems have breakable components. Plugging up all the holes is difficult. According to the DM, this player is good at optimization. You won't be able to nerf everything he does. And eventually, if the player is a power gamer you are going to end up in table conflict responding to everything he does with focused nerfs. It's a player that presumably enjoys that aspect of the game. While a run away power gamer can be a problem, the best thing for the game is usually to find a way to integrate the character into the game without disrupting it. That's not actually that hard. Power gamers are good for the table. If you don't have at least one powergamer in the group, it can make things really hard on the DM. That's because a power gamer provides a safety valve when you accidently present too hard of a challe...

Friday, 1st March, 2013

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