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Saturday, 20th July, 2019

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Saturday, 9th December, 2017

  • 05:24 PM - robus mentioned GMforPowergamers in post D&D movie, take note...
    I don't think that's what they've been making D&D movies about. Agreed, and that’s GMforPowergamers and my point :) - they’re trying for epic when no one really cares about the lore (see Warcraft: the Movie). I know one of the movies went for laughs and that landed with a splat too. Making movies is hard!

Tuesday, 24th October, 2017

  • 09:04 AM - Yaarel mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Mystic playtest...ugg this class is all over the place
    @GMforPowergamers, @cbwjm The way I wish the Magic Weapon spell worked is like this: Class Level: Attack Bonus Student L1: +1 Master L9: +2 Legend L17: +3 Epic L25: +4 Each plus is 8 levels higher. The advancement covers the entire 20-level career. They way it actually works is like this: L1: +1 L7: +2 L11: +3

Monday, 3rd July, 2017

  • 06:55 AM - Quickleaf mentioned GMforPowergamers in post New 5e Campaign idea, want some diffrent thoughts on it
    GMforPowergamers Not much for me to really comment on your game – sounds like it's well in hand, and wish ye well, matey :) I will point out that if you're planning on any seafaring of the piratical kind, I have a lot of material on ENWorld for Spell & Crossbones you might pillage appreciate. And if you need some unusual sea-themed critters or encounter tables, I have The Buccaneer's Bestiary (DMs Guild, pay-what-you-want). Cheers!

Saturday, 1st July, 2017

  • 09:27 PM - Satyrn mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Sidelining Players- the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Poll
    I think both parties are at fault in the scenario that spawned this thread. I blame the DM's mother for letting GMforPowergamers use the telephone to call his girlfriend. If not for that, he couldn't have conspired with his girlfriend to watch a movie. He then would've stayed at the game, and never had cause to make the fateful post that set off the fire of controversy that spawned this thread (and has since sparked a third). It's all her fault!

Sunday, 25th June, 2017

  • 04:29 AM - Hussar mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Is it fair to cast save-or-suck spells on the players?
    ...stantiate why save vs suck is bad! It is the same as using the bad DM example to make your point. Alignment is bad because young DM/bad DM example! Save Vs Suck is bad because young DM/bad DM example! Adventure/Module is bad because young DM/bad DM example! Rule 0 is bad because young DM/bad DM example! 4e is bad because young DM/bad DM example! Really, you want to plant your flag here? EDIT: I have been in a similar situation as PG4PG except it had nothing to do with a save-vs-suck scenario. The DM was just bad. I sat through the entire session participating as a player (jesting, reading up on rules, snacking). There were also other contributing factors that were compounding my unfun in that group. Later that night, after evaluating the fun I was having, I decided to excuse myself from this group as I could no longer 'waste time' and have minimal fun during RPG sessions. And yet, funnily enough, I was immediately able to understand the situation and realize that no, GMforPowergamers wasn't being a douche here. How is a 25 year old DM with almost a decade of experience a "young" DM? Good grief. That's a heck of a lot older and more experienced than a whole boatload of DM's. And, I'd point out that he mentioned that he asked if he could get back in the game in the initial post. Here's the relevant bit: I once got told I was being a jerk for leaving a game early... the reason I left was I was imprisoned (per spell) and PCs had no way to get me out. I went and called my girlfriend and we went to the movies... (it was less than 30mins into a 5 hour game) after the movie I called and no one had a way to get me out I came back the next week with a new character. The DM said it was rude I should have stayed (I did stick around for about 15 mins after I was imprisoned) The thing was I was the only spellcaster, I knew no one could free me. All the relevant information is right there. He knew he was stuck and wouldn't be able to participate for the ...

Saturday, 24th June, 2017

  • 03:23 AM - Hussar mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Is it fair to cast save-or-suck spells on the players?
    ...cenario where this is even possible? Seriously? How is this not 100% a GM fail? Had he just killed the PC, the player could have rerolled a character and off we go. No harm, no foul. But, instead, he sets up a trap where the PC isn't dead, but, cannot possibly be returned for the duration of the scenario. And you not only expect the player to sit through the entire session, but, you would actually consider it rude an ignorant for the player to excuse himself? Wow. It's not like the player flipped over the table and stormed outside. He sat for a bit, asked if there was any chance that he'd get to play for the rest of the session, and THEN bugged out. That's about as polite as it gets. Expecting a player to ride the pines for the next five hours because you happened to spend time prepping an adventure and refuse to then change your precious notes so that it might be possible to return the PC to the game is about as mind boggling stupid as it gets. And then to jump on GMforPowergamers for being the rude one? Good grief. Talk about entitlement. "I spent all this time on this, the least you can do is waste the next several hours appreciating my glory. No, you can't actually do anything. No, you can't actually participate. You just have to sit there and bask in the wonderment that is me." I'd be relieved to be kicked out of this group.
  • 01:41 AM - Sadras mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Is it fair to cast save-or-suck spells on the players?
    ... Yeesh. Lot of "You are playing the game wrong" accusations going around all of a sudden. If your character is taken out, and the DM confirms you aren't going to be able to play again for the rest of the what if you leave early? Especially if you have a significant other that you could be spending time with instead of twiddling your thumbs and possibly annoying the rest of the group by "re-enacting" whatever sidelined you. It's simply a more efficient (and enjoyable) use of your time. It would have been nice if GM had put everything in context in his first post (such as the age of the DM and that he'd asked the DM if there was a way out for him from the imprisonment that evening). The information was spilled out in drips and drabs after his initial post which was used to make a case against save-vs-suck spells based on a poor example. Accusations are easily thrown when pertinent information is withheld. There is absolutely no reason to white-knight this! Sorry @GMforPowergamers but I'm calling you out on this as Sir @Caliban of Enworld is repeatedly summoning his steed and charging in with Huma's freakin' dragonlance. :angel: Someone has got to stop that paladin! ;)

Friday, 23rd June, 2017

  • 10:59 PM - Satyrn mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Is it fair to cast save-or-suck spells on the players?
    You are probably a much more even tempered person than I am. And probably less selfish. But I'd also feel zero guilt about leaving, so being poorly socialized and low empathy has some benefits. I'd probably feel guilty if I was at that DM of GMforPowergamers. I'd feel like a bit of an ass for sidelining him so completely that he wanted ro leave just after we started.

Wednesday, 13th January, 2016

  • 05:59 PM - innerdude mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Failing Forward
    ...recasting this concept as "action forward" rather than "fail forward" works better. In my mind, "action forward" accounts for the "fail forward" use cases we've already discussed, but also tackles the added dimension of "pre-authoring" versus "mutable fiction." For example, think of this use case ---- using an entirely process sim resolution system, a party uses their skills to sneak into a fortress, defeat several encounters, and overcome several deadly traps in hunt of Macguffin XYZ. Absolutely no use of fail forward techniques; the party has "succeeded" in every mechanical sense of the word. Yet due to the GM's pre-authoring stance, the artifact isn't there, has never been there, and in fact has been taken out of the fortress by the BBEG years earlier. Or perhaps the party watches as the BBEG runs away with the artifact, and the party has no potentially successful course of action other than to chase after it once again. In fact, didn't we just see a major meltdown from GMforPowergamers group over something similar? The "action forward" stance would change this --- of course the Macguffin is there, and there would be a valid in-fiction reason that the BBEG recently brought it back.

Wednesday, 30th December, 2015

  • 07:48 PM - HardcoreDandDGirl mentioned GMforPowergamers in post What do you do when your players are gunshy?
    I haven't read through the rest of these posts,'s a couple thoughts. funny thing... but GMforPowergamers has explained a few times that what you say isn't what's happening... he isn't the one that comes up with the game idea's they all do together... I see a distinct pattern, which I sort of hinted at in my first post. You are coming up with a "story", and then your players have to play it. I think that is (was?) why they rebelled and seem "annoyed" with stuff now. Maybe for the next campaign, go all out sandbox, 1e-style, Old Skool Hard-Core campaign. that is like the exact opposite, did you read any of this thread? His players feel it is already too hard playing at base level 5e, hard core old school would be worse... Tell them to "Make 1st level PC's" (1st level because IME, players get attached to characters and have a better 'feel' for them when they start them out as 1st level nobodys; like raising a cat from a kitten, versus getting a 7 year old cat right from the get go). since he said they came up with those concepts togather something tells me level 1 isn't in the...
  • 04:17 AM - EzekielRaiden mentioned GMforPowergamers in post What do you do when your players are gunshy?
    To be honest, pming I really don't think your "tough love" is helping. At all. The OP is feeling extremely frustrated, burnt out, hurt, and annoyed--feeling that his group is unpleasable, that they get mad about him giving them exactly what (he thinks) they asked for, etc. As for my own advice, GMforPowergamers : Try not to let it get to you. First, take a break. Plenty of people have suggested perfectly cromulent ideas on how to do that--board games, one-shots, etc. It could be a very good idea to let one of the other people DM for a little while. It sounds like you've been the only one to shoulder that burden for years and years without a break. If the other people in your group are so dissatisfied with how things are going, give them an opportunity to have TOTAL control--to make EVERYTHING up themselves, from the bottom to top. They've been players for a long enough time that they should have an idea or two of how the back-end system works--now they just need to know how difficult it is to keep that going for 20-30 levels. Perhaps they will be more appreciative. Also, if you do decide to retake the DM's chair at some point, have a nice, long sit-down, with each of your players individually, and with the whole group together. Tell them how frustrated YOU feel...and listen, no matte...

Monday, 28th December, 2015

  • 07:17 PM - iserith mentioned GMforPowergamers in post What do you do when your players are gunshy?
    For what it's worth, @GMforPowergamers, I hope you don't leave the hobby or enworld. Take a break, maybe have some lonely fun making scenarios, plot, adventure locations and whatnot - stuff you didn't have space for in your regular game. Create it for the sake of doing it, perhaps putting together some one-shot games on Roll20 or the like with some new players and little commitment to a regular thing. You may find your interest rejuvenated for something more long-term in short order and potentially have an entirely new group of players who are more interested in gobbling up the stuff you can dish out. Good luck.
  • 06:56 PM - lowkey13 mentioned GMforPowergamers in post What do you do when your players are gunshy?
    GMforPowergamers, This too shall pass. First and foremost, do things with your free time because they are fun. If they aren't fun, they aren't worth doing. And every gaming group ends badly. Otherwise, it wouldn't end. ;) It sounds like you have a lot of fun creating worlds. Maybe after you've taken a good rest, you should try playing for a while and see if that recharges your love for the game a little. Good luck, and I hope you're not gone from the boards for too long.
  • 10:18 AM - Herobizkit mentioned GMforPowergamers in post How do I recover from a DM burnout?
    GMforPowergamers - if you happen to still peek in EnWorld, this old thread is full of great info for DM's who may be suffering burnout.
  • 10:08 AM - Herobizkit mentioned GMforPowergamers in post What do you do when your players are gunshy?
    Pretty much the only thing I can add is what others have echoed - there's a disconnect between what players _say_ they want and what the DM _says_ he provides. It _sounds_ like the players want short-term just-for-fun games that they can pick up and put down at their whim, like a video game; the DM wants to create long-term epic campaigns that just fizzle out due to lack of long-term interest from the players. Myabe the players don't get just how much work goes into being a DM. Maybe if one of those players becomes a DM, they might understand some more. I guess we'll never know now. Happy trails, GMforPowergamers ... hope you find some peace-of-mind.

Friday, 4th December, 2015

  • 06:50 PM - ProgBard mentioned GMforPowergamers in post World-Building DMs
    ...a fuzzier case. The hosts there are maybe at least edging towards jerkitude, even if it's probably better to accomodate them, and bringing a bottle anyway, maybe just to spite them, is a jerk move of its own. Food restrictions are a different matter. A host who says "I don't/can't eat this and therefore no one at my party will either" is being a jerk. (Unless there's a genuine food allergy in play, of course, and passing contact is actually dangerous.) Potlucks have their own set of codes about these things; guests who are careful to label what they bring, provide lists of ingredients, stay mindful of cross-contamination, and clean up after themselves are playing well within the rules, and, in general, anyone who places tighter restrictions on them is likely to be at least a little out of line. (Although, again, there might be reasons of cultural taboo that provide for reasonable exceptions, such as a house that abides by halal or kosher laws.) Music is where I'm pretty close to GMforPowergamers - you give a space for people to share what they like. "No rap/country/klezmer/what-have-you in MY house" is the stance of a snob and a jerk - which is to say, it may be within their rights, but it's still kind of an a-hole move. As long as one person's tastes don't dominate, and someone doesn't keep pushing something that everyone else clearly hates, this is a matter on which it's reasonable to expect there will a range of things present at your gathering. However, I can certainly imagine edge cases involving particularly incendiary subject matter, and asking people not to bring RAHOWA (which, why are you friends with these people?) or some especially misogynistic gangsta rap or cock-rock is perfectly reasonable. (Also, guests with particularly fringey tastes are maybe pushing the line of jerkitude by asking all their friends to be subjected to what they like. I don't go to parties and make everyone listen to THRAKATTAK or Lucifer Over London, and neither should you.) So the answer...

Monday, 23rd November, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - Shasarak mentioned GMforPowergamers in post World-Building DMs
    ...ating their players ideas into their worlds usually come from the fact that either the DM is too lazy to do it or to proud to do it. There is literally no one on this forum (except for the resident AI) that could hold the entirety of a DnD world in their brain at once. Take the world with "No Dwarves" for example - Is there really no mountain range anywhere on your world where a tribe of humanoids could not be living that no one else knows about? Or the "No Elves" world for example - Is there no possible way for a group of wood dwelling humanoids to set up camp in a forest anywhere on your world? And now add in the possibility of planar travel, or Spelljamming or just plain "A Wizard did it" and now tell me that you could not have those things. Because frankly an undiscovered tribe of Dwarves is not going to break your game and may actually make one of your Players enjoy your world more then they would have if they were stuck playing random Human. So in conclusion, I am with GMforPowergamers on this one - I will play your game for a session or maybe a month or two, but if you want a serious campaign then I have to play something that interests me, not what interests you.

Saturday, 31st October, 2015

  • 02:12 AM - TheCosmicKid mentioned GMforPowergamers in post 5e's new gender policy - is it attracting new players?
    Still think gender makes no difference?That's not what I said. Even granting that everything you say is true, those are simply different "things" than the "things" I was talking about, and this only confirms what I said about the term "things" being uselessly vague. Now, is what you say true? @GMforPowergamers has already touched on some of the more glaring oversights in your claims. And in general, what differences there are can clearly be attributed to sexist writing (especially so with 1960s-era Star Trek). That's gendering being imposed on the characters from outside; it's not what I'm asking about. I'm asking whether such people would actually, in real life (or given a perfect writer, if the idea of thinking about starship captains "in real life" is a problem), make different decisions in these crisis situations because of their gender. (other than some perhaps subtext with Seven of Nine)This claim from fans has always really bugged me, because I read their relationship as very much surrogate mother-daughter. Xena and Gabrielle they are not. Now, the struggle between Janeway and the Borg Queen over Seven does have the overtones of a custody battle...

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:52 PM - Ristamar mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Persuade, Intimidate, and Deceive used vs. PCs
    Whether or not the DM should dictate involuntary emotional responses to stimuli (particularly social skills) is an interesting topic, and I'm not sure there is a correct answer, nor were the D&D rules designed to provide those answers. Feeling fear after an Intimidation check, while not always directly visible, is an emotional reaction. The question is whether or not it's a voluntary or involuntary reaction. iserith believes the emotional response is voluntary, so he lets his players determine if they're afraid. GMforPowergamers believes it is involuntary, hence he narrates the emotional reaction, though he leaves any further response in the hands of the player. I lean more toward iserith's style, but I understand the argument GMforPowergamers is making.
  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned GMforPowergamers in post Warlord Name Poll
    ... ; @bedir than ; @Bedrockgames ; @bert1000 ; @billd91 ; @Blackbrrd; @Blackwarder ; @Blue ; @Bluenose ; @brehobit ; @BryonD ; @Bupp ; @Campbell ; @CapnZapp; @CaptainConundrum ; @CaptainGemini ; @Carlsen Chris ; @casterblaster ; @CasvalRemDeikun; @cbwjm ; @ccooke ; @Celebrim ; @Celondon @ChameleonX ; @Charles Wright ; ChrisCarlson; @CM ; @cmad1977 ; @costermonger ; @Creamsteak ; @Crothian ; @Cybit ; @Dausuul; @Dayte ; @dd.stevenson ; @DEFCON 1 ; @Delazar ; @DersitePhantom ; @Diffan ; @discosoc; @D'karr ; @Doc Klueless ; @doctorbadwolf ; @DonAdam ; @Dragoslav ; @Duganson; @EdL ; @EditorBFG ; @Edwin Suijkerbuijk ; @Eejit ; @ehren37 ; @Elfcrusher ; @El Mahdi ; @epithet; @erf_beto ; @Eric V ; @eryndel ; @Evenglare ; @ExploderWizard ; @EzekielRaiden; @Fedge123 ; @fendak ; @FireLance ; @Fishing_Minigame ; @Flamestrike ; @FLexor the Mighty! ; @Forged Fury ; @Fragsie ; @Fralex ; @FreeTheSlaves ; @froth ; @Gadget; @Galendril ; @GameOgre ; @Garthanos ; @Ghost Matter ; @Giltonio_Santos ; @Gimul; @GMforPowergamers ; @Gnashtooth ; @Green1 ; @GreenKarl ; @Greg K ; @GreyLord; @Grimmjow ; @Grydan ; @GX.Sigma ; @Halivar ; @HEEGZ ; @Hemlock ; @Henry ; @Herobizkit; @Hussar; @IchneumonWasp ; @I'm A Banana ; @Imaro ; @Iosue ; @Irennan ; @JackOfAllTirades; @jacktannery ; @jadrax ; @Jaelommiss ; @JamesTheLion ; @JamesonCourage ; @JasonZZ; @jayoungr ; @JediGamemaster ; @JeffB ; @Jester Canuck ; @jgsugden ; @jodyjohnson; @Joe Liker ; @JohnLynch ; @Johnny3D3D ; @KarinsDad ; @kerbarian ; @kerleth ; @Kinak; @KingsRule77 ; @Kirfalas ; @Kobold Stew ; @koga305 ; @Lanefan ; @Lanliss ; @Leatherhead; @Libramarian ; @Li Shenron ; @LuisCarlos17f ; @lowkey13 ; @Manbearcat ; @MarkB; @MechaPilot ; @Mecheon ; @mellored ; @Mephista ; @Mercule ; @MG.0 ; @MichaelSomething; @Miladoon ; @Minigiant ; @Mishihari Lord ; @Mistwell ; @MoogleEmpMog ; @Mon @MonkeezOnFire ; @MoonSong(Kaiilurker) ; @MostlyDm ; @Mouseferatu ; @MoutonRustique; @Nemesis Destiny ; @neobolts ; @Neonchameleon ; @Nifft ; @nightspaladin ; @nomotog; @n00bdragon...

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Sunday, 23rd June, 2019

  • 06:39 PM - King_Charles_000 quoted GMforPowergamers in post Out of the Abyss - Madness! Insanity! What Works/Doesn't? What Was Hilarious/Tragic?
    yea, you do know that political correctness can also be called BEING POLITE... two of my friends are brothers, there mother in real life is paranoid schizophrenic... you know what they HATE seeing, people making jokes about paranoids... you know what they wont do though, tell random people (not even all our friends) about the deeply held problem. One of them walked out of a Vampire game because of how someone was playing paranoid, and the story teller to this day doesn't know why they kid left game mad... Gonna be totally honest with you, that's their problem and nobody else needs to or should even feel the need to change their behavior so that these random two people can feel better. Of course don't make fun of them in their face, like what that story teller did (but it's not even his fault because how was he supposed to know about them if they didn't tell him?) but when youre alone with some friends, and everyone's cool with impersonating disabilities, then it's fine. Also, one other thing, wh...

Sunday, 17th February, 2019

  • 05:51 AM - Ratskinner quoted GMforPowergamers in post D&D movie, take note...
    I was thinking to keep the cost down, special effects for dragons, magic, and everything else can get pricey...but animated is way cheaper. nahh...go real cheap....a full on Bakshi rotoscope treatment. :) Gotta figure it would either be trashed or hailed for its bold retro vibe.

Saturday, 16th February, 2019

  • 05:49 PM - Parmandur quoted GMforPowergamers in post Artificer UA to be released in February
    we are half way through February... Crawford says this will be coming the last week of February.
  • 05:43 PM - bedir than quoted GMforPowergamers in post Artificer UA to be released in February
    we are half way through February... I live 6.5 miles from WotC. My neighborhood is just getting plowed today. I've had dozens of neighbors not leave their house since over a week ago. The local school district hasn't had a full day of school this month. The main roads here are fine, but neighborhoods are still quite bad. A majority of their podcasts and streams were done from home rather than the offices. Several were just cancelled.

Sunday, 27th January, 2019

  • 06:57 PM - FrogReaver quoted GMforPowergamers in post Cantrip House Rule
    I don't like the idea of doing away with scaling cantrips...up until about level 5ish it wont matter (maybe even up to level 7) then it basicly becomes "Don't use cantrips unless you have no other choice" I disagree. Cantrips remain your action to do something useful while saving spell slots. It's just now cantrips would actually be inferior to any given spell as opposed to being nearly equivalent to many of them. It really hurts the eldritch knight (who has the ability to make 1 attack and use a cantrip or make multi attacks, and at level 11 there is no reason to do so, at the level you get your 4th attack it is a joke) the eldritch knight ability to use a cantrip and bonus action attack is still better than just extra attack in the same level range it always was. It's still inferior to extra attack in the level 11+ range just like always. It's just won't be as much better than extra attack in the level 7-10 range as it is now. But as it stands right now eldritch knights would be co...

Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019

  • 05:00 AM - Henry quoted GMforPowergamers in post Robert Schwalb releases his version of Warlord
    It was more like captain America showing up and helping, or batman giving tactical advice to superman and wonderwoman... There was an article in player’s handbook II back in the 3.5 days about playing a Marshal - and it gave good advice about how to be a leader without being a jerk. It advocated things such as recommending others’ plans, praising successful performances, damning terrible decisions with silence, preparing battle cries and rousing catchphrases ahead of time so you’re not left floundering at the table, etc. All were very good points.

Sunday, 6th January, 2019

  • 07:30 PM - Satyrn quoted GMforPowergamers in post Shield cantrip
    maybe I should up the damage of the shield bash as you level...or add a push effect at higher you can use it to push away melee peeps to try to get away so it is not only an AC boost but a lesser shocking grasp too (you can move after you push without provoking) I think I'd add the push right at first level, and the caster stat thing . . . but no damage. So then the primary purpose of this shield is to push the enemy away. I think it would feel more like a defensive version of those weapon cantrips like greenflame blade. And like those cantrips, you could having this one start granting bonus damage at 5th level and beyond.
  • 06:20 PM - Pauln6 quoted GMforPowergamers in post Shield cantrip
    using 1/2 prof would make it go from +1-+3 and never be as good as the +5 of the 1st level spellTrue - +3 to AC is still pretty high but if it doesn't stack with a shield then it's not too bad. FYI I don't let magical bonuses from armour, shields, and rings of protection to stack either - you just get the highest (and the save bonus from the ring).

Friday, 4th January, 2019

Thursday, 3rd January, 2019

  • 08:41 AM - Gladius Legis quoted GMforPowergamers in post Is it just me or is the spell Rope Trick kind of absurd?
    LOL...omg you think climbing a rope is as easy as walking down a hall... again I ask, did you not have rope climb torture in grade and middle school??? Now I don't think I would assign a super high DC to climb it...but let me look at climb DCs in book... and I can't find I guess climbing both is and isn't an athletics check... So I will go by my own experience here and say you can't climb a rope untrained, but trained it is a DC 10ish 1) We're talking about D&D and the rules of D&D. Not "real life." So your personal rope-climbing anecdotes are irrelevant. 2) Even if you wanted to base a mystical DC on "real life," this is a magic spell. Which, shocker, doesn't exist in real life. Assuming the rope is magically easy for anyone of any strength to climb isn't any more of a stretch than using the same level of spell slot to teleport 30 feet.
  • 08:01 AM - iserith quoted GMforPowergamers in post Is it just me or is the spell Rope Trick kind of absurd?
    I am going to assume you never had to deal with a grade school gym class then... because I can even today lift and carry 100+lbs (and have had to) but I can't climb a rope...I could not at 8 or 15, and now at more then double that still can't... anyone even with a 16 str (lets just assume the whole party doesn't have 16+str) has a hard time doing it under the best of conditions...and if someone has an 11 or less (god forbid the 8) it should be almost impossible. I don't find arguments like this persuasive when we have the rules of the game explaining how to handle this situation quite clearly.

Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

Thursday, 6th December, 2018

  • 03:36 AM - Quickleaf quoted GMforPowergamers in post Global Enhancements as Treasure
    The problem is that this may make the world too cartoony. I did this in my Tomb of Annihilation game, and it didn't feel cartoony. PCs used a magic diamond to weaken all zombies in Chult – stripped them of hit points and reduced Constitution to 10, they are now auto-killed by crits & radiant, otherwise must make Con save (straight d20 roll) versus the damage dealt or they're destroyed. I described their subsequent river travel as feeling a bit more buoyant and optimistic, more light filtering in through the oppressive canopy at least for a little, their companions cracking more jokes and telling more stories, fewer signs of undead presence. Then, when some PCs fell into a pit trap filled with zombies I described these zombies as really decrepit with sloughing skin, fingers worn from trying to claw out, had one PC land on top of when when they fell and squish it dead. It worked really well to confirm that the decision they made about what to do with the magic diamond was having a tangible ...

Wednesday, 5th December, 2018

  • 05:18 PM - BookBarbarian quoted GMforPowergamers in post Middle Earth and aSoIaF martial campaign
    OK, so I have been AFK for a few months. I have been working on the campaign more and I have worked more on ideas...BUT my players are unsure if they want to play in a world without clerics to heal and wizards to blow up areas. so my work may be for not. Yeah getting group buy in is the most important part. The AiME group I was GMing for is now in a Storm King's Thunder campaign (With me as player!) and I was actually surprised to hear one of my old players say they missed it.

Monday, 10th September, 2018

  • 04:29 PM - Mike Myler quoted GMforPowergamers in post MORTAL KOMBAT D&D 5E
    now you have me intrigued... I had thought about having the prof bonus but rounding up so you could have 1 2 or 3, because I was a little worried having 2 or 3 might be pretty strong when a lot of them are adding d4/d6/d8 damage to unarmed strikes. I like this idea especially since there is not a lot of feats to take. Martial artists get the best out of the deal--max 2 complete stances plus up to 2 extra feats probably also on stances (that's capping out at average 9-12 probably at least half-energy type extra damage on unarmed strikes) but the trees are satisfying for non-monks too. It doesn't make for *weak* characters, but a little extra damage (usually 2-4 average) hasn't seemed to break anything (none are more impactful than Heavy Weapon Master I think it is, or Marksman--the two -5/+10 dam feats), and the diversity added with them is fun for everybody. I've used these to put together the cast for two different fighting video game franchises and only had to make *one* extra stance to cover the s...

Saturday, 8th September, 2018

  • 06:07 PM - Mike Myler quoted GMforPowergamers in post MORTAL KOMBAT D&D 5E
    So I have a question about stances. Your free right up on them says that you can take them multiple times (I assume that is the number next to each) but you also say that you can use multiple stances at the same time. I guess you can be in stances equal to your prof score, but I wonder do you need to use those slots to power multiple copies of the same stance/feat? Woot a question! In the final write-up for the setting the number of different stances a character can use at one time is more limited (a single stance except for martial artists which can ultimately use up to four at a time by 17th level), but one stance feat taken two or three times still only qualifies as one stance (so having Stance of Broken Stone three times doesn't provide +3 to AC while unarmored, just +1 to AC). Essentially you've got one stances slot and multiple copies fit into that slot just fine, it's only a problem if you know more than one martial arts stance.

Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

  • 12:44 AM - Hussar quoted GMforPowergamers in post Arguments and assumptions against multi classing
    Well we had 1 newbie, 1 power gamer who sucks at power gaming (I mean like he makes the worst characters it is almost a joke) and 2 I would say average players... I was trying to cut my power by multi classing. By accident I synergyed a pretty powerful character. My problem isn't "Hey all multi class characters are powerful" it's "Multi class rules make it easier to make more or less powerful characters than you mean to" I spent years thinking High level spells were the powergame. As such my default answer was to play a single class spell caster (Bard, Cleric, Druid, Wizard) as tier one power gaming. The idea of spreading out class levels delaying higher level spells known (and spell slots if not a main caster) being a hit to your power seemed obvius to me. The problem was I also assumed the GM was more or less right with how high we were going... 16-18th level. So I deversafied, and made a much better low level character then I thought I would. You're missing my point. You made a characte...

Monday, 3rd September, 2018

  • 08:43 PM - Satyrn quoted GMforPowergamers in post Ranger Warlock Subclass idea
    So the spell change ups didn't mean much to me, and misty escape isn't a big deal...the blink dog seems to be pushing it. I do have another campaign I am working on that will have GoT style worgs in it...I think he might want something like that, but I don't know how I feel about it. I'm guessing it's the effectively unlimited teleportation that's concerning you, since the rest of the blink dog is line with the other creatures What if you removed the recharge from the blink dog's teleport feature and made it 2/short rest? Or whatever number works best for you.
  • 06:38 PM - Mike Myler quoted GMforPowergamers in post MORTAL KOMBAT D&D 5E
    I like the idea, I may check out some of your free stuff and see if I want to buy your setting. I LOVE giving martial but still supernatural abilities, so this is a solid maybe for me. Thank you! Meant to click the XP button. There's also a Street Fighter D&D 5E PDF floating around on my blog along with builds for Afro Samurai/Jinno/Samurai Jack (and of course Aku).

Sunday, 2nd September, 2018

  • 11:39 PM - Hussar quoted GMforPowergamers in post Arguments and assumptions against multi classing
    SO just to make sure your point is clear here, being MORE powerful then the rest of the table isn't a problem if someone in a theoretical other game MIGHT be more powerful? I don't understand at all how that makes any sense. But, you were more powerful, barely, than 4 support characters. The argument is that multiclassing makes your character more powerful. And, let's not forget, in your example, other than the Beastmaster, every other character multi classed (very poorly) too. I mean, good grief, reverse the levels of your fighter/Mastermind and he doubles his damage output. The fact that you have this many characters and, because they all multiclassed, none of them have multiple attacks per round is hardly a fair comparison. IOW, your character was more powerful than the rest of the table because the rest of the table made choices to make their characters as absolutely weak as possible. Being the DPR king in this group is hardly proof of anything other than you have a group that appare...

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