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I tend to use a free form style of game mastering. I keep notes to keep me on track, but I feel that the point of RPGs is to tell a story and the best story is told collaboratively. I dislike munchkins and the systems that encourage munchkins to exist.
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I like to role play rather than roll play. As a result I choose characters that I can relate to and express their own unique quirks. This puts me at odds with my fellow players from time to time, but I believe it leads to a better game.

Have fun, play games!
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Thursday, 9th May, 2013

  • 06:35 AM - Gfreak2x9 quoted TBRMInsanity in post Custom class time acrobat. Prince of Persia / assassins creed concept
    Break the Assassin's abilities in Assassin's Creed down to it's core components. Eagle Vision Leap of Faith Assassin specific equipment (AC1 Hidden Blade, AC2 Hidden Blades, Hidden Pistol, Bombs (Smoke, distraction, damage), Parachute, AC3 Rope Knife) Ability to use any weapon Air assassinations "Urban" stealth (ie blend into crowds) I second this! Although I would throw in something about being able to gain a bonus to knowledge local checks. This would represent the brotherhood's inside knowledge in a given area. Add a bit of RP and say the PC must meet in private with another Assassin in order to gain the bonus to knowledge local! I also think Perception, Stealth, Slight of Hand,Knowledge Local, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge History, Knowledge Nobility, Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Disguise, and Sense Motive should all be class skills! I think they should only be proficient with Light and Medium armor given the fact that one is not preforming acrobatic feats in a set of full plate! They ...

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Quad System
The Quad system is a generic system that can be used in any setting from Fantasy to Science Fiction. The core is the Quadrant system that divides a character up into four areas (physical, mental, social, and magical). The system was designed wit...
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