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Wednesday, 15th February, 2017

Tuesday, 14th February, 2017

  • 03:18 AM - ccs quoted Hitdice in post Unearthed Arcana: Wizards & Warlocks -- Hexblades, Raven Queens, and Lore Mastery!
    It does seem a bit single pact-ey. I really can't see anyone coming to the table with Hexblade patron, but book or tome pact, just to mix things up. Not that I mind some sort of Bound Object patron, but Hexblade feels overly combat corner case-ey.That made sense, right? Congrats, you've detected the obvious.... As for playing a Hexblade patron with some other pact? I'd do that. Well, I might. I'll play odd stuff just because I can & what I come up with varies with my inspiration at the time I need a new character. So it's nice to have these odd combos as possibilities.

Sunday, 18th October, 2015

  • 08:33 PM - Chaosmancer quoted Hitdice in post WotC Salvage: Alternate, clever, weird, or just plain *different* interpretations of the races
    Another salvaged piece from the shutdown. Do you have an alternate interpetation or variation on one or more of the races that you want to share with others? Are you in search of an alternate interpretation of a race? Looking to spice up your character or campaign, and break out of "the norm"? Looking to surprise your players or DM? Then you've come to the right place! The goal of this thread is to collect and present different "versions" of the races of D&D (especially the "classic" ones) for the benefit of helping players and DMs break the mold, if that is their goal. D&D has a long history of creating alternatives to the races, some for the purposes of variety, and some for trope-busting. One of the core conceits of Dark Sun was to present the races in very different terms. Eberron does this too, to a lesser extent. So contribute away! Your contributions could range from new sub-races, complete with homebrew mechanics, to simple fluff changes that change the...

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