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Monday, 24th October, 2016

Friday, 21st October, 2016

  • 03:18 AM - selkirk89 mentioned ediz in post Looking for pre-made sample characters to showcase ZEITGEIST in a one-off
    ediz: Sure, can you share those lvl 2 characters with me please? RangerWickett: Absolutely! I think even the coaltongue is challenging in three hours. With my ZEITGEIST campaign group, we did character introduction, the fleet square scene and all the meet & greet in front of the ship in session 1. Then more roleplaying on board, and eventually the encounter, in session 2.

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Sunday, 16th June, 2019

  • 10:45 PM - Zipster quoted ediz in post Collosus Battle Adv 5
    Well, it seems you may have forgotten the events of adventure 3. Wherein the party took the train from Flint to Bole. I envision it to go off less like a combat and more like a skills challenge. The skills check for the engineer is to maintain a speed fast enough where Borne cannot catch up nor does he fall behind. (Kind of like the old Bugs Bunny idea where he was riding a donkey with a carrot attached to a fishing pole.) The party has four members... a Steamwright, an Arcanist, a Slayer and an Oracle. I feel as though the Steamwright engineer can perform Engineering checks and such. The Arcanist Arcana checks to use his spells to keep Borne interested. I am trying to figure out what the Slayer and Oracle can do. Indeed, I did forget about the train ride to Bole. There's a lot to keep in mind with this world, lol.

Monday, 16th July, 2018

  • 09:03 PM - RangerWickett quoted ediz in post Ekossigan Diplomacy
    I am leaving it open for now. I would expect them to come up with the idea of waiting a day and then a DC40 diplomacy check I'd add in some Knowledge (Nature) check to let you figure out the right way to phrase negotiations with a fey, if you're just using dice rolls instead of role playing.

Tuesday, 20th June, 2017

  • 03:04 PM - Tizbiz quoted ediz in post Digging for Lies: Xambria back in Flint
    You let Saxby get caught before the climax. The proof was really thin until the end. They didn't get Kaja either and for that matter the leader of the Brigands in the Malice Lands also got away, but they did manage to kill the Hydra. What you could do is use Nevard's nephew Heward as Ragman, do a Jeckyl and Hyde thing. The most important thing is really establishing their cover for the mission. I would recommend increasing the DC on the challenges because level 9 operatives tend to get noticed much more than level 6. Heward Sechim has a too important place in my campaign to sacrifice him that early. But doing a Jeckyl & Hyde play sounds nice. And makes it worth their time. Maybe i use one of the named police officers they already worked with. Sergeant Sara Lockheart from the Kaybeau Fair ist known to them and might have some Miss Lockheart & Misses Hyde problems.

Monday, 19th June, 2017

  • 08:02 PM - Tizbiz quoted ediz in post Digging for Lies: Xambria back in Flint
    Do you mean a side show while they do their preparations? The 4th adventure starts two days after the climax. You could have them try to figure out who the Ragman is. My Vekeshi got caught by Delft and he had a little talk with him about how he cannot serve two masters. Mostly because one character, the Docker showed up just in time to stop the Vekeshi from murdering the Rock... Yes, they have around 50 days between the start of "Always on Time" and their departure to Beaumont. My vekeshi player will definitely not even consider killing Rock Rakus. She is going to report the anonymous order to kill Rock Rackus to the Old Stag and will get an order to find the culprit. I want Tyler to respond in a smart way. He is crazy and probably a coward. Just doing a suicidal attack on Rock Rakus would not fit my campaign. I think, as he has found out who the vekishi players identity is, he might have found the real ragman and befriended her or used some weakness of her mind to alter her targets as he ...

Sunday, 11th June, 2017

  • 02:02 PM - Tizbiz quoted ediz in post Elanor in Trekholm
    Yeah, unless they have 5th level gear, it is going to get worse. The thoughtform monsters really gave my players a headache but that was fun. The oracle tank didn't even have a +1 sword yet, so he would always miss even with a crit. We just lost our investigator. We have a tiefling Steamwright, human bard, Wood Elf Oracle, Half-Giant Machinesmith. It is fun because the elf normally runs around in Full PLate and is slow as death but now he is undercover so he doesn't have his armor on so he gets into fights quickly but takes some serious punishment. Our fights usually last 10 rounds. The fights are almost always memorable and we have had some PC deaths in the campaign. In the final boss fight of adventure 3, one of the players got his mind eaten by the alien and was too clever and got killed by friendly fire because he decided to vanish(to avoid attacking a comrade) and blew up in an explosion by grenade launcher. My players are fairly well equipped and as they are only two players they ...
  • 05:57 AM - Tizbiz quoted ediz in post Elanor in Trekholm
    Do you mind me asking but why are your characters so high in level? My players are at level 6. I feel because the enslavement of High Elves are a norm on the northern continent, travelling incognito was her form of security. Elanor alone shouldn't really be a huge challenge for a whole party of level 6 constables, she is only level 4 anyway. The real danger is blowing their cover and with Ottavia getting the sending Bree and crew will be more aware of strange happenings, but they destroyed on their prep scene. My group consists of only two players and i give some additional Exp for legwork and roleplaying to give them the feeling that their time and roleplaying is rewarded and that they do not need to rush from fight to fight to get Exp. Until recently they had no sidekicks and were dividing all Exp by two. They tend to talk their way around fights but that does not matter because the players are very experienced. They play a female Eladrin Swashbuckler and a male Deva Stalker and this ...

Monday, 30th November, 2015

  • 08:02 AM - hirou quoted ediz in post Meredith and the underwater part
    My party weren't really thorough after getting back from Bole and first went to Bergeron's to confront him but of course he had been murdered. They followed the trail to Meredith's apartment and she was well gone. I am trying to portray her as a victim, but they got the planar energy on her. I still think they will go underwater. Well, of course she got the planar energy on her, she was there when the portal to Apet opened. It's not a damning evidence by itself. The question of how much exactly in control is she, or how much Sighjen's consciousness merged with her may be open, if you want for some reason turn her a villain. I'm still toying with the idea that her conciousness, which finds home in one of constables at the end of the adventure, is actually Sidhjen's offspring merely given her memories.

Sunday, 5th July, 2015

  • 10:05 PM - hirou quoted ediz in post [Unofficial] Zeitgeist timeline
    When did the Gidim try to invade according to this timeline? If you mean the invasion from the ziggurat of Apet vision, it happened right after the planar seal taking hold, so it's in the first spoiler block of the OP

Sunday, 22nd June, 2014

  • 10:01 AM - gideonpepys quoted ediz in post Zeitgeist Adventure 4: Always on Time - Running Second and Third-Class Passengers (SPOILERS)
    Even if you are not running PF, you could take some choice NPCs from the NPC codex. Not to disagree with you, but I would argue that if a DM fleshes out the named background NPCs and adds them to the roster of suspects alongside the major NPCs, there is more than enough to be getting on with without adding even more. Each of those NPCs has a reason to draw suspicion: bloodstained shoes; nervousness; combat readiness; esoteric arcane knowledge, etc. The challenge of the adventure becomes deciding how to assign each party member - who to follow at each port of call; how and when to question them, etc. If they don't act intelligently and decisively they won't be able to handle even the dozen or more suspects contained in the adventure. The PCs also need to bear in mind that if they reveal their hand, the gig is up. The usual gung-ho antics won't do, and nor will absolute caution. (Interrogating everyone on board is not only impossible but likely to reveal their mission to the bad guys....

Wednesday, 30th April, 2014

  • 04:12 PM - Morrus quoted ediz in post Zeitgeist difficulty level
    If you want some more pointers PM me. Why not post them in this thread rather than by PM? That way other folks can benefit!

Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

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