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Thursday, 18th April, 2019

Monday, 11th March, 2019

Wednesday, 12th December, 2018

Thursday, 3rd August, 2017

  • 08:24 AM - morepurplemorebetter quoted Nod_Hero in post MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools
    I've got another little one for you. In the description for the Alchemist feat it says but that feat doesn't actually do that. Change the word 'make' to 'enhance' and you've got it fixed.Thank you for this next good catch. It will be fixed in the coming version!

Monday, 31st July, 2017

  • 08:31 AM - morepurplemorebetter quoted Nod_Hero in post MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools
    Hey I get to help (I think) instead of bug you about stuff! From the class notes, the sheet generates this: Portent rolls are only done after a long rest (unless I missed an errata somewhere) so the first line has it right but the second line erroneously adds short rest to the mix.Good catch! I will fix it in the next version!

Tuesday, 25th July, 2017

  • 07:23 AM - morepurplemorebetter quoted Nod_Hero in post MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools
    Sorry if this is asked already (I did try a search) but is there a way to add more more to a wizards spellbook? I've filled up the initial slots and the extra page of slots, but I have more spells I need to put in.There is indeed no way to add more than 114 spells to the wizards spellbook (16 "Extra" spells, 18 on the first dialogue, 80 on the second dialogue). I never expected anybody to need more spells than that! But there are 256 wizards spells in the PHB alone, so it is quite possible for a wizard to need that many spells. Maybe you are better off just checking "Full class spell list"? Anyway, I will add the feature to use multiple spellbook extension dialogues to the list of things to be voted upon.

Monday, 17th July, 2017

  • 09:14 PM - morepurplemorebetter quoted Nod_Hero in post MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools
    I am trying to add a lightning based version of fireball. I am not very good with coding stuff like this. Here's what I came up with following the FAQ: SpellsList["lightning burst"] = { name : "Lightning Burst", classes : ["sorcerer", "wizard"], source : ["HB", 0], ritual : false, level : 3, school : "Evoc", time : "1 a", range : "150 ft", components : "V,S,M", compMaterial : " A bit of fur and an amber, crystal, or glass rod", duration : "Instantaneous", description : "20-ft rad all crea 8d6+1d6/SL Lightning dmg; save halves; unattended flammable objects ignite", descriptionFull : “A bright streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of electricity. Each creature in a 20-foot radius must make a Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 8d6 lightning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful o...

Sunday, 21st May, 2017

  • 01:21 AM - Lanefan quoted Nod_Hero in post Your Adventuring Party Names
    Like a lot of folks we started 5e with Lost Mines.The question is, however: will your next party be called Lost Yours, and the one after be Lost Someone Else's? :)

Saturday, 24th September, 2016

  • 11:14 PM - pkt77242 quoted Nod_Hero in post Dungeons on Demand Volume 4 Kickstarter
    My old regular D&D group disbanded and we joined a new one that I was only a player in until we recently decided to have a side campaign that I'm DM for, so we haven't had a chance to play any of the higher level stuff. That being said, Bandit's Nest is one of the funnest adventures I've ever been a part of (and that's me being a gamer since '79). It's enjoyable for both sides of the screen and has a neat twist on the whole "go fight bandits" cliche. We also just finished Axe to Grind and the players really enjoyed it. Some great NPCs in there and now the party has a recurring foil (or two!) to look forward too. A few adventures of my own devising and some other third party stuff to fill in the gap until I can get them into If Looks Could Kill, which I've only started the pre-prep on it but wow does this look like it's going to be an intense few sessions for us. Also, the non-adventure supplements like NPC Codex, Imbued with Magic, New Twists on Old Monsters and Cities & Towns are useful tool...
  • 08:53 PM - pkt77242 quoted Nod_Hero in post Dungeons on Demand Volume 4 Kickstarter
    They are well worth the money. I've bought all the supplements he's released. Thank you for your response. Any particular Adventure or supplement that you really like?

Monday, 25th April, 2016

Tuesday, 19th April, 2016

  • 05:31 PM - pdzoch quoted Nod_Hero in post DM Confessions: What monsters do you overuse?
    I also overuse goblinoid. Heck in the current campaign I'm running there are four different goblin tribes fighting for territory and the local village (and adventurers) are caught in the crossfire. That sounds like fun!

Monday, 28th September, 2015

  • 04:11 PM - morepurplemorebetter quoted Nod_Hero in post MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools
    ... avoid some reading (all the explanations are in the tooltips and most things work as you expect them to, I hope). Suggestion, in the 'reaction' action list, have a checkbox for "Used this round" or something. Would make it easier to track weather you've already used a reaction this round or not.I don't think my players or I would use a checkbox like this. But it is an easy thing to add and not that distracting, so I added it in v8.5 These are such a help, thanks!Good to hear, hope you get to use it to your advantage on your (or your players') next epic quest! So I've updated both the Character Generator/Sheet and the Spell Sheet Generator. Enjoy! Character Sheet/Generator v8.5 (28-9-2015) has the following changelog: - Added flask and vial to the ammunition section, including icons (as per the suggestion of Headbomb) - Changed some weapon descriptions from the 2nd person to the 1st person - Clarified the “Chill Touch” description (as per the suggestion of Nod_Hero) - Added a “Used this round” checkbox to the reaction section (as per the suggestion of Headbomb) Spell Sheet Generator v5.3 (28-9-2015) has the following changelog: - Added clarification to the “Chill Touch” cantrip description

Friday, 25th September, 2015

  • 07:50 PM - Ohillion quoted Nod_Hero in post MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools
    MPMB, can you place an 'active' button next to the Limited Features rows so that, for instance, a barbarian that is raging can see his damage reduction and additional attack damages calculated when it is checked. If it's not checked, it doesn't show. The damage reduction, as well, could show up in its own segment in the health section (the wounds area is quite large and needn't be, IMHO) and the extra damage bonus can reflect in each of the weapon slots in the attacks section of the sheet (for example Maul would show 2D6+5 (instead of +3 for a barbarian with STR 17). No need to show it as additional damage, just roll it right into the total damage bonus to the roll. In addition, saving throw Advantages/Disadvantage during rage could be hidden if the 'Active' button isn't checked off. I'm sure you see where I'm going with all this. None of this would have to show until the 'Active' button is checked. I'm sure a number of classes have limited features that affect different sections of th...

Monday, 10th August, 2015

  • 02:28 PM - ForgedAnvil quoted Nod_Hero in post ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator
    If this has already been asked and answered I apologize. Are there plans to include the Adventures League backgrounds into the sheet (beyond adding them in as a custom)? Yeah no problem, these are official and released so all good. Has anyone has done these backgrounds in the Custom sheet? let me know as it'll save me some work! Thanks! UPDATE: Will look to add these in 1.56 or later. If anyone can help with the data entry will speed up release :)

Wednesday, 27th May, 2015

  • 09:48 PM - Gretkatillor quoted Nod_Hero in post The Clean Sheet
    Looks good except for one small glitch. Both Spear and Quarterstaff used two-handed aren't recognized for monks. Appreciate the feedback. I didn't realize before that those weapons don't have the two-handed property even when used two-handed. Corrected in v2.12.
  • 02:24 PM - Gretkatillor quoted Nod_Hero in post The Clean Sheet
    Also, looks like monk attacks with simple weapons aren't calculating off of Dex. The newest version (v2.1) now recognizes all monk weapons and, if you have monk levels, changes the damage and adds finesse. Furthermore, the weapon tooltips now show all properties and other weapon fields aren't locked anymore, so that you can read their tooltips.
  • 11:07 AM - Gretkatillor quoted Nod_Hero in post The Clean Sheet
    Okay I must be a dunce tonight. How do I increase the character level in the new v2? EDIT: Also, looks like monk attacks with simple weapons aren't calculating off of Dex. To add levels, add the number to the class (e.g. "Fighter 2"). The character level is updated accordingly. I will change how the monk weapons work. For now, you can use "Martial arts", which covers it in all but name.

Wednesday, 20th May, 2015

  • 10:40 PM - Taed quoted Nod_Hero in post ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator
    OOOOOOOOOHHHHH that would be awesome. My old eyes would really appreciate something like this. Totally agree! I take off my glasses and hold the printed sheet close to my face anytime I have to look at anything that is not a large number. On the other hand, I appreciate the layout and small number of sheets, so just auto-sizing to the allocated field would be wonderful.

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