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Thursday, 8th February, 2018

  • 12:06 AM - rgoodbb mentioned BoldItalic in post The never ending story of ...
    BoldItalic I will be getting lost in the Peak District for the next couple of days and will not be able to post anything. My challenge to you is to get at least one other to contribute to this thread by hook or by crook by the time I return Saturday eve. Good Luck!

Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

  • 03:42 PM - Coroc mentioned BoldItalic in post Wealth by level
    BoldItalic #34 that was one of the reasons i made my own economic System, if you can not motivate your Party with idealistic or whatever reasons, they still have to "work" for their living.

Monday, 20th November, 2017

  • 07:37 PM - Sadras mentioned BoldItalic in post Unearthed Arcana Compendium PDF
    @BoldItalic or anyone else knowledgeable on the matter. 1. If the OP had to put it on the DMs Guild would that be ok or is it an issue because it is a full-on copy paste scenario? 2. So say someone wanted to redo the any chapter of the PHB or DMG, but was going to use parts of the book as written but still put it up on the DMs Guild, is that an issue?

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017

Tuesday, 18th July, 2017

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

  • 10:25 AM - Lanefan mentioned BoldItalic in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    BoldItalic rgoodbb Redthistle - what fun it would be for the four of us to play in an in-person game sometime! :) Of course, we'd go through DMs like Spinal Tap goes through drummers, as they'd keep failing sanity checks... Lanefan

Monday, 3rd July, 2017

Wednesday, 28th June, 2017

Tuesday, 20th June, 2017

  • 09:22 AM - Lanefan mentioned BoldItalic in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    BoldItalic - unless Sister Jericho and the Pala-Tavern Keeper-Din are making a healthy donation to the Cavalier, you've unintentionally put him 30 gp to the good. The Cav is supposed to be at -15, not +15, as he's already down 15 g.p. worth of gear.

Friday, 2nd June, 2017

  • 10:51 PM - Morrus mentioned BoldItalic in post This is a wiki (collaborative) thread
    ...ther thing. Who, me? Yes, you. Use wiki threads for any collaborative post or project. Feel free to edit this one to try it out. Click on the question mark above for more info, or click here -- they take you to the same place, through the power of hyperlinks. Or create your own wiki thread. Click the link to find out how easy it is. As a side note @Yunru's shameless plug, go check out a short rest variant of spellcasting. :cool: :cool: Stay tuned! I may say anything next! *** TESTING... oh wow it really works! -gx.sigma @GX.Sigma is right - BI I like soup. Poodle noodle doodle. How fun! Must watch developments, potentially avec popcorn...! - Grassy Neat! Does this count s as one of my three required posts before I'm able to post links? Let's find out! - Breon @Godfear wanders in, looks around wide-eyed, then slinks back into the shadows to lurk. @TerraDave says go here: SWORD SEEKERS | The Dungeon @PinkRose I don't think this works. @BoldItalic offers suggestion: make this post a WikiWiki - an index of all the wikis so people don't have to hunt for them. Best of the 5e Forum UNEARTHED ARCANA Index 5th Edition OGL Guide The new D&D Reading List- WIKI THREAD! Problems with Tales from the Yawning Portal Dude, where's my car? Creators of new Wikis can add links to their own. Neat. Check out my new free take on the Mystic There is now a wiki index page: You can sort by title, views, or last update. Also, ending a wiki page now bumps the thread. I am tempted to share my 5E campaign setting I'm developing, so is using a wiki page a good idea to solicit feedback and share ideas? Or will a regular post be just as effective? I'm reviving my old BECMI/2E setting from the late '80s and having a blast bringing it to 5E. A lot of work to going forward, so feedback is a good idea I think. -Winterthorn.

Friday, 26th May, 2017

Sunday, 21st May, 2017

  • 10:04 PM - rgoodbb mentioned BoldItalic in post So long and thanks for all the fish!
    @BoldItalic relented. "OK, OK Cut. Cut! Aristocrat is a ..... a time of war.....She's.....uhm a W.....Martial no, a Commander, No a WARLORD!" "Ahem" "..LLL'LADY a WARLADY!" Warlady Terri winked at D20 "Wanna help me out here?" "Sure! you rolled a .....Natural 20! what are the odds! (I know the odds. it was rhetorical. Never tell me the fracking odds. I'm a D fracking 20 yo!). Good job you didn't roll 3d6 eh! Tactician the :):):):) out of this mess M'Lady!"...............

Wednesday, 10th May, 2017

  • 02:09 PM - Corwin mentioned BoldItalic in post So long and thanks for all the fish!
    "Laugh @BoldItalic, @rgoodbb, @innerdude laughed with this post" Do you guys not know how to follow instructions? I said "all of my previous posts". Not that one! Ugh. It is so hard to find good help these days...

Thursday, 13th April, 2017

  • 10:38 PM - Mercule mentioned BoldItalic in post Do you use passive insight?
    ...s the guy who invested heavily in Perception who finds it. Ditto with reading people (Intuition), showing off with basic parkour (Athletics/Acrobatics), non-critical knowledge checks, etc. I don't make characters roll to see if they picked up their stupidly heavy backpack correctly, either, which is just passive Strength. Now, if there's something interesting I can do with the result, then we'll roll. Normally, that means failing the roll would be interesting. Sometimes, "interesting" just means they have to take the long way around instead of the shortcut. Sometimes, it actually just means that they don't get that +1 sword that was hidden beneath the statue. But none of that means they're stopped or get an auto-win. Of course, having a real chance of "losing" is important to the game. I've killed characters and would not prevent a TPK. I just won't let the win/lose proposition come down to a single die roll with no alternative. The other reason to use passive checks is, as BoldItalic says, to set the DC for a contest. This is especially true for contests where only one side is aware the contest is even happening (stealth, lying, etc.). I generally don't use passive checks for repetitive actions (searching for secret doors). Most of the time, there's a pattern to the action. I just roll one or two dice and use those results for the one or two meaningful checks. If there's nothing to find, I still roll. It just doesn't matter what I got. The 3E "take 20" rule was more about repetitive checks than the concept of a passive check. Passive checks are best reserved for passive or uninteresting things.

Tuesday, 29th March, 2016

  • 12:55 PM - Radaceus mentioned BoldItalic in post Design Debate: 13th-level PCs vs. 6- to 8-Encounter Adventuring Day
    It's nice to see some healthy discussion coming out of this, regardless of differences May I ask a favor of either BoldItalic , or @iserith could one of you please post the posts with the maps on the first page for prosperity? Encounter 1 Encounter 2 Encounter 3 Encounter 4a & 4b Encounter 5, 6, & Black Razor's Lair I've still to update the Lair post with Encounter 5 & 6, life is unforgiving when it comes to making time to do these things. I will also add some demi-plane corridor maps in case of a need for random encounter 7 or 8.

Friday, 18th March, 2016

  • 04:42 PM - pemerton mentioned BoldItalic in post So 5 Intelligence Huh
    ...f the GM never calls for a INT check. That is why I say the issue falls on the GM, not the player. If the GM wants the INT stat to have an effect on whether or not a character, in play, emerges as a Holmes-like figure, then the onus is on the GM to frame the character into situations where INT will matter to resolution of the resulting action declarations. (There may be other relevant aspects of PC build and scene/scenario design, too, like the various things that Manbearcat has mentioned, but I don't think their relevance undermines the point made in the previous paragraph.) On the story side, you take certain elements (Sherlock is unique, no one is better than Sherlock) and discount others (Sherlock is a genius). On the game side you take certain elements (I can get the numbers to get an arbitrary high score with a 5 INT) and ignore others (others can do better). Then you admit that others in game can do better, but that's irrelevant because it's not the storyI realise that BoldItalic is playing a 5 INT poster, and so I'm not clear exactly what moral I should or shouldn't be drawing from the "Sherlock Holmes with 5 INT posts". But anyway, here is one of the things that I took away from them: In D&D, you can't tell whether or not a PC is a Holmes-like mystery solving prodigy until you actually play the game and find out. On paper, it may seem that PC A is set to be Holmes (18 INT, trained in Perception etc) while PC B seems doomed not to be (low or average INT, say). But then, over the course of play, PC A is played by a player not interested in solving mysteries, who is poor at declaring Perception checks (or, for tables where only the GM calls for checks, poor at framing his/her PC into situation where such checks might be enlivened), etc. So PC A does little that is Holmes-like. Meanwhile, the player of PC B declares actions very cleverly, multi-classes into (say) rogue to take Expertise in Perception, and despite the poor INT ends up solving many mysteri...

Thursday, 17th March, 2016

  • 08:13 PM - innerdude mentioned BoldItalic in post #ChangeALetterRuinASpell
    I could make the argument that "Transmute Sock" might possibly be the most USEFUL spell in the history of the game . . . . well done, BoldItalic
  • 11:15 AM - Sadras mentioned BoldItalic in post So 5 Intelligence Huh
    Good job BoldItalic. Well I'm convinced. Thread End ;)
  • 02:57 AM - iserith mentioned BoldItalic in post So 5 Intelligence Huh
    ...aged in evasive behavior. Previously, I had asked a question to which the above is at least a partial answer, so the hypocritical behavior is at least lessening. This is a positive step forward, I think. What remains to be resolved about your above quoted statements is whether or not you think others are wrong for thinking there is an objective way to roleplay? To be fully engaged, I for one think that there are objectively bad ways to roleplay a 5 INT. Roleplaying as Sherlock Holmes, unironically, is an objectively bad way to roleplay a 5 INT. I'm comfortable in that statement. However, there's a huge range of things that aren't objectively bad, and I don't have a solid test for where the line is. Again, I'm comfortable with that, I don't need to know every answer to be clear about some of them. Like porn, I know it when I see it. So, since I now have skin in the game, so to speak, do you account me as wrong for this opinion, or is it okay with you that I hold it? What BoldItalic said.

Wednesday, 16th March, 2016

  • 06:08 PM - pemerton mentioned BoldItalic in post So 5 Intelligence Huh
    So you're arguing that it's only probably true that you are correct, because that's not what your post said. Your post said you were comfortable that you were correct based on your authority. That absolute, not probable, which means that iv applies.You realise that the reason Wikipedia uses "probably" or "presumptively" correct is because it is contrasting with demonstrably correct, in the sense of demonstrated by deductively valid inference? No non-deductive argument can ever establish more than a probability or a defeasible case for its conclusion. BoldItalic makes just this point not far upthread by pointing out, for instance, that there is no demonstrative proof that all my experience is not hallucination. I take it that you now accept, at least, that there is no general invalidity or unsoundedness in appealing to authority, familiarity or experience to establish a point? I also note that you now use the word absolute. What does that mean? It's not a standard term for describing the relationship between premises and conclusion in describing and contrasting various forms of demonstrative and non-demonstrative argument. The basic point remains, as I stated upthread and as Wikipeida itself also indicates (and how could it indicate anything else, given the obviousness of the point?): testimony is a reliable source of knowledge, provided that the person whose testimony one is relying on knows what s/he is talking about. you have shown no consensus that lawyers and/or philosophers all follow your version of what irrational means. ...

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Thursday, 30th August, 2018

  • 09:27 PM - Sacrosanct quoted BoldItalic in post What makes D&D, D&D?
    What makes D&D D&D? We do. Well, D&D is screwed then... ;) Played since 1e. Back then it was rare you could walk from one 1e ad&d table to another across the rec room and just play cuz the amount of house rules setting specific etc etc etc maxe every game radically different with even six abilities, hp, preparing spells etc etc etc varying from table to table. So, from my perspective what makes dnd dnd is taking it, making it your own and using some piece of it to run your own game. I guess it depends an where you were at then, because that wasn't my experience at all (I played 1e from 1981 to 2012). The only time you couldn't easily transition from one table to the next was when you had something like: "Hey, this is Maximillion,my Irda paladin with 18/00 strength and a +8 special made holy avenger. He's the son of a god." But as far as houserules? The only variation I really saw from group to group was preference for stat generation. Everything else was pretty much th...
  • 07:17 PM - rgoodbb quoted BoldItalic in post What makes D&D, D&D?
    What makes D&D D&D? We do. Ooh. Nice. Either that's deep, or ...I'm..shallow...

Saturday, 21st July, 2018

  • 07:04 PM - rgoodbb quoted BoldItalic in post The Closed Door
    I hate this game. :D Me too. It's rubbish init? I mean I waste dozens of hours a week over what? A dice and cockney accent. What the heck? I spend money on books I don't need (and sometimes hardly read) I buy mini's that I will never use just because I think they look cool and then put them in a box and forget about them. I buy dice by the barrel load when I need 6. Not 60 or 600. 6. I wake up each morning and boot up my laptop and spend too long reading someone arguing .5 of a hit point of damage with someone else and then notice that the arguments fragment because somebody 1 has blocked somebody 2. This seems to pique my interest so I read some more. Why? Who knows. It's just a game init? where you dress up and run around in fields init? It's so rubbish that I am taking the time to write about it. It's so rubbish that I'm getting all overcome with giddiness over a blinkin' door! My hate for this game is stronger than 0.5 Block Me! ;)

Wednesday, 28th February, 2018

Monday, 26th February, 2018

  • 10:26 AM - Zardnaar quoted BoldItalic in post How similar are the 1E and 2E DMG books?
    The AD&D DMG has a unique charm all of its own. BTW, there were some errata published in one of the print magazines at the time but probably only important now if you actually play AD&D for real. Yep the 1E one has a lot of charm, the 2E one is better as a rules book but is a bit sterile.

Saturday, 10th February, 2018

  • 03:21 PM - rgoodbb quoted BoldItalic in post The never ending story of ...
    I know the Peak District. If lost, go down. Good Call. After shivering on the shivering mountain, We descended. A real fire and some real ale and real pies is definitely the answer

Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

  • 01:48 AM - Lanefan quoted BoldItalic in post What’s your best D&D alliterative title?
    The Triboar Trail (a compendium of one-off adventures that picks up where the starter set leaves off) The Triboar Trail Take Two (moar of the same) The Triboar Trail Take Three (this is getting silly)Except...where do you go from there if you want another volume in the series? You're already committed to The Triboar Trail as a title; and the next number that suits is Ten...what becomes of Four to Nine? :)

Thursday, 25th January, 2018

  • 05:47 PM - Mad_Jack quoted BoldItalic in post No Magic Shops!
    Personally, I buy all my magic items from Amazing!.com The adult sex toy company?
  • 11:31 AM - CubicsRube quoted BoldItalic in post No Magic Shops!
    Personally, I buy all my magic items from Amazing!.com Not from amazon? I mean, a giant muscular woman who lives in the fae forests... Thats where I shoppe!

Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

  • 06:07 PM - jasper quoted BoldItalic in post Wealth by level
    Ideally, none. A hungry PC is motivated to go out adventuring. I would gladly adventure Tuesday for a hamburger today!

Wednesday, 17th January, 2018

  • 01:00 AM - jasin quoted BoldItalic in post What does the CR number mean in 5E?
    If you don't have the DMG, you can get the 5e Basic Rules online for free from Download the Dungeon Master's pdf and take a look at pp.56-58 "Building Combat Encouters". It's reprinted straight from the DMG. Thanks, for some reason I thought the Basic Rules only covered the player side. I double posted this.
  • 12:42 AM - jasin quoted BoldItalic in post What does the CR number mean in 5E?
    If you don't have the DMG, you can get the 5e Basic Rules online for free from Download the Dungeon Master's pdf and take a look at pp.56-58 "Building Combat Encouters". It's reprinted straight from the DMG. Thanks, for some reason I thought the Basic Rules only covered the player side.

Monday, 15th January, 2018

  • 05:43 PM - gyor quoted BoldItalic in post Challenge: Character Ideas for Every Single Official Subclass
    Could I ask for clarification? Are we each supposed to think up a collection of 72 character concepts (forget it!) or do you want us each to take a different subclass with no repeating ones already taken? All 72 subclasses, but the character concept can be as short as a single sentence, and it doesn't have to be done all at once, just as ideas come to you, watch what I do as an example.

Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

  • 07:11 PM - Redthistle quoted BoldItalic in post The never ending story of ...
    The lights would have gone out dramatically if only they had been turned on, but no one had found the light switch. In fact, none of them knew what a light switch was. The DM was a bit disappointed, because he had arranged to plunge the gaming table into darkness for added effect but that idea went completely to waste, like so many of his ideas that relied on the players doing what he assumed they would do. It's tough being a DM*. *Uh ... this tale is being constructed as a cautionary tale for would-be DMs, right? It's certainly got an ambient "Required Reading" vibe going.
  • 09:03 AM - rgoodbb quoted BoldItalic in post The never ending story of ...
    You have followed the sound of sobbing and come to a bloodstained patch of ground where a pack of wolves is feasting, rather messily, on a dead unicorn. Its erstwhile rider, a little girl in a pink frock, is stamping her foot and crying "Naughty Doggies!" over and over again. The wolves seem to be ignoring her. What will you do? Player 1: I try to calm the Alpha wolf using Animal Handling. How does that look. Describe it. Player 1: I say there, there wolf. I'm here wolf, I'm Herewulf. Go over there wolf. Not right here wolf. Player 2: I add some notes on my piccolo that cannot be heard by human ears You have advantage on the roll Player 2: Oh and I inspire him. Player 1: Ah. A 14 or a 14. I'll take the 14. and 3 from the Bard. 17 total. The Bad d...Wolf and it's friends slowly back away, dragging the carcass with them. You have avoided a combat and.....Hey daddy........I'm running a game......No.......No but.....I'm not tired!

Saturday, 16th December, 2017

  • 11:19 PM - CubicsRube quoted BoldItalic in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Adding fish, vegetables and water to this cauldron and lighting a fire under it will create an aroma that will attract 1d4 brown bears per hour. If frogs and newts are substituted for the fish it will attract aged crones instead, who will recite the opening scene of Macbeth. Next Item: a stuffed shark Once belonging to a mythical fey shark, the stuffing can be removed and the shark entered by a humanoid of medium size or smaller through the mouth. Once entered the shark skin melds to the user and the character becomes a shark until sunrise, fully able to breathe under water (but not in air!) Next item: A pair of flared, multicolored pantaloons

Thursday, 14th December, 2017

  • 01:23 AM - Eltab quoted BoldItalic in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Next Item: A magical book of never-ending stories that begin ... This book has a permanent Magic Mouth on the front cover. It can read itself to you. The book also has a flip-switch along the binding which phases in a Silence spell. After a little while the voice fades away into nothingness. A sliding scale along the binding allows an individual to set how many pages the book will read before the Silence spell kicks in. The book is often used by rich nobles who wish they were adventurous to tell their children a story before bedtime. There are several variants of the book, one of which claims to have been invented by a person (possibly a Bardic understudy) named Scherheradze. It takes 1001 Nights to tell its stories at the rate of one per night. Another version of the book claims that its story is not yet finished ("never-ending"). If this is true, somebody will have to figure out how to insert more pages into it. Next item: A large cookpot / cauldron and the tripod to place it...
  • 12:50 AM - rgoodbb quoted BoldItalic in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Only if someone says "The next Item is a magical book of never-ending stories that begin ..." But no-one is going to, are they?Next Item: A magical book of never-ending stories that begin ... I'm ready again, if you are.... Start a thread.....Make my day!

Wednesday, 13th December, 2017

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