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Sunday, 3rd June, 2018

  • 04:49 PM - Aldarc quoted Nilonym in post The Next Dungeons & Dragons Storyline Will Be...
    Not me. From the overall tone of this thread, not many.But it is for me, and I am only speaking for myself. What would you prefer?Not Waterdeep. Not the Sword Coast. Not Forgotten Realms. If I understand correctly the adventure for levels 1-5 and it is 256 pages. They also mentioned new urban environment rules. It seems to me this is as much, if not more, and urban adventure book with a starter adventure thrown in than a proper adventure path. Now that may not be your thing, but it seem to be to a potentially really useful supplement. I know I struggle to handle urabn environments well, and if this can help, I will pick it up regardless of the adventure.Ptolus may not be 5e, but it is probably one of the better D&D books for providing a "guide" for urban adventures. If previous adventures are any precedent, I just don't see much chance of me being inspired by anything from this book.

Wednesday, 28th October, 2015

  • 02:01 AM - MerricB quoted Nilonym in post Hidden
  • 01:06 AM - discosoc quoted Nilonym in post Mike Schley's MASSIVE Forgotten Realms Map From SCAG!
    Why should it have been included with the purchase of the book? It's not okay for Mike to get some compensation for his work? If he spent a few months making high-res versions of all the city maps, should those be free too? If an artist built high-res 3d models out of all the character art and offered those for sale under license, should those also be free? I think it would have been very cool if it had been included. But should have? I just don't understand where the cutoff is. If I think the book as it exists is worth the price ($23.81 online!) then I'll buy it and be happy. If I think the high-res digital map is worth $10, I'll buy it and be happy. Either he was paid by Wizards of the Coast for the work, like artists have been for the last few decades of RPG games, or he did some kind of deal where he was paid little to nothing but retains the right to sell it directly. If he's been paid, he's been paid. If he hasn't been paid (or not paid much) then the books should retail for l...

Thursday, 20th November, 2014

  • 01:19 PM - Xenu quoted Nilonym in post Player's Handbook Binding
    The covers are some kind of glossy cardstock. Very nice actually. I'll ask my print shop for the exact spec. I also used heavy black cardstock for the back. My only wish is that the PNGs were 300 dpi instead of 90. I don't have software that can open SVG so I wasn't able to render them out at higher res. I hadn't even thought about the ®. This unquestionably falls into the personal use category. I used a local print shop instead of a big chain so they didn't bat an eye. Have you considered doing something similar for the DMG or MM? It feels strange to take a perfectly good book, rip it apart, and rebind it, but seriously, it's just so much better this way. I wish I could have improved the resolution -- but that was really governed by the original images I snagged. I agree about the personal use thing. It wasn't like I was printing more than one copy of each page for some sort of mass counterfeiting operation. :P I've not considered doing this to the DMG or MM. I really refere...

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