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    Friday, 31st May, 2019, 01:00 AM
    another way to look at it is to imagine your character fighting with their sibling. don't forget a round is only 6 seconds not really a long time. throw someone to the ground and 1-2 seconds are already gone. step on their chest, arm, crotch, neck and another 4-5 seconds. New round! they grab your leg and push you off! (you lose contest, grapple broken -- you win contest, you step on them with...
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    Friday, 31st May, 2019, 12:59 AM
    double post
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    Tuesday, 28th May, 2019, 01:25 AM
    The only class that gets both expertise and extra attack is Swords bard at lvl 6 which could fit nicely as it lets you keep your spell slot progression, although 6 levels is a bit rough when you are doing it almost exclusively for extra attack. although the bardic dice are nice for helping out on those really tough grapple targets.
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Monday, 22nd October, 2018

  • 07:37 AM - ClaytonCross quoted Chryssis in post [D&D 5e] Level 1 Max Min Fun DPR and AC
    I would assume that your ideal is that the max dpr and max defense character be the same character.meaning you need to choose between armor mastery and gwm/polearm ie when you have your fighter war cleric etc their with avg dpr of 22 and their ac is 1 lower due to no medium armor mastery or else they are sword and boarding for the ac and thus can use the armor feat. however in order for you to achieve this you are having a dex 16, using your feat for medium armor mastery (for +1 ac) and your ever present cleric of the forge helping out. This brings up the point buy. dex 16 human. so they can be 16 str 16 dex 14 con 10 wis 8 int 8 cha if you are maximizing so assuming max hps for lvl 1. your fighter has 12 hps. also since you bring up no plate since it costs 1500gp what are your assumptions for starting equipment? 200gp+background? fighter gear +background and you can sell everything at cost to swap around? either way scale mail is doable if you use a maul instead of a greatsword (10gp i...
  • 03:52 AM - ClaytonCross quoted Chryssis in post [D&D 5e] Level 1 Max Min Fun DPR and AC
    granted they are different goals, but in your equation of 100% hit it is clear that anyone using GWM will do the most damage as they have a Free flat 10 damage. if you are truly looking for what is the biggest hit that can happen then you should be looking at maximized dice as well not average dice. You are correct, and if you look at Page one the first post that is exactly what I did. Lowest-highest and average, perhaps including lowest and average was misleading but it kept coming up so I put it. so barbarian GWM (with a +1 forge cleric d12 weapon) will win as long as there are opponents to attack that we assume have less hps than your 28dmg hit. resulting in a constant 56dpr. no calculations or class discussion necessary. However this 100% hit max damage scenario serves no purpose at lvl 1. you might be able to make a case for it at lvl 20 when the hit chances are more flat, but there are so many more variables that you are handwaving that it becomes Even more subjective than just han...

Sunday, 21st October, 2018

  • 11:26 PM - ClaytonCross quoted Chryssis in post [D&D 5e] Level 1 Max Min Fun DPR and AC
    errrm why are you comparing a polearm fighter with a raging barb gwm...would the comparison not be a raging barb polearm vs a raging barb gwm which puts it even More in polearms favour since you would get an additional +2dmg from the but end stike.. so vs ac 12 70% Polearm Master 1d10 + 1d4 +6+4Rage (18 *.7=12.6) 45% Great Weapon Master 2d6+13+2 (22*.45=9.9) This is a valid point, point for the sake of this specific poste. I just did not consider this as I have never built a barbarian with polearm master. That said, as FrogReaver stated, I am interested in MAX damage just as an experiment in theory crafting. It was possibly miss leading for me to even play with "to hit" in response to FrogReaver's statements because "to hit" is not max damage and it not viable relation to actual play, since in actual play your hit or you miss. You never hit for 9.9 when your minim damage is 16. Also, We both did the math wrong because a quarterstaff is 1d6 versatile 1d8. You just copied my mistak...
  • 02:02 PM - FrogReaver quoted Chryssis in post [D&D 5e] Level 1 Max Min Fun DPR and AC
    errrm why are you comparing a polearm fighter with a raging barb gwm...would the comparison not be a raging barb polearm vs a raging barb gwm which puts it even More in polearms favour since you would get an additional +2dmg from the but end stike.. so vs ac 12 70% Polearm Master 1d10 + 1d4 +6+4Rage (18 *.7=12.6) 45% Great Weapon Master 2d6+13+2 (22*.45=9.9) Didn’t you hear what he said. He sets all chances to hit at 100% So he’s at 18 vs 22 and GWM still wins its that kind of silliness that is the reason we are all going to give up on this thread

Monday, 30th July, 2018

  • 03:41 AM - Igfig quoted Chryssis in post How much speed could a fast monk gain, if a fast monk could gain speed?
    unless i`m mistaken using the elk totem (SCAG) for +15 feet is better than the dash from eagle since you already have dash from monk (step of the wind for 1 ki) and if UA is usuable, using the last 3 levels for mystic would net you another 10ft focusing on celerity. so a 20% increase to base movement = 8688 ft/rnd or 987.6 mph I just realized: There's a small issue with the whole totem barbarian approach! They all require you to be raging to get their benefits, but rage ends if you end your turn and haven't attacked a hostile creature or taken damage since your last turn. And we don't have the bonus actions to spare to start raging on the same turn we start running. The trick is to make sure we can take some damage before the rage wears off, without using an action. After some research, I think the best solution is to use a vial of alchemist's fire to ensure that we take 1d4 fire damage at the start of each of our turns. You can rage and dump the fire on yourself in round 3, and do the sprint...

Monday, 18th June, 2018

Monday, 4th June, 2018

  • 02:33 PM - Blue quoted Chryssis in post The stone wall: a pure tank build (AC 27+)
    I would counter that since you only have 1 reaction you are only holding 1 baddie at bay. Therefore your greatest method of restraint is to be within 5 feet, providing disadvantage forcing the baddies to attack you. if they are attacking you they are not attacking your friends. if they are attacking you you can defend yourself better. Additionally since this proposed build is utilizing forge cleric rather than paladin your saves are your weakest point. the +4 to a failed save will be much more useful than a single sentinel hit. Ie Mage who is nowhere near you casts Heat-metal on your nifty plate armor, or hold person you fail the save. well you are now basically out of the entire fight. or you pop a reaction +4 to save and you can keep working on keeping the troll away from your friends. Your statement - resisting a save-or-suck spell you would otherwise fail vs. a single round of keeping a foe close - is generally true. But the frequency of them coming up makes a big difference in utility...

Thursday, 31st May, 2018

  • 08:37 AM - Gavin O. quoted Chryssis in post The stone wall: a pure tank build (AC 27+)
    personally I would ditch the cleric entirely as the blessing of the forge is only really valuable for the first few levels until you would get a +1 armor so you are spending 6 levels for 1ac and a +2 ac concentration. you would be better off dipping 2 levels into wizard (warmage) since you are essentially a non-caster. gives you a permanent +2ac and +4 to saves against the first attack to hit you, which wont be very often with 27 ac(at the cost of spell casting for the next turn which you dont do much of) so you can cast shield for +4ac until its gone and then have the permanent bonus. this frees up 4 levels for something else. eg barbarian for small dmg boost, les MAD and resistance to all-psychic and a feat or paladin for some healing, better saves, and maintaining the shield of faith. Also i don't understand why you are focusing on Dex, it serves you very little purpose. you are wearing heavy armor so not getting the AC from it, and are losing out on the cavalier's unwavering mark. you'd b...

Monday, 22nd May, 2017

  • 09:35 PM - Elon Tusk quoted Chryssis in post Illithid PC
    So I was already going to comment but now seeing this most recent githzerai i think my point is stronger. all versions of your mindflayer (unless i'm misreading something) are significantly weaker than any existing pc race. net -2 ability scores, last (or disadvantage) in initiave, and sunlight sensitivity for the ability to gain short range darkvision (30ft vs others 60 or 120)--dragon breath weapon +weak natural weapon, or magic res (like the gnome) + weak telepathy (like ghostwise halfling) and weak natural weapon, or telepathy + strong natural weapon. to compare them to the gith you posted (who is supposed to be a "prisoner") +2net scores, unarmored defense, cantrip, 2 excellent spells 1/day plus zerth (not sure if this is only for monk/mystic but regardless, and additional exceptionally good spell) with no negatives I would straight out remove the negative stats. so +2 int flat (already this is a 1 stat decrease compared to most races) to compare them to most comparable race would be d...

Thursday, 9th July, 2015

  • 02:44 PM - wyrdone quoted Chryssis in post Psionics Hits Unearthed Arcana
    People are saying Mystics are given too much versatility due to spell points, a spell slot full caster can only cast x spells where a mystic can cast their low level spells all day. That is true! however a wizard has access to 34? first level spells and a dozen cantrips while a mystic has access to 3... 3 for now. There's no reason to assume they won't be releasing more disciplines for each order, or that as you continue to level past 5 you won't gain access to more of those disciplines. Continuing the progression in the PDF you might have access to 5 disciplines at level 11, and 8 disciplines at level 20. But your point about versatility is right. And it has always been one key way that Psionics differ mechanically from Spell casting. It makes for a different play-style where you need to decide if you're going to blow all of your points on a handful of bigger effects, or fire out a ton of small ones all day long. I don't want to see it homogenized to work more like the spell casters, I w...
  • 06:39 AM - Sword of Spirit quoted Chryssis in post Psionics Hits Unearthed Arcana
    okay so i finally made it through all 28 pages of quibbling about once sentence that may or may not mesh well with eberron, I skipped most of the pages, but if you are talking about the Far Realm fluff--it isn't an objection that is specific to Eberron by any means. Sorry if I'm responding to something you weren't saying, but I just wanted to make sure that was abundantly clear. The Far Realm objection is much broader.

Thursday, 25th June, 2015

  • 04:52 PM - steeldragons quoted Chryssis in post 'Nother Psionics PC homebrew for 5e.
    Ok. Let's see what we can get through here... balance if powers are treated like warlock powers (cast at maximum rank) then I think they are vastly overpowered - warlock gets 3 castings upto lvl 5 refresh on short rest. psionic gets +/- 25 castings with upto 10 that refresh on short rest. yes they are more limited in spell selection and must focus on a suite to increase the power level but being able to cast 20 cone of colds is still rough. I'm not clear on where you're getting "treated like warlock powers" that because some [most?] subclass of the short rest? I had considered making some things long rest only....but the use of suite/ranked powers are on a long rest. Level + Int. mod. times per long rest. So...I'm not really following the question/objection here. Where are you getting "25 castings/up to 10 on a short rest"? mind blast - 20ft cone damage +knockout on an int save -generally weakest of the saves (if it acts like sleep where they wakeup on damage, i'd still say overpower...

Wednesday, 24th June, 2015

  • 02:06 PM - steeldragons quoted Chryssis in post 'Nother Psionics PC homebrew for 5e.
    i'm going to jump in here with some thoughts from a quick first reading, i like the general layout of it as far as not being a subclass but a class on its own, and think it stays true to past psionics as far as flavour. after writing this i notice it comes across as if I don't like it, but i really do, I think it may just be a function of me being really sleepy, there are just some things that I think need balancing, and some that aren't clear. Not to worry and I really appreciate the thorough post and all of the questions. I do not have time to really get into them now (probablyy at all today) but I do appreciate them and WILL get back to you on all of this! There certainly may be some "balance" issues, as I try to be "balanced" in a general way -within certain parameters- but ultimately see "game balance" as a meaningless construct of the game. As you've noted, however, some of these things could easily be OVER-powered, and that, obviously, I do not want. There are also great insights h...

Thursday, 11th June, 2015

  • 03:29 AM - Tanaka Chris quoted Chryssis in post Upgrading the WoS Monk
    I'd think rather than messing with the spell and wasting your limited casts of it, it would be much easier to just get the light cantrip. cast it on a rock, dagger, whatever. Throw the item at the person you want to smack and jump to the dim light 20ft away from them. then walk up and smack them if you want to. And how would I get access to the light spell exactly? If your solution is to multiclass or use another player, that doesn't really solve the issue Also, assuming that there will be dim light cast by a light cantrip doesn't apply in an already bright environment. It doesn't dim an areas brightness you know.

Monday, 1st June, 2015

  • 05:57 PM - ExploderWizard quoted Chryssis in post What to do with players that always roll well
    You could also theme it as a craft project. get a box decorate it to fit your game world, and give it "grass" something to interferre with the rotation, so everyone throws into there and the weighting of the dice becomes moot because of all the obstructions. Or, just make a general dice corral and have everyone roll using a dice cup.

Thursday, 28th May, 2015

  • 11:19 PM - Vael quoted Chryssis in post Psionics Coming Soon To D&D?
    That is pretty easily done via the archetypes, same as clerics get different domains, druids different land types, and warlocks different pact lists. I would tend to agree that I like them to be focused, ie all clerics can heal, all psions can do some telekinesis (like mage hand) but when it gets to the more specialized, I would like to see telekinetic themed abilties, teleportation (psychoportation), telepathic abilities etc be more highly separated. maybe all psion can do one form of teleporting but only a psychoporter can do group teleport, dimension door, astral projection type effects. True, but 3.5 Psions could still cherry-pick. Between the Expanded Knowledge feat and just taking higher level psionic powers. I guess what I'd like to see is something like 4e Psions, where you learn at-will (cantrip-like) abilities that you then augmented. So, for example, Fireball is an augmentation of Firebolt. But I also want Psionics to be ... I want Psionics to be less like Psionic spells. I ...
  • 07:06 PM - Staffan quoted Chryssis in post Psionics Coming Soon To D&D?
    could[/I]--not saying "should," but "could"--just take a whole bunch of spells from the PHB, say "These no longer require V/S/M components," and call it psionics. And you'd be able to do everything you need to do to call a character a psionicist. I agree that you could reskin a few spells and use a sorcerer or wizard and call it a psionicist for... let's call them limited purposes. Like when Keith Baker played a warforged "artificer" for a charity game, the artificer was a reskinned cleric. In the same way, if you were doing a Dark Sun one-shot, you could "fake" a psionicist fairly easily by reskinning a sorcerer. But I don't think that method has enough "meat" to it to support a setting like Dark Sun, or the more psionics-heavy areas of Eberron (you could use it for an occasional Inspired villain, but not for a Sarlona campaign). But you also touch on something that's been one of my beefs with D&D since... I think I reached the conclusion back when the Expanded Psionics Handbook was released...

Monday, 25th May, 2015

  • 05:01 PM - Perun quoted Chryssis in post Magic Resistance at Level 3? Warlock Familiars
    I don't have anything infront of me right now but ìf i'm not mistaken this was discussed elsewhere on the forum. The pseudodragon etc familiars can Choose to impart their MR, so in the case of a find familiar where they are enslaved so to speak they are unlikely to choose to do that. If the PC found a pseudodragon roaming around an airship and befriended it then yes they would receive the MR but it would be totally up to Dm discretion. This. Although it's not clearly spelled out, the pact of the chain's improved familiar is something completely separate from familiar options presented in sidebars in the MM. IMO, of course. It has been discussed in other threads in the past, but just note that of four special familiars available to chain pact warlock, one (sprite) doesn't get the MM familiar sidebar. Also note that imp, quasit and pseudodragon as presented in the MM don't require find familiar spell to become someone's familiars, and are not limited to becoming familiars for wizards and warlo...

Thursday, 21st May, 2015

  • 03:37 PM - the Jester quoted Chryssis in post Sage Advice (18 May 2015)
    I'm sure that an expert xbow user could load a small xbow with 1 hand while holding something in the other. slip the bow between the knees cock it and slide in the bolt. Presto! granted realism is out the window in terms of melee combat, but not unreasonable if they are at range. I'm not a crossbow expert myself, but I'm pretty sure that this is not at all realistic or (at least for my game) reasonable. Crossbows aren't easy and quick to cock; that's why they used to have a fire rate of 1 every other round.

Wednesday, 20th May, 2015

  • 10:28 PM - ericphillips quoted Chryssis in post Sage Advice (18 May 2015)
    I'm sure that an expert xbow user could load a small xbow with 1 hand while holding something in the other. slip the bow between the knees cock it and slide in the bolt. Presto! granted realism is out the window in terms of melee combat, but not unreasonable if they are at range. A crossbow has a higher draw weight than a longbow. That is why you can draw the longbow with one hand. A crossbow is designed to let you put much more force in the bolt, by holding the draw mechanically. That is why bolts penetrate better than arrows. It was this power that had the crossbow declared as the ultimate weapon when it was introduced in Europe (it was already in use in the Orient years before). However, with the high draw strength, it is very difficult to draw one handed (unless you don't care about your back). You can use a crank one handed but it takes longer, and it still needs to be braced. However, this is a fantasy game. Real middle age bowmen did not have the skills of those in the game. There wer...

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