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Saturday, 21st January, 2017

  • 10:54 AM - pemerton mentioned The-Magic-Sword in post Whatever "lore" is, it isn't "rules."
    ...that mean you're not actually playing a Forgotten Realms game though? By your criteria? No.How is your game still a FR game, whereas mine is not a GH game? What's your basis for this seemingly arbitrary contrast? For me, no. The Isle of Dread is in another setting.For me, certain elements of FtA are from "another setting" - namely, a variant GH (much as you treat Savage Tides as an "alternate GH", given you reject its canonical incorporation of the Isle of Dread). Again, I don't see any basis for the distinctions you are drawing - if you're allowed to pick and choose your GH while keeping it GH, why does my doing of the same make it not GH? Now, the fishing example is a more extreme example of what pemerton is doing. I don't think he's crazy.Again, it's pleasing to learn that you don't think I'm crazy. But what is mysterious to me is how you think what I'm doing is different, in any interesting way vis-a-vis fidelity to setting and lore, from what you're doing. And The-Magic-Sword - great post! I think I can see what is going on with the GH vikings being really Suel - it's an attempt to capture the pulp trope of "the present-day savages are remnants of a once-mighty empire" - but I happen to think that in this case the implementation of the trope has failed, because it robs the vikings of their viking-ness. But to someone else, that element of GH might be really important to them. There can be differences in GH interpretation like there are differences in the interpreation of, and extrapolation from, any other fictional work.

Thursday, 24th September, 2015

  • 07:06 AM - PnPgamer mentioned The-Magic-Sword in post Graceful Destruction: A Guide to Dex Based Barbarism
    I've had similar idea as well of a dexterity based high ac barbarian. The strength (or dexterity in this case) of the build is the possibly highest ac that you can permanently obtain, and its enabled practically in any situation possible. @The-Magic-Sword I would think the damage per hit would be on par with anyone else using a similar weapon, ie paladin, ranger or fighter. This is assuming they dont use their abilities on the attacks (paladin smite, ranger special stuff or fighter weapon styles)

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Thursday, 4th April, 2019

  • 11:51 PM - dave2008 quoted The-Magic-Sword in post New D&D Adventure Reveal On 17th May at 'The Descent'
    We can guess they might also be revealing if we're going to get any non-adventure supplemental material this year as well, as the Stream of Many Eyes was where Xanathar's was announced. I suspect that while it may not be spelljammer, we're absolutely going to a new setting for this next one (for real this time guys, I promise!) I wouldn't be surprised to see Dark Sun given that they've had psionics in the works for a hot minute by this point. I also expect that we'll see some combination of the september and november release be devoted to a combination of a new adventure and source book for the place the adventure takes place in. Given the Descent title, it almost makes it sound like another dungeon crawl, but we just got mad mage- and we've already done the descent into madness motif, I'm about ready to call it as a planescape esque adventure taking us to the nine hells, especially looking at that illustration of an angel descending toward demonic hands. This is suggestive that it would be planesca...

Thursday, 7th March, 2019

  • 04:08 AM - Oofta quoted The-Magic-Sword in post RAW: Can druids wear studded leather?
    But you forget, we're playing an exception based rules system- if Druids as a general rule "will not wear metal armor" or in other words, refuse to do so (which is the intent of those words, as described by Sage Advice) then Carlos, The Druid who has, as a portion of their personality, that they are willing to wear metal armor, becomes an exception to the general rule of "Druids will not wear metal armor" this functions because the rule makes a general assertion about the personality of druids, but the player determines the specific personality of their character, who is a specific instance of a druid's personality. Nothing else in the game invalidates specific exceptions using general rules the way you describe. The rules are clear. A druid will not wear metal armor. It is not a "general" rule. There are no exceptions. There is no clause saying they will only refuse to wear metal armor during a holy month. If you play a druid, you will not wear metal armor. Therefore if you are wearing me...

Tuesday, 9th October, 2018

  • 08:20 AM - ad_hoc quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Official Class/Race Satisfaction Survey
    Well that isn't always the case, we can see what the better options are by seeing which classes contribute or can contribute more to the cooperative effort of solving problems in the course of adventuring. You could mark a handful of areas of the game (the three pillars come to mind) then either test or analyze how each class would across a variety of situations concerning those areas. For the combat portion it might be their damage numbers, ability to take hits, impose control effects and etc, for the exploration purpose it might be their mobility and knowledge gathering being examined, and during sociability we might examine their ability to achieve their goals through interpersonal means. The tier list doesn't have to be entirely agreed upon, it should be a democratic process- the perception itself is a ranking, an aggregate of rankings represent a democratic collection of an opinion, and the results of that more or less qualify as a community consensus, regardless of individual detractors as t...
  • 07:20 AM - ad_hoc quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Official Class/Race Satisfaction Survey
    I listed healing spirit as broken as well. I houserule that the caster needs to use their reaction to trigger the healing. It’s an easy resolution to an incredibly poorly written spell. How did that wording make it past QA??? It uses the same wording as the other spells that operate this way. The difference is that this one heals rather than doing damage so creatures want to run through it. I suspect the designers are in a ... modality ... that they care more about whether the majority of players are satisfied than whether the game is actually balanced or consistent. I think it is more that they don't worry so much about rules abuse. When a player at the table took the spell I told her that we should do it 1/round rather than have it so every character can run through it like a sprinkler. The whole table were surprised that anyone would suggest such a thing since it feels off. Now, there are some balance problems in XGtE. Hexblade is the worst offender. It is both grossly overpowered and dev...

Sunday, 22nd July, 2018

  • 10:14 PM - MechaPilot quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]
    I mean, it's not like a single level in DND actually has a set length of time, it's entirely possible that there's an immense amount of low level content in that book where you can play at low level for months with interesting and engaging content. It's not really $ per level that matters, more like $ per session, and even that's kind of dubious. I would be very surprised if that adventure doesn't use milestones to focus in on 1-5 with an experience that would take a normal amount of time for a hardcover. In fact with the companion book being what it is, I wouldn't be surprised if it had decelerated leveling 1-5, and then accelerated leveling to get players to 10+ or 15+ in the early part of undermountain. A level doesn't have a set amount of time. It does has a set amount of Xp. That set amount of Xp is earned mostly through encounters, which are going to be spelled out in the adventure (and probably given as random encounters as well), and which can be roughly estimated as to how long they'l...

Monday, 14th May, 2018

  • 07:15 PM - Bitbrain quoted The-Magic-Sword in post I will answer 10 questions about Mordenkainen's Tome
    Sorry for your loss Morrus, if you do wanna answer another question, then would you mind sharing the subrace ability score bonus for Eladrin? I'm curious if they kept it flex. There's a guy on Giant in the Playground who got his hands on the book. Eladrin get a +1 to Charisma.
  • 12:12 AM - Demetrios1453 quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Video review of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes.
    Right, but there don't appear to be any corresponding stats- I had assumed that the review video had booped over them, so I asked someone who had it on twitter and they didn't see any, just a lot of descriptive text. That being said, I see a table for autumn personality stuff, but the others are absent with the following page having something else, so it seems like he is booping over a page there? Hopefully he was just a bit mistaken. He skips over pages 62 and 63. You can (barely) make out that he's on pages 60 - 61 when showing the start of the Elf sub-race section, and that he's on pages 64 - 65 with the end of the Elves chapter and the start of the Dwarves chapter. The page numbers are confirmed in the Table of Contents at the start of the video. Also - why would the book only have info on autumn eladrin? Why would the book say that you can create characters of those sub-races with the DMs permission, but not give the stats on how to do so? I have a feeling your Twitter source didn't look at tho...

Sunday, 13th May, 2018

Monday, 25th December, 2017

  • 11:04 PM - Staffan quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Mike Mearls - Reddit AMA
    It's been a really interesting AMA so far, I'm happy to hear about the progress of the artificer and them mystic though sort of sad to hear that the mystic is facing more significant changes, I was fairly happy with it. There is a huge elephant, or possibly mekillot, in the room when it comes to the mystic and psionics. Psionics in D&D is primarily associated with two settings: Dark Sun and Eberron. In Dark Sun it is a defining part of the setting, and in Eberron it's an important thing primarily connected to a PC race and a particular villain faction (which means it's in a place where the DM can make psionics a big part of their campaign, but if they don't like psionics they can pretty much ignore it). But here's where it gets dicey. Dark Sun is built around the Complete Psionics Handbook for AD&D 2e. These have a fairly flat power level (high-level psionicists primarily get a larger arsenal of powers, but not very many more powerful abilities), and focus pretty heavily on the telepathic, c...

Wednesday, 6th December, 2017

Friday, 1st December, 2017

  • 10:06 PM - Raunalyn quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Nathan Stewart Promises WotC will do something with new settings in 2018
    Well we have four products coming out, and we know that they've recently tested a :):):):) ton of tiefling subraces, planar elves (Eladrin and Shadar-Kai and Gurgarch, Avariel and Sea Elves could correspond to planes of air and water respectively) Phoenix and Stone sorcerers will apparently make an eventual return (again, elemental planes), Gith... No question, we're getting a planescape supplement and planescape material approved for DMs Guild. I hope we get a March of the Modrons adventure to with it as well, it's my favorite foreshadowed plot point in 5e. Possibly a Planescape supplement...that would make me happy. I'm actually leaning toward Dark Sun, especially after Mike Mearl's tweets about the Mystic and how he's going over the Dark Sun source material.

Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

  • 09:26 PM - BookBarbarian quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Katana in 5th edition - finesse?
    Katanas are not the same as, longswords, they are at least as different as scimitars. They make a fine reflavor for strength based characters but many romanticized samurai (rurouni kenshin, champloo, for instance) are dex based, their slashes relying more heavily on iado and the like I am quite looking forward to making a Rurouni Kenshin style kensei using a Longsword with Dex. He'll use a quarterstaff until level 3 refluffed as fighting with a sheathed sword. At level 3 he will draw it.
  • 03:21 PM - Cap'n Kobold quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Katana in 5th edition - finesse?
    Meh, it just seems like these historical discussions just go around in meaningless circles that have little to nothing to do with the original question. Full rewritings of weapon tables, the same tired circlejerks about rapiers, the same discussions about how the word longsword is effectively meaningless, about why katanas are actually exactly the same longswords even though that's hysterically inaccurate but f*ck weebs amirite, This is why the word longsword is thought of as meaningless in this sort of discussion: you need to preface it with something in order to know what is being discussed. As illustrated by the point you make: a historical longsword is different from an arming sword (which is what some people think of as a 'longsword') is different from a katana, is different from a spatha etc. However they all fall under the D&D 5e longsword category of the weapons table. Unless you specify whether you're talking about 5e longswords, or historical longswords, or arming swords or whatever, people...
  • 12:30 AM - Cap'n Kobold quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Katana in 5th edition - finesse?
    So does a Katana require less Strength to use than a longsword? Does it require more Dexterity? They were both made in comparable ranges of weight and length. They both need to deal with armor. They can both be wielded with 1 or 2 hands. Other than a perspective that 'Eastern' combat arts might be Dex-based, why would there be a differentiation between them? Longsword requires less strength than a rapier, but that doesn't mean they're finesse weapons. Longsword techniques emphasise the thrust, and the motion of the sword is often within the length of the sword itself. Katana techniques make more use of the insane flesh-cutting capability of its slash, and the centre of motion of the techniques is often outside the sword. * *Now that is a bunch of generalisations, and both weapons have many different schools that vary as to their use and attitude. There are also a fair number of techniques that users of both weapons would recognise. In general though, I'd have to say that if you really had...

Monday, 6th November, 2017

  • 01:12 AM - Warmaster Horus quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Xanathar's Guide Shows Up In The Wild!
    Thanks for the info, whats your favorite thing in the book? Sent from my SM-G930V using EN World mobile app Haven't gotten to much of the DM stuff, yet. I'd say the spells and racial feats are a lot of fun. The Warlock gets a lot of options in this book.
  • 12:39 AM - Warmaster Horus quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Xanathar's Guide Shows Up In The Wild!
    Cool, so its just that extra spell then Sent from my SM-G930V using EN World mobile app Yes, just one extra spell chosen at first level from a list of spells associated with alignment segments. That spell can be changed later via standard sorcerer spell changing to another cleric list spell.

Sunday, 5th November, 2017

  • 09:54 PM - Warmaster Horus quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Xanathar's Guide Shows Up In The Wild!
    So whats the final design of the Divine Soul Sorcerer look like? They seem to have implied it changed to have multiple paths. Divine Magic ... Can take spells from the cleric spell list and get a clerical 'domain' spell in addition to normal known spells. Favored by the Gods ... Special aid if you miss an attack or save. Empowered Healing ... Can use a sorcery point to reroll healing spell dice. Otherworldly Wings ... Manifest wings. Unearthly Recovery ... Heal back up to half your HP.

Sunday, 15th October, 2017

  • 01:30 AM - TerraDave quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Is there any indication that WotC will launch a new setting?
    Why are so many of the regular posters in this thread so badly misinformed - Mearls brings up wanting to do Greyhawk and insists the team has been talking about and working more on the stuff for other settings than anyone expects. - Mike speaks to the Designs team mission in both bringing back all the old settings and grow DND as a whole as well. - The DND Multiverse is officially connected, all those world are out there on the same material plane, seperated by wild space ala SpellJammer. - Mike Mearls confirms that they have specific plans for other settings, that they can't yet discuss. On top of that the Official DCA stream has hinted at this idea few times, Holly Con...

Saturday, 14th October, 2017

  • 09:11 PM - Parmandur quoted The-Magic-Sword in post Is there any indication that WotC will launch a new setting?
    That's a very strange reading of what they've said on the subject, it seems as if the long term work and planning that they're doing for this would be somewhat easier were they going to put out a coffee table art book and open it up on DMsGuild. Like, where did you even get that from? the MTG art books? Seems kind of a random thing to pull in. If they were doing that, there would be no reason to discuss their thinking on how to properly do Spelljammer or Greyhawk, they mentioned that the next step in the design process for the new classes was to filter them through Dark Sun and Eberron to make sure that they fit the settings they need to. They also mentioned that they attempt to seed new content in their previous content (Strahd's entry in the MM foreshadowed COS, for instance, Acerak is featured on the DMG, and so forth) Mike Mearls further invokes this here: suggesting that Volo's is hinting at a Spelljammer adventure. It also seem...

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