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    Wednesday, 26th June, 2019, 05:09 AM
    I feel like dealing a coup de grace should work similarly to dealing non-lethal damage, i.e. you need to be up close to do it. That means melee weapons only, not ranged. What I'd allow in this situation is the opportunity for the ranger to land a "stealthy" kill. In other words, if the attack reduces the orc to 0 hp (not an option in this case, but the player doesn't need to know that), then...
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  • 10:01 PM - Hussar mentioned Prakriti in post Sneak Peek At Ghosts of Saltmarsh Maps
    Sure, here: /snip LOL Look at that thread you posted. Virtually every single map in that thread, nearly all of them, are oriented north to the top. Granted there's no compass rose on most of them, but, then again, lacking a compass rose, the presumption is always north to the top because that's the standard way maps are drawn. Anyway, like I said, this has got to be the absolute weirdest conversation I've ever had on En World. Azzy - you have not one, but actually multiple atlases where most of the maps in the atlas are not north to the top? Link please? Because, well, buddy, you found the unicorn. I'm not saying no map is ever done that way. I'm saying it's very, very much an outlier to not do them that way. Prakriti - WTF? Scary/foreign/unusual? Ooookay. I'll note that not a single person here who is so adamant to prove me wrong has taken up my challenge. C'mon, let's see these examples of RPG books where the majority of maps are not north to the top. Should be easy peasy for smart folks like you. You seem to be so sure that north to the top isn't typical or usual, so, let's get those examples rolling in. It's easy to make unsubstantiated claims and whatnot. Time to pee or get off the pot. Give me a SINGLE example of an RPG product where the majority of the maps is not oriented north to the top.

Tuesday, 5th March, 2019

  • 11:08 PM - CleverNickName mentioned Prakriti in post Critical Role Kickstarter Predition Game: Guess the Funding Outcome (GTFO)
    ...-- Radaceus: $12,345,678.91 FarBeyondC: $12,345,678.90 Morrus: $12,000,000 Mistwell: $11,800,000 Mort: $11,620,000 Zardnaar: $11,354,883 <--- The Winner! Sadras: $11,120,000 SkidAce: $11,000,000 Tazawa: $10,700,000 togashi_joe: $10,250,000 DM Dave1: $10,101,010 MichaelSomething: $10,000,000 Lazybones: $9,750,000 PabloM: $9,500,000 akr71: $9,250,000 rczarnec: $9,250,000 Azzy: $9,000,000 Henry: $8,900,000 mortwatcher: $8,666,000 Lidgar: $8,423,976.73 vincegetorix: $8,360,000 SmokeyCriminal: $8,008,135 AriochQ: $7,777,777 robus: $7,750,000 MarkB: $7,500,000 phantomK9: $6,969,696 TarionzCousin: $6,160,000 ClaytonCross: $6,000,000 ---------Highest-Funded Film Project on Kickstarter (MST3K Kickstarter) $5,764,229----------- MaximusArael020: $5,685,000 Prakriti: $1

Tuesday, 27th November, 2018

  • 11:23 PM - Mercurius mentioned Prakriti in post 4.33 Years in: What Now for 5E? (and have we reached "Peak Edition?")
    I believe that 5e is nearing the point (perhaps a year and a half away) when it will reach peak popularity. Furthermore, I think that we will see a fairly dramatic drop in sales after that point. Thereafter, the edition will (I believe) sell at a steadily (but slowly) declining rate until the release of a new edition. Currently, 5e is doing very well. I suspect that any future losses of profit will be caused by dropping numbers of new players. My guesses could be completely inaccurate, but I am glad to be able to share them. Peak and decline is inevitable; the question is, can WotC stimulate later peaks? I would echo what @Prakriti said and say that the movie will impact this trajectory - and possibly stimulate a later peak. WotC has to be thinking about other ways to do the same, because at some point sales will start going down. On the other hand, maybe they find a way to turn D&D into the RPG version of Monopoly or, as someone said, Catan. No peak and valley, just an undulating plateau. 1982 was the peak of 1e. It was doing very well, but not as well as they had forecasted. And 1983 was the beginning of the decline. I don’t know about 5e. The current books seem to be doing well on Amazon and sales seem sustained. But growth cannot last forever, so it has to plateau eventually. But even then, when new player acquisition slows down, we’ll have a few years of declining but still good sales. 5e probably has quite a few good years left. But, I think we’re closer to the middle. I do think we’ve almost hit saturation where we have “enough” I question this idea of saturation and "enough" and have a theory about...

Wednesday, 26th September, 2018

  • 11:41 PM - CleverNickName mentioned Prakriti in post Survivor Appendix E (5e) Authors- Ursula K. LeGWINS!
    Dausuul: It's a good of a strategy as any. And XP for showing your calcs! I maintain that my current strategy of culling off the weaker scores quickly is the best strategy for a rapid end because it reduces the number of contestants (N) and therefore concentrates the negative votes (the only votes that really matter) onto fewer and fewer targets. TL;DR: 20N outweighs -X in your formula, so I'm gonna attack that N. Prakriti: I understand that a lot of participants are spite-quitting because they can't handle their darlings getting voted off, but I don't think it's a foregone conclusion. (I mean, Terry Brooks was my darling and I'm still here.)

Saturday, 18th August, 2018

  • 04:55 AM - pukunui mentioned Prakriti in post Need a Short Dungeon for a Ranger's Tomb
    Prakriti: That's awesome! Thank you. Maybe what I'll do is make it so that, if the PCs succeed in dealing with the Zhent mercs, then one or more villagers will reveal the location of Mornbryn's tomb, at which point I'll run your suggestion. LordEntrails: Thanks for the links. Unfortunately, it looks like I can't view the maps without a Fantasy Grounds account. :(

Saturday, 3rd June, 2017

Tuesday, 30th May, 2017

Thursday, 25th May, 2017

  • 08:58 PM - Quickleaf mentioned Prakriti in post Stream of Annihilation Preview - DINOSAURS!
    Good catch. In that case, I'd suggest Port Nyranzaru, a settlement established by Amn. In the image, we can clearly see ships on the left-hand side (suggesting a port city), and the dress and architecture are somewhat Amnian in nature. Of course, it could also be a settlement that's new to 5E. Either way, I'm sure it's somewhere in Chult. From Greg Tito's tone and focus, it sounds like this might be the beginning to exploring some new setting material :) And rawr! You called it Prakriti!

Friday, 19th May, 2017

Friday, 5th May, 2017

Wednesday, 26th April, 2017

  • 11:20 PM - Hussar mentioned Prakriti in post Unearthed Arcana: Get Better At Skills With These Feats
    Both SkidAce and Prakriti have it right. Advice column. And, it's not so much of a case of I haven't seen it. It's I can't find ANY evidence of it. At all. If expertise was this major deal, you'd think that we'd have seen a few threads over the years complaining about it. But, pretty much nothing. It's passed muster with hardly a whisper. So, granting expertise as a feat shouldn't be an issue. I mean, we're talking about very high level characters who've not only burned one of their very limited feats, but also a couple of ASI's on whatever that feat is for, just so they can reliably do something that isn't all that powerful to begin with. I mean, for most of the lifespan of a PC, we're talking about a +3-4 to a single skill. Umm, yay?
  • 10:10 PM - OB1 mentioned Prakriti in post TftYP - Running Sunless Citadel
    Prakriti - Don't have my DMG nearby, does Slow Natural Healing preclude the use of Hit Die healing during a short rest? I'm actually worried that taking that away might be too much, though I do like the concept of using Hit Die for long rest healing. Might go with my own variant where you have to roll your Hit Die when short resting or long resting outdoors but get the max on your Hit Die if long resting in a safe, comfortable location. Mistwell - So it sounds like it may be plenty deadly enough without to much effort on my part! That's exactly why I'm having everyone come with back-up characters.

Friday, 6th January, 2017

  • 10:36 PM - MechaTarrasque mentioned Prakriti in post Yawning Portal monsters?
    Prakriti's list makes me happy, although I think a few things like the astral deva and the Hyenodon have been absorbed into existing critters (deva and the giant hyena). Still, my players will Grue the day that some of these critters get statted up!

Friday, 2nd December, 2016

  • 03:38 PM - Mercule mentioned Prakriti in post Level 20 How?
    I think I had one campaign in 1E that made it to 20th level. Wait... That's a lie. The PCs were retired at 10th or 11th level, then we came back a couple years later and "advanced" them to 18th level, including making one of the PCs a saint (pre-demigod, from a Dragon article). It was fun, for a short run, but that's about it. In 3E, we made it as far as 15th level before the game system because unwieldy and overly complex. I narrated out the end of the campaign because everyone was starting to drag with the heavy mechanics. For 5E, we're playing LMoP and PotA, but we're extremely beer-and-pretzels because most of the players have kids (heck, one of the players is my kid) and lots of activities that often make scheduling an issue. The group isn't even 10th level, yet. From what I can see, I'll be ready to be done with the party after PotA and not really want to go any higher. I'll second Prakriti on AD&D. I actually liked it that way and appreciated the change in game focus. I don't really care to see what arch-mages can do in a dungeon crawl. I'd rather see the PCs start doing the mentoring and being the deus ex machina for lesser NPCs and/or troupe-style PCs.

Friday, 18th November, 2016

  • 12:53 AM - Prism mentioned Prakriti in post Drizzt' Do Urden
    name them. I'll add to Prakriti's list and include Yvonnel Baenre (25th 2e) and Jarlaxle (18th 2e). Drizzt has always been listed as mid to high teens level (16th usually) whereas some of the other characters are older and more experienced.

Monday, 7th November, 2016

  • 07:04 AM - Duan'duliir mentioned Prakriti in post Volo's Guide to Monsters: General Discussion.
    @TheHobgoblin The only gnome character I've seen was a barbarian. @Prakriti What game balance reasons prevented them from using Intelligence for that? If its not a major problem, I'll houserule that, because it makes sense.

Sunday, 6th November, 2016

Saturday, 29th October, 2016

  • 05:38 PM - AaronOfBarbaria mentioned Prakriti in post What is a Dex save doing?
    I agree with half of what Prakriti has said (the later half, to be specific). In the case of area effects like fireball what a dexterity saving throw is representing is adjusting your body so that you are shielding the lesser protected parts with the more protected parts - such as turning your face away from the directional source of the harmful magic, or (as the shield master feat enhances the ability of) getting your shield between your body and the magic. Much like how in real life if you can quickly huddle into your leather jacket, a gout of flame is likely to cause you less serious injuries than if you hadn't interposed your jacket.

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Saturday, 10th March, 2018

  • 11:15 AM - CapnZapp quoted Prakriti in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    So... what do you think PF2E means for 5E? I hope it means WotC will move up any plans for a Big Book of Crunch til before GenCon '19. Which pretty much means next year's Spring release. Doing so could 1) keep some customers from jumping ship 2) give me what I want, namely a crunchier 5th edition :)
  • 10:57 AM - Iry quoted Prakriti in post Am I missing something about Conjure Animal
    A *CREATIVE* DM can find ways around broken and/or unfun mechanics.It's true in the sense that there is no amount of power or mechanical combination that can ever threaten a DM. But that doesn't make the experience enjoyable or fun to fix. And it absolutely can make the other players feel miserable and useless, which is baaad juju.

Thursday, 8th March, 2018

  • 09:19 PM - Lanefan quoted Prakriti in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    So apparently Pathfinder 2nd Edition has been announced. The biggest news for me is that it WON'T be based on D&D5E. A bit of a risky move, if you ask me, because now D&D players (the most sizable group of TTRPG players) have less reason to buy PF2E books (unlike in 2008, when PF was compatible with 3.5E). PF has a big enough market share now to independently support a new edition, unlike when PF1 came out as a brand new thing trying to build off 3.x D&D. So... what do you think PF2E means for 5E? Will it steal away a lot of the market? Is it a serious challenger to 5E's throne? My guess is there'll be a dip in 5e sales on PF2's release but it'll be just that - a temporary dip while PF2 claims the sales crown for a quarter or two. Are any of its ideas worth pilfering for 5E games? Just about any system has pilfer-worthy ideas to add to any other system; I expect PF2 will continue this. Or will PF2E come and go without much ado, as Starfinder did? Comparing PF2 to Starfinder isn't qu...
  • 09:08 PM - ccs quoted Prakriti in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    So... what do you think PF2E means for 5E? Will it steal away a lot of the market? Is it a serious challenger to 5E's throne? I think PF2 will mean as much to 5e as PF, or any other fantasy RPG (including past editions of D&D), currently does. One more option. Are any of its ideas worth pilfering for 5E games? Probably. Depending upon what you're looking for, most other games have something to offer someone. Way too early to tell though. Wait until August, follow the play-test, & take a look at the final product before deciding. Or will PF2E come and go without much ado, as Starfinder did? Not at all. Starfinder's arrival didn't affect anything. It didn't have an existing player base. It's essentially "Hey, if you're interested in space games, or just looking for something else, here's Starfinder to consider." Best case: You find a new game you enjoy. Worst case: You never realize that SF exists. If it disappears tomorrow? It won't change anything. ...
  • 09:05 PM - lowkey13 quoted Prakriti in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    So... what do you think PF2E means for 5E? Pretty much nothing. Will it steal away a lot of the market? No. Is it a serious challenger to 5E's throne? No. Are any of its ideas worth pilfering for 5E games? No Or will PF2E come and go without much ado, as Starfinder did? I don't know about that ... I'm sure that PF players will find it enjoyable (or they won't, and they will go back to PF Original ... OLD SCHOOL PATHFINDING, ahem). Not to be dismissive, because I wish all gaming companies the best. PF did an amazing job at capitalizing on WoTC's failures in the 3e era. But ... this isn't then. For better or worse, D&D will always be "the" RPG brand. It's practically a generic term for RPGing. Everyone and their mom knows what D&D is; but only people that already play can tell you the different between D&D, PF, and, say, 13th Age. To everyone else, it's all D&D.
  • 08:58 PM - Morrus quoted Prakriti in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    The biggest news for me is that it WON'T be based on D&D5E. It would be insane to base it on 5E. Why would somebody buy somebody's clone of 5E rather than 5E? Plus, hey, the concept of all games just being the same game is not a very palatable one. Pathfinder was based on 3.5 after 3.5 stopped being produced by WotC.
  • 08:25 PM - Tony Vargas quoted Prakriti in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    So... what do you think PF2E means for 5E?Prettymuch nothing. PF2 will cater to a fixed fanbase, the PF fanbase, which is simply the portion of the 3.5 fanbase that felt betrayed by D&D. 5e's done as much as it reasonably could to mollify that past segment of it's fanbase, and those that were willing to return to the fold have done so, and probably won't permanently leave again unless WotC goes and offends them as badly yet again. Is it a serious challenger to 5E's throne? No. It's D&D's to loose. Are any of its ideas worth pilfering for 5E games? Almost certainly. D&D and it's imitators have always cross-pollenated. There were good ideas in PF that 5e already lifted, there were others it probably should have. Already, I've seen a few things about PF2 mentioned - even little things, like saying 'Ancestry' instead of 'Race' - that 5e could do worse than take a page from.

Tuesday, 6th March, 2018

Thursday, 1st March, 2018

  • 09:14 PM - Ath-kethin quoted Prakriti in post [UPDATED] Most D&D Players Prefer Humans - Without Feats!
    Good. Now if they could just move feats and multiclassing into the DMG, so people will stop assuming that they're allowed by default, that would be great. Amen to that! All the optional rules should be in the book of rules options. We would cut down on so many arguments that way.
  • 07:53 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted Prakriti in post [UPDATED] Most D&D Players Prefer Humans - Without Feats!
    Oh how some would wail at that change. I never cared about whether people multiclassed or not until I started hearing the term “level-dip.” As for the data citation issue, something tells me that when Deming said “In God we trust; all others bring data,” he wasn’t talking about Twitter conversations about D&D trends. I’m willing to trust them when they say that’s what the data indicates. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see the data and be able to analyze it myself. But I doubt that anything untoward is going on with his analysis – certainly there’s no cover-up hiding that the most popular characters are multiclassed gnomes with polearm mastery feats. Good. Now if they could just move feats and multiclassing into the DMG, so people will stop assuming that they're allowed by default, that would be great.

Tuesday, 27th February, 2018

Monday, 26th February, 2018

  • 02:06 AM - 5ekyu quoted Prakriti in post The Readied Spell Abyss
    I think you're making this way too complicated for yourself. :p What it comes down to is this: The existing rules allow you to adjudicate any imaginable combat situation just fine. Just determine if anyone is surprised, then roll initiative. It's that simple. "Readiness" never comes into it, because "Readiness" is already taken into account in the Surprise and Initiative mechanics. Of course, as the DM, you are welcome to change the rules and allow your players to Ready actions outside of combat if you want, but as I think you've seen, this change can cause needless complications to the game. First i think you are getting things way overcomplicated. Seer, i was asking a question about the in-between status of ready-spell-held and how it interacts with perception and recognition and counter spell and dispel. suddenly because some folks have this imagined format ruling that gets smaller and smaller and more and mores selective with each "but that means..." that they need to account/co...
  • 12:46 AM - 5ekyu quoted Prakriti in post The Readied Spell Abyss
    No one's arguing that everything in the combat chapter is relegated to combat: Just the actions listed under "Actions in Combat," and only those (like Dodge) that aren't mentioned in any other context. So the organizational parsing gets even more selective. By "any other context" you seem to be meaning "referenced in another chapter" of sub-section, is that right? Or is the requirement that you have to have an explicit statement of "it can be done outside of combat" elsewhere if it is listed in the "actions in combat" "vault of not doing"? is there anything in the rules that says this is how they did their organization - throwing a whole bunch of things under a section and only meaning for two of them to be considered "locked in combat only" and you are to divine this by reading thru the rest of the book to search for a reference elsewhere and only using "i didn't find other references" as the tell for "this one bit here is combat only"? from any RAW, RAI or narrative sense - what ...

Sunday, 25th February, 2018

  • 11:54 PM - 5ekyu quoted Prakriti in post The Readied Spell Abyss
    But what does Readying an action outside of combat achieve that the normal Surprise rules don't? If the enemies are unaware of the players, then they are Surprised. In which case, the Fighter makes his ranged attack and the Cleric casts his spell in the first round, while the enemies stand there and take it. If the enemies ARE aware of the players, then they have essentially Readied actions of their own: "Attack enemies on sight." So how do you determine which side goes first? You roll initiative, and you call it Combat. there is a massive difference between "what does it do" and "can it be done" and what is being claimed is that because ready action is only mentioned in the combat section and in its effect on combat then the action cannot be done outside of combat. Not only is that inherently nonsensical - requiring a capability to be mentioned in multiple rules chapters or be assumed to not be able to be used in ones covering topics it was not mentioned in - it is basically ign...
  • 11:14 PM - 5ekyu quoted Prakriti in post The Readied Spell Abyss
    The latter. The Ready action only appears under the list of "Actions in Combat" on p. 192, which says "When you take your action on your turn, you can take one of the actions presented here..." Readying actions isn't mentioned in any other context, so there's no reason to think that it can be done outside of combat. Stealth and the Surprised condition are the mechanics for determining the outcome of an ambush or surprise attack in 5E. Re the bold - of course there is a reason to think it can be done outside of combat - because there is nothing inherent in being attacked or shot at or aggressive to make one imagine they have *more* control over timing and coordination than when calmly sitting around on a warm day. Is drawing a weapon discussed outside of the combat section? if not, does that mean you cannot draw a weapon until after combat begins? there is nothing in the rules that i am aware of that requires them to repeat the rules for a thing in *every* section it could possibly app...
  • 07:42 PM - 5ekyu quoted Prakriti in post The Readied Spell Abyss
    You can't Ready an Action outside of combat, so the question is moot outside of a few exceptional cases. If the PCs want to get the drop on the approaching enemies, then they should Hide. Then you can resolve things as usual with Stealth checks, passive Perception, etc.Is there a rule specificalky prohibiying ready an action outsulide of combat or is this the assumption that if it was organized in the combat section it cannot be done outside of combat thing again?

Monday, 5th February, 2018

  • 06:46 AM - Demetrios1453 quoted Prakriti in post Lair and Legendary actions for high-level humanoid "Boss" encounters.
    Some ideas: Master Thief Legendary Actions: * Shadowstep (1 action): The Master Thief teleports through the shadows to a new location within 30' and attempts to hide. * Quickstep (1 action): The Master Thief takes the Dodge action and one free action of its choice (which it can use to draw a weapon, load a crossbow, open a door, pull a lever, etc.). Quaff Potion (1 action): The Master Thief quaffs a potion in its inventory (which includes a potion of speed, a potion of invulnerability, and two potions of superior healing). * Fan of Knives (2 actions): The Master Thief throws out a volley of poison-tipped darts. Each creature within a 15' cone must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 17). Those who fail take 6d6 piercing damage and must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 15). On a failure, a creature is poisoned until the end of its next turn. Lair Actions: * Help Arrives: 1d4+1 thugs join the fight. * Trapdoor: A trapdoor opens beneath one of the characters, requiring them to ...

Sunday, 4th February, 2018

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