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    Monday, 15th July, 2019, 11:08 PM
    The Fate Chips as presented in original Deadlands. It was my first encounter with a mechanic allowing players to modify a situation (or potentially countermand a GM's call) beyond the regular roll of dice, and felt nicely balanced, fair, and limited.
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    Sunday, 7th July, 2019, 04:26 PM
    Joćo Gilberto, a bossa nova boss, has passed at 88.
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About monsmord
New(ish) to Newfoundland!
About Me:
I'm a mature, experienced gamer interested in campaign- and story-driven adventures of exploration, intrigue, and character development (development, not progression). A solid, surprising dungeon crawl can be a fun part of that experience, but my ideal game is more like a novel wherein the heroes are the protagonists, whether for good or ill - they don't need to survive, but they need to be "people". I'm primarily interested in sword-and-sorcery fantasy in large, complex, and self-consistent worlds, but I'm also keen on the high fantasy, fantasy steampunk, horror, and superhero genres.

Fave reading over the past few years has been the "Tales of the Malazan Fallen", Clark Ashton Smith, Tanith Lee, Robert W. Chambers, Angela Carter, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, and very hard sci-fi by the likes of Peter Watts, Stephen Baxter, Octavia E. Butler, Robert Reed, Greg Bear, and Ann Leckie. I especially like grim tales where protagonists aren't necessarily likable and sometimes fail and die catastrophically, and where some of the forces at work are larger and more unknowable than can be revealed or explained.

I'm also deeply interested in game design and world-building, and would very much like to meet folks of similar bent serious about a big project of high quality. It would be amazing to collaborate on a setting of sufficient color and originality worthy of RPG publication, and as the basis for fiction. I'm not wed to any particular system of game mechanics - designing our own suits me just fine, provided it's not inherently derivative. In fact, I'd love to build a game from the ground up, reexamining many game aspects considered "a priori" just because they've been around for years or because so many other folks expect them.

My short fiction has been published here in Newfoundland. I'm writing my first novel (a semi-literary superhero memoir) while working on a few short stories.
St. John's, NL
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Tuesday, 12th February, 2019

  • 01:47 AM - Saracenus quoted monsmord in post RPG Writer Zak S Accused Of Abusive Behaviour
    This! Yes, This! As a gaming/community organizer I cannot separate creative content from its creator because if I laud the content and DO NOT address the behavior I am tacitly endorsing/enabling their behavior. Nothing kills a community (any community) quicker than allowing toxic people to continue to operate in those spaces. The very people you want there, the people you want to encourage to participate there will start to leave. The death spiral of a community unwilling to hold it members to community standards is brutal. If these accusations were happening in a vacuum I would be more inclined to hold my judgement and see what came of them, but they have not. There has been long documented proof that Zack S. behavior is toxic and contrary to the stated rules of this site (and many others). So, the question is not weather Zack S. should be stripped of his awards here, the real question is why has it taken so damn long to even become a question. The word at the fulcrum of this awards back-...

Tuesday, 14th November, 2017

  • 10:47 PM - quoted monsmord in post A spell to move cities?
    On another note I think a by-the-book Teleportation Circle will stay open long enough to move quite a few people through, if they are lined up beforehand and everything goes smoothly. I remember someone doing the math in an ancient thread, if anyone wants to search that up. The basic plan would be: line up a bunch of people, open T-Circle to somewhere safe, send everyone through that you can. Repeat until you run out of spell slots or time. This obviously doesn't help the city itself (buildings and such) but it saves the people. Yeah, I thought about that, but we were hoping to save the physical city as well. What's the save if the city is unwilling? :lol: But seriously - what's the save if the city is unwilling? And how would that be defined? Asking for a friend who would immediately abuse such an ability. The closest I've come is the 9th level ability from the 3.0 Planeshifter prestiege class which has a variant Planeshift that can move 100ft/CL of physical area. (all unwilling...

Monday, 12th June, 2017

  • 09:11 PM - Dannyalcatraz quoted monsmord in post Ideas for alien races
    Love it. Making this a viable PC race may require some tinkering or setting assurances, but as written this would make a fantastic sci-fi story element, perhaps as protagonist or antagonist. In a sense, they're perfectly playable, very stable, sentient...planet-busting bombs. "Nobody puts Baby in a Farraday cage..."
  • 07:31 PM - Lylandra quoted monsmord in post Ideas for alien races
    Without getting into graphic posts or polarizing debate on Terran reproductive/gender values, how might you design an alien PC race with a different reproductive model from humans, and how would that shape their society, culture, outlook, and motivations? How would such an alien character interact with the game world? This is not too hard to come up with, even if we *only* use reproductive models we find on earth and don't go crazy alien. - Plant-like hermaphroditic people who develop a great amount of seeds. They use "kindergardens" - large fields which are tended by gardeners. These people don't really form bonds with their "biological" children and one a small fraction of the seeds really grow into something that may live - A bee-like people who has three genders: queens, drones and workers. They form "states" and tend to lead peaceful lives inside their "state family" as all workers and younger drones are basically siblings who descend from the same mother. The queens have one (lo...
  • 06:36 PM - Eltab quoted monsmord in post Ideas for alien races
    Some of the great sci-fi authors exploited this: the Kzinti by Larry Niven Larry's XYZer of Worlds 5-ology works with the Puppetteers to make them more than a cardboard-cut-out "manipulative coward". We can play with that a bit for current purposes: Grazer This intelligent race of herbivores feels most happy and secure when in a group of their own kind. Grazers have a hard time with the concept of 'deadly combat', but understand 'internal rivalry' just fine. (Their mating rituals involve setting dominance hierarchies.) Individuals who are running solo will tend to adopt a close network of friends as their new 'herd.' Grazers in large herds can be subjected to groupthink but individuals are perfectly capable of skepticism and critical analysis. Grazers want to understand the universe so they can locate potential threats, and decide what must be done about each: fight, flee, negotiate, ignore. They also want to locate places of safety (or abundance) so a herd can move in and occupy i...
  • 05:54 PM - Morrus quoted monsmord in post Ideas for alien races
    How would such an alien character interact with the game world? That, there, is the problem. The primary function of a science-fiction species in a book for film may be to be alien and unknowable; but the primary function of an RPG game's races, though, is to be playable.

Thursday, 8th June, 2017

Wednesday, 7th June, 2017

  • 11:08 PM - Derren quoted monsmord in post Ideas for alien races
    Since this is a sci-fi question, they might have environment suits, exo-skeletons, vehicles, or cyborg enhancements that would permit it. Maybe more interesting, those who choose to leave their habitat undergo surgery or genetic reprogramming to give them better non-aquatic mobility - that would suit their listed medicine expertise. Hi, Aquaman! If you use that explanation then a potted house plant would be suitable, too.

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