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Tuesday, 12th June, 2018

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

  • 02:06 AM - Quickleaf mentioned mrrockitt in post Dealing with 7 strong party of new players!
    mrrockitt Look on the upside: they're all showing up for your game, so you're doing something right ;) I've run 5e for 7 players, and it's totally doable. Some tidbits I can share... 1. During adventure prep (or just 5 minutes before play), jot down "spotlight" moments for each PC. These can be things based on a specific PC's background/class/race or a type of challenge that player particularly enjoys. If you don't get to everyone's, that's ok, just try next game to hit the "spotlight" moments for those you missed last game. Eventually, this becomes second nature and you won't need any notes/prep/ 2. If (younger) players are jumping the gun, talking over others, or trying to steal the spotlight all the time, step up your game with enforcing initiative order until they regain more semblance of self-control. Honestly, that kind of enthusiasm is great, and I try to encourage it so long as it's not being disruptive for others. 3. For your "wallflower" players, don't directly try to involve them ...

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Friday, 1st March, 2019

  • 01:23 PM - S'mon quoted mrrockitt in post Encouraging interactions in new adventuring parties
    Yeah, great ideas. In last night's game I deliberately kept quiet for a few minutes at certain points to allow a bit more interaction between the players in a 'safe area' (the usual Tavern) and it worked well. They spoke about their characters openly and learnt a few good and bad facts about other characters in the party. As mentioned we actually play on Fantasy Grounds so the chatting away from the table is a little difficult :) However this can still be achieved to a certain extent through private conversations in any chat program such as Discord. I might try to encourage in-character chat by adding a new channel, thanks for the idea PrometheanVigil :) As to rewarding good role-playing it I actually give out 'hero points' occasionally. I never give more than 1 or 2 per session and they just allow the players a single one-time d4/d6 roll. Thanks all I had a message-chat with my Tuesday night 5e group and we're going to try out PrometheanVigil's suggestion starting next week! Start ...

Thursday, 28th February, 2019

  • 07:28 PM - PrometheanVigil quoted mrrockitt in post Encouraging interactions in new adventuring parties
    So, basically I'm looking for any advice on how to do this best and how other DM's generally encourage conversation between characters in their games?[/B] Interaction Moments aka IMs. I came up with these a few years ago while hosting 8-10+ player games regularly. They are the best thing for the social side of RPGs ever. I've seen no other GM ever do this or even see it talked about online which is crazy since its so simple but so powerful. They are literally 5-10 mins set aside specifically for players to talk in-character with each other. They can be interspersed in your session flow as much or as little you like. Ideally, you encourage players to get up, walk around and chat with each other. If they need to make a roll, they come straight back to you and roll in your presence -- other than that, you can get on with some admin work (or hasty re-plan of your scenario if its gone off the rails!). It's really just a big breather for you as a GM but it's a fun one. I've found players w...
  • 05:59 AM - MNblockhead quoted mrrockitt in post Encouraging interactions in new adventuring parties
    MNblockhead, glad to hear you are a fellow Froggie :) I plan to run Rappan Athuk at some point but would have to create it all manually on Fantasy Grounds which is a time-consuming process! Most of our adventures so far have been in or around Bard's Gate. I will PM you privately about Lost Lands games as don't want to take the thread away from it's original purpose or sound like I'm advertising for them! ;) Thanks again both of you! I believe the Rappan Athuk will be released on Fantasy Grounds and that it has been in the works for some time. See: It was also mentioned during their Tuesday Frog Chat on Discord. I don't use FG, I've been entering the content from the PDF into RealmWorks. It sounds insane but it is basically how I read and familiarize myself with that massive mega dungeon, which the benefit that I will have all the maps ready to display and al...

Tuesday, 19th February, 2019

  • 09:51 PM - jmucchiello quoted mrrockitt in post How Did I Become a Grognard?
    I also still have my basic D&D dice from the early 80's, the ones you had to 'colour in' with a white crayon, used them in a game on Saturday in fact! Really? All of mine have obvious chips and flaws on the edges that must cause bias. Especially the pink "d20"s numbered 0-9 twice that you had to color with two different crayons to use as a d20. I never considered myself rough on my dice. :)

Sunday, 17th February, 2019

  • 01:39 AM - AbdulAlhazred quoted mrrockitt in post How Did I Become a Grognard?
    I also still have my basic D&D dice from the early 80's, the ones you had to 'colour in' with a white crayon, used them in a game on Saturday in fact! Heck, I still have my Holmes Basic 'wax dice' that came with the very very first boxed set back in 1976. Nobody will let me roll them anymore, they're completely worn out. lol. (the d6 can roll for 30 seconds easily and the most common result is 'DM decides if it is a 4 or a 6') Retreater I don't think you're a grognard man. You have fairly enlightened attitudes towards play from what I've read ;) I'd call someone a 'grognard' who steadfastly sticks to some very early modes of play and denigrates anything not crafted by the hand of Gary Gygax or at least hailing from the mid 70's when he was last a creative force in RPGs. No doubt that also dates me, lol.

Friday, 10th August, 2018

  • 01:41 PM - Maxperson quoted mrrockitt in post Anyone else finding character advancement pretty dull?
    I guess, in theory, the 5e system *should* encourage quicker levelling although there still seems to be many occasion in our games where a player levelled up in the last session but still leaves it until the start of the next to prepare and then spends 30 mins deciding which 1 feat/spell they will pick :) I wish I could give more than one XP for this. :lol:

Wednesday, 1st August, 2018

  • 06:21 PM - jasper quoted mrrockitt in post DISCUSSION: Have you ever had to boot somebody from a game?
    Only player I ever ejected from a game was my 11 year old daughter! It was the first ever game with her, my wife and 14 year old son. I said "it might help if someone writes down important stuff that happens". My daughter took that to mean write down every word Dad (the DM) says! She kept interrupting me so she could catch up with the writing and even wrote down me telling her NOT to write down literally everything!! She had to go..... :) 77 years later. On a trip to the tallest build of the world. Daughter "dad remember when used to game together. I still have my original dice." gentle places the bag in mrrockitt's hand. "Now don't fumble." Mrrockitt " what " he askes as feels a hard shove at his back, "arrrrrrgh!" Daughter, "told you not to fumble that dex check" Seconds later a wet splat is heard.

Friday, 20th July, 2018

  • 03:03 PM - toucanbuzz quoted mrrockitt in post Weapon & Shield Improvements
    I used various sources from the DM's Guild and other places and also adapted stuff from the Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment guide but really like some of your ideas too. I haven't explored DM's Guide (yet). If you have come across anything you recommend, holler.

Thursday, 21st June, 2018

  • 09:27 PM - Inglorin quoted mrrockitt in post Looking for: Red Dragon Lair
    Hi. Not sure if its suitable but, off the top of my head, there was a thing by Frog God Games (I think) called 'Chucks Dragons' which had various high level dragons of many colours and their lairs. Might be of help? Thanks very much. I'll give this one a look. This might be a resource: Oh, nice touch. There will definitly be something for my dragon in there. Thanks. You can also go to Adventure Lookup and do a search for 'Red Dragon' in the Boss Monster section. That's a lot of fun. Cool resource. Thanks very much.

Wednesday, 5th July, 2017

  • 10:58 PM - Tony Vargas quoted mrrockitt in post Dealing with 7 strong party of new players!
    Hi all. My first post and need a little honest advice :) After 15 years off I reluctantly agreed to return to DM'ing for Lost Mine of Phandelver for 6 new players and 1 experienced (all between 18 and 30 years of age). We had our first session tonight and, although most seemed to enjoy it, it was a little chaotic unsurprisingly! Well done. Actually, IMHO, you described a near-ideal scenario, there: an experienced DM introducing new players to the game. That's the best way. I know what you will all say, 7 is too big a party and I agree! Nah, I've run for as many as 12, in a 2-hrs Encounters slot. However, this party included 6 new people to D&D and I naturally wanted to bring on new players to the game I love so did not want to exclude anyone. I'm sure they'll whittle down before too long. So, the reason I'm posting is, how do I manage the adventure well enough to allow all 7 party members to fully enjoy it? We have some outspoken players and some quiet ones (as usual in role-playi...

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