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Thursday, 28th December, 2017

  • 03:46 PM - Morrus quoted Russell Wright in post [WOIN] Warrior-Monk Exploits
    It's my understanding that if you move and attack you only get one attack, but if you stand and attack, you get two. Am I incorrect? You get two actions. “Full attack action” isn’t a WOIN game term. Do you mean “if you use both actions as attacks”?
  • 12:47 AM - Morrus quoted Russell Wright in post [WOIN] Warrior-Monk Exploits
    While I do see some exploits that cause stunning in other careers (see, these appear to be geared more towards N.O.W. That just means that OLD hasn't been updated to v1.2 yet, like NEW has. The rules are the same for all three games. NOW has a slight advantage in that it's 1.0 will have had the benefit of NEW 1.2 before publication. OLD will join those two with the 1.2 rules once NOW is out there (same layout person, so they happen in serial, not parallel). the opponent must make a WIL check against a difficulty equal to the damage dealt in the attack. If the opponent fails the check, they become Dazed. Personally, that's too many steps for my taste (an attack roll, a damage roll and an attribute check). I generally try to make an attack require only one roll - so I'd personally just make that an attack vs one of the four DEFENSEs. A good spin I like is to make one attack roll, and have it have different effects depending on which DEFENSEs it beats...

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