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Tuesday, 4th June, 2019

  • 07:38 PM - Imaro quoted The Monster in post Hidden
  • 03:33 AM - Doctor Futurity quoted The Monster in post The MAYA Design Principle, or Why D&D's Future is Probably Going to Look Mostly Like Its Past
    Interesting thoughts around familiarity versus change (dare I call it innovation?). My experience ran thus: I started with the three little booklets (plus Greyhawk, etc.) back the '70's. By the time they came out with any further edition, I had already branched out to other games (Traveller, Fantasy Trip, etc.). I never played much of any actual D&D (other than a few con events or one-shots by friends) until 4e. 4e gave me the familiar tropes of the D&D I remembered: levels, classes, d20, magic items, and the like. What 4e really drew me in with was that it tapped into another 'familiarity' which had been long-neglected: I'd been into wargames (SPI, AH) for years before D&D arrived. 4e, with its emphasis on positional tactics, grabbed me and a couple of others in my regular group - and our group still runs it regularly, which we never did with earlier D&D, and we have no enthusiasm to move into 5. I can't help but think that, in view of this discussion, that our receptivity to 4e was enhance...

Monday, 3rd June, 2019

  • 11:38 PM - Mistwell quoted The Monster in post Hidden
  • 08:15 PM - Joshua Randall quoted The Monster in post The MAYA Design Principle, or Why D&D's Future is Probably Going to Look Mostly Like Its Past
    For the record, I'm the one who stated that Mike Mearls actively sabotaged 4e. And I stand by that assertion. I played a ton of [insert edition here] and ultimately burned out on it badly due to the fact that the game was a lighting-strike perfect replica of a single, highly specific way to play [game] that by coincidence was not at all close to [my specific preferences which I am going to ascribe to "everyone" in order to undercut other arguments].Fixed your quote for you - now you can use it in any edition war, for any game. Man some of ya'll got some PTSD about 4th edition heh. Where on the doll did the bad system touch you?Well said. Its easy to forget that 4e was, in fact D&D, and, though it was challenged successfully by PF (which, only technically wasn't D&D) in some calendar quarters, was far too popular to be called 'niche' in the RPG contextNow now. We're not allowed to speculate on 4e's sales and how it might have made money for Wizards. Don't you know you need a forensic ac...

Friday, 15th March, 2019

  • 11:01 PM - BoxCrayonTales quoted The Monster in post Mind if I pedantically complain that monster manuals butcher myth/folklore/fairytale?
    D&D is a game about killing monsters, so if the monsters don't already to conform to that role, then they either need to be changed to fit or omitted from the game. Other games are not about killing monsters, so if you really want to give the creatures a fair shake, then you'd be better off dealing with them there. If you really want an accurate take on the wendigo (for example), then you shouldn't look for it in a game that assumes every problem can be fixed with a sword.I’ve always been frustrated by the inordinate focus on violence in RPGs. Plenty of fantasy stories resolved encounters with non-violent solutions. I’m not suggesting adding mental/social hit points or using a genuinely universal task resolution mechanic a la Risus, but I wish the rules had offered XP for any method of conflict resolution. Well, if we're going to be pedants here, no, it is not creatively bankrupt to re-imagine monsters as something different from their lore. However, taking my pedant hat off and looking at the heart of what you're saying, I defin...

Saturday, 17th November, 2018

  • 10:54 PM - aramis erak quoted The Monster in post John Wick Presents Lays Off 7th Sea Staff
    But I almost regret backing the Kickstarter. It was so big - and JW has delivered practically every bit of what was advertised already - that I can't help but wonder if it hasn't overfed the tendency of many authors and artists to listen to their own egos. Our group has certainly come across some significant issues with the 7S2 rules ; there's lots of interesting ideas; but from the core rules and ever more so with the nation splatbooks, I've had the feeling that it was kind of phoned in, a vague odor of "I'm a genius, you'll love this, and you have to fill in the gaps yourself." No, that's not new for John. His design skills are at Brilliant or better... ...his rules-writing skills have sucked from day 1. As in, he writes games that work well, but doesn't write them in a manner that ordinary people can understand. AEG filled in the gaps fairly well - he had to explain what didn't make sense to guys who hadn't played it with John, and had players who had played with John to help write the ...

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