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Wednesday, 12th June, 2019

  • 05:05 PM - Nutation quoted Steven Barker in post New WOIN errata?
    REPUTATION. REP starts at 3, not 0. Knee-jerk reaction: I like beginning characters having Reputation 0, conceptually. With this change, Rep 0-2 must represent only the peasant farmer who never comes into town.

Friday, 22nd March, 2019

  • 08:16 PM - Randeth quoted Steven Barker in post O.L.D. v1.2 Playtest Version
    It looks like a deliberate choice was made for the magical careers to not require magical secrets as prerequisites (as some did in 1.1). But since some of the formerly required secrets are hard to gain, you may end up with silly situations like Necromancers without the Secret of Undead, Diabolists without the Secret of Evil (or Demons), or Fire Mages without the Secret of Fire. None of their career exploits grant those secrets. It would be good to have a way to get them from the career! Arcane Secret is a Universal Exploit. Anytime you can take an Exploit from a Career you can chose to take a Universal Exploit instead. I forgot this a LOT when first making magical characters. I actually still find it easier to to build them backwards from what I want them to be to make sure I get everything I want. Arcane Secret (requires LOG 4+). You have learned or discovered an arcane secret—an element, creature type, or virtue. You can take this exploit multiple times, learning a new secret each time, but ...

Tuesday, 19th February, 2019

  • 05:06 PM - Steve Cansdale quoted Steven Barker in post WOIN and Roll20
    I was working for a little while to try to improve the WOIN character sheets on Roll 20, but I've not had time to work on them for quite a while and there's still some important stuff missing. Some fixes are probably pretty easy HTML edits, like cutting the old obsolescent status tracks (which were mixed up a bit with a critical hit table that probably isn't needed). The sheet backgrounds also vanished not too long ago for some reason. Some other improvements would be a little more complicated, but not too bad. For instance, the main thing I'm wanting right now (as my gear has been improving and I'm not at my maximum die pool as often even in my best skills) is that there's currently no way to put in bonus dice from equipment on skill checks. The other main issue is that the combat modifiers are mostly gibberish (they work, they're just very unclear and not at all user-friendly). It would be great if the skill rating could be copied from the skill section of the sheet, but that may require som...

Friday, 23rd November, 2018

  • 12:02 AM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post WOIN Trait Tier List
    (Alas, Tough-as-Nails is not clarified, and I'm still not really sure what "a +2 natural Soak bonus which stacks with any other Soak scores you may have" means.) Basically a blanket +2 stackable SOAK.

Monday, 8th October, 2018

  • 10:40 AM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post Some comments and questions about O.L.D.'s Magic system
    I've just come up with a new question, and while it is not strictly magic related, that's the context it came up in, so I'll stick it in here. Can you use the free universal exploit you get during character creation as a prerequisite for one of your starting careers? The specific example I was considering is taking the Arcane Secret exploit to get the Secret of Undead so I can be a Necromancer. While I know that I could take the exploit in place of some other career exploit (e.g. as part of my origin), it would be nice for my character concept if I could use the free one instead. Technically no, as you don't get it until later, but if the GM were to allow it I don't think it would break anything.

Tuesday, 2nd October, 2018

  • 04:36 PM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post Some comments and questions about O.L.D.'s Magic system
    Thanks for your answers so far! Yeah, that's the section were I saw it before. It's listed there, but not in Fantasy Careers anywhere. It's not in any of the skill categories, nor listed by any career as a career skill. So how do you learn spellcraft? It’s a [magical] skill. Or you spend 3 XP.

Monday, 1st October, 2018

  • 11:00 AM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post Some comments and questions about O.L.D.'s Magic system
    Wowzers. That will take a lot of unpacking! That's a LOT of questions! :) OK, here goes. I doubt I'll get to the end today, but I'll try to make a start. I'll skip the general comments and try to focus on the questions. The "spellcraft" skill is mentioned early in the section, but it's not on the main skill list, nor is it a career skill for any career. Is that an error, or is it referring to [magical] skills by that term? The spellcraft skill has a section on page 156. It is knowledge about magic, as opposed to magical skill. Spell durations are all specified in minutes (if the effect is not instant). But the combat rules explicitly leave unspecified how long a round is, and thus how many rounds there are in a minute. That seems like it will make it hard to distinguish the value of a 5 minute duration versus the 1 minute duration you get for free. If I summon a creature for a minute, will the fight be over by then or not? How can either the GM or I tell when the creature should go poof? A ...

Monday, 27th August, 2018

  • 06:32 AM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post A few more miscelaneous WOIN questions
    Hmm, I guess sonic weapons are exclusively anti-crystal then. One other question I realize I forgot about: There's a mention on page 97 of NEW that psionic damage can do stun damage. Is that a general thing (all psionic damage is stun), or is it only done some specific psionic weapons are non-lethal (i.e. the psionic chainsaw)? It says "some" psionic, electricity, and phaser modes.

Sunday, 26th August, 2018

  • 11:21 PM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post A few more miscelaneous WOIN questions
    A few quick questions: When a Marine Cadet (the NEW career) gets a "rifle" from their Light Sleeper career exploit, is that a ballistic rifle or can it be any kind of rifle (e.g. a disruptor or phaser rifle). How about exotic rifles? Can the rifle (or the Kevlar vest that you also receive) be higher than normal quality (e.g. to match the character's skill level either before or after their cadet assignment)? Any kind from the basic list, not the exotic list. Standard quality. Is the current omission intended? Yes.
  • 07:24 PM - Brian I quoted Steven Barker in post A West Marches NEW game
    I'm curious what your plan is for the players getting around in space. Are starships going to be available for free (or on lease, or something) to groups of starting players? That was one of the reasons I had suggested a one-system exploration area, the ships required to shuttle around are a lot cheaper, and won't require many specialized skills to use. They'd also be less capable of long-duration support for an exploration team, which leads me in to my next question. Great questions and guidance - thank you! So, to your point, shuttles will or can be available to starting PCs. Mainly Bossman, Vosh and Skylarks. I'd imagine they'd be available primarily on leases or patron-based loan/mission use, but depending on PCs, someone(s) could own one. The primary base of operations is the Kiwi-Washman system. With two habitable planets, the space station, and untapped asteroid belt and gas giants, there's lots of possibilities, as you've noted. Are there going to be civilized worlds in the area we'r...

Friday, 24th August, 2018

  • 02:01 PM - Brian I quoted Steven Barker in post A West Marches NEW game
    Here's my setting idea. I'm not really looking to GM, so this is just my offering to the GM gods, to do with as they will. The Kiwi-Washman system has turned out much more friendly to life than anyone could have expected. It has not just one or two potentially habitable worlds, but a full seven planets with breathable atmospheres distributed between the Alpha and Beta stars of the massive trinary system. Several planets have what look to be the ruins of ancient cities on their surfaces. Not only that, but planets β IV and β V both show unmistakable signs of intelligent, technological life, albeit non-spacefaring. Because first contact protocols are incredibly cautious, it's not yet clear if these are lost colonies of some known species, or one or more home-grown intelligences. But clearly the system must be thoroughly investigated. The initial Federation survey of the system was conducted by Long-Range Survey Ship Marco Polo, but when the crew reported back how much there was to see ...

Tuesday, 31st July, 2018

  • 06:28 PM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post Healing and refreshing luck pools
    I've got a few questions about how some of once-a-day mechanics work in WOIN. Specifically, healing for androids and the refreshing of luck pools. There's an FAQ about android healing, but other than mentioning that you'd need the Engineering skill and Engineer exploits instead of Medicine and Medic exploits, it doesn't really mention if normal healing is available. Specially, I'm asking about this healing rule from page 173 the N.E.W. v1.2 book: There's no conditions on that rule in the book (you don't need to be receiving medical treatment or anything). Does it work for Androids, or is it only for biological characters? I think it could be justified as automated maintenance nanobots fixing stuff up or some other technobabble, but I'm not sure if that rule is supposed to apply to androids at all. You've nailed it. As it says, it applies to all characters (other than some undead types which have an exploit which explicitly forbids natural healing). My other question is about luck pool...

Wednesday, 25th July, 2018

  • 08:15 PM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post SOAK exploits and stacking
    It's really a shame the WRRD can't be more authoritative, so it could be the go-to source when two other sources contradict each other (like NEW and OLD having different versions of tough-as-nails). Though with the amount of new content you guys put out, I understand how keeping it fully up to date could require a lot of work (and thus isn't the highest priority)! It’s just me updating the WRRD I’m afraid. If NEW and OLD contradict, look at the version number. NEW is v1.2 while OLD is v1.1.
  • 06:33 PM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post SOAK exploits and stacking
    OK, if tough as nails is supposed to be an exception, that's great. But it should probably not use the "natural" term at all then, since that's the contradictory part ("natural SOAK" usually means "doesn't stack with armor"). If it just said "a +2 SOAK bonus" (as it does in the RRD currently), the stacking would be expected, not an exception. Is there any clarification for Battle Scars? It is a plain SOAK bonus in the RRD, but a natural SOAK bonus in the book (with no special language about stacking). Looks like the WRRD needs updating. v1.2 of the books is current rules iteration.
  • 11:13 AM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post It's the official WOIN character builder!
    This is pretty cool. A few things that are missing that would be very useful: Homeworlds (for N.E.W. characters). They give one free skill point (as well as shifting an attribute point around), so it's not something you'd want to skip most of the time. Exploits that grant skill levels. It can important to figure out those skills when you pick the career because they usually only add level 1 of a skill, and you might want to take more levels in later career picks. If you have to sort them out manually at the end, you sort of need to figure out the skill levels retroactively. Maybe even free-form skill entries? Some bugs: A typo: The Marine exploit "Battle Scars" is written "Battle Scares". A few skills have multiple spellings in different lists. I made a character who got levels in both "intimidate" (from the skill lists for the Police Officer and Detective) and "intimidation" (from the list for the Gangster). Fixed those typos. Thanks! Unfortunately, applying exploits autom...

Wednesday, 27th June, 2018

  • 07:49 PM - Morrus quoted Steven Barker in post Skills that could be in multiple categories, and skill/exploit intereactions in character creation
    Another question that I've come across, this time regarding Android characters: Do Androids under the current rules start with 3 LUC like everyone else, or do they start at 0 (but with the potential of gaining some points from careers and advancement)? The table in the book still has a "-" character on the relevant line, just like it had in the 1.1 book when androids could never have a LUC pool. If the attribute is still intended to start at zero but possibly grow later, using -3 might be clearer. Androids start at the same as everybody else.

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