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    Saturday, 8th June, 2019, 04:35 AM
    I didn't read through this long thread, but I came up with this alternate skill point system back in 2014 and it doesn't break anything regarding skill points in 5e. You could try this: Each skill the class can choose for proficiency is equivalent to 2 skill points. For example, a barbarian would have 4 skill points, a bard would have 6 skill points, and a rogue would have 8 skill points. All...
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    ... aco175: $23,500,000 CubicsRube: $21,000,000 CleverNickName: $20,612,408.57 ---------Highest-Funded Kickstarter in History (Pebble Time smartwatch) $20,338,986----------- Parmandr: $20,000,000 EnochSeven: $16,213,102 TallIan: $15,876,374 MNblockhead: $15,555,555 77IM: $14,980,000.00 jgsugden: $14,520,000 OB1: $14,000,042 The Big BZ: $14,000,000 dregntael: $13,935,109 chrisrtld: $13,635,019 pogre: $13,500,000 Aebir-Toril: $13,224,376.89 Satyrn: $13,000,000 Yardiff: $12,456,145 -----------Highest-Funded Game Project on Kickstarter (Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5) $12,393,139-------- Radaceus: $12,345,678.91 FarBeyondC: $12,345,678.90 Morrus: $12,000,000 Mistwell: $11,800,000 Mort: $11,620,000 Zardnaar: $11,354,883 <--- The Winner! Sadras: $11,120,000 SkidAce: $11,000,000 Tazawa: $10,700,000 togashi_joe: $10,250,000 DM Dave1: $10,101,010 MichaelSomething: $10,000,000 Lazybones: $9,750,000 PabloM: $9,500,000 akr71: $9,250,000 rczarnec: $9,250,000 Azzy: $9,000,000 Henry: $8,900,000 mortwatcher: $8,666,000 Lidgar: $8,423,976.73 vincegetorix: $8,360,000 SmokeyCriminal: $8,008,135 AriochQ: $7,777,777 robus: $7,750,000 MarkB: $7,500,000 phantomK9: $6,969,696 TarionzCousin: $6,160,000 ClaytonCross: $6,000,000 ---------Highest-Funded Film Project on Kickstarter (MST3K Kickstarter) $5,764,229----------- MaximusArael020: $5,685,000 Prakriti: $1

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Wednesday, 27th February, 2019

  • 12:02 AM - Anthony Keller quoted togashi_joe in post Have you heard of Greyhawk Reborn?
    [COLOR=#333333]I highly recommend trying it out. I believe GHR games are run at Origins and GenCon as well. Most conventions, if not all, where GHR is run have multi-table Interactive events as well. I believe that MEPACON in Scranton PA (April 12-14th, 2019) is the next major event where GHR will be run. Greyhawk Reborn will be at BFGCon in Frederick, MD in March on the 15-17th. Hope to see new faces around the table!

Sunday, 17th February, 2019

  • 08:07 AM - S'mon quoted togashi_joe in post Primeval Thule 5e
    Facebook group for people that like Primeval Thule: I've been 'pending' there a week or so!

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