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Wednesday, 16th January, 2019

Tuesday, 17th October, 2017

  • 10:15 PM - pukunui mentioned Dax Doomslayer in post TftYP - Forge of Fury Debrief
    Dax Doomslayer: No worries! I was a little disappointed that they didn't try assaulting the front door first either, but their point that they assumed the smoke was from a camp fire on the mountain (rather than in it) is a fair one. And yes, in small groups, the orcs really stood no chance against the PCs. I had them focus as much of their attacks as they could on the dwarf monk just because he was a dwarf (not at all because he was the easiest one to hit), and IIRC, he did go down once or twice, but the cleric was always on hand to get him up again. I think they definitely would've found the orcs more challenging if they'd try to get at them via the front door (and the orcs had had time to assemble their forces). With Great Ulfe, I think I probably should have given him max hp. He and his wolves went down too quickly against the PCs' combined fire. As for the dragon, they were justifiably too scared to face it. At one point, they had asked the duergar where all the dwarf loot was, and I...

Sunday, 15th October, 2017

  • 09:32 AM - pukunui mentioned Dax Doomslayer in post TftYP - Forge of Fury Debrief
    ...drukar than orcs. When the others decided they'd seen enough, he agreed to leave with them. And so we ended the adventure with the troglodytes, duergar, and dragon undisturbed. I've kept them at 4th level as a result. All in all, it was a fun adventure. Taking the back way into the Mountain Door level definitely made that section easier. The orcs didn't stand a chance. The roper, on the other hand, felt like a credible threat; I just had bad luck on the dice with its bite attacks. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't go fight the dragon, but then I was fairly certain it wasn't going to end well for them, so it's probably for the best. At least I can say that I've finally killed a PC through hit point drain! (They got hit with it plenty of times during Curse of Strahd but always managed to survive long enough to get rid of it.) If you want to read my session recaps for this adventure, you can find them all here. Cheers, Jonathan p.s. This one's for you, Dax Doomslayer! I've been dying to run Forge of Fury. Please let us know how that one goes. It is a fun read for me but that doesn't mean much sometimes...

Monday, 9th January, 2017

  • 03:05 AM - Rhenny mentioned Dax Doomslayer in post Roll20 vs Fantasy Grounds
    Dax Doomslayer - With the ultimate FG license, anyone who joins the table can gain access to any book in the owner's library while connected to the server only. As for gifting DM books, I'm not sure. I've only purchased my own and I'm not that savy about digital downloads and the like.

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Thursday, 31st January, 2019

  • 09:20 PM - quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Line Spells / Lightning Bolt
    It's a little more trickier on a VTT. If I was on a combat map, it probably wouldn't be a problem as I have templates for this. I may allow it but give those that square isn't more than 3/4 affected advantage on their saving throw. I appreciate the diagrams above James Grover! No problem. Ruling less than 3/4 coverage advantage is a good way to go if it works for your group.
  • 08:54 PM - quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Line Spells / Lightning Bolt
    Hi Folks, Quick question. Can a lightning bolt cast effectively act as 10' wide on a square grid? Looking at Xanthar's (p. 87 Diagram 2.6), it essentially looks like this is a way to adjudicate it. Essentially, someone casting a lightning bolt down the grid line so it goes half into both adjoining squares. How do you normally judge this? Thanks. The diagram in Xanthar's shows how it is only supposed to be 5' wide. Likely the diagram you refer to is for the 10' wide effects (the bottom right-hand placement), the one above that is for 5 feet wide. It shows shows this is along the 45 degree diagonal (see Figure 1, only hitting target 2). However, this is rather limiting and you probably don't want to only be able to shoot along diagonals, so there are options you might want to consider: First is the straight line. Using a ruler, yardstick, or string, you draw a straight line from the origin to the end point. ANY portion of a square that line passes through is affected. In Figure 2, that woul...
  • 03:17 AM - TaranTheWanderer quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Line Spells / Lightning Bolt
    TaranTheWanderer - thanks for this. I was actually asking both and your diagram definitely helped clarify this to me! I appreciate everyone's response to this. No problem. And just for clarification's sake: for lightning bolt, since it is only a 5 foot wide effect, you'd only use the two top diagrams to adjudicate the line of effect. If you had some kind of meta-magic effect that made lightning bolt into a 10 foot wide effect, you could use the bottom two diagrams. (off the top of my head, I can't think of a 10 foot wide line of effect spell...I'm sure there's a few. Blue Dragon's breath, maybe? edit: Gust of Wind! 10 foot wide, 60 foot Line
  • 01:42 AM - ad_hoc quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Line Spells / Lightning Bolt
    Actually, if you look at the diagram (the two below the one you are looking at) which are the bottom two diagrams, it shows 10'.... Why are you assuming that is for a line with a 5' width? What is the top diagram for then? A line with a 2.5' width?

Saturday, 24th November, 2018

  • 07:41 AM - doctorbadwolf quoted Dax Doomslayer in post What Does the Game Need Now?
    I'd like to see more options for races. I liked that Xanthar's provided some Racial Feats (though not enough for me). I'd also like to see some sort of 'level progression' maybe for races where they each have different options presented as racial features as opposed to just getting everything at first level. Kind of like class abilities but for Races. This way, every mountain dwarf wouldn't look alike and it would add customization for each character. I'd love to see more race feats, and maybe even race variant features for classes. Or a module that expands Background into something like 4e's Themes, where you get stuff at level 5 and 10, comperable to what you got at level 1, with options to choose from to further distinguish your character. The only thing I still need for D&D 5e is buyable, fully updated PDF versions for all books. Then I would be 100% satisfied I guess. Without being able to search for keywords, everything just takes so much longer. And it's super annoying to read the rules...

Monday, 28th May, 2018

  • 03:33 AM - Gavin O. quoted Dax Doomslayer in post 5E Gloom Stalker / Scout
    Thanks for the replies Gavin O.! They are much appreciated. I'm not really into the Assassin subclass to be honest. It doesn't really fit the 'vibe' I'm going for with the character. Arcane Trickster could be interesting though - I'll have to look into that one. I've gone back and forth on the 1st level. The extra skill is nice. However, it then means I don't get access to medium armor and also puts off getting the extra attack one level. I agree with you that a dexterity build is the way to go with the character and was what I was thinking. Even with an average strength with the Firbolg's 'powerful build' ability, encumbrance wouldn't be an issue. I know the racial stats really don't line up great (although wisdom does help the Ranger), hidden step and even disguise self does offer something at least so I guess there are worse choices. Plus, the SKT portion of the mash up should provide some interesting situations with a Firbolg... You actually do get Medium armor proficiency when you ...

Tuesday, 8th May, 2018

  • 11:44 AM - Cap'n Kobold quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Thoughts on a Cantrip fo r Half-Elf Variant Paladin
    Hi Folks, I was just trying to pick a cantrip for my 1st lvl Half-Elf paladin. What are people's thoughts as to a good one that would synergize with an Oath of the Ancients vow. There's the old stand by Booming Blade or Green Flame Blade but I was trying to see if there was anything else (though my intelligence is only 9 so I'm assuming that's going to limit me fairly severely). Any thoughts of something effective beyond the two mentioned? Thanks!! What are you after when you say "effective"? In combat, you're generally always going to be better off making weapon attacks. So the cantrip is best used for utility out of combat. It then boils down to what sort of character your Paladin is, and what sort of thing you want to be able to do. Some options may be thematic, some not, depending upon personality. Some thoughts: Booming Blade: Generally you'll often be better off making extra attacks instead, but this cantrip has a reasonable synergy with Thunderous smite. You can deliver the smi...

Monday, 7th May, 2018

  • 08:47 PM - Satyrn quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Thoughts on a Cantrip fo r Half-Elf Variant Paladin
    Lol - Satyrn. The 'Studied' trait for the Half-Elf Variant grants the cantrip. Hmmm - Druidcraft is a good thought. Thanks for your input!! I should maybe add that I suggested druidcraft because I think I'd find it more fun to take a non-combat cantrip of some sort, since a paladin is already great when it comes to dishing out damage. (I had a blast with minor illusion on my gnome fighter, for example)

Wednesday, 18th April, 2018

  • 08:56 AM - ChaosGenerators quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Feedback on Fantasy Place Name Generator
    This sounds like something I'd like but for some reason, I can't use any of these generators... I'm not sure why (could it be a Google Chrome thing?)...:.-( I'm not sure why you're having those problems (any luck with firefox, safari or edge?) BUT I have created the fantasy place name generator over at RandomGen so you can see it 96558

Saturday, 7th April, 2018

  • 12:24 AM - pukunui quoted Dax Doomslayer in post awkward situation
    Funny you mention that about Baazka's ability - I had the same reaction but it made things interesting as it tipped off my PCs that something is definitely linking these encounters... Yeah, it does provide a valuable link. My players certainly noticed that Nalifarn the durzagon did *not* explode when they killed him like the others had. They are also suitably creeped out by all the animals that watch them when they're in Daggerford. So much so that they've asked both Sir Isteval and Delfen the wizard if they know anything about what's going on with the animals. Luckily, I've been able to obfuscate things a little because one of the PCs is a tiefling, so the NPCs have both said that they can't rule out that it has something to do with her heritage rather than the missions they've been undertaking.

Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

  • 11:38 PM - LordEntrails quoted Dax Doomslayer in post A First Real Look At The Reincarnated 'Into The Borderlands'!
    LordEntrails, that website lists it as out of stock... Yes it does. Because it is not yet for sale anywhere. From GG site, This item will be released on May 15, 2018. They had some pre-release copies for Sale at Gary Con, but no where else.

Tuesday, 20th March, 2018

  • 06:03 PM - Bradley Hindman quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Traveling by Long Ship on the Sword Coast
    Hi Folks, I've never really done a 'ship' type element all too much. I have PCs going from Neverwinter to Baldur's Gate by ship which is about a 10 day trip. I could hand wave it and just say it goes uneventful. However, I'd like a couple of encounters (any type - not necessarily combat but that would be fine too) aboard a ship. I'm thinking a meeting with Felgolas perhaps (maybe in human form); perhaps some cultists on the ship too somehow interacting hostile toward him and the PCs save him setting up the later chapter in STK. The PCs will be 3rd level and it's actually part of a combo campaign of Tyranny of Dragons and Storm King's Thunder. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated! I am currently running a Viking themed campaign and the characters spend a lot of time in long ships. Storms have come up several times during play and I have appended the rules that I use below. I treat the storm as a man versus nature "combat". STORMS The storm will last a numbe...

Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

  • 06:39 PM - PieAndDragon quoted Dax Doomslayer in post 5E Random Encounter Generator including Volos, using O.G.R.E.
    I can't seem to get this to work for some reason. I'm on Windows 10 using Chrome. I click the "Execute Generator" and I get a "Loading" message below the "Execute Generator Again" and above 5E Random Encounters wording. Otherwise, nothing happens. I'm probably being a bone head and not doing something simple but I'm not figuring it out - lol... Hi Dax, I've got the same setup and it's fine. Can you get any of the other OGRE generators at working?
  • 02:22 PM - Sadras quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Combining Tyranny of Dragons; Red Hand of Doom and Storm King's Thunder
    Lol - right robus I was going to say that but saw your edit. Ohhh well, I was just seeing if anyone had done this and what they decided. No worries! Definitely check out those threads mentioned by @Eltab. There was a great idea in one of them (forget which poster) where one of the ritual components required to bring Tiamat from the 9-Hells was the head/blood of a noble enemy = giant king, enter SKT. So the idea is you run SKT alongside the ToD storyline. Do not play the whole AP, let the PCs cherry-pick which missions to go on when they are presented at the Council meetings and have various factions push the characters for differing missions promising money, power, prestige and sex. Let the players/characters 'fight' it out amongst themselves which mission is more important. Sit back and enjoy as DM. The way I'm running that storyline is in that thread, no need to repeat it here.
  • 02:21 PM - Ezequielramone quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Combining Tyranny of Dragons; Red Hand of Doom and Storm King's Thunder
    Thanks for your input Ezequielramone. It sounds like you had an issue with SKT in general? What was it that caused your players to be bored? Also, why don't you think RHoD is compatible? Is it just that Giants are helping the Horde or is it something else? Thanks for replying! RhoD doesn't seem to fit IMHO with ToD. It is like Tiamat is doing two invasions at the time. Also rhod has a time recording thing that doesn't allow other things to happen at the same time without modifications. They didn't get bored meaning they didn't enjoy playing. But it was too long. Since I put SKT between HotDQ and RoT I had to slow down lvling up characters. Discarted experience. So... Many many sessions at the same lvls. Maybe the best thing to do is plan it like a sandbox kind adventure trying to match travel with quests for both campaigns. But that is a lot of prep. The kind of prep I don't do with pregenerated adventures.

Monday, 19th February, 2018

  • 12:15 AM - Quickleaf quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Combining Tyranny of Dragons; Red Hand of Doom and Storm King's Thunder
    Hey Folks, I've got this idea to combine these four books. I'm wondering if anyone has done this, if so, how did it go? Would this end up being 'too busy' with too much going on from a player's perspective? Has anyone tried to do this out of curiosity. It looks like it should work although the levels and such may be an issue. Thanks for any input in advance!! The most immediate issue I see is that the force behind the goblinoid army in Red Hand of Doom is Tiamat. Having giants as part of that army would contrast with D&D lore about giants vs. dragons. Nothing wrong with doing your own thing, but I believe this bit of lore is relevant to a few parts of Storm King's Thunder. And the giants in SKT are very fractured, certainly not a unified fighting force – that's one of the main points of the adventure. I'm less familiar with Tyranny of Dragons, so can't comment much, beyond there being a half-dragon (can't recall his name) who could easily be a captain in the army from Red Hand of Doom.

Sunday, 18th February, 2018

  • 10:59 PM - The Grassy Gnoll quoted Dax Doomslayer in post BECMI 5E Modules All of It?
    The Grassy Gnoll, I really liked that module and remember the end fight causing a lot of my players going WTH! I may have to pull that one out again.... Which one? WASF or NDT?
  • 06:32 PM - thechew quoted Dax Doomslayer in post ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator
    I think the thing that is so frustrating is that there aren't really any automated character sheets unless you use D&D Beyond This isn't completely the case. You can always build off of something that already exists. I'm certainly not trying to take away support from Forged, this application is amazing. However, for everyone that already has the books, it is time consuming, but not impossible, to create your own simple spreadsheet tables and input them into a premade character sheet template. The main reason, I think they are responding, is because this template offers game information that is available only in the PH and other books. There is no way to prove that any user of this product has actually purchased the books. So in their eyes, that is stealing. I get it. It sucks, but I get it. If this does get taken down, and you have your own books, take the time and make a spreadsheet that is personal to you and keep it private so no one can take it away

Friday, 9th February, 2018

  • 12:34 AM - Hussar quoted Dax Doomslayer in post Animated "Living Battlemaps" by Dynamic Dungeons for Digital game tables.
    Hussar, will the eventual "Unity" release allow for the animations do you know? Sorry, no idea. I don't know anything about this "Unity" release other than it's been in the works for at least three years now and we've not seen much of any forward motion. I'm of an opinion that it's not likely to see the light of day. But, I hope that I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

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